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Game day blog: UM 24, Duke 14 (F)

Back at the OB for another day of live blogging. I'll keep you informed throughout the game. You  give me your opinions as you tune in wherever you are.

UPDATE: I just got back upstairs. I will be filing notes and quotes in a little while. Stay tuned.

- This wasn't what Randy Shannon had in mind this week. Canes are in a dogfight here with a 17-14 lead late in the fourth quarter. Kyle Wright has thrown two interceptions. Francesco Zampogna has missed a field goal. Guess the pollsters knew what they were doing. This team isn't ready yet to be ranked.

UM's 10th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 31)
- Darryl Sharpton makes a fair catch on the kickoff at the UM 31.
- On first down, Kirby Freeman rolls out and hits Darnell Jenkins for a 15-yard gain near the Duke sideline at the UM 46.
- On first down, Kirby scrambles ahead for a gain of 14 to the Duke 40.
- On first down, Javarris James runs ahead for a 4-yard gain. On second down, James takes the carry to the left and drags a few tacklers forward for  5-yard gain. It's going to to be third and 1. James gets stuffed. UM is going to have to go for it on fourth down. Big, big play. Miami gets stopped. James stuffed. Duke takes over at its 32 with 7 minutes left.

I'm going downstairs to the field for post game interviews. I'll be back to recap later.

DUKE's 8th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 34, 2:12 left)
- On first down, running back Justin Boyle gets nothing. Duke gets flagged for holding. OB crowd is starting to get fired up here. Canes need some help. After a first down screen pass gains 2 yards when Colin McCarthy misses a tackle in the backfield, Ra'Quan Boyett picks up 17 to bring up another 3rd and 1 at the Duke 43.
- On third and one, Boyle falls forward close to the marker. After a measurement, its a first down. END OF THE QUARTER. WE GOT A BALLGAME!
- Good news for Canes, Duke has not scored in the fourth quarter yet.
- Here's better news, on the second play of the fourth quarter, Lewis gets smacked in the backfield by Calais Cambell and Tavares Gooden scooped it up at the 40 and returns it 18 yards to the Duke 22.
- Kirby Freeman is in at quarterback. I've been told Kyle Wright went into the lockerroom to have stitches put in his mouth. Kyle Wright was 18 of 22 for 197 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 INTs.

UM's 9th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 20, 14:07)
- On first down, Graig Cooper runs right for a 2-yard gain but it turns into a 7-yard gain after Duke is flagged for a facemask. On the next play, Cooper runs right and picks up a first down at the 10.
- On first down, Cooper runs forward for four yards down to the 7. UM calls timeout with 12:53 left.
- On second down, Kirby Freeman scrambles. Miami is flagged for holding again. Third time. UM was only flagged twice all season. Center John Rochford gets the blame. UM moves back to the 17. Its second down and 16. On the next play, Freeman scrambles back trying to get off a screen and nearly gets sacked before getting off an ugly pass.
- Where's Kyle Wright? Still in the locker room. On third down and long, Freeman throws to Darnell Jenkins that is incomplete. Duke gets flagged for pass interference giving UM has a first and goal 2.
- On first down, Cooper gets a pitch to the right and barrells his way into the end zone with 12:06 to play. Miami has some breathing room. Drive: 5 plays, 21 yards, 2:01. UM 17, Duke 7.

DUKE's 9th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 35, 11:56 left)
- Jamari Marshall has a nice kick return out to the Duke 35.
- Can Miami's defense hold or force another turnover?
- On first down, Ra'Quan Boyett carries up the middle for 8 yards. On second down, Boyett picks up one. Another third down and 1 coming up.
- On third down, fullback Clifford Harris bulls his way ahead for a first down and 10-yard gain to the UM 46.
- On first down, Thaddeus Lewis finds his tight end over the middle for a 15-yard gain. The play is under review. Romeo Davis was on the coverage. It stands.
- The attendance was just announced at 30,614. That's less than what Miami Northwestern and Southlake Carroll drew (31,000-plus) at their game two weeks ago. Yikes!
- So much for the Duke shutout streak in the fourth quarter. On the next play, Erron Riley leaps over Carlos Armour for a 31-yard touchdown down the Duke sideline. Drive: 5 plays, 65 yards, 2:10. UM 17, Duke 14.

