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Time To Start Saying Good-bye

It's done. Over with. Finished. The Canes are leaving the Orange Bowl after this season.

I know some of you are in a world of pain right now. Others are rejoicing. The move to Dolphins Stadium was inevitable in my eyes. But like some of you, I'll be sad to see the Canes play anywhere else but the OB. There's just always been so much magic there, history.

As a reporter, it's been a pain in the rear to cover games there because the stadium is so antiquated. But I've never really minded. As a fan, I'm going to cherish so many great moments and memories.

For me, the best moment came in 2000 when I was there in person for the great finish against Florida State. When Ken Dorsey's touchdown pass to Jeremy Shockey sealed the comeback and the day the Canes climbed back up from the dead and said they were going to be a college football champion again.

The most painful moment? Seeing Miami's 58-game winning streak snapped in a loss to Washington when I was 15 years old and allowed to enjoy games as a fan. I was flat out stunned and can remember the dead silence of the place as everybody was filing out of there.

I've only been around the OB since the mid 80s. I wasn't there for the '83 national championship game. But I was watching with my Dad at home when I was just five years old.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I just wanted to give you guys a forum for your thoughts on the decision, your greatest OB memories, etc. Also, just wanted to remind you I will be doing a Live Q&A on Canespace.com tonight. Leave your questions -- try to stay away from the OB only because I'm not reporting on it -- and I'll try to answer as many as I can tonight from 8 to 9 p.m.


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my favorite moment was watching hester runback the punt against the cardinals and watching the punter fall flat on his but. That comeback was incredable

The 2004 Orange Bowl against FSU is the perfect example of why this move sucks. I have never felt less interested in the outcome of a UMiami game, even when the game was on the wire on the 4th quarter I just did not feel excitement from either side. Chalk that up to it being a lame same-season rematch rather than the Miami-Ohio State game everyone watned to see again, but the lack of intensity sucked.

And while I'm disappointed with the UM trustees, I am disgusted with the city government. All the Dolphins wanted was a freaking jumbotron and some basic upkeep, and that was too much to ask for. All the Canes wanted was some decent bathrooms and a couple luxury boxes. The governemnt is too busy stealing money "buildng" nonexistant biotech parks and low income housing. Something as frivolous as sports (and in the grand scheme, they ARE frivolous) is certainly just going to make their mouths water for even more leeching. Enjoy your stolen money you schmucks, I hope you are all out of office within two years and destitute.

RIP Orange Bowl, when you are torn down this winter.

Blame the city of Miami???? This is a private school with it's own money. Why should Miami citizens pay extra tax to rebuild the stadium. Not everyone is a football fan.
I started watching games in the late 70's. I know how painful this is... I personally, hate the decision. But the reality is Miami citizens would pay more tax for it.

It is just a very sad story that ends with Wayne getting more money and perhaps destroying another Miami team.

Home Stadium is where the Cane's play and win. All this grief about the OB will quickly be forgotten after the first NC. I love the Cane's in the OB from way over here in Northern California but really, what's done is done and I now am toying with the idea of catching a few Cane's games while they are still at the OB -- it better be a boring game like they trash somebody 52 to 7 or something like that.

i am gonna miss the orange bowl but maybe they could rebuild it like they did soilder field in chicago?

What about the dolphin stadium baseball dirt infield? Will this be part of the football games? If so that will be a nasty
sight and unsafe for the players. I was hoping you could address this situation with
the powers at be. Thanks and keep up the great work.

I loved the OB but I love the Canes. This is without a doubt the best for the UM program, the fans and the school (money, recruiting, image, etc.). One thing they can never take and that's the memories of the OB.

some points to chew on...
1) When has the [city of miami] government EVER done anything on the up and up? The U board of trustees has seen this with as clear vision as anyone else-why bend over in front of city officials once again?
2) as Ray Lewis and so many others said-" WE MAKE ANY HOUSE OUR HOUSE"
3)when has the U been a slave to tradition? we revel in a maverick mentality, whether it's running a pro-set passing offense or taking out an opponent in their house or wearing fatigues to a dinner,we always take the road less traveled

ok first of all i have to state is that i lvove the OB, and i wlways will. Some of the est timnes in ly life were there, mainly the i think 2004 game against florida when we came back. But guys, our old ladfy is dead. even with renovations it was never going to be the same OB thats is was during the 58 game winning streak.... To those of you that say that no one can be successful in a pro football stadium, ummmm and the OB was what? A pro football stadium thats what it was. The canes shared a stadium with the fins before, and look how that turned out.. this is gona be the same, were gonna rock. And the canes are getting tremendous recruits now, just wait till the recruits hear that THERE GONNA BE PLAYING IN A PRO FOOTBALL STADIUM, and one of the best in the country. The canes are gonna be at the top again, and hey, maybe we'll in DS we'll beat our own 58 game record

Manny, latest on the recruiting front? Any one closer to commiting? Anybody thinking of recommiting? Anything you got Im all ears.

