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The No-Name Canes

In an another move in what I like to call Randy Shannon's attempt at Unifying The U, UM's new coach told our Susan Miller Degnan on Monday his team's uniforms this coming season will not include last names.

While this Randyshannonprobably will be portrayed as a bit of a shock in other places because the school known for having too much swagger is going old school, it should not come as a surprise to Canes fans considering the moves Shannon has made since becoming coach. Let's recap. In the spring, he instituted a new policy in the lockerroom where offensive players and defensive players -- once split apart by groups -- began sitting side by side. That was followed by new off the field rules including no firearms, no cell phones in meetings and classrooms as well as having all freshmen and sophomores living on campus.

For a guy who has only been on the job seven months, Shannon has certainly made huge statements and strides in short time. And they all seem to be the right buttons. Monday, UM picked up its 15th oral commitment since the spring when Miami Northwestern receiver Aldarius Johnson drove down to UM's campus in person to tell Shannon's assistants he wants a scholarship saved for him. Last year at this time, Miami had just two -- receiver Kayne Farquharson and center Harland Gunn.

Johnson (6-3, 195) is one of the nation's top 50 recruits and one of the game-changing weapons the Hurricanes have sorely needed the past several seasons. He became the ninth South Florida player to pick Miami and said he made the decision because he wanted to continuing playing with his high school quarterback, UM recruit Jacory Harris. In a lot of ways, Johnson, like most of Miami's early commitments, are a direct result of that same type of message Shannon began spreading the day he replaced Larry Coker and made once again Monday. And that is, Miami's football program is once again united and that it will feel like a family again.

"The thing I really like about Miami is that it feels like a family, just like we got here at the 'West," Miami Northwestern High defensive tackle Marcus Forston told me Monday. "Over there, all 11 guys feel like the superstars. Just like we do here. That's the type of place I want to be at. Where all 11 guys are the superstars."

Forston, one of the nation's top two defensive tackles on the nation's No. 1-ranked high school football team, hasn't committed to Miami yet. And he won't commit anywhere until January. He told me he says he will try to make his announcement on national television during the U.S. Army All-American game then. But his tone Monday in our conversation should provide you some insight as to why the Hurricanes have had such as successful time recruiting again under Shannon's reign. And why what seems like little things like taking the name off his team's jerseys, sitting offensive players and defensive players side by side in the lockerroom means so much.

So, how do you feel about the names being scratched off of UM's jerseys? And better yet, how impressed are you by the fact Canes have 15 oral commitments this early in the game? 


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It's not about the stars next to the recruits name just ask FSU about Fred Rouse

formulacane sure stars arent everything. you have your under-dog stories and your busts. And thats the key to it all is unlocking potential these kids, no doubt. But you have to play the percentage game in a way too. your fours and fives are going to have a much better success rate overall than your threes and under. Bottom line is you have to be selective with every recruit you pick-up, but as the star rankings of these prospects go down the risk failure increases.

Did anyone get a chance to check out that JUCO guys I was talking about. Like to hear what you all think.

How 'bout the Onion. His team is coming off an absolutely embarrassing season and lots of ?'s, and he's created huge excitement in this program.

And for those concerned with how this affects recruiting, USC has owned recruiting this decade, and they don't show names either. Kids are attracted to excitement and an NFL future. We've already got the NFL thing, now we have excitement again.

I think we should all remember Greg Shiano for his contributions to the U. First he leaves the team and opens the slot for Randy, then he turns down Dee's misguided offer so Onion gets the keys to the Kingdom.

Good stuff Manny-GO CANES!

Hey Formulacane-your nicname have anything to do with F1 racing?


Nice work Manny.
I told 86 a month ago to put a poll on canespace, maybe he will be encouraged by your fantastic results.


Not F1 racing nickname comes from my 1973 Firebird Formula

Solar...did you vote? Which way, hmmmm let me guess, you voted YES, you like the idea of the "No Name Canes" correct?

Wait......we've had no team unity for 6 years?

lol.....that's BS. I guess there was no unity when we blew out Nebraska in 02. Sorry, i must've forgotten.

I'm a huge Randy Shannon supporter. To date, this decision is the only one I've questioned. And I will continue. I was having a great day until i found this out. I'll get over it, but I still don't like it.

How do you know it's only for this season? What if we go 13-0 plus a NC? Will we still not have names on the jerseys.

I've got the whole roster memorized thanks to NCAA 08 but I still don't like it.

I don't like it on USC, ND, or Penn St. And I sure as hell don't like it on my Canes.

BTW.....Is Randy allowed to do this? He has the authority? I'd think such a decision would be a little bit higher than his pay grade although he's the HC.

33...I agree with you on this one. I'm thinking he must have cleared it with Dee and Shalala, right? Or not! Or is it that they just don't care?

What about Haith or Morris? What do they think about this move? Is this a UM thing or only a football thing? If they don't do the same are they "bad coaches" because they didn't follow along?

Might Shannon be resorting to mind games and trickery to get it done now, and does that reek of desparation? Does Randy really think that you win or lose a game because you have name on your jersey or not?

