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Reaction to Reddick

OK, so Anthony Reddick is likely out for the 2007 season after tearing his ACL while allegedly playing a pickup basketball game last week. While professional athletes have rules against certain activities written into their contracts that don't allow them to play pickup games. College athletes do not have to adhere to any regulations limiting what they do off the field in terms of playing other sports for fun.

I'm of the opinion Anthony was just a victim of bad luck. But as a Canes fan, where do you stand on today's news? Do you think college athletes bear the responsibility of being more cautious? Fire away.

I've got to go into seminar now. Like most UM beat writers, my days now are spent doing other activities which pull me off in other directions and away from The U. But when I get the time, I promise to be back with some good stuff. For now, fire away on Reddick.


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He is still a college kid and he should be allowed to do most of the normal activiites of college kid. I also do not think I would be upset if I heard Jason Taylor or Zack Thomas got hurt playing a pick up game. We have to let them live normal lifes still. This is different than if it were to of been a motorcycle accident or sky diving mishap.

surprisingly i agree w/ scott....when you play sports long enough eventually you will get injured in some way whether its minor or major and whether or not you are playing for real or just for fun....in this case reddick got unlucky and had a major injury knee injury

I agree with both of you. These kids are athletes so you can't get mad because they love to be competitive. My question is what year will he be when he returns in 2008? A senior? If so, he will have alot to prove in his final year since it's safe to say he's wasted the past three.

In todays society, we complained because kids don't go out enough to play, and all they do is get fat, and play playstation. So, I don't mind if they play a pick up game. In addition, this kids don't get pay the millions of dollars that professional players get. Reddick was just a victim of bad luck. wish him a speedy recovery.
Go canes!!!!!!

Agreed, its college... that being said, perhaps Coach Shannon can encourage everyone to start playing chess during the off-season! :) GO CANES

i dont see why they wouldnt be allowed to play pick up games... i mean damn they still only kids in their early to mid... 20's.. they shouldnt have that type of restriction... now they know that any injury will harm their chances of goin pro but thats their choice

I agree that reddick is just having bad luck , I care that hes hurt and wont be able to play and hope he has a speedy recover but I dont care that he injured his knee playing basketball.....after all a lot of football players play basketball to keep there conditioning up with all the running involved (especially for those who dont like to just go run back and forth in a field)

Best wishes to Anthony and hope to see him back in 08'


Football players should not only be restricted from playing other sports during the off season, they should be prohibited from doing a lot of other stuff as well. You don't have to be playing basketball to get hurt. You could slip in the bathtub or even trip while walking to class.

That's why I think all football players should be bedridden for the entire off season. I know what you're thinking: But, Oscar, what about their conditioning? That's the genius part. You know how there's those ab things that supposedly stimulate your muscle with electric signals? Well, nothing says we can't use them on any muscle. All we have to do is cover the players in those. Then they can be having a grueling workout while watching the Price is Right. Oh oh - wait. If they roll over in bed the wrong way they might tweak a muscle or, even worse, fall off the bed!

My bed idea is terrible. They can get hurt while rolling in bed; those ab thingys don't work; and the more time you spend in bed, the more susceptible you are to bed sores and the infamous bed bugs. And those bite. That's why we should keep all of our players in bubbles in suspended animation during the off season. They can't get hurt and everyone knows that bed bugs cannot survive in a non-bed environment. And as far as we know, no one has discovered a predatory species of bubble bugs.

Finally science, sports, and a bad Jake Gyllenhaal unite to give us our 6th national championship! Go Canes!

it sucks for reddick and the team as a whole, because i think he was set to have a great season. its an unlucky accident, but it doesn't mean that the athletes shouldn't be allowed to play sports other than football. hopefully someone else will step up at safety and fill the gap. get well and go canes.

apparently james bryant is looking to transfer b/c he wants to play LB not FB....he has been released from his scholarship and RS is helping find a "better fit" to transfer to.....way to follow in the footsteps of willie williams and bryan forte....you wanna get on the field but dont wanna work hard enough to prove you should be out on the field.

apparently james bryant is looking to transfer b/c he wants to play LB not FB....he has been released from his scholarship and RS is helping find a "better fit" to transfer to.....way to follow in the footsteps of willie williams and bryan forte....you wanna get on the field but dont wanna work hard enough to prove you should be out on the field.

Take his scholarship... Yea or neigh?

I think it's a no brainer that we can't be upset about Reddick getting hurt playing ball in the offseason.

It is bad luck... but if you look at players like Frank Gore and Glenn Sharpe, there may be something that is inevitable with certain individuals.

Should we instead be saying that it is better that Reddick got hurt now instead of in the first game of the year? At least the position will be open during Fall Ball and other players can get valuable experience competing.

Wasn't it a tradition for a lot of Dolphins players to play pick-up games at OJ McDuffie's house?

Anyway, does anyone know if there is a ban on playing basketball during the season?

helllll no dont take his scholarship.....as good as he was, if the coaches would have gotten on frank gore to shed some weight and play a little lighter he might have been able to put on the show he is putting on in the nfl now....knee injury or not...so just let reddick keep his scholarship and make sure he comes back ready to play some cane football...

Most of the UM players actually play pick up games during the summer with some of the pro canes from the NFL to stay in shape so they were extremely cautious. Amp just happened to be in an accident and it could happen to anyone. Our coaches encourage them to play basketball as a way to stay in shape.

Calm down.

Reddick hasn't had his head on straight since his freshman season. Kenny Phillips is the best safety in America and now in his third year starting. And don't count out Lovon Ponder from making All-ACC.

Randy Phillips, Glenn Sharpe, K Phillips, and Ponder should start on a talented/experienced secondary, with Bruce Johnson and Carlos Armour providing depth also

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