UM's 6th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 17, 14:54 left)
- On first down, Wright throws a flare pass to Lance Leggertt that goes forward for 2 yards. On second down, the Canes run the same play, this time to Kayne Farquharson who moves ahead to the 30 for a gain of 11 yards.
- On first down, Javarris James runs right. Flag on the play. Chris Rutledge is flagged for holding. So much for my story on Friday.
- On first and 20 at the 20, Wright completes an 8-yard pass to Leonard Hankerson. On second and 12, Kayne Farquharson again -- first down Canes at the 40. Right at the marker. And now we have a review. It counts.
- After a Javarris James run for 3, Wright finds James for an 8-yard gain up to the Duke 49.
- On first down, Darnell Jenkins gets a flare pass but drops it. On second down, Javarris James gets stuffed on a run. On third down, Wright is intercepted when cornerback Leon Wright steps in front of his pass to Leonard Hankerson with 10:45 left. Canes offense is sloppy.

DUKE's 6th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 45)
- On first down, Thaddeus Lewis scrambles for 7 yards and fumbles, but again Duke pounces on it. On the next play, Duke picks up a first down on a run.
- On first down at the UM 41, Lewis gets sacked by Antonio Dixon and Teraz McCray for a 1-yard loss. On second down, Lewis runs a shuffle pass to Ronnie Drummer that moves the ball down to the 30 bringing up third and 1. On the next play, fullback Clifford Harris picks up the first down.
- On second and 10 at the 27, Lewis scrambles forward and fumbles as he's falling. Glenn Sharpe pounces on it. How about a play for Mr. Sharpe! 8:18 left in the quarter.
- Miami offense anyone?

UM's 7th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 15, 8:18 left)
- On first down, Farquharson takes a quick flare pass for a 9-yard gain. On second down, Graig COOOOOOOOPER runs right around the corner for a 15-yard gain to the 35.
- On first down, Cooper shuffles his feet forward for a 4-yard gain. Edwin Pope says -- this guy can motor!
- How about this Edwin? On second down, the Canes go up top and Darnell Jenkins races down the Duke sideline for a 43-yard catch down to the Duke 11-yard line. But on the next play, that No. 7 for Duke picks off Wright again in the end zone. Wright was looking for Lance Leggett in the back of the end zone. Mistake No. 2 for Mr. Wright. Not good.

DUKE'S 7th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 20, 6:44 left)
- On first down, Duke runs the end around to Erron Riley who escapes a Calais Campbell tackle on the play for a gain of six. Where has Calais been all day?
- On second down, Duke runs the option again and picks up four yards, brging up another 3rd and 1. On the next play, Duke runs the option again, Re'Quan Boyette runs for 15 yards. Carlos Armour looked asleep on that play.
- On first down at the Duke 44, Lewis keeps the ball on the option and gets hit for no gain. On second down, Lewis pass is incomplete, but Calais Campbell gets flagged for roughing the passer, giving Duke a first down at the UM 41. Shannon immediately takes Campbell out.
- On first down at the UM 41, Ronnie Drummer takes a handoff and gets nothing. On second down, Lewis tries to go deep down the sideline to Erron Riley, but overthrows him. A good pass would have been a TD. On third down and 10, Ronnie Drummer takes a screen pass to the right and follows his blockers down field for a 40-yard touchdown with 4:35 left. UM 10, Duke 7. WE GOT A BALLGAME!

UM's 8th DRIVE (1st and 10 at UM 32, 4:24 left)
- Shawnbrey McNeal gives UM good field position with a return out to the 32.
- On first down, Wright throws a quick flare pass to Kayne Farquharson, who slips down for no gain. Where is Miami's offense from last Thursday?
- On second down, UM runs the sweep right and Javarris James loses a yard. On third and 11 at the 31, Wright scrambles forward four yards. Miami will punt. Bosher gets off a weak 32-yarder. Canes look in trouble here.

DUKE's 8th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 34, 2:12 left)
- On first down, running back Justin Boyle gets nothing. Duke gets flagged for holding. OB crowd is starting to get fired up here. Canes need some help. After a first down screen pass gains 2 yards when Colin McCarthy misses a tackle in the backfield, Ra'Quan Boyett picks up 17 to bring up another 3rd and 1 at the Duke 43.
- On third and one, Boyle falls forward close to the marker. After a measurement, its a first down. END OF THE QUARTER. WE GOT A BALLGAME!

