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A Call From The Hall

Bennie Blades was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame this past Saturday, joining Ted Hendricks and Don Bosseler as the only Hurricanes to receive such an honor.

Bennie_bladesBlades absolutely deserved it. He was a two-time All-American and a flat out menace in the secondary, leading the nation in interceptions in 1986 and helping Miami win the national title in 1987 in a year he was also given the Jim Thorpe Award. In a lot of ways, he was the guy who really started UM's run of sick talent in the secondary.

Here's to hoping Blades induction Saturday will start another run -- one of Canes getting invited into the Hall. How in the world does a program that has won five national championships and produced the level of talent UM has put into the NFL have just three guys in the Hall of Fame? Better yet, how is Blades the only Cane so far to receive an invite in the era since Miami first began winning national titles in 1983? 

Like a good teammate and Cane at heart, Blades pointed that out Saturday in Jeff Shain's story. And then, perhaps, pointed out the reason: ``I want to get people to realize we're not bad people. We've been given a bad rap over all these years, but to know us is to love us.''

Great players, bad rap or not, should always be graded for what they did on the field. I've always been of the opinion Pete Rose deserves to be in the baseball Hall of Fame for what he did as a player and not the gambling he did as a manager. UM's football greats deserve to be honored too. But who deserves to get in next?

Blades mentioned Michael Irvin, Bernie Kosar, Jim Kelly and Chuck Foreman. My vote would go to Vinny Testaverde, the 1986 Heisman Trophy winner (first Cane to do it) and NFL veteran of more than 20 seasons. But there are plenty more deserving. Who do you think deserves the next call from the Hall?

How about Jerome Brown? Steve Walsh? Ottis Anderson? This ought to be a good debate. I'll be back Tuesday with something fresh. You guys need to give me a day now that I'm officially back on the job. But for now, hopefully, this will keep you chirping.


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Being as I was in school, (and some classes) with him during that time at the U... my vote for "next in" is Ottis Anderson.

However, I don't see why The Playmaker, Bernie, Jim, Chuck, Vinnie, Jerome, and Steve ALL don't go in together next year... they are all deserving players!

It's time the NCAA showed these players the respect they deserve.

Manny...nice work! 86Cane here visiting from Canespace. WE look forward to working with you and building a strong partnership with the Miami Herald as the 2007 college football season grows near.

Keep up the good work and GO CANES!!!


I gotta go with Melvin Bratton, he was the original Reggie Bush, then the playmaker. Of course how could you forget Steve Walsh, 22-1 w/ a title.

For the new-school Canes, gotta have Dorsey and Reed in there... they'll be there soon.

www.canespace.com "For the Fans, By the Fans"

Manny, excellent work! CanesgirlNC from canespace here. Definitely Jerome Brown - let's not forget Alonzo Highsmith either

Manny I happy to see you have become involved in the Canespace.com web blog. The Legion appreciates your efforts.

I loved both of the Bladeses, but admittedly Brian wasn't the dominator that Bennie was. I was happy we picked up Al Blades, even though he never had the top-flight Miami speed, because it was nice to look back there and see "BLADES" on somebody's jersey again.

I'm gonna go with Cortez Kennedy or Russell Maryland...get the big boys in there!

My votes for the Hall:

Bernie Kosar: first UM National Championship and successful NFL career.

Vinny Testaverde: for all the reason Manny mentioned.

Michael Irvin: Great college career and NFL Hall of Famer. Stud!

Russel Maryland, Jerome Brown and Kortez Kennedy.

Fred Marion and Burgess Owens.

Chuck Foreman and Otis Anderson.

Are Ted Hendricks and George Mira already in?

What about Leon Searcy or Jeff Feagles (18 year NFL career).

What are the specific criteria for getting in?

``I want to get people to realize we're not bad people. We've been given a bad rap over all these years, but to know us is to love us.'' Bennie Blades

Manny, I bumped into Bennie at the spring game. He was swarmed by people and obviously had been there for a while. He needed to leave, but was nice enough to chat with me for a second and give me autograph. Most people don't realize how tight the Canes family is. GO CANES!


The College Football Hall of Fame is one of the ways in which the National Football Foundation fulfills its mission of preserving the game of college football. Founded in 1947, the NFF is dedicated to mobilizing the constructive forces of amateur football, at all levels, for the benefit of society as a whole.

