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Live Q&A tonight from 8 to 9 p.m.

What's up Eye on The U Crew? I took four days to recharge my batteries this weekend, attend a wedding and host some visiting family members from out-of-town. Now, I'll be back for the rest of this season.

Tonight, there will be a live Q&A session on this blog, one similar to the one Canespace hosted with me last week. Please, leave me some Canes football-related questions so I can already have a few to answer by the time the chat gets going tonight.


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Q: It seems like Patrick Johnson's dad doesn't really want PJ to go to Miami. Do you think in the end PJ ends up a Cane? Posted by: SuperCooper | August 14, 2007 at 08:38 PM

A: I think Johnson will. But there is no doubt in my mind there will be a time or two he may sound like he's swaying elsewhere. I spoke to PJ for half an hour during his Herald photo shoot. Got to know his father. They are both very proud of the fact PJ is a big-time recruit. They love bringing up how Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll call him the best cornerback they've ever seen and how they won't throw to his side of the field. Johnson's dad wants his son to enjoy all that. And while I believe there will be some dramatic moments late in his recruitment, in the end I believe he will choose Miami -- especially after the Hurricanes have a successful season.

Q: Outside of Leggett, Shields, and Jenkins who do you think will be the next best receiver? Daniel Adderley is listed as 6'6/215 is he really that big? Do you think he is going to stick at WR or will Shannon move him over with the TE's. Go Canes!!!!! Posted by: RealCanesFan | August 14, 2007 at 10:39 AM

A: Adderley is a big dude. But 6-6, 215? Maybe a little smaller than that. That doesn't mean I don't think he'll end up moving to tight end eventually. In fact, I believe that was the plan all along.

As far as the next best receiver after the big three, I think Ryan Hill and freshman Leonard Hankerson could be the next leading receivers on the team. Both are solid No. 4 targets.

Manny, just to touch up on one of your responses to my earlier question, i thought buchanon was getting recruited as a safety?

Q: Mike Bianchi from the Orlando Sentinel reported on the radio in Jacksonville today (that sounds absurd) that Kirby Freeman is leading in the Freeman/Wright battle for starting QB. Is there any truth to the statement? I can't see Bianchi at Canes practices and I definitely don't envision Shannon or Nix talking about the situation until the week of the Marshall game. What gives? Posted by: FirstCoastCane | August 14, 2007 at 08:41 PM

A: Never want to bad mouth a fellow man in the field, but I too wonder what in the world led him to talk like that on the air? Nix nor Shannon will give anybody an "exclusive" and neither will the players. It's all vanilla answers when you ask about the quarterbacks.

Truth is, I think Kyle is going to win the starting job. Last week on Canespace, I talked about how Shannon runs the risk of losing Kyle and all the good will he's built up with teammates this summer if he starts Kirby in front of him. Besides, Kyle is honestly a slightly better passer and they are probably both going to play anyway.

Manny we are still getting the snow job on the kickers from former kicker, to special team coach to head coach.
Are they looking any better yet. I trust your honesty,
thanks, peace

Q: Manny, just to touch up on one of your responses to my earlier question, i thought buchanon was getting recruited as a safety?
Thanks. Posted by: mike | August 14, 2007 at 09:00 PM

A: Buchanon could end up moving to safety in college and likely will, but most recruiting experts I've spoken to compare him to Jesse Armstead.

With all the talk about players wavering on their commitment to miami have you heard anything on players commited elsewhere who might end up at the U.

Q: Last year was as difficult a season with off field distractions as any in college football team. Do you see any hang-over this year? There are great examples of letting go... no names, DJ cutting his hair, etc. I don't want there to be undercurrents, but the question remains, are there? Posted by: busy_cane | August 14, 2007 at 08:45 PM

A: Hard to say. But I honestly get the sense from players they've really bought into Randy's new mantra of team unity and being responsible, staying away from trouble, etc. I think the lone hangovers will be the anniversary of Bryan Pata's death and when UM lines up to play against FIU. At some point, players are going to have to deal with that in the media. But I truly believe for the most part this team has healed in terms of wanting a new image for itself.

The real test though will become when someone finally does mess up. Because as I said in my Canespace Q&A last week, it's bound to happen. Right now, everything is chipper, perfect, team unity as a whole as an all-time high. But what's going to happen when the Canes lose their first game? When Kyle or Kirby makes a fatal mistake in a loss? Or when Javarris James fumbles the ball away? Are the Canes going to begin pointing fingers like they used to? Is Randy going to lose it? We'll have to see what happens when this team really gets tested emotionally.