UM's 3rd DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 20, 13:30 left).
- Before the Canes get started, Sebastian The Ibis gives us our favorite, another rendition of the Soulja boy dance. Small crowd today, though. Upper deck is empty. Kind of sad considering its such a beautfiul day.
- On first down, Graig Cooper gets his first carry, picking up two up the middle. On the next play, Wright fakes a handoff and runs up field for a first down at the UM 31. On second down, the Canes give up their second sack hwen Patrick Bailey breaks through and hits Wright for a 7-yard loss. To top it off, Chris Rutledge gets flagged for holding. On second down, Kyle Wright decides to run and piks up about 10 yards on a scramble bringing up 3rd and 7 at the UM 34.
- On third down, Wright escapes another potential sack and completes a short pass to Darnell Jenkins who picks up 11 yards and a first down. Nice, nice play to keep the drive going.
- On first down, Cooper picks up a short gain. Right tackle Chris Rutledge goes down with what looks like a neck injury. He's getting massaged by UM's trainers. The drive continues. On second down, Wright scrambles ahead for a first down. Wait a minute. Holding on UM. Jason Fox picks up just the lines' third holding penalty of the season. Miami is eventually forced to punt. Duke takes over at its own 22.

DUKE's 4th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 22, 8:42 left)
- On first down, Duke quarterback Thaddeus Lewis completes a short pass to Jomar Wright for an 8-yard gain. Carlos Armour is on the coverage and makes an immediate hit. On second down, Duke fullback Clifford Harris finds himself wide open down the middle of the field on a short pass. He rumbles and stumbles for a 31-yard gain before safeties Willie Cooper and Kenny Phillips combine on the tackle. Duke has the ball at the UM 39.
- After a first down incompletion and a run for no gain, Lewis completes a four-yard pass to Sheldon Bell at the 35. He gets hit immediately by Tavares Gooden. Duke goes for it on fourth down and Lewis' pass intended for Brandon King is incomplete. Kenny Phillips was there to provide the coverage. UM takes over at its own 35 with 6:10 to go in the half.
- Canes have blown a few coverages here in the early going. The 31-yard gain looked like some confusion between the linebackers and safeties.

UM's 4th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 35, 6:10 left).
- On first down, James runs a sweep to the fightr for a 4-yard gain. Miami's running game hasn't been able to get going really. James had a nice 16-yard run earlier, but the Canes have been bottled up.
- On second down, James takes a pitch left and runs for five yards on a power sweep bringing up 3rd and 1. On the next play, James does not get the first down. He runs up the middle and gets stuffed. Duke's defense has come to play today. They are doing a nice job shutting the running game down. Miami punts and Matt Bosher gets off a nice 36-yarder that had a ton of hangtime. Duke calls a fair catch at its 20 with 4:17 to play in the half.

DUKE's 5th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the Duke 20)
- Duke has back to back runs to bring up a third and 2 at the 28. On the next play, again fullback Clifford Harris finds himself open out of the backfield. He picks up 19 yards to the Duke 47. Miami's linebackers are having communication issues again.
- On first down, Duke's Justin Boyle fumbles a pitch back at the 40-yard line for a 7-yard loss. On second down, Thaddeus Lewis completes a 10-yard pass over the middle where safety Randy Phillips makes the stop. On third down and 7, Lewis scrambles for his life. Vegas Franklin again providing the pressure. Lewis gets sacked by Teraz McCray. Duke punts with 1:22 left in the half. The punt gets stopped down at the 1-yard line. Big play by the Blue Devils.

UM's 5th DRIVE (1st and 10 at the UM 1)
- On first down, Wright sneaks for 2-yards forward. On second down, Graig Cooper runs full speed ahead for a 30-yard gain and the biggest play of the game yet for the Canes. UM has the ball on its own 33 with :29 left.
- On the next play, Cooper takes a screen pass for a 25-yard gain down to the Duke 43. COOOOOOP!
- On second down, Farquharson hauls in a quick out pass and steps out of bounds at the 33. It's 3rd and 1 at the Duke 33. On the next play, James sweeps left for 8 yards and steps out of bounds with 7 seconds left in the half. Miami is going to attempt a 42-yard field goal attempt. It sails wide right. No good. END OF HALF.

