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Booker T. winning for South Florida

As the former high school writer in Miami-Dade, I've been well aware for years now how impressive South Florida high school football players and teams are.

But sitting at home and watching Booker T. Washington take on Summerville, S.C. on ESPN this afternoon has brought a smile to my face because now I believe the rest of the country is finally finding out just how talented our local kids are.

Booker T. Washington is currently leading Summerville 22-3 with 6:50 to play in the third quarter. Canes receiver recruit Davon Johnson has looked spectacular, catching four passes for 163 yards and two scores -- in the first half. Summerville, mind you, is ranked eighth in the country according to ESPN's national rankings. Booker T. is ranked ninth.

But what I think today's game has shown is just how under-ranked South Florida athletes and teams have been over the years in team polls and recruiting rankings. This is the first time a Miami-Dade team has played on national TV. The disparity in speed in talent between BTW and Summerville is almost laughable. Booker T. is simply on another level. Cornerback Brandon Harris has completely shut down A.J. Green, considered the nation's No. 2 receiver, in their one-on-one battle.

Canes fans have to be salivating. And South Florida high school football fans have to be celebrating. South Florida area teams, which have produced more NFL talent than anywhere in the country in the last 15 to 20 years, have had very few opportunities to play in games like these. Instead, the players have had to wait until they got to the University of Miami, Florida State and Florida to shine on the big stage and deliver national championships. Then, proceed to the pros and prove it again there.

As a 305 guy, all I got to say is I'm smiling this afternoon. Way to represent BTW.


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Amen to that, Manny.
Makes me even happier that Shannon seems like he's doing everything in his power to lock down the 305.

U got that right! If the Canes lock down the 305 like Shannon looks like he is doing it is OVER for college football!

Go 305, Go Canes!!!

Man what a beat down. Saw the over the shoulder TD by Johnson. That is a big league play by a major talent.

The funny thing is the "experts" have him as a 3 star guy, and the SC as a 5 star.

Who looks like the better player today?

We dont want the rest of the world to know. It'll make recruiting harder...

Man, this guy Devon is fast, he is very under rated. The canes got them selves a great one. National Championship in two years.

Go CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

They've always known that we had talents down here. Coker just did a bad job recruiting it. Meanwhile other teams where winning national championship with our talent. Randy is getting things back on track. Lock down 305, 954, 561 772 and 407 we'll be back on top

does anyone know the final score

Davon Johnson was a 4-star recruit on rivals until he started leaning heavily towards the Canes just like Allen Bailey was a 5-star last season until he started leaning toward the U and was later dropped to 4-star.

I watched the game and I must admit that it was quite fun to watch booker t. completely destroy Summerville...it wasn't even close...it looked like a college team playing a high school team.....Johnson looked really good, but the fact that brandon harris made AJ green look amateur has the be the most exciting part for canes fans...he could be the next great lockdown corner for the canes....we need to get him to commit to the U.....

Amen, Manny and Bravo BTW!

Next up Soutlake Carroll.

If and when MNW destroys these TX boys there will be no question which state is head and shoulders above all others.

The biggest, the fastest and the baddest, all in three area codes.

DZ8, the rankings will just try to down-play it. But that's a good point. Let's keep it a secret. lol

But most schools already know. Just ask Schiano. He does nothing up there without FL talent. Ask Butch, who's trying to pull Sabino and a few others up there.

But with Team Shannon in charge, it's over.

what was the final score

Final score: BTW 36, SC 3.

Not even a game. Men against (country) boys!!!

So what's the next high school game on TV? That was fun BTW-ripped their hearts out.

MNW plays Southlake TX on ESPN on 9/15 at 7 PM.

ESPNU (our namesake : )

I'm one of the rare few that reside in Texas yet roots for the "U!" September 15th will be another example of South Florida dominance when Miami Northwestern plays Southlake HS here in Dallas.

#8<#9 if no9 if from 305. hehehe.... conspiracy worth the intrigue of assasinations. ESPN what you say now? What were they thinking when they pitted a chihuahua against a pit bull. The bias against South Florida 305 has been finally exposed!!!

manny, your zodiac sign has to be cancer, like myself because that is EXACTLY what i was doing, salivating watching that game! speed kills!

I agree with the post about Booker T. Washington and what it does for South Florida.

