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Game day blog: Sooners 51, UM 13 (F)

Looks like the UM bandwagon is going to get a little bit lighter after this week. This game was supposed to be an opportunity for the University of Miami to make a loud statement on national TV against the country's fifth-ranked team. Instead, the Canes are leaving Norman with a whimper and appear headed toward some more quarterback controversy.

The game itself looked ugly at first. The Canes were down 21-3 when an ineffective Kirby Freeman was replaced by Kyle Wright. Then it was 21-13. But the Canes just couldn't seem to defend Oklahoma's passing game today, which has gone for over 230 yards. The secondary couldn't match the speed of OU's receivers. UM's running game? Virtually non-existant. The offense, which basically has been non-existant for years, has proven yet again it can't produce in the big game.

The real question is where the Canes go from here. Do they fall apart like they did last year after getting housed by Louisville on the road? Or does this game light a fire in their rears? I'll be in the lockerroom after the game to get a sense of how they feel.

Now, you tell me how you feel. How do you feel about Kyle Wright now? I've always felt he was the better passer. And so far at least today, he's proven to be more effective than Kirby. What are your thoughts on him replacing Kirby permenantly? Robert Marve anyone? Where's Patrick Nix's new and imprved offense?


- Kyle Wright entered the game at quarterback with 7:52 to play in the first half and led UM to a few solid drives, including its only TD right before the half.
- Calais Campbell had a sack and made a huge play on a fake field goal to setup Miami's only touchdown.
- UM's secondary has been beaten early and often for touchdowns. Randy Phillips was beaten three times for scores.
- Kirby Freeman, who struggled all afternoon. Both of his completions were screen passes. He had two passes nearly intercepted.

4th quarter highlights | lowlights
- Can't say I honestly paid attention after it was 31-13. Just noticed how Randy Phillips continues to get burned.
- Why Freeman is in the game is beyond me. I think this proves he can't run this offense against quality competition. Wright isn't much better, but better.

3rd quarter highlights | lowlights
- OU picks up two quick first downs to start the half before Kenny Phillips forces a fumble and Randy Phillips recovers at the OU 46.
- After Wright connects with Jenkins for a 15-yard gain, the Canes are forced to settle for a field goal. But Francesco Zampogna delivers, drilling a 45-yarder to make it 21-13.
- Oklahoma gets a huge return by Orlando Iglesias down to the UM 47. Carlos Armour had a chance to make the tackle at about the OU 40, but missed it. Kicker Daren Daly ended up making his second tackle of the game.
- Dwayne Hericks has limped off the field with a right leg injury with 9:48 left in the quarter. Lovon Ponder also has gone out with 9:12 left.
- OU is going for it on the UM 27. Chris Brown picks up the first down to keep the drive going.
- The drive gets help when Tavares Gooden gets flagged for a late hit while Bradford was running out of bounds. The Sooners eventually score on a 6-yard TD pass to tight end Jermaine Gresham to make it 28-13.
- UM does nothing with its next possession and the drive ends in a 3-and-out when Wright gets sacked at UM 17.
- Oklahoma gets another good possession and adds 3 more points to its lead on a 30-yard field goal by Garrett Hartley with 36 seconds left in the quarter. It's now 31-13.

UM: Miami has 6 first downs and 36 yards rushing on 22 attempts. Passing: Kyle Wright is 5 of 9 for 45 yards and a touchdown. Rushing: Cooper has 11 carries for 21 yards. James has 6 carries for 17 yards. Receiving: Darnell Jenkins 2 catches, 20 yards, Ryan Hill has two catches for 18 yards.
OU: Sooners have 9 first downs, 14 yards rushing on 16 attempts. Sam Bradford is 8 of 13 passing for 2 touchdowns. Rushing: Patrick Allen has 5 carries for 38 yards, Chris Brown has 18 yards on 6 carries.

My thoughts: The Canes are lucky to be down only 11 points. The story has been Kyle Wright, who replaced Kirby Freeman at quarterback with 7:52 left in the half. He drove Miami to its only touchdown, moving the team down field on 5 of 9 passing for 45 yards and a score. He was 3 for 3 on third down passing attempts on the drive.