The National Football Foundation currently has more than 10,000 members in 119 local chapters nationwide and recognizes the vital role amateur football plays in the development of our nation's youth and in the education process. The NFF seeks to honor those who have excelled both on and off the field and who demonstrate the Foundation's creed of scholarship, citizenship and athletic ability. Last year, the National Football Foundation and its chapters awarded nearly $1,000,000 in scholarships to deserving high school and college scholar-athletes.

The first class of College Football Hall of Fame inductees was selected in 1951. That inaugural class included 54 legends and pioneers of the game like Walter Camp, Jim Thorpe, Red Grange, Amos Alonzo Stagg and Knute Rockne. Today more than 900 legendary players and coaches from NCAA Division I-A, I-AA, II, III and the NAIA are enshrined in the Hall.

Each player nominated must have: (1) received major first-team All-America recognition; (2) played his last intercollegiate game at least 10 years previously; (3) retired from playing professional football; and (4) proven himself worthy as a citizen after his football career, carrying the ideals of football forward into his community.

A coach becomes eligible three years after retirement, providing he: (1) was a head coach for at least 10 years; (2) coached at least 100 games; and (3) won at least 60% of his games.

Plenty of Players are worthy, but it is the Hall of Fame. Here are 4 people that should get an induction:

Warren Sapp
Jimmy Johnson
Ken Dorsey
Ed Reed

good list rdub. Hard to argue against any of those guys.

Manny,excellent job my man. Keep up the good work. Keep feeding us.


Bernie or Kelly sounds good to me. I would like to see a QB, and a defense of line. Any of those positions will do for me. We just need more Canes in the Hall of Fame.
Nice to have you back Manny. Go Braddock!!!

Manny can't wait to see you over at canespace and will be a regular here as well.


Might as well through Gino Torretta's name in the hat. He has met all the criteria especially his involvement in the Miami community after his career ended.

Is being a Great Cane Player the same as Jeff Gordon of Nascar? Not just winning but dominating when doing so? These guys, and there are quite of few of our boys that should be in the CFHOF in next few years, have a higher hurdle to clear -- but it should be easier when stats are compared and NFL achievements are factored in.

Listened to your interview of Coach Rolle and you have a very relaxed and intuitive style of interviewing. He seemed to be very relaxed and I don't think we have anything to worry about him discouraging his boys from going to the U.

Manny, can't wait to see you at Canespace.

Manny, great article, and thanks for embracng all of us from CaneSpace. I think Michael Irvin should be the next Cane inductee. He took us from upstart underdogs to where we are today.

Great stuff!!!!!!
My vote goes to Bernie Kosar
what about respect for a program called NFLU
JImmie said it best
How bout them Hurricanes?
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CANESPACE!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Canespacers! Show Manny some love for brining us the "News U Can Use!!!

JJ, Bernie, Vinny, Gino and Michael Irvin all meet criteria as far as I can tell.

Dorsey and Reed and even Ray Lewis don't meet the criteria yet (10 years out of college and retired from NFL football).

Over here from Canespace, My vote goes to warren sapp

since warren doesnt qualify, Jermome Brown!

I like the shoutout towards the bigs: Tez and Russell Maryland. They gotta be in there too.

Good point without the bigs Miami's D would not be what it was!
Thanks for the props for all us canespacers!
We look forward to your articles.
It's all about the U

www.canesport.com is reporting that Aldarius Johnson from MNWHS has "pulled the trigger" on his committment and it's the U baby!

He has said all along that he wants to play with QB Jacory Harris, also from MNWHS, in college. Well now it will happen.

More committs are likely to follow later today...

Nice article Manny. Looking forward to your visits to canspace.com

While there are probably at least 20 former UM players that SHOULD be in, I say go back to "the beginning" and use the easiest criteria possible...Jim Kelly is in the NFL Hall of Fame. How can you be in the NFL Hall of Fame and not in the College?!?

Can't wait for fall practice to start, and for you Manny to come over and field questions on Canespace. Got to get Schnell in the Hall, one way or the other he'll be there in time, but that's the keystone of the entire Hurricane football structure. And make sure his bust (if you get a bust in the College Football Hall) has a pipe in it's mouth.

Good to see so many Legionaires posting. Its a shame that the SS abandoned us, but its their loss. I haven't viewed the site for a week, and don't plan to return.