What the writer probably does not remember was the hey days in the late 40's and 50's when the Miami Senior High School football team would travel out of state to play teams as well as bring teams into Miami for games.

They would fill the Orange Bowl for night games and the intercity games between Miami High, Edison, Jackson and Coral Gables were fantastic.

What many do not know is that Miami High played in the Shriner North South Game before it became a college all star game.

MHS - Class of 54

http://canespace.typepad.com/canespace/2007/08/first-year-he-1.html#comment-80603109 By the way. I just got off the phone with Northwestern High QB Jacory Harris. He's going to join me Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. during our live chat to answer questions from fans.
Posted by: Manny | August 25, 2007 at 03:37 PM

http://youtube.com/watch?v=TT64i_zeAMc Devin does da U in madden '08 : )

790 kicked the stuffing out of 560 in the july trend. why? we don't wanna hear old farts reminisce 'bout the dolphins glory days. BORING

790's roster: Sid Rosenberg (UM alum), Jeremy Marx Peltz (UM alum), geldie (quasi UM fan), Lebaturd (UM alum), kevin rogers (college fan), Alan Strauss (UM alum), larry milian (UM fan). notice the thread ...

http://790theticket.com/ (typo) Jeremy Marks Peltz

Miami (peta.org) - With more and more people choosing vegetarian food to improve their health and prevent animal suffering, Major League Baseball teams are stepping up to the plate by offering delicious meat-free options. And Dolphin Stadium -- home of the Florida Marlins -- has placed 8th in the top-10 most vegetarian-friendly ballparks in North America.

http://www.miamitodaynews.com/news/070823/story3.shtml Miamitoday's risa polansky: "...the city intends to keep the Orange Bowl name. ... That means the name may be off the table for Dolphin Stadium, where officials hope to find either a neutral name or corporate name sponsor by 2010, according to a University of Miami press release." SOBs

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/college/orl-bianchi2607aug26,0,4558920.column orlandosentinel's mike bianchi (fu alum): it's the players, stupid! a backhanded compliminent from this gaturd propagandist POS ...

FedEx seems to be the natural fit for the new name for Dolphin Stadium with the FedEx Orange Bowl game already locked up. But if that deal falls through here's a new name for the house that Joe built:

Canespace Stadium

Now all I gotta do is get 1000 bloggers to donate $10,000 each and we will see what $10 Million can buy U!

Hey Manny, you got $10,000 I can borrow?

(cont.) orlandosentinel's mike bianchi (fu alum): "It doesn't matter that next year Miami will be playing in an NFL stadium, almost in another county and almost an hour away from its campus." hey gaturd propagandist POS, get your F'in facts straight! only 21 miles & 25 minutes separates the stadium from campus. hardly, a hardship.

Did anyone else keep ESPNU on and see that the school from Jacksonville beat the Berkley SC team also. Just shows that you don't schedule teams from the State of Florida unless you want a LOSS.

they're nervous in Canesville. our NEW home trumps theirs ...

UM + 1st-class facilities = UNSTOPPABLE

UM + S. Fla players= UNSTOPPABLE

BTW played with that swagger that the U use to play with. When you go to enemy territory U just totally dominate. This helps by taking the fans, the other team's spirit and the officiating totally out of the game.

pb: South Florida recruits are a given. you see, fu sells facilities. with a stroke of a pen, our facility trumped theirs : ) achilles heel disappear ... abracadabra! fu can't compete with U explaining their hitman's putdown disguised as a grudging compliment. UM with its inherent advantages + 1st-class facilities = JUGGERNAUT

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/sfl-0826hyde,0,5714039.column "Randy Shannon: A tough road to the UM coaching job" by dave hyde. MUST-READ

The U + 305 recruits + first class facilities + a real U coach = National championships!

Manny, I agree with you. The talent in this area is so far above the rest of the country. Our kids are ranked using different criteria, but it doesn't matter: the cream always rises. Great job guys and stay home. It's all about the U!

Agreed with all comments, I WILL be present for the West v/s South Carroll, in two weeks....hope some of yall can make, cause we will be "CRUNK" for this one....

I'll be there too at SMU. As good as BTW looked , don't underestimate SLC. NW will have the talent advantage, but SLC is a very well coached football team.

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