DUKE'S 1st DRIVE (1st and 10 at Duke 19)
- On first down, Antonio Dixon -- my boy -- hits Thaddeus Lewis in the backfield for a sack back at the 7. After a delay of game penalty, Lewis completes two short passes before Duke is forced to punt. Miami will take over inside Duke territory.

UM'S 1ST DRIVE (1st and 10 at Duke 46)
- On first down, Miami lines up with four receivers in the shot gun and runs a screen to Javarris James who picks up 14 yards to the Duke 32.
- On the next play, James runs up the gut for a 6-yard gain. On second and four, James gets stuffed after a one-yard gain. On third down, Lance Leggett makes a tough catch over the middle for a gain of five. Miami has a first and 10 at the Duke 19.
- On the next play, James runs left down to the Duke 7. After a run that lost four yards, Wright completed a 6-yard pass to Dajleon Farr on second down. On the next play, Kayne Farquarson goes up and hauls in a pass in the back of the end zone to put Miami up 7-0. Heck of catch. 8 plays, 46 yards, 3:45. UM 7, DUKE 0.
- On the drive, Kyle Wright passed Jim Kelly on the school's career completion list for ninth all-time. Kelly had 376 career completions. He also moved into 10th all-time in passing yards, passing George Mira (4,633 yards).

DUKE'S 2nd DRIVE (1st and 10 at Duke 23)
- On first down, Vegas Franklin sacks Lewis back at the 10-yard line. Franklin leads the team with 4.5 sacks. Duke ends up punting. Lewis has been hit three times in all during this drive. Willie Cooper made a nice tackle on third down and long to stop Duke 2 yards short of the first down. Miami takes over at its own 39.
- I smell blowout. Looks like Randy Shannon really kept the guys focused this week.

UM'S 2nd DRIVE (1st and 10 at UM 39, 5:43 left in the quarter)
- On first down, Kyle Wright rolls right and hits Lance Leggett on a beautfiul out pattern at the Duke 45. Big pickup.
- On first down at the 45, Javarris James takes a handoff and cuts back up field, bowling over a defender on his way to a 16-yard gain. Another UM first down.
- On the next play, Wright holds onto the ball for too long and gets sacked for a 4-yard loss. On second down, Wright overthrows a wide open Graig Cooper. On third and 14 at the Duke 33, Wright connects on a short pass to Chris Zellner. Miami is going to have to kick a field goal.
- The kick is good, a 47-yarder and career long by Francesco Zampogna. He's 9 of 12 now for the year. Not a bad 6th-year walk-on this guy. Drive: 6 plays, 32 yards, 1:56. UM 10, Duke 0.

DUKE'S 3rd DRIVE (1st and 10 at Duke 19)
- Duke gets a nice return on the kicoff, out to their own 40. But it gets nullified by a penalty. The new starters didn't look good there for Miami.
- On first down, Re'Quan Boyette picks up 3 yards. On second down, Boyett carries again, but is hit in the backfield by middle linebacker Tavares Gooden, the team leader in tackles. On second down, Thaddeus Lewis completes a short pass to a wide open to Jomar Wright for a first down to the Duke 32. Looks like a blown coverage.
- On first down, UM cornerback Bruce Johnson gets flagged for defensive holding. The Blue Devils move up 10 yards. On first down at the 42, Boyett carries, but gets hit immediately by Tavares Gooden. On second down, Wright hauls in a pass at the 39, but fumbles. Unfortunately for UM, DeMarcus Van Dyke can't recover the fumble as the ball goes through his hands. Duke recovers at the UM 39.
- On first down at the UM 39, Boyett runs up the middle and once again is stuffed. The Canes defense isn't going to give up much. The Canes don't give up much (2.9 avg). Blue Devils don't run for much (2.0). One second and 9, Lewis get yanked down by Eric Moncur and Calais Campbell. No gain. On third down, there's that man again -- Vegas Franklin sacks Lewis for a loss of three. It's 4th and 13 at the UM 42. Duke is punting.

