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New look for UM football

The University of Miami men's football team will not only have a new look from the top with coach Randy Shannon, but a new look to them altogether.

NewuimjerseysThe Canes unveiled new uniforms Friday, but nothing major. They are similar to those worn for the past three seasons, with a couple of minor aesthetic changes, including different striping on the front and back and wider jersey number. In addition players will now wear black shoes instead of white shoes. The Canes helmets' though will stay the same.

The new uniforms will debut on September 1 when the Hurricanes host Marshall to start the 2007 season.

Here's what the old ones looked like...



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I like them. The black shoes are key. I hate white cleats! that's for fsu and florida. we are the canes, we wear black!

I love the new uniforms, also I'm so glad we will be wearing the black shoes, hopefully with black socks! This is what I'm talking about. I think white shoes made Miami look like they were in P.E Class instead of the gridiron!Just you wait Shannon will Rock the House Baby! GO CANES!

I think we should go back to the ol' skool jerseys! You might not agree with but there's nothing like UM throwbacks. At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to where 'em for at least one game.

Black shoes, black shoes, black shoes. Says it all. I agree w/ the guy who wants throwback uniforms. We need to get away from the "new look" jivetime stuff and back to a more Spartan look.

i did my own stitched throwback hoodies - it's a start - at neighborhoodies.com

i did my own stitched throwback hoodies - it's a start - at neighborhoodies.com

White shoes make them look soft. Black shoes will give them a bad ass appearance. The unis are cool. Like the greens that they wore in '01. Watching Portis in the greens with his black visor sent shivers down defenses spines!

New uni's... old uni's, doesn't matter. We're still gonna go out smack you right in the face

Just win BABY !!!!!!

I like the change. How bout orange jerserys and orange pants with the black shoes and black socks? Add the black visor and that is MIAMI!!!!!

dude... Uni's.. we can tell that its the off season when we start saying the shoe's is whats goin to be intimidating the oponents lol just a hunch.. the new uni's will be widely accepted as long as we win. so i predict they will be widely accepted .. just win baby i dont care what ya wear just win

Seriously, did you rip that description of the uniforms right off of HurricaneSports? I mean, you didn't even take the time to change the font! That is weak. Very weak.

I agree with Up North, the uniform doesn't matter. My only suggestion would be to rip the names off of the backs. The past couple of seasons these players have played as if someone owed them something because they were at the U. Shannon needs to send the message that being on the team is only the first step.

I hate Nike... I wish they would just leave the damn thing alone for once. Sure, change the stitch patterns and materials for new tech updates, but can we please have a normal looking uniform anymore? Kosar classics!

...and if we were to do a throwback- how about '74 with those green helmets with the U. None of thise green and gold junk. We looked like Notre Dumb's "special" uniforms.

...and if we were to do a throwback- how about '74 with those green helmets with the U. None of thise green and gold junk. We looked like Notre Dumb's "special" uniforms.

No more throwbacks! Everytime they bring something back, they manage to make us look rediculous. I thought I was going to hurl last year with those green and gold monstrosities.

However, what I would like to see is an all black uniform.

Or we could go early 90s and wear camoflague uniforms.

all black... are you kidding me? lol thank the heavens that the U is a med school cause we goin to need all the doc. we can get when all these kids start getting heat strokes lol

I totally disagree with the suggestion that they remove the names, in the spirit of the old cliche that "there is no 'I' in 'team.'"

'Cane football, when it's working, thrives because it is an environment that lets stars shine. People don't come to The U to be anonymous.

I think that all black uniforms with white and green piping would look really good during a night game. They have UM BBall jerseys that look like that, and they are pretty tight.

I agree with the all black uniforms suggestion(with red/orange and or green trim of course. I too saw the Canes Cagers(hoops) when they wore this color ensemble. I liked it a lot.