If you're a fan you'll go, no matter what the venue.

My question is will moving help or hurt recruiting?

Shannon says it will help, but, somehow, if he thought it was a bad move, I don't think he would be letting on. Today is the first statement I read from him one way or the other. It seems he just waited to see what the decision was and applauded it.

Yo Old Skool, kids that really want to be Hurricanes are gonna come to the U no matter what. Take the 07 recruiting class for example. Those kids comitted despite all the turmoil last season. So if the media and the murder of B Pata did'nt scare these kids away surely the idea of playing in a state-of-the-art pro stadium should'nt scare away future recruits.

Manny, thanx again for all your insight at Canespace...
Heres my view posted there today.
We have to go to Dolphin Stadium and make it our home, and the only way to make it our home is by kicking the behinds of the first team we play. Let them know this is our new home. Make sure they know it."

-- Santana Moss

Thanx Santana I agree!
We love the OB, But more over we love the U!
We who no longer live in the 305, moved away because at the time in our lives it was good for us either socially, economically or for whatever reason. That did not in my case or from what I have gathered from U Legions, lessen our love for our team! U of M could play home games on the Moon and I will still fly my flag on game day. Wear my gear and verbally abuse anyone who dares challenge the greatness of my team! The U!
It's all about the U!
I would have loved to see a rebuilt OB but thats not the case. So Legion Strap up!
JRS wil become Hurricane Stadium!
The team we love. The greatest team in the NCAA will make it so.
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My home town once again has made a BIG mistake. First, the City of Miami for not keeping the stadium up to par. Second, the University for going for the $$$. I hate to see the Miami Hurricanes leave such a historical building. Too bad that they did not reconsider renovations and keep the game in town. It will not be the same... the magic will be gone. It would be like Georgia Tech playing in the cold and sterile Georgia Dome.

Legend has it that when the Miami Dolphins left the OB and Little Havana resident's realized that their parking income would be cut.. The Curse of La Quince Avenida was born... they cursed the team so that they would never again win a championship... 20 years later the Dolphins are on track to rival the Cubs and Bo Sox.

I hate to say this as one of the few serious Hurricane Fans that remain but I hope that the complete loss of parking income does not bring about the same reaction from the Santero's (for our Anglo readers, those who practice the Santeria religion) of Little Havana.

It is time...I will miss it very much, the OB Bar before and after games, the feeling inside the stadium on big games. But I will never forget all the great players I saw play there over the years, going all the way back to O.J. Anderson in the mid 70's. Jim, Michael, Jerome, Edge, Clinton, Willis, Ray Ray, Ken, Andre, Sean, Ed and Benny and the Jets (there are too many to mention)- man I was lucky to be there. There will be new stars (easier to recruit) that will create new traditions - it is all about "The U", and I will be there to witness the rebirth. It is going to happen, Randy is the right man at the right time with the right attitude to get us back to where we belong. As a life long Yankees fan, if you can move Yankee Stadium, you can move the Orange Bowl.

Manny and Susan...thanks for visiting with us and getting your own little piece of Canespace tonight. It was fun!

We will see you next Tuesday night from 8-9 PM right here for more LIVE chat...

Dee and Shalala are sellouts!! They're legacy has just gone down the toilet. They sold UM's soul to the Devil.

Manny and Susan thanx for the Q&A
We @ Canespace, the Legion always enjoy your insight!!!!!!

i am a canes fan,but as of the last game this season not as much. dolphin stadium suxs, it feels lifeless.the ob has life u feel like u in the action. i hate wayne huizenga and shalala more than bin laden!!!the canes like the dolphins won't win a title in dolphin stadium.

Hey Manny and Susan, thanks for answering questions at Canespace. Can't wait for the season to begin!

