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Day 1: Hankerson not cleared

Just got back from the first day of practice at The U and had a few quick tidbits I wanted to pass along.

The biggest news coming out of camp today is that freshman receiver Leonard Hankerson has still not been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse to play. The St. Thomas Aquinas standout was in shorts and a t-shirt Saturday morning and watched his teammates sweat, puke and gag for air in the hot early morning sun at Greentree Practice Field.

Coach Randy Shannon said Hankerson, who attended summer school, could be cleared to play soon. Aside from Jermaine McKenzie, Hankerson has really been the only other new receiver to get rave reviews during 7-on-7 drills this summer. McKenzie, who was involved in that scary car accident and will be wearing a brace until mid-October, was out at practice with quarterback Robert Marve. They were playing catch. Beat writer Susan Miller Degnan said she spotted Marve doing one-handed push-ups.

Other quick notes: Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright looked OK throwing the football Saturday during 7-on-7 drills. Their receivers had a few drops -- Lance Leggett had several. Speaking of Leggett, he was wearing a huge brace on his right knee. He told Susan its because his knee is still pretty torn up, but that he will not have surgery... For those of you interested in early signs regarding the quarterback situation, Freeman took the first snap and handed the ball off to freshman Graig Cooper... In puke news, left tackle Jason Fox and backup right tackle Chris Rutledge were among the few players barfing during Saturday's workouts. Shannon said it was a good sign on a three to four lineman were unable to keep up with their teammates during the team's final springs... As for Shannon, he spent most of his time working with the special teams Saturday and even threw balls to prospective punt returners. I saw Bruce Johnson, freshman Demarcus Van Dyke, Ryan Hill, Cooper, Doug Wiggins, Kayne Farquharson, Sam Shields, Shawnbrey McNeal, Darnell Jenkins and Chavez Grant all handling punts. Shannon said he wants to spend most of his time working with the special teams because that's what he enjoys.

All in all, it was a good turn out for the first open practice of the weekend. President Donna Shalala was out there and so were about 300 fans, who lined the sidelines and watched practice.

I'll be back later to fill you in on what else happened. But here's an early update from Canes camp.


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Manny...keep the news comin'!

I can't believe the news on Hankerson? First McKenzie is hurt in the car wreck, then Hankerson can't play (yet).

So much for "all the new receivers" who were gonna play a lot and dominate.

I guess we're getting our issues/problems out of the way early. Better now than in mid-season.

Keep up the good work Manny....

Thanks Manny. Hopefully someone emerges at WR.

He will get in soon. SS sam Shields and his 4.2 will get it done!!

Anyone have news on Benjamin Jones and Tommy Streeter???

I hope LL can get his knee right and catch the ball. As much hype thats surrounding the QB situation it doesn't matter if our WR keep dropping passes. But then again it's the first practice of the season so I'm not too worried yet.

"In puke news, left tackle Jason Fox and backup right tackle Chris Rutledge were among the few players barfing during Saturday's workouts. Shannon said it was a good sign on a three to four lineman were unable to keep up with their teammates during the team's final springs..."

Yeah, I'm glad they are finally training instead of just pacing them selves. Shannon, make them earn their starting spot. Go Canes!!!!!

Michael Irvin always said the practices were harder than the games - it looks like The Boss is carrying on in that tradition. Wideouts need to catch those passes!

Michael Irvin always said the practices were harder than the games - it looks like The Boss is carrying on in that tradition. Wideouts need to catch those passes!

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everyone needs to settle down. 1st day of practice, nobody comes out looking like a well oiled machine. Give it a week, 5-7 days of practice to get their rthym, get used to the heat again, and things will start to click. I'm not stressing it yet, and neither should anyone else.

Hankerson news is a bit troubling. Where was the NCAA all summer long? That is outrageously ridiculous.

Jenkins, Cooper, Hill, James. This is gonna be a run first team, folks.

The Randy will review this weekened for the WR's and get on them. So will MM. CGNC, maybe U need to teach us all those breathing excersises.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/44169010@N00/sets/72157601215569843/ q8Cane's fall practice photos featuring our guys : )

Thanks for the 411 Manny. Im really not that worried about Our WRs We still a have SS,Kane,Jenkins,Jones,and Hill. I think We will be all good at that spot.

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http://www.cejas.net/UM/2007/fall_practice_1/ fall practice photos by steven cejas

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Thanks for the write-by Manny. That's good info.

This is barely the beginning for these players. I don't think any of them have any idea what to expect.

If LL was wearing a huge brace and his knee is still tore-up why was he out there and will he be ready for the first game??

It doesn't sound like it.

I think it'll be DJ, SS, KJ, and Hank in the four WR rotation with Sooper on the field at all times, run or pass, first or third.

Thanks green for all the awesome links!!!!

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It's http://www.insidetheu.com

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I checked it out. That site is great!

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Rudy...your site is awesome! Very nice design and professionally done. Another source for Canes news. I sent you an email so maybe you, Manny and Canespace can find a way to work together to give the fans what they want: Canes news, 24/7.

Green...thanks for the photos of practice.

Manny...what's up on Day II? Tell Randy the fans said: GO CANES!!!

Thank you for the compliments on the site...Be sure to keep coming back....We are going to make it where you want to keep it as your homepage when you pop on the internet.


(realfootball365.com) The Carolina Panthers and their first-round pick, linebacker Jon Beason, agreed to a five-year contract on Sunday with over $6 million in guarantees, ending the 25th overall selection's eight-day holdout. Commentary: The Panthers drafted the 6-foot, 237-pound Beason, a former star at the University of Miami, with plans of starting him somewhere right away.

Coach Shannon: "We switched some guys around who didn’t come out and perform the way it’s supposed to be. We have to hold everyone accountable. If you think you can show up one day and say, 'OK, this is my job and I can just lounge around,' the next guy will go in."

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Strange, he is not yet cleared, NCCA sucks

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Hopefully he would be cleared by NCAA. He is a really good player. Hope to see him soon.

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