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R&R: Tatum transfer, Haith and Wake

With less than 72 before the official arrival of incoming freshmen at the University of Miami, I have to admit -- much like the natives -- I'm getting a bit restless.

I'm tired of gathering interviews over the phone and traveling to far off places to sit in on media days. I want to see some helmets, some hitting, something. With that said, I plan to fill in the rest of this week with as much as I can gather without actually being at a place where a UM player or coach is. How do I do that? With a little R&R (Rumors and Reasoning), the newest segment I plan to do every now and then when it's needed.

Josh_tatumI'll begin with what is currently making the natives on green and orange message boards everywhere a bit restless -- the hot rumor former disgruntled USC linebacker Joshua Tatum could be transferring to the University of Miami. And since this is a blog and not our actual newspaper (they don't allow us to use sources anymore in the paper), I'll report on what I've heard from my sources. First though, let's explain who Tatum is. Tatum (listed at 6-2, 220 with 4.5-speed in the 40 as a senior) was one of the nation's most highly sought-after linebacker recruits in 2005 out of Oakland McClymonds High in California. He picked USC early and signed with them, but said Miami was a close second. In a Scout.com article, he said he might have picked the Canes if not for Miami being so far from home.

Monday, on message boards painted green and orange everywhere, the rumor began spreading Tatum was on UM's campus. In an effort to solve the mystery, I spoke to one player who said he did indeed run into Tatum on campus. "Josh told me all he has to do is work out some paperwork and he'll be officially in by tomorrow," the player told me.  "He was in the lockerroom today, bringing his stuff in."

Shannon_this_is_my_turfBut then, later, I spoke to another source who said coach Randy Shannon stance at the monent is to not take transfers. I've never heard Shannon take such a chance publicly. But Saturday at the Florida Sports Writers Association meetings, Shannon said he had four scholarships that went unused on national signing day this past February. If there's a position that honestly could use some late additions, its linebacker.

Shannon apparently has already added one linebacker -- albeit a preferred walk-on -- in Patrick Smith, according to Canesport.com. Smith is an undersized standout who played at Concord De La Salle and for Ken Dorsey's old coach who is now at Solano Community College in California. Getting two LBs isn't far-fetched, even with the list of four current linebacker commitments for 2008. Plus, I find it hard to believe, Tatum, who is from Oakland, would fly across the country to be told "no." If he had a good relationship with UM coaches during his recruitment, then I got to believe Shannon might still have a soft spot for him and take him even if he supposedly doesn't want transfers.

My other R&R subject related to basketball coach Frank Haith comes on the heels of the tragic death of Wake Forest basketball coach Skip Prosser who died last Thursday from a massive heart attack. I haven't spoken to Haith since Prosser passed, but I'm sure like most of college basketball's brass was stunned and saddened.

FrankhaithBut this R&R isn't about Skip. It's about Haith and the new opening at Wake Forest, a place where Haith spent four years (1997-2001) as an assistant and still has plenty of family close by. I'm not trying to spread a rumor that Haith is leaving. Like I said, I haven't spoken to him about it yet. And there haven't been any published reports about possible replacements just yet. In fact, I think he'll stay at Miami. But there's definitely reason to think the Demon Deacons could be interested in Haith. For Haith, a real basketball man, the selling points are simple. Its closer to home and in real basketball country. For Wake, the reasons to take Haith are endless. He's been successful there before as an assistant. Before Prosser arrived, Haith was instrumental in taking Wake to four consecutive postseason appearences and recruiting several top 10 classes. He's young, experienced and talented and thirsty to build a winner.

Haith, though, also has plenty of reasons to stay at Miami. For starters, he's told me on several occassions how he loves Miami and believes the program can be successful because of its location. There's also pride. For the first time as coach, this year's team will truly be filled by all of his recruits. Plus, there's no question that this season Miami will have its most talented team in the four years he's been coach. And while I know Haith feels strongly his team has a great chance to reach the NCAA tournament, the fact remains Wake Forest is still a step up in the basketball world compared to the Canes.

There's no question the loss of a pair of potential recruits this summer has to have stung a bit. The Canes thought they had Devin Ebanks, a national top 10 recruit, then lost him to Indiana late. Then, earlier this month, talented California power forward Tyreese Breshers committed to Miami and then rescinded and said he was staying closer to home and going to Washington. Haith has stayed positive through all of it and told me just last week he has full confidence Miami is going to be successful in recruiting. But could this be the job that pries him away from Miami?

Thoughts to ponder...


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1) I'm not affliliated with canespace; 2) canespace bloggers (formerly sunsentinel) undeniably enlived manny navarro's lifeless blog; 3) aqua asked the source of the herald's and sunsentinel's stats; 4) manny navarro's blog has never been more popular; 5) F U

Manny, no offense, but this post didn't confirm or deny anything in regards to Tatum one way or the other. As for Haith leaving, you're right that he got a jump on his career at Wake, something I didn't consider when I heard about Prosser's death. Would he jump if the offer is extended? Maybe. But he sounds real excited about this year's team and he is doing a good (not great) job recruiting. If he can get some victories piled up this year, he'll have those seats filled. UM fans love nothing more than successful teams, but they'll turn their back on a loser faster than it takes the final horn to sound. In '98 #1 UConn vs. a ranked Miami team had the Miami Arena packed and rocking, it can be that way in the much nicer confines of Coral Gables, I'm sure.

