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Former Cane Everett seriously injured

Former Hurricane tight end Kevin Everett suffered a serious spinal cord injury today and is currently undergoing emergency surgery in Buffalo according to published reports.

Big E took a vicious hit during a kick return and was carted off the field. Keep him in your prayers and keep your fingers crossed for him.


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I'm remembering you in my prayers Kevin.
Sure hope and pray that you will be OK!
Maureen (Denver native and Bronco fan.)

Whish him good luck...Let the Lord look out for him.

The cane family always sticks together. We are all hoping for the best!! Really stinks but it sure puts life in prespective huh cane fans.

Love ya Kevin ... Hope the Best!

terrible news....I hope one day he can walk again

Our Best Wishes and Good Luck Kevin E, Please keep us posted Manny

Sure does but the OU loss in perspective. I prefer Miami go 0-12 this year, with all of them 51-13, just to be 100% sure Kevin Everett will be walking and healthy again.

prayers with you kevin
go canes

Thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin and his family. Keep the faith!

I will be praying you Kevin I am sad that this would happen to anyone. I hope to see a solid recovery.

Never want to see a serious injury like that. Hopefully a full and fast recovery are in his future. God bless you Kevin.

All the best to Kevin...our entire family will be praying for him! And you're right canechic, it definitely puts things in perspective when tragic events such as this occur.

GOD Bless Kevin and his family, I will be praying for him and he is such a nice guy, when we were in college together he always said Hi

Kevin from all of the U family and the whole football world GOD bless you and your family.Even from maryland

Kevin from all of the U family and the whole football world GOD bless you and your family.Even from maryland


I will be praying that the surgery was successful and GOD's will is by your side.

God Bless !!!!

I am good friends with his half brother who played for DE for UCF I think he will never walk again but you never know

My prayers are with Kevin. Despite what the prognosis says, I hope he has a full recovery.

From a Colts fan in Indy, thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

My thoughts and prayers are definitely with him and his family.

It may just be me, but I'm surprised UM hasn't said anything publicly, especially with the relationship they portray with their student and alumni base.
(and yes, I'm an alum also)

My thoughts and prayers are with you Kevin. God speed for a full recovery.

Kevin and family,
I want to first say I am praying for the safe recovery for Kevin, I am a die hard Cane Fan and Follow like many other Cane fans the players who stepped up so proudly to play in the League. I know this is a rough time for you and the family, but remember, God is on your side and he will be there for you all keep the faith and the prayers ALIVE. We love you Kevin and hope for a speedy recovery one way or another.
GOOO CANES #84/ Go Bills #85

your in our thoughts along with your family.GOD speed your recovery.And its a CANES world and we all live in it

Kevin You are not alone we all pray for you.

Praying for you always Kevin!

http://www.miamiproject.miami.edu/ Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

Send your get well wishes to E. Everett

Big Kev,

All your UM family ,coaches and fellow alums and good friends are praying for your return to good health. I have no doubt you'll come out ahead of this thing, knowing you as a hard headed no quit guy....not even a slight of doubt. Keep Fighting and we're all behind you every step bro.

Kevin, here's your choice: walk, or run wind sprints.

Sup Manny?
First let me say we are praying for Kevin and we wish him the best for him and his family!
I posted an alert at Canespace about tonights live chat with U.
I directed the legion here to post questions ahead of the chat.
Hope all is well with U!
My >? Should we bench sir drops alot leggett and give the young guys some playing time?

prayers to kevin also,Manny question ,since you keep up with the guys in high school around here any thoughts on what they thought about the lost in norman,meaning the guys who has commited or still thinking about coming to the U.

And if any changes at all in the starting lineup,if so, when will it be releashed?

http://www.wivb.com/global/story.asp?s=7059077 UPDATE: Kevin Everett moves arms & legs : )

First and foremost, Kevin get well soon. The Cane family sure sticks together, doesn't it? Anyway Manny, hows the weather in Texas? Any smack being talked between MNW and SLC? Also, how has Kirby responded to being demoted?

http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/football/bal-bills0911,0,1939627.story Dr. Barth Green of the UM Miller School of Medicine: "Based on our experience, the fact that he's moving so well, so early after such a catastrophic injury means (Kevin) will walk again." bills advised by the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis!

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/college/hurricanes/sfl-flsphyde12nbsep12,0,5009923.column sunsentinel's dave hyde: "This year, the NFL quit funding a Miami Project grant studying spinal cord and brain injuries. Maybe, after this week, the league will be back." PONY UP

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