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FAU-UM? Canes owe it to Schnellenberger

In the seven years he's been the coach at Florida Atlantic University, Howard Schnellenberger has quietly longed to go back to the place of his greatest triumph -- the Orange Bowl.

SchnellenbergerSadly, the man who laid the foundation for what has become the most dominant college football program in the past 25 years has had to wait patiently like one of the last guys standing in a Bachelorette episode. One by one, poor Howie has had to watch as South Florida, Central Florida and even FIU -- the younger, uglier dude -- have been called up by the Canes to receive a rose.

"I look at it as a personal compliment," the 73-year old said when asked Sunday at the FSWA Media Days in Tampa if UM's failure to schedule the Owls has irked him.

It appears now -- maybe -- old Howie is going to get his chance. Schnellenberger might have let out a little secret Sunday when he told a small group of reporters that his dream might soon become a reality.

Howie said The U is now apparently interested in the Owls and a date between UM and FAU could happen in the not-so-distant future.

"We hadn't talked to UM before, but we've been questioned recently about a game,'' he said. "It's an ongoing conversation now. And it could happen in the not-so-distant future."

My bet, if true, is 2009. Even though a UM official recently told one of our writers the Hurricanes' schedule was booked through 2013, my search through UM's new media guide Sunday showed the Canes have only 11 games scheduled in '09 (eight conference games and a three-game non-conference schedule which features Oklahoma, South Florida and Central Florida). There's a chance Miami hasn't announced just yet who that 12th opponent is. But if they've already done so for 2010, 2011 and 2012, why wouldn't they do the same for '09? Susan Miller Degnan and I tried reaching UM athletic director Paul Dee and FAU's athletic director Sunday night to see if there was more to the story, but couldn't reach them.

Even if someone on either end denies this story tomorrow in attempt to keep negotiations under wraps, the more I think about it, the more I think the Canes owe Schnellenberger a game and a date at the OB.

Last week, Schnellenberger didn't make the top four of The Herald's South Florida Sports' Fantastic Four competition. He finished ninth, but was the leading vote-getter among people once associated with the The U.

There's no doubt he deserve recognition. He started the Canes' football dynasty when the program was struggling to stay afloat in the late 1970s. People forget how bad Miami really was then. Some thought the program might have even better off folding. Then, he started winning, bringing a new mentality to the program. After winning the first national championship in UM history in 1983, he bolted for the USFL and a job that never materialized when the South Florida team he was going to coach folded. Schnellenberger returned home to Louisville, Miami brought in Jimmy Johnson, and the rest as they say was history.

But what if Howie had never made that mistake and gone to the USFL? Would UM not have had a situation very similar to that of Florida State with Bobby Bowden? Would Schnellenberger have won five national titles and become a god? There's no question UM's history could have gone in a totally different direction. Who knows. Either way, the Canes need to do something for the old ball coach. And one Saturday afternoon isn't going to kill them.

CHECK IT OUT: Aside from the poll here I'd like for you guys to vote on, drop on by to Canespace.com to checkout a nice Q&A a diehard Canes fan has put together with former Canes linebacker Rohan Marley. It's a three-part series with some really interesting stories.


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IDEA:...let's cancel this years Oklahoma game, and instead play FAU....
Seriously, coach Schnellenberger is a UM hero who deserves to return to the scene of his greatest triumphs, and receive his just due...a resounding loss, preceded by a standing ovation. Hope he's still around to be there.

Give the old guy a chance to play against UM. I agree he deserves it. Go Canes!!!!

If we play howie, it's imperative that we play him in the orange bowl at night time!!! Otherwise, forget about playing against him in the dolphins' stadium!!

That would be great. But, if the 'Canes move to Dolphins Stadium, would it even be the same, or even matter????????

Heck yeah,
Give Howie a game. I agree at night in the OB.
Thanks again Manny for your support on Canespace!

Heck yeah,
Give Howie a game. I agree at night in the OB.
Thanks again Manny for your support on Canespace!

