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Game day blog: UM 23, FIU 9 (F)

It's over at the OB. I'm up here in Dallas for the Southlake Carroll-Northwestern game here at Gerald Ford Stadium on the campus of SMU. I didn't watch the game, but was listening and following online.

Here's my glass half-full take:
- At least the Canes aren't Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are getting blitzed 31-0 by Michigan.
- Aside from one big play by FIU when Spencer Adkins got beat by the fullback for a 60-yard score, the Canes secondary played much better. FIU had three yards passing and has been picked twice.
- The Canes put up over 400 yards offense -- just not enough points against this team.
- Kyle Wright and Darnell Jenkins are getting on the same page frequently. That's good news.

Here's my glass half-empty take on the game
- The Canes offense still looks inept. Wright had 61 yards passing, 1 INT in the first half. Then, he threw another pick and fumbled. But from what I've read from play by play, it seems like he's still holding onto the ball too long. At least he's connected downfield for a few big plays -- including an 80-yard touchdown pass to Lance Leggett.
- Penalties. Too many. 11 for 78 at last count.

Feed me your take Canes fans. Reminder. Andre Fernandez and I will be live blogging here on the High Schools Sports Blog once this game gets underway.


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We suck - this offense blows monkey balls and is years away from being good.

I'm at a loss for words.....STINK comes to mind. Does it matter who is at QB???

A&M gonna serve us our gonads on a plate Thursday...

Oh well...it's only the 3rd game and there IS a reason why we aren't ranked. I'm going to the bar. Later Can Nation!
See you Thursday....

It is evident we are just an average team. We need to upgrade our talent on offense in a major way. We just have the playmakers of the past. Still hopeful CANE FOR LIFE

This is pathetic. This FIU team is one of the worst in the entire nation. We are calling bad plays and can't execute them. One call comes to mind, at the end of the First half we had the ball in the redzone and with 20 seconds left. What did we call... a draw play. This is not why we went out and got Patrick Nix. Make some play calls coach, this is rediculous.

I'm getting drunk Thursday, GO CANES!!!!

If your getting recruited by the Canes, don't be discouraged. If anything you should be motivated knowing that when you come in next year you may get some major playing time, or may even start. We need to stock up with local talent.

Go Canes!!

If your getting recruited by the Canes, don't be discouraged. If anything you should be motivated knowing that when you come in next year you may get some major playing time, or may even start. We need to stock up with local talent.

Go Canes!!

Word Oscar.


Go scrotum scratchers...

although I am little tipsy at the moment, I have to say It looked to me like KW was getting the ball off in rhythm. Sometimes he was throwing it too early.

OK Again you guys are showing just how uneducated you are. Yes we do look like a average team but what did you expect? We were 7-6 last year people! We had a game today, not a scrimmage. FIU is an up and coming program with a great head coach. A head coach who just happened to spend almost his entire career at the U. A coach who's entire staff had been at the U in some shape or form. This team knows every weakness we have! Give credit to FIU. They've only been a football team for 6 years. Kyle did a good job 75% of the time. Good throws except for when he tried to force the ball between defenders. BUT, we already knew he wasn't a superstar QB. The runningbacks looked great but we ran entirely to much. FIU knew what we were going to do 90% of the time(Shotgun Handoff). I think we are getting better as a team but I am growing more and more impatient with Nix's playcalling. Look what happened when we finally did throw the ball downfield at the end of the game. We looked reminisent to the old canes. Now we just gotta get Nix to back up the statements he made when he first came here about being aggressive on offense! All in All I am satisfied with the win. We are getting better each week and TAMU might just get a surprise Thursday night. Canes Fans Unite!!

FIU is an up and coming program with a great head coach. Posted by: HuffytheKidd | September 15, 2007 at 07:22 PM alice in wonderland

fui = perennial pipsqueaks

huffytheKidd: if Mario is a great head coach ... what's bill walsh, don shula & vince lombardi? HYPERBOLE

This is pathetic. This FIU team is one of the worst in the entire nation. Posted by: Cane Fan | September 15, 2007 at 06:44 PM we imposed our will; the outcome was never in doubt.

Everyone should just be happy if we can get through this season at .500/bowl eligible next year and look forward to the 2009 season.

Jeff Stoutland > Mario Cristobal


OK we need to get marve healthy let him start and see what we got. Our offense sucks cause our qb sucks bad. It is difficult to call a wide open game when you don;t trust your qb and its evident nix doesnt trust his qbs. Marve is the only answer this year next year mabey the kid from northwestern and marve will give us 2 qbs who actually have talent and can play.


