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Reaction to Reddick

OK, so Anthony Reddick is likely out for the 2007 season after tearing his ACL while allegedly playing a pickup basketball game last week. While professional athletes have rules against certain activities written into their contracts that don't allow them to play pickup games. College athletes do not have to adhere to any regulations limiting what they do off the field in terms of playing other sports for fun.

I'm of the opinion Anthony was just a victim of bad luck. But as a Canes fan, where do you stand on today's news? Do you think college athletes bear the responsibility of being more cautious? Fire away.

I've got to go into seminar now. Like most UM beat writers, my days now are spent doing other activities which pull me off in other directions and away from The U. But when I get the time, I promise to be back with some good stuff. For now, fire away on Reddick.