Calais Campbell has had two huge plays -- a sack and special teams play in which he picked up a first down on a fake field goal attempt.

Miami fell behind 21-3 when Oklahoma returned a Javarris James fumble to the house. The secondary -- Randy Phillips and DeMarcus Van Dyke -- got beat for two touchdown passes in the first half.

1st quarter highlights | lowlights
- Marcus Walker's beautiful one-handed interception on the first play of the game gets reversed on review. But the Canes can't cash in and are forced to punt after a quick 3-and-out. Bosher's punt was 36 yards.
-  Sooners are moving the ball early through the air and the ground. Rain is now coming down hard.
- Malcolm Kelly caps Oklahoma's 1st drive with his 100th career reception, beating Randy Phillips for a touchdown strike. OU has 82 yards of offense. Miami has 7. OU leads 7-0.
- OU Redshirt freshman quarterback Sam Bradford has completed 23 consecutive passes between the opener and today.
- Reggie Youngblood and Javarris James get beat by OU defensive end Auston English in giving up the Canes first sack of the season on Miami's second possession. Freeman nearly gets picked again before the Canes are forced to punt again. Miami has 9 yards of total offense -- all thanks to Javarris James. Matt Bosher gets off an unimpressive 32-yarder. Rain has stopped.
- Oklahoma is forced to a quick three and out and the Canes catch a huge break when sophomore Derek Shaw snaps the ball way over the head of OU's punter, giving UM possession at the OU 8.
- The Canes, however, can't capitalize and are forced to attempt a field goal from the 3-yard line. The 20-yard attempt by Francesco Zampogna is good. Oklahoma 7, UM 3.
- OU is driving again, inside the Miami 40. Miami's secondary seems to be making every tackle along with Tavares Gooden.
- Oklahoma makes it 14-3 when Bradford hooks up with Kelly for a 24-yard touchdown pass. Freshman DeMarcus Van Dyke gets beat for the first time in his career, failing to wrap up on Kelly despite having his arms around his waist.
- This is where having something other than a running game comes in handy! Miami's pass offense has to step up now.
- Canes finally pick up a first down with 1:20 left in the quarter when Graig Cooper picks up 9 yards and 2 yards on the ground. Looks like offensive coordinator Patrick Nix might be turning to the run.
- Quarter ends with a big 3rd and 1 at UM 40. Oklahoma has 102 yards total offense -- that with the bad snap that wiped out about 50 yards. UM has 35 yards total offense. 3 passing.

2nd quarter highlights | lowlights
- Javarris James gets hit in the backfield on that big 3rd and 1 and Miami is forced to punt for the third time.
- Calais Campbell comes through with a huge sack, pushing OU back on a 3rd and long. Cooper makes a nice return on the punt before OU picks up a 15-yard flag for a facemask giving UM possession at the OU 35.
- But the momentum quickly swings on UM's first play. Freeman gets a bad snap. James fumbles, OU's Reggie Smith returns it 62 yards for a touchdown with 12:29 left in the second quarter. It's 21-3 OU.
- UM's sixth drive goes three and out. Lance Leggett stops on a deeply thrown ball. In a nutshell, Leggett's career.
- Nice play by Randy Phillips, stripping Juaquin Iglesias of the football on a 14-yard pass play. UM takes over at its 44.
- Canes can't do anything with it and are forced to punt again. Miami's passing game doesn't exist. The Secret O looks more like Secret "Doh!" UM has come out in a no-huddle offense. It's not working. Miami has one first down, 35 yards total offense. Freeman is 2 for 7 for 10 yards. Is it time for Kyle Wright?
- It's Kyle time. And his first pass is completed to an OU band member!
- Kyle comples a first down pass to Darnell Jenkins down to OU 41. Another third down, another first down for the Canes to Jenkins down to OU 28. Kyle picks up another first down on third down, this time to Ryan Hill. Miami is at the OU 15.
- What a play! Fake field goal. Calais Campbell catches the flip and falls forward, first down and goal at 3.
- What a crazy possession. Canes have first and goal at the OU 2 after a defensive pass interference play with 1:15 left in the half. Miami finall scores when Ryan Hill is found wide open in the end zone for a 6-yard score. OU 21, UM 10.