I didn't give my keys to the game this week. But I'll give you a quick version before they get started.
1. Show consistency. Miami hasn't done that in a while. Last week's win over Texas A&M was nice. But it would be good to see the Canes blow Duke away and not show up and put up a 23-9 effort like it did against FIU.
2. Limit turnovers. Enough with the fumblitis.
3. Throw the ball some more. Kyle Wright had his best game against A&M. How about topping it this week against a weak pass defense?
4. Don't let Thaddeus Lewis beat you. He got out of Miami-Dade. It would be nice to see Miami's recouped secondary have a nice day against him. He's really Duke's only offensive weapon.
5. Finish. Canes have been outscored 46-10 in the fourth quarter this season. Miami has to finish strong this week.

My prediction: UM 38, Duke 7. Kyle Wright will throw for over 300 yards in this one and the defense will have another big day creating turnovers. Canes will finish in the fourth quarter.


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3 & 9

boy -- im following the game on espn gametracker. i try not to get too emotional and keep the bashing down but this is really pathetic

The thing that scares me is our lousy 4th quarter play this year....
*fingers crossed*

Miami face mask ... 1st down


I hear ya TT----I'm in Pittsburgh getting text messages left and right from friends making fun of my CANES!!!!

This is no good! I don't want my saturday ruined!!!

coach challenge upheld

roughing the passer Vegas ... 1st down

3rd & 5

4th & 5

Eric Moncur SACK!

COOP 26yd run

THAT'S what i'm talking about!!!!!


Kyle/Farr TD 24-14 YES!

NICE-----bring on UNC!!!

GO CANES, they all can't be pretty.

wow -- randy must have read some seriuos riot act! lets wrap this up. i think there is going to be one heck of a week of practice coming up for these guys!!!


True dat. But do they have to be this ugly? lol

8 sacks ... D

Kyle 18-21, 223yds, 2TDs ... 2 ints

Damit man...should have taken the points!

We won't beat GT next week if we play this way. Incredible how we only won by 10 against Duke.

Let's face it, 3-4 losses this year

My bad...i meant GT in two weeks. They better have good week at practice to beat NC.

10-3 isn't bad after last year's debacle. Gotta crawl before you walk

hey a win is a win dat all dat matters

VA-tect only won by 7 so the ACC is down this yr

You don't have to be ranked or win pretty to win the conference. And that's all Miami has left to play for. Beauty-points only factors into the race for #1. That being said, Miami can't turn in another lazy effort and expect to win the road games ahead. And they cannot keep leaving at least 14-20 points on the field week in and week out. They had the opportunity to have this game 20-0 midway through the third quarter and get into pull-away mode and blew it. Fortunately there are no more elite passers until Boston College to worry about (and yes I think Lewis is an elite QB, too bad the rest of his team sucks).

One game at a time people. This crappy win doesn't equal three or four losses anymore than the Texas A&M game guaranteed a 12-1 season. I was at the Rutgers game in 2002 and a Dorsey-led team trailed 17-14 after 3 quarters. You gotta bring it every week, and every week you field a different team. Look at LSU winning only 10-9 at halftime or the Gators struggling at Ole Miss last week. Every week is a new story, and I hope next week is a better one! Go Canes!

Duke is the door mat of the ACC, so why are we talking like this is a good win. The Canes, coaches and we Cane fans should be worried. If you can't walk on your door mat, how are you going to walk on your carpet? The defensive played well but 41 and 31 yard touch-downs just won't get it done. Wright must have wanted his name sake to look good because he threw it to him twice. How can you gain over 400 yards and struggle to score 24 points? It was a win but not one to celebrate.

I think next week will depend on which QB plays better, or I should say the worst.


I know we don`t have the right quarterback yet but we need to run the spread offense next year just amagine the U with all our atheletes running the spread offense. WOW!!! and our defense can help out with scoring points i think by being more aggresive on defense(ATTACK) blitzes,zone blitzes,Fake blitzes to create more turnovers and shortening the field. Our 4-3 read and react defense is way too vanilla. please get more aggressive on defense. Canes fan i ask u a question when was the last time our defense scored a touchdown?

colorado shocks oklahoma!


