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The No-Name Canes

In an another move in what I like to call Randy Shannon's attempt at Unifying The U, UM's new coach told our Susan Miller Degnan on Monday his team's uniforms this coming season will not include last names.

While this Randyshannonprobably will be portrayed as a bit of a shock in other places because the school known for having too much swagger is going old school, it should not come as a surprise to Canes fans considering the moves Shannon has made since becoming coach. Let's recap. In the spring, he instituted a new policy in the lockerroom where offensive players and defensive players -- once split apart by groups -- began sitting side by side. That was followed by new off the field rules including no firearms, no cell phones in meetings and classrooms as well as having all freshmen and sophomores living on campus.

For a guy who has only been on the job seven months, Shannon has certainly made huge statements and strides in short time. And they all seem to be the right buttons. Monday, UM picked up its 15th oral commitment since the spring when Miami Northwestern receiver Aldarius Johnson drove down to UM's campus in person to tell Shannon's assistants he wants a scholarship saved for him. Last year at this time, Miami had just two -- receiver Kayne Farquharson and center Harland Gunn.

Johnson (6-3, 195) is one of the nation's top 50 recruits and one of the game-changing weapons the Hurricanes have sorely needed the past several seasons. He became the ninth South Florida player to pick Miami and said he made the decision because he wanted to continuing playing with his high school quarterback, UM recruit Jacory Harris. In a lot of ways, Johnson, like most of Miami's early commitments, are a direct result of that same type of message Shannon began spreading the day he replaced Larry Coker and made once again Monday. And that is, Miami's football program is once again united and that it will feel like a family again.

"The thing I really like about Miami is that it feels like a family, just like we got here at the 'West," Miami Northwestern High defensive tackle Marcus Forston told me Monday. "Over there, all 11 guys feel like the superstars. Just like we do here. That's the type of place I want to be at. Where all 11 guys are the superstars."

Forston, one of the nation's top two defensive tackles on the nation's No. 1-ranked high school football team, hasn't committed to Miami yet. And he won't commit anywhere until January. He told me he says he will try to make his announcement on national television during the U.S. Army All-American game then. But his tone Monday in our conversation should provide you some insight as to why the Hurricanes have had such as successful time recruiting again under Shannon's reign. And why what seems like little things like taking the name off his team's jerseys, sitting offensive players and defensive players side by side in the lockerroom means so much.

So, how do you feel about the names being scratched off of UM's jerseys? And better yet, how impressed are you by the fact Canes have 15 oral commitments this early in the game? 


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The onion is going to shock and awe the nation this year. It has to be truly frightening to other schools looking on from the outside...

Great post Manny. Even though Im a total homer, I honestly feel the Canes will be THE story of this upcoming season.

This team has always thrived in an us against the world mindset, which I have a feeling will come to play in your story.

The key for Shannon will be keeping the guys in control when that mentality hits a boiling point.

Manny...U are the MAN! We are with you every step of the way.

We are going to ROCK the blogs and ROLL with the Canes all year long!

Thanks for the partnership...

Manny...U are the MAN! We are with you every step of the way.

We are going to ROCK the blogs and ROLL with the Canes all year long!

Thanks for the partnership...

Good move by Shannon. It's a small thing but it sends a big mesg to the team.

I think it's great to have 15 oral commits compared to 2 last year. even if you lose half you still have a good class. Cant wait to see the U back on top again.

I love it. I know all the names anyways and so should anyone else who cares.

Again, good stuff.

I'm excited about the names and the commitments. Good season ahead.

No Names on jerseys? I'm NOT in favor of it.

I know that Penn State and ND and others have done it forever but it's just not Cane style or Cane like.

I know Shannon wants to build a team first, but it still doesn't seem quite right...

I don't buy into preseason polls, but why so little top 25 love this season. With a top 5 d, even if the o only marginally improves, we should be a top 15 team. What am I missing?

I think it's great to have 15 commitments at this time but it's ridiculous to take the
names off the jerseys...In college a career is so short and there are so many players we have to think about the fans also...Besides we have won 5 national championships with names on the back...
and team players...It's absurd...Shannon had his name on his jersey like all his team
mates it didn't make him an individual player...Stupid decision Randy...Now make sure Taylor Cook is a solid commit...He will
reestablish Quaterback U....