PREGAME: Norman is beaming with excitement. The student section inside Owen Field is already filled to near capicity two hours before the game. Field is wet. Been raining most of the night. But at least it looks the rain has stopped. I've got some photos to share. I'll post them later. Stay tuned for today's live blog which will constantly update. Kickoff is set for 12:08 p.m. Humidity is 88 percent. Temperature is 78 degree. Coin flip is coming up. Oklahoma won and has deferred to the second half.


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Nix couldn't make it happen with Calvin Johnson as receiver. I don't get why Shannon hired him.

As for QB position, until Canes get real QB(Marve is not the answer) they will continue going 7-6; maybe8-5. Defense will always be good, but I have questions about LB-U, wait...that's Penn State.

I can't wait for press conference. I hope they score 50 points on Defense.

Thug U probably walked across a campus one time on his way to pick his mom up at a dorm.

Ladies, i'm just being honest. The truth hurts. I haven't offended anyone, it is a reality.

Yes, I did go to college; unlike most Canes fans.

I wouldn't be surprised if Randy Phillips starts swinging his helmet. Some Canes fans might want that after today's game.

85K largest crowd in ou history

yeah bosworth was a great one as was charles thompson

If Randy Phillips is the best cornerback we have, it's going to be a long season. He's bad.

HA...51-13. You can make all your dumbass comments; it won't change the score.

Randy Phillips = burnt toast

clown college doesn't count

ThugU, you should tell everyone why the "college" you went to did not have a football team!

lots of people go to college, the key is did you graduate?

Actually if it makes you feel better; keep making comments about me. It might be entertaining to you guys.

I'm just being honest and my points are legit. If they aren't let me know where I'm wrong.

even though im not a player, this is the most embarrasing loss ive ever witnessed!!

no there have been worse losses...and the 'canes have bounced back from worse

come hell or high water, it's all about the U!

Of course, i graduate. My college is called FSU. You happy now? I was a UM fan growing up, but now I'm neutral about UM. All i'm speaking is the truth.

Your right Mike, this is as bad as it could have gone!...pack it up, mourn on the flight to Miami, and then get ready for the next opponent!


is fsu accredited in anything other than physical education?

even though im not a player, this is the most embarrasing loss ive ever witnessed!!

Posted by: mike | September 08, 2007 at 03:29 PM how long have you been watching football?

How sad, Kirby does not have the arm strength to even throw a nice wide reciever screen. He has put the ball close to the ground all day long on that play.
- Oh well, I still like this team and I do see improvement over last year. Just imagine how ugly this would have been with Coker on the sidelines. It might be 80-0 right now. They'll grow from this spanking and get much better.

Game over 51-13. Good luck next week against whomever you play. Just don't get embarrased again.

Go Dolphins and hope you all keep on crying about Thug-U.

syracuse against mcnabb & harrison was worse..it was a late season conference game

this was the worse loss ive ever witnessed as a miami fan...im not talking about other teams!!

lion: we followed that rout with the ucla upset

Just another pitiful performance from the remaining Coker's Chokers. When Shannon gets his recruits in there look out. and for OU and classless Stoops -payback will be hell for your childish running up the score.

1) The ABC announcers were so far up OU's butt their noses are brown, red, and white.

2) The ACC offcials continue to exhibit an inexcusable bias against the Canes -could our reciever get any more mugged on the first play from scrimmage.

3) The OL and sucks and the QB situation is hopeless with Larry's Leftover Losers.

