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Feeling The Draft

I find it funny how we were made to believe this UM team was void of talent the past several seasons (I even bought it). Yet, Saturday, two players from a 7-6 team -- tight end Greg Olsen and linebacker Jon Beason -- are expected by most to find their way into the first round. I rarely like to take shots at coaches because I don't fully believe they deserve all the blame, especially since they are not on the field. But the fact UM's record the past several seasons has not matched what it has produced at the next level is further proof that the guys running the show the past 3 seasons were at least partially responsible for not getting the most out of what it had.

Let's review what exactly has come out of The U since the struggles first really began in 2004 and stopped playing in the BCS and what Olsondrophas come out in the draft following. The highlights: RB Frank Gore (one of the top rushers in the NFL last season), CB Antrel Rolle (starting corner), CB Kelly Jennings (another starting corner), and Devin Hester (who only broke the NFL return record for TDs last season). Those are only four names of the 10 guys taken on the first day of the draft -- the first three rounds -- in the 2005 and 2006 draft. This year, three more -- including safety Brandon Meriweather -- are expected to go in the first three rounds, giving Miami what should be a total of 13 players chosen on Day 1 since 2005.

I'm no draft expert, but after this weekend there will be only two other college football programs who will have had at least 13 players taken during the first day of the draft following the past three seasons. And that tells me one thing: of all of college football's talent rich programs, UM has the least to show for what it has produced on the field over the past several seasons. Don't believe me? I did the research.

--> Mighty USC? That's the only program appears headed to having more players selected on the first day than Miami the past three years. The Trojans had 7 players taken last year on Day 1, 4 in 2005 and expect to have 3 this year. That's a total of 14 -- just one more than Miami. The Trojans were national champs in '05, runner-up in '06 and were a bad day away against UCLA from playing for another title this year. 
--> Then, there is Oklahoma. The Sooners appear as though they are headed to matching UM's First Day total of 13 (5 in '06, 6 in '05 and now 2, RB Adrian Peterson and LB Rufus Alexander expected to go on Day 1). Yes, Oklahoma has lost some, too. But the Sooners played in the Fiesta Bowl this past season. Miami was in Boise.
--> 2006 national champion Texas? They actually have had less First Day talent than UM. The Longhorns had 5 players taken on Day 1 in '06, 2 in '05, and are expected to have 5 players go on Day 1 this year. That's a dozen.
--> Ohio State? The national runner-up last season is expected to have one player fewer than the 'Canes taken on the last three Day 1s combined. Buckeye nation had 7 last year, 3 in '05 and only 2 are expected to go on Day 1 this year. That's a total of 12.
--> How about talented LSU? Only a total of 9 are expected to be taken on Day 1 after Saturday. Shockingly, only three players were chosen on Day 1 last year and two in '05. Four, including expected top pick JaMarcus Russell are expected to go on Day 1 this year. The Tigers have finished the past three seasons ranked no lower than 16th and were No. 3 last season.
--> What about the Seminoles? Florida State had 5 in '06, 3 in '05 and three are expected to go Day 1 this year. That's a total of 11. FSU, if you forgot, won the ACC title in 2005 and played in the Orange Bowl.
--> How about the hated Gators, who are fresh off of winning the national title? Only three are projected to get in the First Day this year. That gives Florida a grand total of 5 after you include their only other first day selections from the previous two drafts: linebacker Channing Crowder (3rd round to the Dolphins in 2005) and receiver Chad Jackson (2nd round to New England in 2006).

There are a couple ways to look at what I've just presented. One, Miami's reputation led a lot of NFL experts to take average-at-best UM talent way too early in the draft. Or two, UM's coaches really dropped the ball and the team should have been a lot better than its three-year combined record of 25-12 turned out to be. The fact guys like Gore and Hester (a pair of third round picks) are currently thriving makes me believe the latter.

JoewylieOn the positive side, though, I will say this: Being able to brag you can still produce more first day talent than all but one college football program even during your worst struggles is something that definitely scores points with recruits. And I believe that's the real reason the Canes continue to net big-time talent. Earlier this week, the son of former basketball Cane Joe Wylie became the sixth UM commitment for its Class of 2008. I don't know much about the kid other than the fact he's a 6-2, 191-pound hard-hitting safety from Boyd Anderson High in Fort Lauderdale. When I find a highlight video, I'll post it.

Anyway, I'll be working the Heat-Bulls Series this weekend and the NFL Draft on Saturday and won't be out there for the Canes' big showdown with FSU on the diamond. I was hoping to get a chance to see more of the baseball team this season, but I've been relegated to doing other things. Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks. If not, I'm calling out baseball junkies to let me know what's going on out there and generate some baseball discussion. How did the Canes look this weekend? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough if this team has any real Omaha aspirations.

Before I forget: I saw an interesting rumor on Canestime.com about the basketball team and Jimmy Graham possibly transferring if Anthony King returns this season. Truth be told, I find it hard to believe Graham would be willing to sit out a season to play one year somewhere else. He doesn't strike me as a selfish player or someone who would leave The U for more playing time. He's going to get loads of it anyway. Stay tuned, though. I'll try to get an update on the situation.

