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Better Bull-eavit: Canes nab Forston

Marcus_forstonEarlier today around 5:30 p.m. I spoke with the mother of Northwestern defensive tackle Marcus Forston, who told me she had driven down with her son to the University of Miami campus where he announced his intentions to sign with the Hurricanes in February. This certainly is big news for Canes fans. Forston is without a doubt one of the nation's best overall recruits and quite possibly the most talented defensive tackle the school has landed since Warren Sapp. I spoke to Marcus earlier this week, thinking this might happen. But he told me he wanted to wait to make a bigger national announcement on TV. Looks like he got too excited.

For a moment today it also looked like another teammate of Forston would be joining him at UM. And at around 7:30 p.m. I reported on this blog linebacker Sean Spence would be joining Forston. But I've now been told Northwestern's star linebacker is not ready to announce his decision just yet. But he could be real close. Kids like Spece do this all the time. They want their own day in the sun and deserve it. Just don't be surprised if he announces in the next couple days.

Now, here's some of the highlights from the 20 minute interview I had with Marcus when he got home from his conditioning workouts at Northwestern on Thursday night.

Q: Tell us how it all went down this afternoon?
A: "I went down there earlier today, I was going down there just to check out the college academic-wise. I went down there with my mon and my family. When I went down there, I was talking to coach Hurtt, coach Walton and Randy Shannon and when I walked into that room, walked through that door there was just that feeling that this is home. I told you earlier I was going to wait till signing day because I had a lot of schools looking at me. But I never felt like that when I went to other colleges. Even though it doesn't have the big facilities other colleges have. So, when I went in there, they weren't even talking about football. They were talking to me about how they could help me about football. They were talking about how they could help me get a degree, they were talking about life. And that is something some colleges don't talk about. Colleges want to use me and I want use them to get a degree and be a better man because football is never promised."

Q: So how much of an influence did your teammates who are also Cane commitments -- QB Jacory Harris, OL Brandon Washington and WR Aldarius Johnson -- have in your decision today. Were they in your ear telling you to commit?
A: "No. I was pushing those guys away. But Aldarius told me when you go down there, I'm telling you, you aren't ready for it. He said Forston as soon as you get down there, you are going to want to commit right there. So, when I got down there, I said coach, is this something you set up down here just to make me feel good? Coach Shannon and Coach Hurtt said you can come down here any day unnanounced and it will be the same way. Some colleges put on a show because they want to make their program look better. So, when he told me I could come down here and it will be the same way everyday, I was like man, I got to check this out for myself. The thing that made me feel so good was that it its a college that doesn't have all the facilities and all the other things state schools have, but they're a private school and they're rebuilding things. I'm looking at the new generation and the things they want to have."

Q: You talked the other day about how you don't want to be the only superstar on a team, you want to play with 11 superstars. Can you talk about what it feels like to be a part of class like the one that is starting to come together? And can you talk about some of the guys who you play with?
A: "I'm very proud to be a part of this class. If we keep on getting these guys, like we're doing right now, this will be one of the best UM teams ever. There are a lot of hard workers in this group there that can really build this program and do some special things right there. Its hard to stop our guys. If you going up against Brandon Washington at 60-70 percent, Brandon Washington is going to throw you on your butt. Or if you don't pay attention to Aldarius Johnson, he's going to right past you. So you got to give 100 percent to even have a chance."

Q: What is about coach Clint Hurtt that makes him such a good recruiter?
A: "He's young man. The guy who likes to have fun. The thing that really got me about coach Hurtt and I know he's been through the same things I've been through, he told me he said 'Go ahead, Marcus. Go ahead and look at other colleges.' And the first thing that came to my mind was that this guy right here is not jealous. He's a coach that knows if a player wants to come to his program, he really wants to come. Every other coach would have said 'What you going there for?' Talking bad. One thing I can say UM doesn't do is say nothing about no college. Any college that something bad about another college, that right there is a turnoff to me."

Q: So are you going to be taking other trips still? What did you tell coach?
A: "I told him I'd be open to taking other trips. But I don't think I want to. I think I'm going to try and study and watch film for the next level. I'm trying to get to college, get better."

