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In the belly of the beast

What's up Eye on The U crew. I'm up in Atlanta, better known as Canes hell, where tonight the two programs UM fans hate most -- Ohio State and Florida -- will do battle tonight for the men's basketball championship.

It's been an interesting week for me to say the least with thousands of annoying Gator fans all around my hotel here, doing the Gator chomp and screaming "It's Great To Be a Florida Gator!" Which leads me to my question of the day: As a Canes fan, how are you holding up with the hated Gators enjoying the greatest year of their lives? And who will you be rooting for tonight? Or better yet, who will you be hating on more? I know the wounds from the Ohio State football loss in 2002 is still fresh. But can you put that aside and still watch tonight's game?

I've got no choice. Anyway, I'll be back in town tomorrow night and there for the spring game. For those of you who happened to see the last scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium last weekend, what are your thoughts? Holler back.


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I will be rooting for the arena...to cave in and give us a live version of the gator chomp. In all seriousness, Ohio State and Florida have the luxury of having most of their universities expendable income put into their respective athletic departments. When the University of Miami begins to get that kind of support for their teams (and the students for that matter) then they will be better off as well.

I'll be rooting for nobody. I couldn't care less who wins this game. All I can think is how did we turn this bad so quick, and can't wait to get back to winning again especially in football. About the scrimmage I got this from the Sun Sentinal.
March 31, 2007
Scrimmage Observations
The lasting image I took from the Traz Powell Scrimmage was of defensive line coach Clint Hurtt dragging a tired Antonio Dixon from the sidelines back to the line of scrimmage for one of Miami's final drives.

The Boss had talked all spring about pushing people to their limits, and that was exactly what Hurtt was doing to Big Dix, who was trying to take himself out of the action. But the offense was driving down the field and his team needed him. I guess Hurtt wanted to get across the message that the end of the scrimmage (or end of the game) was no time to quit.

Outside of a horrendous kicking game, Lance Leggett crutching himself up and down the field (CLICK HERE FOR STORY ON HIS INJURY), Colin McCarthy, Javarris James and Eric Moncur tearing it up on the field, Kirby Freeman sitting out the action, and Anthony Reddick playing cornerback.... I'm not exactly sure what I saw on Friday, and I'm pretty sure that was by design.

The offense confuses me, but in a good way. It takes me a while to figure out what Patrick Nix is doing. It doesn't always work, partly because Miami's so limited at receiver and is working with a piecemeal offensive line, but U see potential there. All it needs is a few missing pieces (Derrick Morse, Jason Fox, A.J. Trump, Lance Leggett, Darnell Jenkins) and a decent quarterback to facilitate it.

Speaking of quarterbacks, for the record Matt Perrelli took the first snap, and the walk-ons took a significant amount of the reps Friday night and showed they are NO LONGER in the race to be UM's starting quarterback.

Freeman didn't scrimmage at all, and I suspect he was either under the weather or has a tired arm. While Randy Shannon promised everyone would get an opportunity, truthfully speaks, that's what practices (the ones that are closed to the public) are for. Paul Dee and the 1,000 fans in attendance didn't drive all the way to Lockhart Stadium - in rush hour traffic I might add - to see Perrelli, Jake Byrne and Jorge Fernandez.

He has to be resting Freeman up for next Saturday's scrimmage at the Orange Bowl, or worse, sending him a message - which I haven't heard is the case - especially since I've been told this was Freeman's best week of the spring.

As for Kyle Wright, he performed better than he did in his first scrimmage. His completion percentage wasn't good, but a lot of that could be blamed on walk-on and scholarship receivers dropping passes. However, he did throw it behind a number of guys a few times. But, on a positive note I couldn't remember any "What was he thinking," moments, which is a step in the right direction.

Wright's first drive, the one with the real first team, was the most impressive. He scrambled on a bootleg for 7-yards, James popped off a 22-yard run, making a cut that put Lovon Ponder on his backside, and Wright hit DajLeon Farr on an underneath route in the center of the field. Farr cut up the sidelines for a 35-yard gain and really scored but the referees said he was out at the one. James punched it in for a touchdown, ending a 4-play, 65-yard drive.

As the defense usually does when they get embarrassed at practice they immediately started smacking the offense in the mouth. On the very next drive Graig Cooper bobbled a hand-off after getting smacked in the backfield and Ponder picks it up and runs it in for a 25-yard touchdown. Cooper was done after that because he hurt his hand.

After that it was mostly walk-on QB after walk-on QB, which told me nothing.

Here's what else I learned....

I'm going to make a bold prediction right now that Colin McCarthy is a starter. I was expecting that type of showing from Tavares Gooden this spring and it makes me wonder if his hand injury, or something else is holding him back.

Matt Pipho needs to work on his shotgun snapping. Shannon is hopeful that Morse can be healthy enough to participate in UM's final week of practice.

Defensive tackle Josh Holmes, who recovered a fumbled snap, is small but has the potential to be a player. He was very active in the scrimmage, following up a week of practice where I finally started to hear his name get mentioned.

Kylan Robinson broke two long runs (17 and 22) and caught Boss Cane's attention. But Shannon said he has to start doing that consistently.

It appears that Carlos Armour has worked his way into the starting spot with Glenn Sharpe sidelined by his ankle injury, and Armour did a decent job.

The offensive line opened up some nice holes, but Calais Campbell was rarely on the field so the praise for Friday's showing will be tempered. If the O-line can do what they did Friday with Campbell on the field then you've got something. Chris Rutledge again caught my attention. His weight loss has really helped him move.

Finally, Traz Powell stadium desperately needs a new P.A. system because their announcer gems were routinely wasted by poor sound quality.

Tons of high school prospects showed up for the scrimmage, including many of the Northwestern boys, new UM commit Brandon Washington, running back Chris Anderson, the Sun-Sentinel Player of the Year, whose recent transfer from Hollywood Hills to Boyd Anderson is causing controversy (READ HERE). Damien Berry was also in the house, as was Luther Campbell, who presently controls the Pop Warner football circuit in Dade County.

Remember, this is only what one man saw, and what one man thinks. Don't take it for the gospel.


There was a championship game last night?.
Didn't give a f***.I was playing my PS3.

Ohio Who and Gaytors...Hate both, but probally UF more.

damn i was in no man's land last nite. i dispise both. bud damn it all i have 2 UF cuzins that have been bragging that i dont even want to see till the next time um plays uf and wins cause if not ill never hear the end of it!

personally i hate them both but i would rather the gaytors win because that would mean they OWN the "luck"eyes and we already own the gaytors so what does that tell you? i would not root for ohio state if my father played for them...yes i'm still pissed about getting BLATANTLY screwed out of a championship. Why even play the game if the winner has already been decided beforehand (by the florida state alumni-controlled bcs). college football has been relegated to the level of professional wrestling....

while i do hate the fuckeyes, or suckeyes, or luckeyes, or w/e the hell you wanna call them...there are 4 teams i hate more than them...Tied at #1 UF and FSU...Tied at #2 Notre Dame and Oklahoma...and then at #3 is the fuckeyes....i wonder if its a sign of good things to come that quarterback recruit Robert Marve's name is pronounced like the great Brett Favre...

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