And finally: For those of you interested in doing your own football scouting, I recently received the prep schedule for spring jamborees in Miami-Dade. And the two biggest games with potential Canes recruits are: Brandon Harris and Booker T. Washington take on Dillard, Thursday, May 24 at Lockhart Stadium; and Glades Central visit Traz Powell Stadium for a showdown with nationally-ranked Northwestern Saturday, May 26. Both games are scheduled for 7 p.m. kickoffs. The Classic with most bang for your buck, though, is the Thursday night Jamboree at Traz on May 24, which begins at 5 p.m. with Carol City vs. American and is followed by Norland vs. Central, Jackson vs. Krop and linebacker Etienne Sabino and North Miami Beach vs. Edison.

And finally, for real this time: I found this link on a UM message board for the new Madden '08 commercial starring former Cane Devin Hester. It's pretty phat. Check it out below.


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Great post. I for one, have never bought into that inferior talent BS. Recruiting hasn't been slipping. Kyle was the Gatorade Player of the year. Hundreds of analysts and scouts had him as the best player coming out of HS. Look at him now....So you're telling me that all of those people were just idiots and it had nothing to do with coaching? BS. IT was coaching. It was Cker.

We had talent. It was Cokerized. When they made it to the NFL they received good coaching and they got de-Cokerized. It's obvious to me. We're the U. Lack of talent? Ninja please. Pathetic coaching? Precisely.

But enough of that. The past is the past. Cker is gone. And Shannon is here to De-Cokerize our beloved team. Hopefully, Nix will be able to de-Cokerize Wright or Kirby and we'll get some decent QB play.

I'm not worried about what happened these last few seasons. It's the past and we can't change it. Cker was like the flu. He's gone, we're over it, now it's just time to move on and worry about the future.

Everyone around the country wants to know how you go from winning a national championship and playing for another to being fired...well that's it. We ended up with 3 first round picks this year. Every other team with more than 1 played in a BCS game this year. I'm glad we're done with Coker too. The talent is there this year. Go Canes!

Look, we lost the 2002 National Champ game to OSU because of Coker, despite the BS pass interference call.

From that point on I realized that Coker was not a game day coach. The team that won it all in'01 was coached on the field by Ken Dorsey (still in the NFL as a #2 QB) and Ed Reed on defense (Pro Bowl Safety)! Coker was along for the ride.

He showed in the big game against OSU that he could not make in-game adjustments to motivate the team and we've paid the price every game since then.

You want to know how we can join a league like the ACC which was dominated by FSU and not win a league championship? Coker. We dominated FSU for 6 years starting before Coker and FSU dominated the ACC. And we can't beat GT, UVA, Clemson and FSU? Answer, not with Coker.

Talent has been and always will be there at UM. Coaching is the key and I'm confident we'll see that fixed with Shannon!


i agree coker needed to be replaced...but enough about bitching about coker thats in the past and he is gone now so let him live in peace...while most of the blame should fall on coker though i dont believe you can just say the players had no fault in the situation....at times (actually most of the time) they played uninspired football with no discipline....i dont care how soft the coach is, there comes a point where simply out of pride the player or players have to take the initiative and decide "we are not losing this game" and make plays....and lately when they have needed to make plays they have usually turned the ball over, dropped passes, or some other fuck up...that being i dont know about olsen....he dropped balls, couldnt block very well, and to top it off i saw a correspondent piece he did for Jim Rome is Burning and him and some people from other schools were training at greentree and the punk never metioned the U one time at all...he didnt say he played there, or that they were training there, or that hopefully they he keep their 1st round streak alive, NOTHING....is that a true cane???

if we did have inferior talent....how did coker's recruiting classes rank above any of butch davis'???

I agree with you Andres on Olsen. I've always felt like the chump was fake.He used the UM name and program like a two dollar ho. I also believe the chump is racist when you check his track record. Remember he originally swore allegiance to Notre Dame until they hired Ty Wilingham .Next thing you know he was out like three strikes.And as soon as UM named Shannon as the new coach he declared for the draft. Is that not ironic? But yet and still the joke's still on Greg cause he was just drafted by the Bears and Lovie Smith, the Bears BLACK HEAD COACH! And Devin Hester probably had something to do with that. Whatcha gonna do now Greg? Sit out this season and hope to be drafted by a white coach next season? Not to mention Manny you and the other folks at the Herald owe Meriweather and Beason an apology for givin Olsen's punk-ass all the press. And when all the smoke cleared he almost did'nt make the first round!

You can have 32 picks in the first round if you want. You still went 7-6. That is what matters
UCG blows!

first off...whoever the hell you are, you blow....second, our 7-6 record matters no more b/c thankfully last season is over and done with....third, the only thing that matters now is that we are gonna start whoopin ass again Cane style (any time, any place, any day)....so go F...ck yourself.