I wonder if he's been talking to JJ about the psychology of the game. What's next players can't wear socks? First game they lose I'll blame it on the jerseys....

What if we loose a game do we put the names back on...Ridiculous...The only bad decision so far by Randy...Too bads for the
fans, the kids and the sales...Names-no names it won't make the difference about team unity...

What's the opinion of Dee and The President on that?

Montreal...well let's just email Dee and Shalala and find out what they really do thing!

Manny can you check on this too?

"Might Shannon be resorting to mind games and trickery to get it done now, and does that reek of desparation? Does Randy really think that you win or lose a game because you have name on your jersey or not?"

It's not like this is the only tiny little thing that Shannon is changing. He's changing ALL the tiny little things. Discipline, baby.

My biggest concern 4 this season is not the jerseyes but the OL. Since Kehoe was wrongly fired i have been dissapointed with the production. The talent is there. Fox and Youngblood both can be all american tackles; the experience on the inside is also much improved.
Who is the OL coach?

Manny, what r the players saying about the new offensive line philosiphy? and Do u know if Kehoe and Shannon had a good relationship?

From www.hurricanesports.com:

Jeff Stoutland
Offensive Line Coach

Coach Jeff Stoutland is one of the nation's most respected line coaches, and his lines at Michigan State and Syracuse were known for their outstanding run blocking.

Stoutland, 44, spent the last seven seasons as the offensive line coach at Michigan State, following three years as an assistant coach at Syracuse and four years at Cornell.

During his tenure at Michigan State, Stoutland helped develop six All-Big Ten selections: guard Shaun Mason (second team, 2000), tackle Steve Stewart (second team, 2003), guard Joe Tate (second team, 2003), tackle Sean Poole (first team, 2004), guard William Whitticker (second team, 2004) and guard Kyle Cook (second team, 2006). In addition, seven of his offensive linemen earned Academic All-Big Ten honors, including Mason (2000), Tate (2001), guard Paul Harker (2002-03), center Chris Morris (2002-03-04-05), tackle Gordon Niebylski (2002-03-04-05), guard Pete Clifford (2004-05) and tackle Mike Gyetvai (2004). In 2005, Morris garnered ESPN Magazine Academic All-America Second-Team honors.

In 2005, the Michigan State line paved the way for the nation's No. 5 offense, the No. 11 pass offense and the No. 20 rush offense.

The 2004 Spartans offense ranked second in the Big Ten and No. 10 in the NCAA in rushing, with eight 200-yard rushing games. That line led the Big Ten is fewest sacks allowed (eight). Stoutland's offensive line paved the way for T.J. Duckett, who produced back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons in 2000 and 2001.

Stoutland spent three seasons under Paul Pasqualoni at Syracuse (1997-99), where he coached the tight ends his first two years before taking over the offensive line in 1999. In addition to his coaching duties, he also served as the Orangemen's recruiting coordinator for all three years. Syracuse played in three bowl games in three years. In 1999, he coached first-team All-Big East offensive tackle Mark Baniewicz, who also earned the National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete Award and GTE Academic All-America honors. During his stint as tight ends coach, Stoutland helped produce two NFL players, including Roland Williams (Oakland Raiders) and Kaseem Sinceno (Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears).

Stoutland previously spent four years as offensive line coach at Cornell (1993-96). Former Big Red center Greg Bloedorn, who earned first-team All-Ivy League honors in 1995, spent three years with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks (1997-99).

His full-time coaching credits include two stints at his alma mater, Southern Connecticut State, where he served as offensive coordinator for five years (1988-92) and coached inside linebackers for two seasons (1984-85). The New York City native also served as a graduate assistant for Coach Dick MacPherson for two years at Syracuse (1986-87), working primarily with the offensive line. He has coached in six bowl games.

Stoutland was a four-year letterman and three-year starter at inside linebacker for head coach Kevin Gilbride at Southern Connecticut State (1980-84), where he earned Little All-America honors as a senior while acting as team captain. He earned a bachelor's degree in physical education from Southern Connecticut State in 1984 and received a master's degree in exercise physiology from the school in 1986.

Stoutland was born February 10, 1962 in Staten Island, N.Y. He and his wife, Allison, who is a children's author, have two children: Jake (12) and Madison (10). Coaching Experience
2000-06 . . . . . . . . . . . Offensive Line Coach, Michigan State University
1997-99 . . . . . . . . . . . Offensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Syracuse University
1993-96 . . . . . . . . . . . Offensive Line Coach, Cornell University
1988-92 . . . . . . . . . . . Offensive Coordinator, Southern Connecticut State University
1986-87 . . . . . . . . . . . Graduate Assistant, Syracuse University
1984-85 . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Linebackers Coach, Southern Connecticut State University

MAN get off the Jersey deal. what is the big deal. who cares! He is making a point way bigger than the names on the Jerseys. Take a step back and try and see that instead of just complaining about the names on a jersey. If you don't know who someone is by their #, you probably don't really care who it is anyway! You think he needed to ask Dee or Shalala about removing the names? If you think he did, you are probably under the assumption he runs the game plan by them too.