I too WISH we could get rid of Nike but I know it wont happen anytime soon because our Athletic Dept is hurting financially(Thanks to the ineptness of Paul Dee) and the Nike company supplies the yoonies to us - Gratis.

i hope they wear green helmets. i love the black shoes and black socks. can you imagine black uniforms. whoa can you see the U in all black. were going to look tough and play tough and you can bet that.

Ok gettin rid of Nike is not a possibilty and why would u not want Nike? they dont make Miami wear these uni's miami chooses them and when u think Miami u think Nike, and what other brand would we go with? o and All black...dont think so bc its pretty much copying off of FSU...whom i hate...and Miami usually sets the trend for uni's every time we get new uni's all the other schools get uni's very similar which ticks me off..and the black cleats im happy about, but i think we should wear the all green more often it looks tight! and if tlk bout throwback how bout the ones like Floridas but the tighter fit like ohio state...sry i hate tha name but the throwbacks would be tight..

wow we've all become fashion critics lol although it would be nice to see black Uni's w/ the green and orange trim at night. during the day would be suicidal to the players. but to have that as an alt. i must say that might not look bad

the only red on the unis should be seminole blood or helmet paint!

New uniforms are only fitting for the new era at tha U.

does anyone have the scoop on the color of the helmets? i want the U to wear all green, all orange and all white and by the way all black wont be bad at all. keep the black shoes and socks. shannon is tough and he will have us playing and looking tough the same way jimmy johnson did. LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why dont the U hire bernie kosar? he has a pocket full of money i'm talking about a big bank roll. oh yeah shannon please let all the winning, nasty, bad, intimidating in your face cane alumni come back and get on the sidelines and get on these players the way coretez kennedy do when there suppose to be kicking ass and taking names. larry coker gones so get that soft shit out of here.

Maybe this is why the team has gotten worse. Ever since the the last title Nike has been giving us jerseys with stripes that could only excite the gay community. Their shoes are pretty gay looking too. Miami should go with Reebok.

We're not getting rid of Nike. Nike is good to The U and provides the uniforms at next to nothing. Reebok? Please. NFL and NBA were sorry they signed that league wide contract- besides adidas bought Reebok and neither had the goods on Nike when it came to the tech involved in the materials and cuts of the uniforms. I just wish they would stop shooting themselves in the foot with the stripes and designs.

boobieboys- the helmets are still white, I was just suggesting that if they were to do a Throwback, do the 1974 uniform with the green helmets...

and yes- Zach is right Throwbacks should look classic like the ones Florida had this year. I wish our everyday uniform had that look, like the Kosar or Irvin era.

p.s. We never should have left the black shoes in the first place.

hey how bout we get a blog updating something on the actual team instead of what they will be wearing.... fiu just got a blog and they getting a new entry every day so far. i donno man the Uni' conversation should be done w/ already

I would like to see the coach in green khaki instead of beige khaki.Why? because the beige khaki is not UM colors.Also player must know the tradition at the U is 4 quarters.From the start to the finish.Lastly,karl wright has had 2 years to produce and its very unlikely that he will change.UM quarterbacks do not lose the game. karl wright do not see the entire field or all his options.he rather take sacks.He focus on one player.

Hey chris look at the top of this page and the article...its about the new look and thats why everyon is talking about it. but as for the team all i have to say is watch out for the U run game. James and Graig cooper is gonna be the best combo in tha nation...including those 2 kids at WVU..lol..go watch some Graig cooper highlights...hes gonna be better then James was as a freshman

The idea of new uniforms is great but the thing that needed to change more than anything was the mindset and that comes from the head coach. Shannon is the perfect fit for the Canes in that his group will scare everyone just like J. Johnson did. But the white shoes look the best and the Canes really look like the Canes of the Johnson Era when they did not look slow and kicked everyones ass with white cleats

I have to say, I get a kick out of reading sooooo many guys fashion tips and opinions!
All black with green and orange piping would be Da Bomb for a night game. I think white cleats with the new uniforms will look better, but, if black cleats work as an intimadation factor, then go for the black. Like I always say: It's all about the U baby!

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