Andres, you forgot the "U" in your last statement. If that season is over than the five championships are over and done with too. Don't bring up those anymore either if you want to be consistent.
It is about how many games you win, not how many kids you send to the NFL. The latter is just icing on the cake.

you are right all those championships seasons are over and i havent said its not about the number of games.....all ive said basically is that its time to stop bitching about coker, that the players should be held accountable for the fUck Ups also, and that greg olsen is a punk thats all....oh yeah and i also said you blow.

One question ucgblows....who the fuck is your team? I did'nt forget the "U" and neither will the rest of "U" haters.People like yourself must have really had your feelings hurt in the past by the "U"...why else would you blog on a Hurricane blog? Is that the best you can come up with? The fact that we went 7-6 last season? Even though last season was a bust,it was still a winning season. Most coaches would have recieved a contract extension where as our coach got the boot.And to have three 1st round picks off a 7-6 team is unheard of,not to mention 13 straight years with a 1st rounder.That's the only thing recruits care about,cause they know all the stereo-typng and profiling is just a bunch of bullshit,which is why they cant wait to get into the U and do the one thing that made the entire country hate us in the 1st place...win a bunch of games and look good doin it!

Feel free to stay off our blog and we'll stay off yours, no need to interact with scUM anyway, hard to sanitize afterwards.

"The fact that we went 7-6 last season? Even though last season was a bust,it was still a winning season."

Yet you (the entire UCG fan base) cried all the way.

'...win a bunch of games and look good doin it!"
I am not debating the massive amounts of wins, but looking good? No, the team has never looked good - Camouflage

"...oh yeah and i also said you blow."
So does UCG.
Thank you for making South Florida look like trash.
Go Gators!

"Go Gators".....UCG, now i get why you are a moron...you hold your head up high and bask in the glory of winning two nat. titles this year, but remember....we did it first (football and baseball)..and you may own the buckeyes, but you cant seeme to beat the mean green and orange machine (even when you have a 31-3 lead in the OB w/ about 5 min left in the 3rd quarter)

What is UCG? Is it a school? I've never heard of it.

But "it" has heard of the U, that's for sure. Nobody knows they've won until they've beaten the U. No team is defined as a winner until it plays and beats the U.
The U is the standard. The U sets the price.

In order to be the undisputed best, a team must be able to say, "We've even beaten the U!" A relative few can make this claim.

The U earned this status by winning as no team as ever won before. Other teams have won as much; yeah sure, back when Brownie Troop Seven could've dominated college ball.
Those teams cannot match the U. They get new opportunities every year, but they can't match the U.

Watching the U lose is almost as glorious as watching them win because even when the U loses, history is made. People everywhere talk and take notice.

Teams that beat the U make videos of the games and play them over and over and over again: instant classics. They know they were the best on that day because they beat the U. A victory over any other team would've been hollow and not worth filming.

The U stands alone on top: the king, the ruler. No team can stand with the U.

Go anywhere in the country and talk about the U, and others will join in, for or against.

Go anywhere in the country and talk about UCG and people will say . . . "UCG? What's that? Something added to food to preserve freshness?"


I have it: Ugandan Coast Guard, right?

Why would somebody from the Uganda Coast Guard want to criticize the team that defines winning? curiouser and curiouser . . .

I have long been very vocal about Larry Coker's misuse of talent. Coker's a nice guy and a good man, but he was forcing an agenda that wasn't fair to the players, the school or the fans. He once said the team needed him; I wondered, "for what?"

It was because Larry Coker had a vision of a football program he thought the Hurricanes needed to be. For a variety of reasons, the biggest having to do with Coker himself, his vision didn't work.

But can anyone doubt that he had the talent all along? That monkey-faced Lee Corso says the 'Canes won't be back because talent is too diverse. Well, I guess he gets paid to entertain people, not tell the truth.

The U is and for over a quarter century has been one of the most talented teams: grass-roots talent that flows into every crevace and every corner of the program.

The U's talent should be reeling in Heismans and signing $49 million (Vince Young) and $51 million (Matt Leinhart) pro contracts. On another team, perhaps; but at the U, under Coker and his vision of a schizophrenic, choir boys/head knockers football program, these guys are going in later rounds or washing out altogether.

Worst of all, Coker's tendency to defer, to hesitate, was bred into his team, so super stars like Devin Hester got to where he could hardly even catch a punt.

All he had to do was get away from Coker, who seemed to have more reasons to stop than to go, and Hester might as well have donned a cape and flew.

But who got the national attention when Hester was in school? Ginn at Ohio State, who went lame after his opening kick return, and USC's Bush: the highest-paid person at Southern Cal to date.

It's not fair. Youngsters, whose only crime was trusting Coker with their futures, came to the U and lost, big time, and nobody's answering to them. Coker's not answering to them, and I think he should. If he's the honest, forthright, stand-up guy everybody says he is, then he needs to answer to the players whose futures he kiboshed.

Please give generously when the plate come around, brothers-uh and-uh sisters-uh . . .

Has any coach with Cokers supposed great record remained unemployed this long? End of story...

UCG = University of Coral Gables as that pathetic school and program does not represent Miami.

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