I'm sure we'll hear the "good citizen" excuse for UM's conspicuous absense in this so-called HOF, but what about guys like Fagan, OJ Anderson, Jim Otto, Pete Banaszak (my personal favorite as a Raider's fan from way back) Foreman, Kelly, Kosar, Hendricks-Heck, we can go on all day with this list. They all preceded the "bad boys" label. Not one of them was deserving?

BTW, don't you love the "outrage" in media about the Fighting Micks (no offense to my Irish brothers, I just hate those pansy's) dropping Michigan and fellow catholics BC? What did we hear when they ran from the U? CRICKETS.

Looking forward to sharing the season with you, Manny.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any of our QB's meet the criteria?
Jim Kelly
Bernie Kosar

My vote goes to Edgerrin James and Lamar Thomas

unbelievable that only two prior Canes are in the Hall. Hendricks was a first team all-american three times, so they couldn't keep him out. And yes, I saw Boessler play and he was deserving.Just shows how much "the media" has crapped on our great U for years. All of the above mentioned players should be in the hall! Keeping these canes out for the last 20 years, makes the hall a joke. The dominate team of the last 20 years doesn't deserve one player?

Oye Manny!!

Keep up the good work brother!!

Manny...thanks for the tips! Let us know when you find out who is next to committ!

"Jim Kelly is in the NFL Hall of Fame. How can you be in the NFL Hall of Fame and not in the College?!?"
Posted by: DallasTX Cane | July 23, 2007 at 01:55 PM

Dallas...I agree! And how do you win the Heisman trophy and not get in?. That should be an AUTOMATIC entry ya' think? Vinny is a a given for next year now that he retired from the NFL, but Toretta should have been in already!

I would like to know how many Heisman winners are not in the College Football Hall of Fame yet that meet the other crieria? How can you win college football's top award and not be in the Hall?

irvin deserves to get in.

and thanks for the contributions at the other site manny.

I think Maryland and Brown should definitely be in. Kelly, Testaverde, and Kosar. Irvin, Highsmith. The list goes on. In another 5-10 years there will be a boatload of Canes eligible and deservng once they retire from the league.

BTW, Warren Sapp made the all-time greatest college football team on Rivals. Can't wait to see who the other commits are today/this week if the rumors swirling are true. Keep up the great work Manny. It is appreciated.

The ESPN web site has two articles about the college football class of 2007 inductees on its site. Neither even mentions Bennie Blades!


Great stuff Manny! I think Vinny,Kosar, Dorsey,Sapp and about 20 others should be in...Long live Manny The Herald and Canespace!

Great post Manny!

I think Kosar shoudl be a lock!

Manny stay just the way you are.
Relaxed grateful and humble, you have all the assets it takes to become a great sportswriter,

According to the stated criteria, Vinny, Sapp, Maryland, Reed, Gino, Brown, and maybe one other should be in there.

Did Jerome Brown win a major award?? I can't recall.

Walsh and Dorsey never won a major award did they? Wait, didn't they win the Johnny Unitas award or something like that?

Good work Manny, the Legion at Canespace is with U.

You should still change this blog background. It's a pain in the behind to read. You can't tell who said what or where one post begins and another ends.

Food for thought.

Rock on......

Manny, Solar's just being nice because we're on PG-13 media. lol

Come on over to Canespace and get loose!

Canespace + Miami Herald is just what the FANS have ordered! From now on the customer wins. We have the fans and you have the news we can use. Thanks to Manny and the Miami Herald for making this work!

We like to say: "For the Fans, By the Fans." Manny Navarro and the Miami Herald have a lot of new fans today!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

HOVDE4 Video
Why you can never be too cofident when you are ahead of the canes (especially if your a gator)


By the way Manny, thanks for picking up the pace on the Cane info... and thanks for working with Canespace, you and 86Cane are filling a great void for U fans everywhere!

no votes for Ryan Clement or Frank Costa I'm Shocked

Who would you rather have at QB, Clement or Costa?

I would take Costa, because he actually played a pretty awesome game in 1994 against FSU in the OB when Sapp was terrorizing Danny Kanell. I could be wrong but wasn't Clement at the helm of the 1996 team that lost 47-0 to FSU? Hard to believe that Clement was the 3th rated QB coming out of High school...kinda reminds me of someone...mmm...who could that be?...

Go Canespace.

You like kick off and punt returns? This vid is for U:


Manny-keep up the good work. I think more canes need to get in the CF HOF.

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