All right What kind of good will has Kyle built up over the summer. And why or how hasn't Kirby built up the same good will?

I wouldn't ask you to bash a fellow "man of the field." A journalist has to have some integrity, and that could include becoming partners in the future.

However, I will bash Mike Bianchi for you.

He is an irresponsible idiot.

(and on the radio, he does, ad nauseum, the worst Dusty Rhodes impression you've ever heard.)

Manny...sorry I'm late getting here! I'm down in Key Largo and go stuck out on a boat and had to get towed in by SeaTow.

But I can see you are rocking the blog. And Canespacers are everywhere...

86Cane, U takin over the blog after Manny calls it quits 2night?

Q: All right What kind of good will has Kyle built up over the summer. And why or how hasn't Kirby built up the same good will? Posted by: Old Skool | August 14, 2007 at 09:08 PM

A: It's no secret inside the walls of UM's lockerroom Kyle lost favor with some of his teammates last season. Those tough losses plus a few moments of arrogance made a few of his teammates dislike him a little and want Kirby in. Kirby didn't need to build good will because he had it. This summer, Kyle healed those wounds by participating in drills all the time, showing he was going to be a good teammate. If Kyle doesn't get the job, he could end up pretty bitter and that will show his teammates all of that was fake. Shannon needs both of them because he doesn't have Robert Marve.

don't encourage him mike

Mike...No can do. I'm not in the control center near Orlando, I'm down in the Keys. Manny has it going on though! Keep the questions coming and responses flowing.

I'll be back in action on Thursday night.

Q: Will the addition of Graig Cooper be good or bad for Baby J? The way I see it, this could possibly be a Reggie Bush / Lendale White combo. Also if Kyle Wright has a solid season is there no reason to believe we can actually be in a national championship run? Posted by: ecane30 | August 14, 2007 at 08:47 PM

A: Big if with Kyle. But no, I don't think Miami will be in the national championship hunt. Like I said last week, the distance to make up in the polls is too much and this Miami team isn't ready to reel off a 13-0 season with questions at quarterback, linebacker and kicker.

As for the running back question. I'm a firm believer having someone push you does wonders for your own skills. Last year, Javarris didn't really have anyone pushing him for that starting job. This year, SuperCoop is more than capable of being the starting tailback. So, I think it will only make him better. Look at how good the Canes' backfield was when Portis, McGahee and Gore were fighting each other every week for carries. Insanely good.

SeaTow - Without the proper coverage, that can make for an expensive trip.

As a fellow boater, I never like to hear about people having trouble on the water. Hope you, your boat, and any passengers are all no worse for the wear.


Q: How difficult has your job become with Randy Shannon, a many of few words, compared to my husband, Larry, a man who probably said too much? j/k What is the dynamic like with the new coaching staff? How do you see them working together as a "family" just as they have the team working together as a "family?" Posted by: Mrs. Coker | August 14, 2007 at 08:52 PM

A: Thank you Mrs. Coker. That was funny by the way. I think Randy has put a staff around him that gets along well, hard workers who have a lot in common. Patrick Nix, from what players have told me on offense, is a clone of Randy. His coaching style, demeanor. Clint Hurtt and Michael Barrow appear to be a recruiting dream team. Stoutland has come in with the offensive line and really backed up what is always said about line coaches. Players call him a mix of Kehoe and Cristobal. I think its going well. But let's see what happens when the Canes get tested.

I'm glad to see your alive 86? But coach Shannon would make you do wind sprints for showing up late. And who knows what else.

Once again 86 lands on The List

A lot of recruiting discussions hinge on whether the Canes have a "successful season this year". From a recruit's perspective, what would constitute a successful season?

Q: Manny we are still getting the snow job on the kickers from former kicker, to special team coach to head coach. Are they looking any better yet. I trust your honesty, thanks, peace. solarcane Posted by: solarcane | August 14, 2007 at 09:01 PM

A: Hard to tell Solarcane. Today's scrimmage could tell us more. In our talk with coach Pannunzio last week, I got the sence Francisco Zampogna could be in the mix for the kicking job. He had a few long field goals this week in practice and is apparently impressing. The more and more it goes though it looks like Bosher will end up doing punts with Zampogna and Daly battling it for the kicking duties. Honestly, I don't get the sense these kickers are up to par with what the Canes have had in the past.

Manny your blog works seamlessly for questions and answers in real time.
Can you get with 86 off blog and explain
how your mechanics are different than Canespace?