I really don't agree with a lot of what you say, but you are 100% correct about this:

"Jeff Stoutland > Mario Cristobal"

Our O-line is the only unit that is significantly better than last year. Stoutland deserves all the credit in the world for this (and give Shannon credit for bringing him here).

ok so THE U isnt the dominant team we are used to seeing....so what we're retooling....stop being so critical of every move...these are Cokers kids realize that then cry a river build a bridge and get over it....it doesnt matter how we win as long as its a W all you need is one more point than the opponent....yes its a tough and rough pill for even me to swallow...but oh well we're in a weak conference and we might get better as the season goes on....but I still dont like the playcalling only thing that im not happy at all with...

yea the offense looked terrible,s till no identity. whats up with the jc wr kanye f. thought he was suppose to be an imediate impact. are we saving the cooper and james package for later?

PATRICK NIX NEEDS TO GO!!!! He's the weak link. Once again, when #5 is on the field, #2 is off the field. The run game doesn't have a I-formation--mostly shotgun. The play callin on offense is predictable.

Give me a break! It is not the playcalling! It is the lack of talent on offense. Wright is a terrible decision maker. Now he has time because the O-Line is much improved, and he still has trouble hitting open receivers. With the time he has, there HAS to be open receivers. The way it sounds is that you would have Nix call passing plays all game and not utilize our one strength which is our running game. The problem is is that DC's can stack the box because they know very well that our QB will likely not be able to get the ball to our receivers, or will make a dumb play. I will give Wright some credit today, is that he did have some nice throws, but still had some really bad throws and decisions. Sadly, he is our best option though because Kirby can't throw a 5 yard out. This U will get better, when it gets better talent, plain and simple. Which as we all know is on its way. Hopefully Wright will show some more improvement and better decision making and we can have a half decent season this year. Next year is what I am looking forward too. GO CANES!!!

I wish people would get of Nix's back. Yeah a couple of dumb calls but the talent at qb is the problem he can't go out there and make decisions for the qb's. NO COACHING STAFF CAN COACH UP KYLE WRIGHT. Kirby isn't the answer but if Kyle is going to keep running instead of throwing put in Kirby because he is the better runner. Kyle locks on or runs in fear. He doesn't scan the field. I wish Marve wasn't injuried.

After three games, there is little to make me believe that the Canes can beat a quality opponent.

--- Time after time, the offense is set up in prime field position and does nothing.

--- If the running game is taken away, our offense is completely neutered.

--- The defense is gashed for too many big plays and is routinely frustrated by mobile QBs running up the middle, although the unit does come up with turnovers.

--- The kicking game is troubling.

--- Penalties. How many times was the offense offsides? And for what? An FIU player was on the other side of the ball, for God's sake!

Texas A&M beat UL-Monroe 54-14 yesterday. It was 41-7 after three quarters, so you know their starters played only 2 1/2 quarters. Meanwhile, our starters had the play the entire game. We may tire out Thursday in the fourth quarter. But at this point, if the game is close at that juncture, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

a win is a win, GO CANES FOR LIFE, but

1. If the linebackers and secondary dont get on the same page, then texas a and m is gonna score time after time and gain yards on qb draws. they cant throw the ball either, but they have one of the best running qbs in the nation, which gives the canes lots of problems. even this kid from fiu ran for some qb draw yardage. they did not show today that our linebackers read offensive plays that well...

2. did anyone else notice that the lone touchdown of the game was scored when guess who...randy phillips was in at safety on that side of the field and again was not in position...i know they think he is talented, but he is consistently out of position and is solely responsible for 6 big plays this year at least...when he was kept on the sideline, our secondary did fine...when he was out there, the secondary suffered. the d line is so banged up that the secondary and linebackers have to step up for the defense to be dominant.

3. the offense is what it is. where has sam shields disappeared to? the running backs need to catch more passes out of the backfield. why no cooper and james in the backfield? was extremely disppointed by the holding and offsides penalties...way too many...a step backwards there. this offense has to learn to score touchdowns in the red zone or this could be another 7-6 year or worse.

4. kyle wright was put in a position by the coaching staff to make plays to playmakers, but just didnt read through his progressions quick enough. i think the speed of the game is to quick for him at times. he has trouble reading defenses quickly, and reacts by either scrambling or throwing inaccruate passes. he is the best availalbe option with marve sidelined, but unless he looks off his first option and reads d's quicker, the offense is in trouble the rest of this season.

5. college football has a lot to do with how much experience and talent you have on the field...it is just sad to see UM waste an experienced offensive line and good offensive line on a sad offense. the offensive line is the only unit that gets a solid good grade for this game.

6. thank god that lance legget caught a pass.