Let's not rewrite history here. Schnellenberger did move to the USFL, after continuing the ressurection that started with that other Saban - the one who told the truth - but only after several almost public spats with the UM's then new AD, Stan Jankovich. They did not get along and Howard felt he was not getting the respect due him for his accomplishments. He then played the USFL card to try to get the things he felt he was due. Bad decision.

Had Schnells stayed at UM forever ala Bowden I wonder how history would have been different? Who wants to take a stab at re-wrting UM football history with Schnells staying on as the HC through 2005? Now there's a challenge for you...

Direct link to the Rohan Marley interview at Canespace:


Manny, really good idea you got here. I was ashamed and embarassed UM played FIU over FAU. We all know FIU didn't deserve to be on the field, and they proved they didn't belong. FAU is a legit program, they actually accomplished something in div.2.

Sucks that Howard probably won't get to return to the OB, but let's hope our new AD has some class and gives FAU a shot.

BTW thx for the pub on the Marley interview, he was a blast to talk to and as True a Hurricane as they get.

hell no! U trade one no-name drek for another forsaking the necessary legwork to schedule usc, michigan, texas ... you get the point. unfortunately, our lazy athletic director doesn't.

Hey Manny,
any chance you can post the schedules for the 2010-2013 schedules, I am interested to see who we are playing out of conference.

canespace stunning stats since the june 17th launch 6 weeks ago : ) 112,138 hits : ) mind you, it's the dog days : ) for perspective, the feisty startup almost quadrupled the june hits for the herald's top sports blogs: greg cote (29,019) and dolphins (29,389 : ) who's green with envy now : )

Green...nice work there buddy! I knew we were doing good but I had no idea we were doing THAT GOOD!

Wonder if the advertisers are listening?

Let bygones be bygones, throw the old dog a bone. 2009 should just be right. While we are at it, they whould throw an appreciation ceremony at the beginning of the game. Let us not do this posthumous BS to honor the "Man" that started it all.

hey 86Cane, the battle has been joined : )

I'm not Manny, but here's our upcoming OOC schedule:

9-1 Marshall
9-8 @ Oklahoma
9-15 Florida International
9-20 Texas A&M (Thursday)

9-6 @ Florida
9-20 @ Texas A&M
TBA North Texas

9-12 Oklahoma
9-26 @ South Florida
10-3 @ UCF

9-11 @ Ohio State
9-25 UCF
TBA @ Pittsburgh
TBA South Florida

9-11 @ Marshall
9-17 Ohio State
9-24 Kansas State
TBA @ South Florida

9-8 @ Kansas State
9-15 South Florida
9-22 Marshall

9-7 Florida
9-21 @ South Florida

Green...you need to post over at Canespace too! And if you get the chance email me at host@canespace.com.

I have already encouraged all of the loyal Canespacers to post here to support Manny as much as possible. Manny and I both know that our partnership has great potential. News + Audience = Success!

sorry, 86Cane : ( I want to boost the herald blog just to stick it to the sunsentinel. they betrayed us; they're gonna feel our wrath : ) shun sunsentinel!

Green...roger that! You work it here and I'll work it there and we'll bring it together whenever possible. We are gonna stomp TOS!

Schnellenberger did some great things at Miami. However The U gains nothing on a national level by scheduling FAU and FIU

86cane you are so freaking annoying!!!!!

(realfootball365.com) The New England Patriots signed their first-round draft pick, safety Brandon Meriweather, to a five-year contract. The deal is worth $8.75 million with $6 million in guaranteed money.

http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/si_blogs/football/ncaa/ (7/26) gaturds in glass houses ...

Hey Manny what's the deal with Josh tatum
being on Campus?Some guys on canesport are
posting heavy on him.

Manny, thanks for the info on Uncle Howie.


Just cancel an FIU game and schedule the FAU
game the sooner the better...

The thugs from FIU don't deserve to play against the Canes after last year's brawl that they started...Besides that just brought some negative to UM...Plus before there is a rivalry it will take many years..
FIU would probably loose against Northwestern highschool...