Although the move is necessary financially, it's still a travesty. The OB was by far one of the greatest 12th men in college football. There were games they won before they were even played because of the fear that stadium instilled in visiting teams. However, I undersatand that in the end, any school is only as good as the players and coaches. When all is said and done, THE U is still THE U. And we as fans -the true fans- should continue to support the team that has brought us 5 National Championships. Maybe we'll get lucky here and they'll use the hallowed OB grounds as the new site for the Marlins.....

Blame the city of Miami???? This is a private school with it's own money. Why should Miami citizens pay extra tax to rebuild the stadium. Not everyone is a football fan. Posted by: MiamiHurricanes | August 21, 2007 at 04:51 PM 1) city of Miami owns the obsolete Orange Bowl; 2) city of Miami profit$ from UM football; 3) UM football is South Florida's oldest team -- a South Florida tradition since 1926; 4) should Miami taxpayers fund a stadium for the private marlins? 5) Miami taxpayers funded an arts center that benefits the aristocracy; 6) MOOT

There is no mystic and no fear for opponents at Joe Robbie and the team will suffer. Thanks a lot Shalala Posted by: Shalala should die | August 21, 2007 at 02:59 PM get help pronto!

i am a canes fan,but as of the last game this season not as much. dolphin stadium suxs, it feels lifeless.the ob has life u feel like u in the action. i hate wayne huizenga and shalala more than bin laden!!!the canes like the dolphins won't win a title in dolphin stadium. Posted by: fbdr24 | August 21, 2007 at 11:59 PM 1) you're no Canes fan; 2) I love Wayne Huizenga & Donna Shalala xoxoxoxo

http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/colleges/um/story/211023.html herald's barry jackson: "North Texas, scheduled to be UM's first home opponent at Dolphin Stadium (Aug. 30, 2008), has asked out of the game to book an easier opponent, and UM's agreeable. UM spoke to the ACC on Tuesday about scheduling a conference opponent as its opener. UM's home ACC opponents in '08 are FSU, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech. But UM prefers not to open with FSU or Virginia Tech because it has a difficult game Sept. 6 at Florida (plus a game at Texas A&M on Sept. 20). So that means UM's Dolphin Stadium opener could feature North Carolina, Wake Forest, Central Florida or an easy opponent ..." what happened to anytime, anywhere? I'd rather lose to a worthy foe than rout some no-name drek. UNWATCHABLE

barry jackson owned this significant story. will the Miami herald nominate him for a pulitzer?

http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/082107aaq.html ACC Commissioner John Swofford: "The Orange Bowl has tremendous history and tradition for Miami and college football and I know that President Shalala, Paul Dee, and the UM Board, as well as the City, worked diligently to find a solution to the Orange Bowl's renovation needs. With that said, I really think that this will prove to be a tremendously positive move for Miami football. Dolphin Stadium is one of the best football venues in America and is being improved continuously. I find this a very exciting announcement both for the University of Miami and the Atlantic Coast Conference."

It will not be the same... the magic will be gone. It would be like Georgia Tech playing in the cold and sterile Georgia Dome. Posted by: Rose Tucker, from Atlanta | August 21, 2007 at 10:32 PM a difference exists between a dome & an open-air stadium. APPLES & ORANGES

http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/mifl/graphics/endzone_view_thumbnail.jpg our NEW home : )

http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/mifl/graphics/scoreboard500x345.jpg our NEW home : )

Compare the age of people that are mourning or pissed off at moving out of the OB - and the age of UM recruits. Those recruits don't have those OB memories held by the people that are distraught about the move. Those players are modern kids and want top notch facilities. They want to see themselves, their parents, their friends on the 100+ foot JumboTron. When a UM tailback blows through the secondary on his way to 6, he wants to look up and watch the suckers picking up their jock from where they got juked. Fans need to have something tangible to flaunt & feel proud of when rather than getting joked on by gator/seminole/sooner/tar heel fans b/c of the quality of the stadium.
This is the 21st century people - it's unfortunate that the city of Miami BLEW IT by not keeping the "old girl" state of the art, but that's water under the bridge at this point. UM is moving to a 1st class venue, which will allow us to maintain and even improve our 1st class status in college football.

Being raised in Miami my whole life and going to the UM and Dolphin games at the OB, I'm sad... just plain sad.

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