Q: Manny, a lot of recruiting discussions hinge on whether the Canes have a "successful season this year". From a recruit's perspective, what would constitute a successful season? Posted by: CaneSniper | August 14, 2007 at 09:29 PM

A: A season in which none of the coaching staff needs to be replaced yet again. And by that I mean a season in which the team makes a push for the ACC title and guys like Michael Barrow stick around. If Miami completely blows it this season, Nix's offense produces zilch and the defense falls apart, say good-bye to all of the guys not residing in Dade or Broward.

Do you think there will be any player backlash when a starter is named at QB

Manny, last one, promise. Any recruits commited elsewhere rethinking their decision ala that kid who commited to Georgia and now thinking about the U? Thanks again, U never disappoint. I hope that didn't sound awkward.

Manny, what type of play calling can we expect from Nix this season? GTech's play calling wasn't exactly inspired last year--although Reggie Ball's lackluster play and Chan Gailey's offensive pedigree (Nix not having complete control) could explain this.

Does anyone know if Michael Barrow every played for Tom Coughlin on the Giants. I believe they might have missed one another...

I'm curious if people might compare Coach Shannon's discipline standards to those of Coughlin?

If Shannon can get the same performance to talent ratio out of the Hurricanes as Coughlin did out of his Boston College teams, we're in for a great ride.


OK guys, I know I couldn't get to all the questions and for that I'm sorry. But all in all, I think we had a great discussion.

Like I always say, leave your questions here throughout the week and I'll try to find answers for you in my trips out to Greentree Practice Field. Obviously, tomorrow's scrimmage should provide us plenty of news.

As for my continuing coverage this week, I'm going to have a revealing Q&A with defensive tackle Antonio Dixon, a kid I wrote about when he was a senior at Booker T. Washington High. All of my personal feelings aside, you can't help but feel good when you see Dixon succeed. Many of you might not know what he has gone through to get to The U.

For starters, he and his family were homeless for most of his high school years. Dixon also has a severe speech impediment and learning disability. When he speaks, he has to bang his chest or his leg to stop the studdering. We talked for about 20 minutes today and honestly I wanted to hug the dude. He's a great kid who has overcome a lot. I'll share it with you tomorrow morning.

Hope you guys enjoyed tonight's Q&A. I know I did. Remember I'll see you next Tuesday night at the same time on Canespace.


P.S. - For those of you who posted those final questions, I'll try to get answers to you in a bit. But I've got to get some dinner. I'm starved. I'll check in later.

Thanks Manny!

Great job on the Q&A...
Living up here in Lizard Land I feel a loss for the atmosphere in So. Fla.
Do you think attendance will be up for the season opener?

Great Q&A Manny! Thanks for the insight. Keep up the good work.


Great stuff, Manny.

I haven't participated, posted on these blogs regularly since the end of last season, and it is nice to have you at the forefront of our discussions.

You are a true journalist. Professional. Honest. Thought provoking.

Enjoy your dinner, and I look forward to reading your coverage this season.


Are you as sick as I am with all of "my blog is better than your blog" B.S.?

What did I miss?

Sorry I missed it, great job though Manny!!

Nice job Manny!! Great chat the last two weeks. I really like your style.

Good stuff Manny I'm sure more info wiil start to break as we get closer to the opener keep up the good work

Missed the Q&A but manny u did a great job. How fast is leggett really we have not had a real speed on this kid ever i think? is james physically improved now with anothe year under swasey? what soph will be coming out into the nfl next year?

Thanks again Manny. Very interesting article on Robinson... nice work.

hey manny navarro, 800+ posts since july 23rd! CHOO-CHOO

hey manny navarro, your aug 14th, 2007 blog bettered your previous high of 86 posts on nov 5, 2006! SMASHING

http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2007/08/on-um-poll.html#comments greg cote blog (aug 15): "Our 'Pick the Greatest Hurricanes' poll (aug 13): Terrific early response with well over 1,000 votes the first day alone. Thanks."

http://www.chronicleonline.com/articles/2007/08/15/sports/sports10.txt University of Miami always been my childhood favorite team -- dunnellon linebacker Lerentee McCray

http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/story?id=3479449&page=1 rutgers basketballer sues don imus. political correctness gone amok. ho, ho, ho

reportedly, freshman Shawnbrey McNeal electrified the sideline with his blazing speed : )

Manny...great job on the live chat. Thanks for bringing us the news we can use! Your partnership and support in improving UM coverage is a great benefit to Canes fans everywhere. Rock the B-L-O-G!!!

With the recent injuries on defense do we have enough depth to be a top ten defense or will the injuries effect our defense monumentally?

How r Coopers hands?
Leggett, Shields, and Cooper in the slot can be an explosive 3rd down package; with baby j in the backfield.

Oh heck, let's make it an even 100!

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