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What did they learn/accomplish this spring?

First off, Happy Easter/Passover to the Eye on The U readers.

Before I give you my thoughts on the spring game on Monday, I'd like to pick your brain and ask you what you thought of it. What are your concerns are with this team? What did you think looked good and bad and inbetween? I'll give you 24 hours to pour your thoughts before I come back on here and address what I saw and how I felt about it as well as what I thought the Canes accomplished and didn't accomplish and what we learned about this team.


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Regarding the quarterback competition the spring showed that Kyle Wright has the gifted arm strength to hit the receiver who is being well covered as he did with Sam Shields" TD. Kirby Freeman got picked off on the deep pass but I appreciate the fact that he throws the deep pass without fear which is what you need from your quarterback. The best quarterback remains unclear but a possible scenario remains alternating quarterbacks. Use each quarterbacks gifts combined

Quaterback play is the focus here right? These guy's do not have the guts to take control of the team or even the offense. It looks like there will be a freshman QB @ the U this year! It hurts me to see the U struggling at the most critical position. If Shannon does make a decision he should go with Kirby. Simply becase he looks like a better fit. Kyle has had his chance, first of all he could not beat Brock the flop and did not lead us to any major big time victories in several years. New blood is needed and we should throw Marve (Mr. Football)ass in the fire and see what he can do. There is one thing I like about Marve is that he is a FLORIDA BOY and guts are not given out in FL they are earned. I say give him a shot so these bum's can transfer or enter the arena league. lol!!!
Trust me at the end of the year this kid will be our guy who will lead us to at least one the BCS bowls. It would be nice if he could lead us to championship which is very possible. I can't wait till the fall.

"New blood is needed and we should throw Marve (Mr. Football)ass in the fire and see what he can do"

I'm not to sure that would be a good thing. I haven't seen Marve play live, but a few publications that I have read seem to all think that a red shirt year wouldn't be that bad of thing for Marve.

I personally would go with Wright as the starter. I really think Wright would be a better fit. Mark my word, when it is all said and done the U's running game will be top five in the country. With the defense we have, we should just play a ball control offense. we just need a QB who has a good enough arm to be able to keep the safeties at bay.

From what I have seen with kyle Wright, he can hit the mid range to long passes with pretty good accuracy. I also think that our receivers will be a lot better then what we have seen this spring.

Kyle Wright's touchdown pass was beautiful. He trusted Sam Shields to go get the football, and Shields did. That kind of connection bodes well for the 'Canes passing game. Wright has all the tools. If he can learn to trust his receivers to get the ball, he'd become very dangerous. As of yet, if he continues to try and thread the perfect pass because he's worried the receiver will not protect the slightly "off" ball, then it will be more of the same.

On defense, Colin Mccarthey will start before the end of the 08 season.

They learned that we're going to be running a lot more 2-TE formations than 3- or 4-WR formations, that's for sure. Farr, Epps and Zellner seem like much more effective weapons right now than any of the receivers beside Shields.

The Defense is dominating. No. 1 was all over the field, knocking down passes and tackling running backs. The TD pass from Wright to Shields was a thing of beauty. Once the Canes get their injured players back they will be tough to beat. What is really going to make a difference to UM football is when all of the Northwestern High Juniors come to Miami.

This offense is still offensive. Both QB's are bad, the OL is still suspect and we don't have enough good receivers. I just hope some of the freshmen we signed will be able to start next season. Otherwise, Nix has his work cut out for him trying to do anything with Coker's Clowns.

Manny, it's 25 hours later and still nothing. You're a liar.

spring practice means nothing! its just a time for the coaches to experiment with players. most of our best players were out with injuries, so we;ll have to wait until fall to see what type of team this is.

as for brock the flop i have this to say...he never lost to fsu....he brought miami back from 31-3 deficit against the bleeping gators, 10-3 against fsu w/ less than a minute to play, and a 31-14(i think) deficit against louisville...so even though he was no ken dorsey, brock was not as bad a qb as people make him out to be...plus there are a lot of good qb's that wont ever be as good as dorsey was at miami....as far as marve goes lets wait and see how he comes in and performs in fall practice before anointing him the savior to all our problems...give kirby a chance to prove himself...at time last year when he finally got to play it looked like he was the only one trying to win....and unfortunately he cant do it by himself....the qb's would also be better if the receivers...ummmm khalil jones.....would hold on to the damn ball...

Very good perspective Manny

Andres i agree with you but on the other hand...damn man! How long is it going to take? We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for a QB to get the hot hand and it just hasn't happened to date. I agree put Marve in NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Andres you seem to be forgetting that Brock the flop caused the deficits he brought us back from.This guy couldn't beat out Rex Grossman on a mediocre Florida team so how and the hell did get to start for a nc contender like the U? Talk about deficits, what about Derrick Cruddup's comback performance in the 03 Fiesta Bowl?And to think he lost the starting job to a worthless gaytor transfer the following year?Yeah right. And here we are four seasons later and we're still facing the same damn problem with these chicken-shit qb's . Might as well throw Marve in the fire right now since we are rebuilding anyway.

Brock may have caused the deficits....but at least he had the control over the offense he need to get them to play and make plays for him when it mattered....expcially against our two main rivals when the stakes are a lot higher and youve got a lot more to lose....dont get me wrong brock wasnt the greatest qb ever at the U and while he doesnt belong in Torretta/Kosar/Dorsey/etc. class he doesnt belong in the Kyle Wright/Frank Costa/Ryan Collins class either....he belongs among Qbs like kenny kelly in the UM QB convos...

Nobody here is fair to Berlin, his first year at Miami was terrible. However, 22 touchdowns, 6 ints, and 2680 yards are very good numbers for a quarterback. If Kyle Wright could put up numbers like that we'd have another national championship by now. Too bad that wont happen for this offense for a minimum of 3 years (particularly with Nix at the helm).

Frankly, I don't know how Shannon ever hopes to get rid of the division between offense and defense. If I were on a defensive unit whose consistently in the top 5 of the nation, I'd be furious that the inept offense robed Miami of a national title shot the past few years.

I agree Ed on Brock...he made mistakes...but he corrected them....Kyle needs to learn how to do that....but enough about Brock and enough about the QB situation....if Greg Schiano (also a former Miami D coordinator) can turn around a team like Rutgers by preaching discipline and that its all about TEAM im sure Randy Shannon can do the same at the U....Randy Shannon was integral part in making Miami's reputation what it is today....b/c do not doubt that although they had a bad year....Miami is still one of the best college football programs in the country....that why teams like louisville last year were saying things like victories against a team like Miami are program building victories.....so who better to bring the Team back up than someone who not only knows what it takes to be successful...but more importantly knows what the standards are to be successfull as a Miami Hurricane.

Why do you not put the miami baseball schedule and standings on the miami home page. It took 8 months for you to take the 2006 football schedule off. How bout a updated look at baseball?

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