GO Canes!!!

As far as I know Randy is only making this decision for the coming season. Miami could revert to having names back on the jersey after this season. Either way, I think I'm going to add a poll to this blog to see what the vote tallies.

For the fans Randy please reconsider your decision...As fans we like names on the jerseys...Think about the kids and all the fans...There are smarter ways to have our team play as a unit...You know better Randy...That's why as a kid i never liked Notre Dame and Penn State...

Manny...do the poll, for sure. The bloggers LOVE the polls!

You still need the "powers that be" at the Herald to fix the format. The white background is terrible and the lack of clear separation between posts is very disturbing.

But your CONTENT is awesome!!!

Manny i saw Jarett Payton practice today in Montreal...He will make his first start at RB this week for Montreal in the Canadian
football league...It's already the regular season in the CFL.

Manny, any word on Shaunbrey McNeal? I'm against taking the names off the uni's. Just doesn't seem right, but maybe I'll get used to the idea.

I don't like the idea of taking the name of the jersey. However, this is Shannon, and so far, things have been doing ok. Only time will tell. If recruiters like it, then I guess is fine. Go canes!!!!

Move over Bush...... Let The Randy show U how to really demonstrated Shock & Awe.

he he he.

I think it's a great move, particularly given the LACK of team unity we've seen for the past six years.

The question is, will it be permanent or will Shannon re-instate the names once the TEAM is back???

Good work Manny. The Legion is in the hoUse.

Good to have you back Manny. Great insight! It's great to see him take a second father role to these kids. He's more than a caoach and I think that's great

I like the move..On a side note..It's ridiculous that Rivals has Notre Dame as having the #1 recruiting class


ENJOY YOUR Enthusiasm Manny. Back to Canespace.com

Thanks again for the info, Manny.
All I can say is that RS had me at "How 'bout them 'Canes" and I trust that he's doing what is best for the team.

My first reaction was dissapointment when I read that the names were being removed for the jerseys. I understand that it is all about the team but I guess you are always a little taken back when something you enjoy is changed. Since I was a kid I liked seeing the names of the players on the jerseys.

I guess you have to sell it to the current players and future players that if you really want people to know your name then your play on the field better stick out. Which may or may not work. I guess there is nothing wrong with giving it a try but I will miss the names...(pause) unless we win another championship this year.

I think it's a great way to get the players attention. Make them think and play as a team and not individuals. Shannon has the tough job of not only trying to fix the way we play the game. He's also trying to change a selfish mentality that is so common today. Some kids play for future earnings, some for girl friends and all types of reasons. If you can get a team to play for the same reason, a common goal, you'll have a hell of a team. That's why the us against the world attitude works so well.
Randy is doing a great job of taking care of home. He's recruiting from South Florida on out.I hate seeing our top recruites playing outside of the State. It's bad enough that we have to contend with Florida and Florida State. The Canes will rise again.

Manny...I love the "poll" feature you added! 70 votes so far and counting! Nice work.

I voted "NO" and I still don't like the idea of the No Name Canes. I understand his thinking and the reason, but still.

Unless he's going to let them EARN their names back on their jerseys by their play on the field? Hmmmm....

I dont mind it. I like what he is doing with this team and trust him to make the right decisions for the team.

I can see some people dont like it but to me, it isnt a big deal.

This removal of the players' names would be the first Shannon decision I'm tempted to question.

So I do my reality check: "Who knows better what makes 'Canes football tick -- me, or Randy Shannon?"

Now I feel better.

Wow, this is unique. I really like the mind-games Coach is playing. I don't see this as punishment, just incentive to dominate. Let your play do the talking.

I'm all for it.

dj...priceless! Let's share a little dj wisdom direct from the Canespace Vault:

"Whenever you're inclined to doubt, just ask yourself: "Who knows more about what makes 'Canes football tick -- me, or Randy Shannon?" That should make you feel better."
Posted by: dj moonbat | June 14, 2007 at 15:44

This move is horrible from a fan standpoint!!!!