You Canes' fan card shall be revoked if you ever mention the "spread offense" and the University of Miami again in the same sentence again. Unless you are describing the beating that Urban Cryer's team will take next year with that gimmiky circus act of an offense.

Agreed with Optimus Cane. Reading "spread offense" and "UM" in the same sentence almost made me puke.

kansas st upset #7texas!

maryland undressed #10runtgers!

Three points- Please stop blaming Coker for cane problems. ( go cane blog) he had nothing to do with the holding calls , personal fouls and interceptions. We were the clearly better team with his players. these pots that Coker " ruined the team" are ridiculous. Shannons' terrific but today was not a great coaching job. Many mistakes , blown coverages and too many penalities.
2) the offense scheme. Northwestern plays the spread ( as many high schools do) The Dolphins and most NFL teams play the pro set , sometimes spreading out 4 receivers. So do the Canes .It's all execution.
3) why no shout out for Kirby? He lead a Td drive , didn't turn the ball over and his "ugly pass"was forced. Thank you Kirby, for contributions today. We won and you were part of the victory.

Kirby led us to a TD drive? He had like 30 yards to drive, and needed a PI call in the endzone to get us to the 2 and half yard. Then we punched it in. Not to mention that on that awesome TD drive he led us to, he was an amazing 0 for 1. He contributed jack.

Canester , you are an idiot Was he responsible for the Interference call. He ran for 15 yards didn't turn it over and we scored! A 30 yard TD drive is TD drive. What a moron! What would you have done? been tackled and in the freakin hospital. Yea you are a great team player. You idiot

after seeing the world or college football turned upside down today, was glad to escape the orange bowl with a win. this guy from duke may be the best qb miami faces except for boston college and virginia this year, but on the other hand, if the canes play like this next week at UNC, they will lose:

i understand that the team was flat after a big emotional game, but the penalties, offsides, holding, late hits were all unacceptable and the players need to be punished this week in pratice for it.

hope to get shields and hill back for the north carolina game...will need them.

liked cooper in the slot and james in the backfield...hope to see that formation much more in the future.

offensive line looked like last years line. wont win 8 games this year unless the line cuts down on mistakes and missed assingments.

while i still think UM's db's are just missing assingments and look confused at times, i think they are starting to play better with k phillips, cooper, glen sharpe and chavez grant and johnson and armour in the game in nickel coverage and putting dvd and r. phillips on the bench. those two have been blowing alot of assingments lately and those two hurt the team at oklahoma. dbs still look confused on a lot of formation switches.

i thought the playcalling was excellent. go canes

down goes the gaturd : )

ok so we beat Duke by 10.... now lets look at how this day went....Irish lose again...0-5.... and the gaytors lost oh that was priceless seeing shebow with his headset on the sideline while AU's kicker made the winning field goal....TWICE.... and those fans crying.... its something ill treasure forever...now to the canes good game... Kyle was impressive again... i saw him take that hit in the end of 3rd qtr ( I WAS THERE!!!) and my first thought honestly well two at once... reaction was oooooh....next was OH NO KIRBY... thank goodness Coach nix just had him there to hand the ball off... but when he dropped back... my heart stopped.... well canes another victory one game at a time... one step at a time.... its a journey to the top of the mountain... and Coach Shannon is leading the way... I sincerely love his enthusiasm on the sideline... the way he talks to these kids after they made a mistake...like men.... and not throwing his visor around....*cough*....

oh yeah and.. who the hell said the U should go to a spread offense... im sorry THE U breeds pros...

On a day like today, when everyone was losing, I am more than happy w/ a 24-14 win. It has been a long time since we saw something like today happen and I am glad the Canes were not on the losing end.

http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e222/gocanes182/grandma2-1.jpg after further review ... the gaturd still SUCKS!

Canester , you are an idiot Was he responsible for the Interference call. He ran for 15 yards didn't turn it over and we scored! A 30 yard TD drive is TD drive. What a moron! What would you have done? been tackled and in the freakin hospital. Yea you are a great team player. You idiot

Posted by: double d from dallas | September 29, 2007 at 10:26 PM why the name-calling ...

hey a win is a win dat all dat matters

Posted by: NY canefan | September 29, 2007 at 03:23 PM AMEN

look out the window ... we dodged a downpour : )

double d from dallas, who was the coach last season?

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