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Depth chart released | Live Q&A

UPDATE: Reminder guys that I will be on live tonight at 8 p.m. to answer questions from today during our live chat. Preceding that though, Andre Fernandez and Bob Emanuel will be answering high school sports questions on the high school sports blog at 7 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., Northwestern QB and UM recruit Jacory Harris will be on live to answer questions with me on Eye on The U.

Feel free to leave some questions for me this afternoon. There will also be audio up shortly from today's press conference including coach Randy Shannon, running backs Graig Cooper and Javarris James, safety Lovon Ponder, tight end Chris Zellner, linebacker Colin McCarthy and guard Derrick Morse. I'm in the process of uploading them to the Miami Herald website. Here is the link to our audio page.

The biggest news early on from coach Randy Shannon's press conference:
- Kirby Freeman has been named the starting quarterback.
- Receiver Sam Shields has been suspended for the Marshall game for violating team rules.
- John Rochford has been named the starting center, freshman DeMarcus Van Dyke the starter at cornerback.

Offensive starters | Backups
QB: Kirby Freeman | Kyle Wright
RB: Javarris James or Graig Cooper | Derron Thomas
FB: Jerrell Mabry or Dedrick Epps
FL: Khalil Jones | Darnell Jenkins | Leonard Hankerson
SE: Lance Leggett | Ryan Hill
LT: Jason Fox or Chris Rutledge | Cyrim Wimbs
LG: Andrew Bain | Orlando Franklin
C: John Rochford | A.J. Trump
RG: Derrick Morse | Joel Figueroa
RT: Reggie Youngblood or Chris Rutledge | Tyrone Byrd
TE: DajLeon Farr or Chris Zellner | Richard Gordon

Defensive starters | Backups
LE: Eric Moncur | Vegas Franklin
LT: Dwayne Hendricks | Josh Holmes
RT: Teraz McCray | Antonio Dixon
RE: Calais Campbell | Courtney Harris
SLB: Colin McCarthy | Eric Houston
MLB: Tavares Gooden | Darryl Sharpton | Allen Bailey
WLB: Spencer Adkins | Kylan Robinson
LCB: DeMarcus Van Dyke | Tervaris Johnson
RCB: Randy Phillips or Carlos Armour
SS Kenny Phillips | JoJo Nicholas | Jared Campbell
FS: Willie Cooper or Lovon Ponder

Special Teams
K: Francesco Zampogna | Daren Daly
P: Matt Bosher | Daren Daly
KO: Daren Daly | Francesco Zampgona
PR: Graig Cooper | Chavez Grant
KR: Ryan Hill and Richard Gordon

Shannon said where you see "Or" is where either of those guys could start.


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Happy Birthday Manny! Today you (as a writer ;))are reborn to new heights of excellence. Kudos to you and your boss or bosses to allow you freedom. I just hate being in California for the Q&A (its like 11PM by the time your show starts and I have to wake up at 5 am for work. Jacory and DVD -- man what a breed of young men to join our ranks. They are sounding like first rounders, if just for the class act they are.

Yo Jacory, tell yo boy Star Jackson if he comes to Alabama they will make him a receiver no doubt. They have 2 all-everything qb's on their roster now that has been switched to receiver and fullback. So if Star Jacksons is gonna be a receiver he might as well let U throw to him!

"I feel there is going to be 3-4 deep at alot of positions"

Your kidding...right? We are one year removed from geting our asses handed to us on national tv by fricken Louisville!!

Louisville for gawds sake and now we are 4 deep at a "lot" of positions. We played our Bowl Game in Boise against Nevada, that was one year ago, not four, five or six years ago.

Christ man, get yout head out of your arse. While you are doing that look up the term "rebuilding".

Honest to Pete some of you guys sound like Bama fans.

I to am flying in for the game, NH thru Ohare down to the OB, Go Canes...

Peter this team was up 7-0 to Louisville, then fumbled on their two yard line and missed two easy field goals.

After that they fell apart because Coker had them unprepared, soft and undisciplined.

There is no telling what this team can do this year so dont go acting like we are FAMU...

Manny...86Cane logging in from a Canespace recruiting trip in Ocala. Nice work with getting Jacory and DVD on the LIVE chat last night! Your blog is off the chain!!!

When Marshall's Thundering Herd comes to town could someone ask the Canes to take it easy on the boys.

Manny, here's a question for U and everyone at the Herald.

How is Tim Tebow the coverboy for the Miami, THE MIAMI HERALD'S football preview when everyone knows the biggest story is Randy Shannon???

It seems like the Herald always finds a way to shaft the U every bloody year. Last year it was that ND QB on the cover.

NOTRE DAME??!!!! WTF is up with that. That's like Ken Dorsey being on the cover of the Indianapolis Post's football section.

Am I missing something???

expect a Hurricane to grace friday's preview ...

I enjoyed visiting with the UM fans who came down to the game, I know the fans of Miami are hurting after the loss yesterday, we've been through it ourselves, don't get down on the coaching staff and players yet. If you look back over the 90's the sooners had a pretty rough time of it, Snellinberger was an absolute joke and John Blake who played for OU was a really good man but he wasn't a good head coach. We will play you again in a couple of years and I look for it to be a good game between two good teams. Name calling and insults doesn't get the job done for anyone, in fact all it shows is how classless an individual is, we all have fans who go into this category. I met some really good Miami fans yesterday and hope to see them again in a couple of years, until then back your team with a positive outlook and hopefully things will get back to where you want them to be.
Wayne Arnold
Spencer, Ok.

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