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Chasing down Kayne

After being sideswiped last week with the assignment of locating the last 50 years worth of Athletes of the Year in Miami-Dade, I've returned to Eye on The U this week with a series of Q&As with some football players. My first subject is incoming junior college receiver Kayne Farquharson, who by far could be the coolest Hurricane I've ever dealt with. Kid loves wearing The U and can't wait to get on the field. Personally, I can't wait to see him. Cornerback recruit Doug Wiggins, who played at UM this spring as an incoming freshman, said Farquharson is by far the funniest guy on the team and a great friend.

Among the highlights of my conversation with Farquharson Tuesday afternoon: His request to wear Michael Irvin's old No. 47 jersey number, his private workouts with Kyle Wright, and his parking lot receiver-defensive back battle with incoming freshman DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Before we get to the interview, though, I'd like to get your take on a poll question regarding UM receivers. Feel free to chime in as to why you made you vote at the end.

Now to the Cane interview with Kayne.

Q: How are you doing Kayne?
A: I'm good baby. I'm always doing baby, I ain't never had bad days.


Q: I saw the video of you hanging out with incoming freshman recruit DeMarcus Van Dyke the other night on Canesport.com. Looks like you guys were having fun. You guys becoming good friends?
A: You know I got to show love to my Canes. It don't matter where you at. If you call me and you part of The U, I'm coming baby. I'm good friends with anybody who puts on number 1 through 99 who wears that U jersey or hat or who used to wear that U jersey or hat. I make it my business to make myself a good friend of yours. I'm cool with everybody, even the kickers.

Q: So what jersey are you going to wear? You got a number yet?
A: Man, print this in the newspaper. I'm trying to get No. 47 man. I don't know how its going to work out. I've got to speak to the head man and ask him if its possible and let him know the reason I want to wear the number. I just want to take it to the next level.

Q: Have you spoken to Michael Irvin about it yet? Was he your favorite at UM? Is he the guy you want to be like?
A: I've never spoken to Michael Irvin in person and I don't remember the last time I saw Michael Irvin was two years ago and I never got a chance to speak to him. Hell, yeah I'd love to talk to him. That's one of the greatest receivers that has ever come through this school. On the field, I'd love to be like him. Off the field, I can't judge nobody, but he got kind of caught in a lot hoopla. But on the field, that's what the U is all about. I look at Mike. He was like "I'm the best." I think "I'm the best." I don't care what nobody else thinks. When I'm on that field, I don't think I can be stopped man.

Q: One thing I saw people were questioning you about after they saw the video of you and DeMarcus the other night was your height. How tall are you really?
A: I'm 6-foot, and a half. I'm like 187, 190 pounds now.

Q: What have you been up to since you passed your summer class to get into UM?
A: I've just spending a lot of time with [conditioning] coach [Andreu] Swasey. Just talking to him and lifting weights at the same time. It's been fun. I've been running 110s to stay in some type of football shape. I stay ready that's why I'm always ready. A lot of people take this time to sit back and relax with family, but when the spring was over me and Kyle Wright would go out and throw some balls around. Kirby still had some classes and what not. The timing was awful with Kirby, but the time was right with Kyle, so we'd go out there and play catch and watch film and stuff. We did it Mondays and Wednesdays over at Greentree. It was just me and Kyle, believe it or not. It was just like getting with your best buddy, going into the backyard and throwing the ball.

Q: Did you ever get a chance to play catch with Kirby at all and if you did, since we can't talk to the quarterbacks, what would you say were the differences between the two of them and the way they throw the ball? Does one of them throw the ball harder, or does one have more touch?
A: Before they put on pads, me and Kirby threw the ball. Me and Kyle threw the ball. Even some of the walk-on quarterbacks threw me the ball. I just like to catch the damn ball. There's pretty not much of a difference [between Kirby and Kyle]. They throw spirals, the ball is within the vicinity I just catch the ball. I never really sat down and watched their mechanics or nothing like that. I can't tell you if such and such throws better. I was too busy focusing on getting yardage and depth and getting my head around, my mechanics as a receiver so I can't really tell you who is better. But I can tell you from my perspective every throw was a good throw.

Q: Do you really like the media and pay attention to what people are saying?
A: Not really. If a person got anything negative thing to say to me, they need to be realistic with themselves because I'm not a negative person. As you can tell its more positive than it is negative about me.

Q: More than any other player it seems you love being a Hurricane more than anyone else.
A: I told my mom before I even played Junior College football, I'm going to go to the University of Miami. I predicted and it came true. At first it was kind of scary because I predicted my own calling. It was my destiny. My name is Kayne. It was my destiny from the beginning.

Q: What are you doing as far as preparing for the fall? Do you have a playbook? Are you reading it?
A: Plays? That's second nature to me man. I just go as it comes. I used to focus on yardage and depth. It comes second nature. If you a football player, plays come to you. They aren't as big a problem as people make it out to be. Yeah, you got to study. There's different concepts and all that, but pretty much all around the world its the same stuff. Even if you have a different coordinator, its pretty much the same stuff.

Q: As far as this summer what does coach Marquis Mosely want you to do?
A: He said just be prepared. Me and him have been on the same page since my first day with him.

Q: I saw some video of you going up against Van Dyke. Who won the battle for real? I saw he batted the ball away from you.
A: Oh man, we was just in the parking lot playing around. The dude, whoever was quarterback, he threw the ball, Van Dyke knocked it away. It was his day. It was his party and he deserved that. He's the better man that day. But if we go for real now, I'm going to rip that like I'm on another level. At the end of the day, its all good. There's going to be plenty more competition. He better bring his lunch pail because I'm going to bring mine.


COMING WEDNESDAY: My interview with incoming freshman cornerback Doug Wiggins, who tells me he is working out hard in the mornings with UM trainer Andreu Swasey and at his old high school North Miami Beach.