Q: So what can Canes fact expect from you in the future?
A: "A battle at defensive tackle. Out of the heart and soul of Miami comes a guy whose going to bust his butt everyday in practice and start as a true freshman."

For the complete 11-minute audio interview I recorded with Marcus, check out my interview with him right here.

OK guys, I'm done posting stuff for today.I'm still planning to interview Canes quarterback recruit Jacory Harris, who shined brightly at the Elite 11 camp in California, when he gets home later tonight. He finished 4th out of the 11 QBs and apparently impressed a lot people. I'll probably make him my topic of discussion on Friday.



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Thanks Manny!

I'm so jealous that you guys get to be around these kids!

Manny... I think you're recruiting for the U on the Down Low or maybe you just have the midas touch,seems like these guys are commiting after you interview them. I know you are busy but Can set up interviews with Sabino, Darrell Scott, T.J. Bryant,Lynn Katoa,Arthur Brown & Patchman. Also give Justin a ring he needs some love too!Keep holding it down for the 305, We are loving you Man!

All I Wanna Say Is This, For The Young Men Aspiring To Even Reach The Heights Of Staying Home And Having The Opportunity to play for such a storied program suc as "The U", Keep Your eyes On The Prize And Graduate. Theres Nothing That Makes A parent prouder than to hear a kid like Forston (Da West's 99), mature and say he wants a college education 1st. A Spence and Streeter, U up next. The potential to make this one of the top 5 recruiting classes in the nation is there. To Coach's Onion, Bell, Hurtt, And The rest of That Coaching Staff, MAKE IT DO WHAT IT DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep up the good work.

Welcome to the Fam, Marcus!

He has a chance to be one of the greatest DT's to ever play here.

Manny, this is another testament to the kind of leadership that the coaches and Roland Smith provided to the young men at Northwestern. Their players have great character, solid academics, and great athletic ability. It is sad that the coaches who developed these young men have been hung out to dry. COACH SHANNON, former Northwestern COACH ROLAND SMITH, a former standout at the U should be your next grab! It appears that he has shown the ability to develop quality student athletes with great character and the passion to "deliver" them to the U.

I don't think a week has gone by since Randy took over that my wife (alos a UM alum) and I have not read something about the coach or the program that hasn't increased our excitement about the direction the program is headed. This is great news and it is awesome to hear him speak about the recruiting process in this fashion.

Well said Boogie Trick DJs-Huricane BASS Club, Education is Paramount and should be the 1st objective. I think the recent commitments will stir the fans to come out and support the Canes as well, We should also see MORE fans from the inner city come out and support the local talent.

Strong interview, Navarro. Make sure to pass on the word to your employer to keep-up the coverage of UM football this year...

CANES, baaby

How 'bout dem Canes! Big time recruiting momentum is now firmly in place at the U.

It started with PJ, continued with the 4 LBs (McCray, Buchanon, Futch and Robinson), was backed up be AJ and now confirmed by Forston.

Floodgates are gonna open now, just watch...

Instead of listing the players by name, the recruiting services will just be able to list:

Florida, South -- 4 Stars+

Because Shannon is getting EVERYBODY.

Anyone know what's up with Shaw (Pace), I've heard he's been talking smack about the U and that he's going to join his brother at Louisville, but you can't beleive everything you hear. Anyone with facts please post. Thanks.

great post manny. this defense is going to be out of this world.

showing love from the other site,

Manny-good stuff. Looks like the Legion migration from the SS is just about complete. I like Canespace, but we need a guy inside. No disrespect to Omar, but Hail Manny, the Legion's new Caesar.

Good of you to come #2. You too Matt, my diamond brother. You wouldn't happen to be a Dodger fan, would U?

Hey guys. Stick your head out the window. You hear that sound? Its the rest of the country's collecting groan.


Can U smell what the Onion's cookin'.

Yo Manny great stuff man. Quick question, what schools are in the running for Janoris Jenkins. I like what I see on film of this guy and he would be a great grab. Any info. on what schools are in the running for this guy?