If FIU is not scheduled just cancel Marshall
or UCF to make room for FAU for Howard...

Why is James Bryant LB leaving the U???

All Canes' fans have respect and love for HS. His installation of the pro style offense, as well as going small and fast (really more of a JJ thing than Howard but he still gets props) set the stage for our success.


With all due respect, he's the enemy now. He had the nerve to wear FAU gear on that Gridiron show recalling the 83 OB. If you want to honor him personally in some way, go ahead. But we owe FAU nothing. We shouldn't help any of the peripheral Florida schools. What the heck do they do for us?

You're either with us, or agin' us. Mephie don't play that wearing FAU gear crap. And I'll bet the Onion ain't cool with it either.

Good info, Manny. When you get done with the myspace pages send'em on over to 86, we'll friend ya and start throwing traffic your way on those pages.

Give the ol' guy a game. What's it gonna hurt? Make it the season opener so we can whip'em at night on TV. Let the man walk down Memory Lane one last time before he hangs it up.

Nobody took my "If Howard had stayed at the U until 2005 how would history be different" challenge?

Montreal...Bryant leaving UM is OLD news. Onion announced that months ago.

The Tatum Rumor has been flying for a while no but no credible leads on it. Maybe Manny can solve the puzzle?

that is because your challenges are gay.

Enough...at least have the courage to post under your real name so we can have a mature adult discussion about what angers you so. Otherwise you don't exist and are irrelvant.

Online friends are nice, but the don't make up for real live friends 86. step away from the comp for a couple minutes and see the sunlight.


"Manny, really good idea you got here. I was ashamed and embarassed UM played FIU over FAU. We all know FIU didn't deserve to be on the field, and they proved they didn't belong."

If memory serves me right, FIU was only down 7-0 at halftime and threatened a couple of times before the brawl. That's when several starters got kicked out. To say that FIU didn't deserve to be on the field is assenine.

"To say that FIU didn't deserve to be on the field is assenine." 1) asinine; 2) fui resorted to dirty play because they don't measure up. BENEATH U

HA!! Dirty play?!?! I think Merriweather knocked you upside the head with his helmet!

football game = 4 quarters. final score U 35 - fui golden patsies g00se egg

you're absolutely right...sometimes its 4 quarters and 2 OT's...like the 2003 Fiesta Bowl...Ohio State 31 - Miami 24. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! OHHHHH THAT BURNS SOOOOO BAD!!

you got me. sometimes, it's 4 quarters +. no shame losing the bcs championship. how does it feel losing every game against the likes of arkansas state, louisiana-lafayette, louisiana-monroe, middle tennessee and north texas? WINLESS IN SWEETWATER

At least we can only go up from there.


Off topic but per a canesport post.I saw that
Josh tatum committed to the U.Can someone
please confirm or deny the report ASAP THANKS!!

http://canespace.typepad.com/canespace/2007/07/ask-not-what-yo.html#comment-77698676 Just got off the phone with Manny, Josh Tatum is confirmed. He's got a scholarship. Tatum's a Hurricane.

Thanx Manny!

Posted by: miamimike01 | July 30, 2007 at 06:14 PM

I agree schedule the old guy.... but cancel the OU game....thats the game i predict we show the U is on the way back with a 28-7 victory...this team well stay focused cause Coach Shannon is not playing around... if you dont see that were gonna take over in the next three years... you dont deserve to wear THE U apparel!!!!!!

"At least we can only go up from there."

I remember a couple of UM's players being ejected and UM still beat FIU like a drum. Oh yeah, in baseball and basketball too...

FIU's motto this season:

"Got crutches?"

I say schedule them. The more fla teams we beat the less comp will be!!. we have lsot alot of coaches and people to these schools so it is important we make the pay for it.

FAU cleaned house with FIU this past year also. Football - win and shut out, Basketball, swept 3 games (1 playoff), baseball - swept 3 games, softball - 4 out of 5 games (2 playoff).

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