I like the move removing names from the back of the uniforms. The only name that should matter on a uniform is "MIAMI"
If you want your name to be known. Make big plays and the fans will know how you are.
Too many players in the past season were about ME and not the U. Things are changing for the better.

I'm not so sure that Randy's priority is "pleasing the fans". He thinks he is doing the right thing and that by doing that the team will play better and win more games and eventually championships.

If they do that the FANS will be more than happy and forget all about the names on the jerseys and continue to say, no yell: "It's all about the U"!...

Good info Manny & thanks for dropping by canespace. I say good on RS for dropping the names - BUT, I hope it's only a temporary thing. After last season, this team obviously needed a huge dose of "team building" and RS has been doing that since Day 1. For the fans' sake (and tradition), I hope his plan is to reward the team by bringing back the names once they've achieved something of significance.

I hate the no names idea, but if it brings this team closer together and get's us some more W's I am all for it. RS can do whatever he wants as long as the W's roll in.

Manny always appreciate the info. Great job bro!


It's all about the "U", not about a name on the back of a jersey. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont mind because I know all the players names already but for the average fan who doesnt (my mom for example) will always be asking who is he?? whats his name again??

My question to you Manny is and maybe you can find out.....Are the names being taken off permanently?? or is there a goal that if the players accomplish they get there names back (say maybe winning @ OU week 2)??????

If the names come off, I don't think they come back until a MAJOR milestone is reached like an ACC Championship (first year) or a National Championship (year 2 or 3).

If the names comes off, they wont be put on to the following year. After they play as a team, act s a team, play with fire and swagger. Thats when they will get there names back

I'm 100% in favor of removing the names. Miami has become a collection of very talented individuals over the past few years, and we need a team to win championships.

I can't wait to see what Randy's changes will do for us in game-time situations.

As to the commitments, I can't get that excited until January. These kids flake and bail with the changing of the tides. However, it does appear that "The State of Miami" might be returning...

I really don't like the removal of the last names on the jersey. Hopefully it's temporary until we get back to where we belong. It would be cool to have the names put back on the jerseys when they're coming out of the smoke for a BCS bowl or National Championship game this year!

I think it is great that he is taking the names off of the jerseys. We all know who these kids are. If it does work and bring some unity to the team, I am all for it.

hey the no name canes is possibly only for this year. RS has got to do something to make sure these new recruits see that this is a team. some new recruits go in thinking im goin to show everyone what i got. when really they should be thinking "we gotta show the world what the U got in store for them" this is just an educational tool for the new kids and a reminder for the Vets. good move shannon. maybe it will become a tradition for the team to go No name through the season and during the bowl season, if they earned it your name gets on there. just a suggestion

I think in the words of the Guiness guys, "Genius"...Shannon is doing the little things to get this team ready for the season. I have goose bumps everyday now thinking about the season.


WOW...over 220 votes so far and over 70% are in favor of the names coming off the jerseys!

Thanks to all the Canespace fans who have come over here to post and vote! Keep 'em coming...

I don't mind the names being removed It should not have a negative effect. Probably only on a ego driven recruit but if thats the case who needs him

Good idea 86Cane let them earn their names
on the back of the jerseys once they have
accomplished so many things for the team instead of having stars on their helmets...
that would be a first...

But as a fan i hate this decision...
We won 5 NC with names on the jerseys and the players played as a unit...as a team...

Bad decision!

I like the names on the jerseys. LOL 86 how am I ever going to figure out nickelback now? An enigma......


Names, no names....who cares. It is all what the players believe. Penn State and ND have no names and they suck. Take the numbers off if it helps bring back the winning attitude that Miami has lost over the last couple of years.

nice post manny

I think its great for this group of guys right now have no named jerseys solely for the fact that they had previously completely lost the whole concept of team unity the past few years and need to start from square one again.

It will be real interesting to see what this coaching staff can do with some of these three star recruits they're landing. My expectation they should land twice as many fours and fives than threes and I think we'll be in good shape.

Have any of you heard about us recruiting that JUCO WR Corey Surrency out of El Camino. Word on the street is he's from S. Fl. Check it out he can ball too.

We sure could use a guy like that.

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