Meph..that's the whole idea! Manny's got the insider info (which Canespace has some of too and will also have more of soon), Canespace has the fans and hard core bloggers, and together who's gonna stop us?

Manny is bringing the news to Canepsace, Canespace is brining the bloggers and chat to the Herald, and both compliment each other perfectly.

We really are becoming more and more "one site" everyday. We are in the process of building our own perfect team and doing our own "recruiting" too!

You gonna give us a "verbal" today so we can announce it?

Killer...from Rivals on Jenkins:


86-If your asking for my verbal for Canespace, I'm already there. I don't post much but I visit. There can not be enough info. I'd even consider the SS if they replace O with someone substantial.

BTW, speaking of 86, there's a new movie coming out renewing GET SMART-the best TV show ever! Movie may suck, but I can't get enough of Agent 86.


10 of our 16 are ESPN 150 Players -the list came out----and we probably have 5 more to go........We will set the record. Best Class ever in UM History

If the U can land Spence(Nothwestern) or/and Sabino(Krop) NCAA football is going to be in trouble. Because the Canes r taking over. Canes the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mephistopheles, good to see you still around. Now that the Sentinel totally rejected UM fans I guess we gotta suck it up and give some props to the Herald...

Navarro's writing is pretty tight and I appreciate him given canespace.com their due. For all you clones out there, aqua and 86 and (someone else I can't remember -- help me out, 86) just got Rohan Marley in an interview on canespace.

He likes it so much that he's been bloggin today again...HOO DEM CANES!!

That's something the Sentinel forgot and the Herald better not ---


This is the class that is going to beat the sh!t out of UF in 2008 and win 1 or 2 NC!

Julio Jones would just be the icing on the cake...

Manny, what I meant to ask was who is Janoris likely going to commit to?

Darc...It was MiamiMike01 on the intitial contact and connection, Aqua on the interview and write up and all I did was coordinate and post the article and then confirm it with Rohan.

Those other guys (MM01, Aqua) deserve all the credit along with Rohan Marley who not only is one of the all-time favorite Canes but one of the most genuine and generous, down-to-earth guys you could ever hope to meet.

"Legend of the Fall, Son of a Legend", a true Miami Hurricane if there ever was one and a friend to Canespace...that's Rohan Marley.

Three months ago nobody had ever heard of Canespace.

Three days ago we posted our first big player interview with Rohan Marley.

Yesterday, thanks to the Miami Herald and Manny Navarro, we broke our first big recruiting story on Forston.

Today Rohan Marley came on the Canespace blog and chatted with fans, even corrected one who didn't have his story straight. That's really BIG!

Can it get any better than that?

man this class looks real scary right know marcus robinson 6-2 210, marcus forston 6-2 286, jacory harris6-4 169, soon to be sean spence 6-0 200, aldarius johnson 6-2 200, soon to be tommy streeter 6-6 200, davon johnson 5-11 161,brandon washington 6-5 310,patrick johnson 6-1 193,thearon collier 5-9 163,jordan futch 6-4 200,micanor regis 6-3 307, joe wylie 6-2 171

dude spence is a lock in the bag so with benjaming jones which he is a bad ass player is also in the bag... but , if the U get can Patchan, sabino, and someway... sway away and steal Tj Bryant from Tallahassee because atleast brandon harris or janoris jenkings will end up in the U you can say UM will have its best recruiting class ever, and by not far problaly will end up in the top 3 in the nation in recruiting.....

Looks like the old gang is back...Manny, good reporting, regardless of whether or not we got Forston. Hell, I even think Susan M-D does a good job. No chip on shoulder, no "its all about me"...its refreshing, I must say.
'86: thanks for posting those tasty videos...I can't wait for Marv/Bailey/Forston et al to get on the field. 2008 can't come fast enough!

Can the U sign all these players that are saying that they are coming to the U. How many players can they sign. Also it would be nice if the U can get Coach Roland Smith aka "petti" to come back to the U that would almost loke most of dades best kids to the U.

I am getting Goose Bumps. Big up the West and the Canes.


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