Dear god, all you anti-canespace people whine wherever you tread. If somebody wants to post something, it's a blog, they'll do it and you have to deal with it. Is green's "self-promotion" (ripped from your beloved OMoney's own blogs) ruining your blogging experience? A single tear runs down my cheek. BTW green, #5 made me LMAO.

enlivened (typo). also, lecture somebody else. if you don't like canespace or the new and improved herald blog, hang out on sunsentinel with the stragglers. FREEDOM

Manny, screw the naysayers and keep up the good work. We need your Blog and SS and Canespace and any other blog, thats going to feed us info.


Gotcha Back

any news on Ojomo being a no-show and any update on Tatum

"I'll begin with what is currently making the natives on green and orange message boards everywhere a bit restless."--Manny

No intent to disrespect, it's orange and green rather than green and orange.

You have become an innocent bystander, and reluctant host to some immature playground antics.

I admire your patience, not to delete half the "my blog is better than Your blog" posts.

I have attempted to reason with my friends in the Legion about this matter.
All are dedicated Cane fans and appreciate the information you share with us.

Hopefully when the season starts focus will be on the numbers on the scoreboard not the blog hit counter.

Manny, great advice on Canespace. Don't be HATERS. It's all about the CANES.

Eye on the U
SS Miami Hurricanes

In no particular order, are 3 of the sites I visit daily.


Well said on Canespace.
Thanks again for your support at Canespace
U rock!

(wrex.com) If you've made it to Bourbonnais for Bears training camp, one thing is starting to stick out. Former Miami Hurricane players are good draft choices.
First round draft pick Greg Olsen is already making a huge impact at the tight end position.

Manny i havent posted here ,but reading your thoughts the other morning made a whole lot of sense ,but i really like your honesty brother ,you said somethings we didnt know ,opened my eyes dude ,great stuff.i will be here to post now you made a believer of me.like you said it should all be about Canes stuff.

http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20070731/COLUMNIST15/707310591/1006/SPORTS former Cane Ray Bellamy broke the color barrier 40 years ago : )

Yep, all the arguing and pissing matches between blogs is really corny. Im hoping its just a product of the "dead period" and will die off once practice starts.

ARLINGTON, VA (campaignsandelections.com) - U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign announced today that the Arizona Senator will participate in the Univision Network Presidential Forum to be held Sunday, September 16 at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. The first of its kind forum will be broadcast on the Univision Network in Spanish.

Manny, I have no idea who this GREEN character is doing all this ranting. I've never seen his name at Canespace. Maybe he's just a mole trying to sow some ill-will. Ignore him.

Everyone knows what's happening and ultimately WE, the Fans win with all this good work coming from everyone.

The R&R format is great. Keep it up.

1906, great quote from Tatum. I think that seals the deal.

QAM's Hurricane Hotline will have its own day -- joe zagacki

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2007/07/fau-um-canes-ow.html#comment-77643240 I declined 86Cane's invitation to post on canespace.

Manny, stay the course. I actually find the "my sandcastle is bigger than your sandcastle" back and forth amusing. Like any family, there will always be some teasing and bantering. Once the oblong ball boys hit the field, we will have more and more intelligent conversation.

Canes' football is about playing and blogging hard! Being in one of these blogs is not for the weak hearted. ;)

Cav, I think I've seen green post before on Canespace but you'd have to check with 86 on that. I think green makes good points.

I think Canespace and Manny's Blog are awesome together. They both have differetn takes and sources which work really well together. Manny's blog has totally replaced Big O for me. I check this blog daily and haven't been over the SS blog in weeks.

Thanks Manny and keep up the good work!!

The Orange revolution.......



joe zagacki's hint: Kyle Wright will start.

http://www.wqam.com/index.php?page=347 listen to Patrick Nix. he resembles a young Butch Davis.

I'm going to commit somewhere on Friday. It'll probably be Miami -- northwestern LB Sean Spence

http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sports/printedition/cs-haugh-onbears02aug02,1,557989.story?coll=cs-sports-print former Cane Greg Olsen wows chicago : ) NFL U

http://www.nypost.com/seven/07272007/gossip/pagesix/happy_campers_pagesix_.htm Jeremy (Shockey) is the coolest. He complimented me on my new boob job, which makes me a 36D -- scores dancer devin

http://canespace.com/_wsn/page9.html canespace pin-up for july: CoCo Durand

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All we need is a photo in Canes gear at home, tailgating or at a game and a brief Canes Bio about how, when, where and why they became a Canes fan and their favorite Canes Games, moments and players.

Why does everything have to extremes?

I will read SS, MH, Canespace, Canestime, Hurriscanesports, Rivals. I do not care who has more blogs (even if two posters have more than half the blogs).

I will read and search for info from all sources. I can't get enough Canes info!!! I need more........

We (if you love the canes, it is WE) sound like children fighting over candy.

Like everyone else I enjoy all the Canes content we're recieveing on all the blogs, I will contribute to them all. This is a great time in canes history, the storm is brewing!

BTW, good work green. Keep it coming, and hold down this board!

Great Job Manny on all the Hurricane News, appreciate your additions to Canespace and your support for that new blog. Canespace, Manny and the Herald, sounds good to me!

Tatum is a Missouri Tiger W00T!

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