7. this canes team is not physical enough. watch how physical texas a and m plays on thursday night...unless texas a and m turns the ball over a lot (which they do not do that often), miami is in trouble. in college football, you have to dominate in the trenches...and miami is not dominante enough in that area

8. i wanted to see how this team responded, if they got mad or took it out on the other team after the embarrassing loss last week. i thought they came out flat, and thought they didnt have that same fight that we saw in years past. the coaches need to challenge these juniors and seniors to get this team a little more emotionally charged...they will need that edge on thursday against a and m.

This team is not playing with confidence. We need someone to step up and lead us to a big win. Then the other players will have confidence. We need to turn field goals into TDS and then this game is a rout.


I really don't agree with a lot of what you say, but Posted by: Displaced Cane in Chi-Town | September 15, 2007 at 11:07 PM why not ; ) tap into the light side, jedi warrior ...

you didn't care about the match-up with the tier-4 commuter wannabe ... how do you think our guys felt?

I think we looked like an offense with little talent. Freeman continues to make bad decisions, fails to make his reads and throws off his back foot. We need a QB. Our receivers looked a bit better in this game but I see nobody lifting his game to make plays. The running game looks solid.

I would certainly ride the offensive line very hard this week for all the stupid lack-of-concentration penalities. They killed us in several possessions.

But as long as our QBs throw more INT's than TD's we won't win a lot of games. Put the lack of success where it belongs: on the QB's and receivers.

never again

if we scored 10 more points (FZ 27yd missed fg, KW goal line int) would you feel better? would it matter?

hold on ... the cavalry's coming ... how 'bout them northwestern bulls : )

TEXAS A&M 24 UM 14

You just watch!! Nix stinks.

miserable mississippi state beat auburn. does that diminish usf's overtime upset?

realist = pessimist

EVANSTON, Ill. (AP) - Duke snapped the longest losing streak in the country at 22 games, beating Northwestern 20-14 Saturday night.

(AP) To be safe, the ACC sent its top referee, Jack Childress, to keep order, and his crew set a strict tone. There were four 15-yard penalties in the first quarter alone. For the game, the teams were flagged 22 times for 176 yards.

For all those who think the Canes are done. I'm an old guy and have watched the Canes my whole life. I saw the start of Canes dominance and probation period. I also moved to Tampa and attended USF games watching them become an underrated power.
DON'T LOSE HOPE! This happens to teams from time to time. We Canes fans are spoiled, but if Randy can keep those recruits coming in.... then we will see a NC within 10 years. Maybe sooner than later.

(AP) Several fans were ejected, some of them dragged out by police and security guards, for altercations in the Orange Bowl stands.

never again

It's all about talent Miami does not enjoy the superior talent on the field that they had 5 years ago. You could wake Knute Rockne from his dirt nap to lead the Canes and it would not make a difference

Wright is still wrong, but what other choices? He should have been picked twice more. At the game last night and fpor all you Marve fans Jacory is in the hunt. Unflappable. thru an awesome fade to AJ, and hit the deep passes. Looked better then KW.
I'm cringing at Thursdays game, AM should have lost last week, they are a sorry team, OSU gets Killed by Troy and Texas barely wins at UCF, yet I have no confidence UM can handle this Little 12 no passing team

Kyle may not be top caliber, but he's way better than Freeman. Just look at their total numbers, at least Wright can move the ball down field...or better yet compare their performances against the same team: Oklahoma. We can win the games we should win with Wright and maybe pull off a couple of upsets...then rebuild with Marve and Harris.

We have the one of the worst QB tandems in college football. These guys have not been coached well since they arrived at the U. One guy is guts and glory and the other a robot. But neither have any poise or field awareness.

We need R Marve to get some playing time this year and hope the T Cook and J Harris come in and get coached up by Nix.

O-Line will be good (if Stoutland stays) and once QB is settled we should be able to get back to thinking NC every year. We have plenty of local talent to supply DB's, WR's, LB's and such.

This year is a learning experience for Randy and CO. Give these guys a chance!

National Champs with who at QB?
Kosar, Walsh, Erickson,Toretta, and Dorsey.

Not a group of strong-armed pretty boys like Kyle Wright. Even Strong-armed Testerverde choked in the bowl games.
What did those other QBS have? L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P! C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!

Throw Wright. Freeman in with Covington, Kelley, Costa, and the rest of the also rans.

National Champs with who at QB?
Kosar, Walsh, Erickson,Toretta, and Dorsey.

Not a group of strong-armed pretty boys like Kyle Wright. Even Strong-armed Testerverde choked in the bowl games.
What did those other QBS have? L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P! C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!

Throw Wright. Freeman in with Covington, Kelley, Costa, and the rest of the also rans.

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