86 this comment below exactly is what I am talking about.

"WOW...over 220 votes so far and over 70% are in favor of the names coming off the jerseys!

Thanks to all the Canespace fans who have come over here to post and vote! Keep 'em coming..."
this blog got these hits because it has good INSIDE info, not because the "canesspace fans" came over to this blog and blessed Manny with their presence.
Stop trying to take credit for every blog getting hits. I like your blog but HATE your self promoting antics. Just stick to your blog site and it will do great. just stop talking about it on other blogs.

"You think he needed to ask Dee or Shalala about removing the names?"
Posted by: Canes! | July 25, 2007 at 02:12 PM

Yes, absolutely! The Miami Hurricane Football team is a product of the University of Miami Athletic Department, not just some little toy that Shannon get's to play with as HC. Decisions like these have to be approved by the AD at least.

There are marketing contracts with Nike and all kinds of things to consider. How does this impact other major sports at UM like baseball and basketball that BOTH have the names on the jerseys. What is the University administrative policy on issues like this?

These are the things that you wouldn't even think of in your narrow little world view with Shannon as Emporer and King.

Manny, this from Canespace:

"Manny is checking into the recruiting RUMORS now.

The RUMOR that 4 were committing yestreday turned out to be FALSE. We did get one, and a good one at that (AJ), but not the 4 that was originally predicted on the Scout blog.

Now the RUMOR is that 2-3 more may committ Wednesday. More to follow..."

Posted by: 86Cane | July 24, 2007 at 10:44 AM

Is this true? If so what did you find?

Do you think most of the fans will remember the names of 100 players...Wake up we won
5 national championships in less than 20 years with names on the jerseys...It's not about a piece of clothing...It's about DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION...

Too bad for the fans!!!!!!!!

Do you think most of the fans will remember the names of 100 players...Wake up we won
5 national championships in less than 20 years with names on the jerseys...It's not about a piece of clothing...It's about DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION...

Too bad for the fans!!!!!!!!

Good Idea...to have names off for now. Having a sup par season last year requires some bold tinkering with a team returning a bunch of returning players. Besides, it is RS's neck on the line all the way. If it works, then he gets all the credit for doing things like nameless jerseys.

So now we have to run our game plan through NIKE too???
86, time to stop pretending you know all. Did Cokers decision to only wear white cleats mean the baseball team had to wear white cleats? With your line of thinking, being from the same school, They were bound by the same NIKE contract so they too should have had to wear white cleats... That just was not the case. And another thing, ALL decisions made by Shannon need Dees approval the same whey everything you do at work needs your bosses approval. When you reach upper management you don't have to ask every time you want to sharpen a pencil or implement something you just do it unless it is major. Removing names from Jerseys it far from major, in fact, it is quit trivial. I am sure you understand this being "executive Director" of canespace and all. That was the latest title you are going by or has it recently changed to President and CEO, It is so hard for me to follow all your self awarded promotions.
Shannon is the face of Miami football and with that comes a certain degree of powers. I will guarantee you this though, he did run it by Dee and Shalala out of respect for their insight.. These are just some thoughts my "narrow little world view with Shannon as Emporer and King" came up with(whatever that means).
Also 86, When you really don't know what you are talking about, sometimes it is better to just keep quiet!

Canes!...one would think that you would have more productive things to do with your time than to chase me around trying to criticize me for bringing the fans what they really want: information. Why do my good natured efforts to support the Canes and bring the fans the news they can use hurt you so?

Lose the hate, and the anger and let's call it a day. Let's just all try to get along and support the Canes, OK?

I say keep the names, but I trust Shannon so I I'll go along with it for now. One thing I don't understand is the big reviews VA Tech has been getting. Everyone is picking them to win the ACC and besides Ore I don't see a lot of talent on that team. It must be the feel good story everyone is hoping for since the shootings. Well screw 'em. Canes are going to kick the crap out of them.

I say keep the names, but I trust Shannon so I I'll go along with it for now. One thing I don't understand is the big reviews VA Tech has been getting. Everyone is picking them to win the ACC and besides Ore I don't see a lot of talent on that team. It must be the feel good story everyone is hoping for since the shootings. Well screw 'em. Canes are going to kick the crap out of them.

He is taking the names of the jerseys, but he is going to let Luke Campbell back into the program?

Every previous coach who has come into this team has said the same thing: No firearms, etc. It's just more blather. It'll be interesting to see how many UM players are shot, or shoot people, this year. And let's not forget FIU, that big powerhouse, is coming across town again. Do you really think the U of M players will be held accountable this year? No way, I say. Good luck on the upcoming season, and may you fall apart quickly. GO . . . anybody else!!!!

I think the problem at the U lately has been guys playing for the name on the back of the jersey, NOT the name on the front. As I read, this will probably only be for 1 year, so what's the big deal. Besides, anything that makes the national announcers (who seem to dislike the U) job harder, I'm in favor of.

Keep it up Coach, we're with you.

It is so refreshing to see my boys going in a positive direction. How great is it that we play OU so early in the season? What a confidence booster. Miami WILL be back on top. G O C A N E S

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