OK, now that the Canes are officially out of the race for the National Championship ( Its not like there were ever in it in the first place since they weren't ranked), can we pleas see the freshman and sophomores. The seniors and juniors just aren't going to get it done. They haven't done anything in 3 to 4 years and there is no reason to expect anything different now. Shannon should treat this season like 98' or 99' and play for 08' nd 09'.

that's right..then built the program back to the 2000-03 levels..they'll be fine as long as they recruit, and nix gets his head out of his ass

mike: you're a hater




What do we have a bunch of 16 years olds posting? This loss was not all that bad. It really wasn't. We have no QB's and a weak OL, but the defense played well except for the continued blown coverags. 21-13 in the 3rd quarter. It fell apart after than unnecessary roughness call. OU just ran up the score like the losers they are.



1) The ABC announcers were so far up OU's butt their noses are brown, red, and white.

2) The ACC offcials continue to exhibit an inexcusable bias against the Canes -could our reciever get any more mugged on the first play from scrimmage.

3) The OL and sucks and the QB situation is hopeless with Larry's Leftover Losers.

Nice...looks like the same team to me. Stupid penalties in key situations. Break downs in coverage. We look absolutely lost. So much for Randy Shannon and his new no non sense attitude. He got schooled by Stoops. I was at least hoping Miami would keep it close.
We have no QB. Freeman sucks. He looks scared. He locks on the recievers and makes poor decisions too quick.
Georgia Tech will kick our ass too...again. We should have spent the money and got Mike Leach to run the offense and left Randy in the booth to run the D. Patrick Nix is an idiot. We are still so predictable.
Strap up your chinstraps Cane fans...we're in for yet another looooong and frustrating season. Count on it. Our running backs are too small and slow and the O line is soft. Rack me.

disappointed but undeterred

At least our players and fans have teeth. No dentists in Oklahoma?

dave: leach hire = Shannon exit

One dumbass FIU fan posts in capitals

stop with the excuses. how can u run up the score with your second and third string?? maybe canes defense is really that BAD for not being able to stop their freshmen! LOLOL

We have no QB. Freeman sucks. He looks scared. Posted by: Dave | September 08, 2007 at 03:44 PM bingo

Do the haters here realize Marshall scared the hell out of so-called #3 West Va today?

dave chill out on randy shannon...these are larry coker's players...you cant expect the offense to gel with all of larry coker's players...but the fact is ou was the better team today and we have to rebound and think about the acc teams....

Sad to say, but OU >> UM (this year)
There was no way we were ever going to the NC this year. All they should do is focus on being better than last year.

To be honest, there are a number of guys on this team that would not get a chance to play for most of the top 20 D-I programs, much less START. OF course in Coker's world all was possible. It will be some time before we overcome and get back to dominating ALL teams.

*initiating SMACK mode*


So, the redshirt frosh QB would be harranged and harassed all day by the UM DL, would he??? 19 of 25, 205 yards and FIVE touchdowns. And just like last week, some of those were downfield, particularly to MALCOLM KELLY. MISTER Bradford hardly even broke a sweat today, with just a couple of bumps here and there.

UM fans would LOVE to swap QBs right about now.

I'm just curious, but, WHERE was the 'secret offense' the UM players were so tight-lipped about? Was it 'throw deep on the first play'???? Frankly, the secret is out and.... the offense wasn't that great!

"Thunder and lightning"?? Try "fizzle and fart" instead.

450 yards total offense (less 40 yards for the bad punt). Defense, Shannon's specialty and the same defense from last year, was supposed to shut down Oklahoma. After all, Oklahoma couldn't POSSIBLY be any good since they played lowly UNT.

I think I remember predictions of UM 'domination' on defense. Obviously the bit was put into the Miami mouth instead. UM got their noses rubbed in it, and were made to LIKE it.

Did y'all see that look on Shannon's face mid-third quarter... "Damn, these guys are GOOD".

And yes, Oklahoma IS good.

*SMACK mode terminated*

Choker won in 2000 and 2001 with Butch's players (Dorsey, McGahee, Pportis, Gore, Johnson, etc.) Shannon is stuck with Choker's players. espcially lousy Qbs and lousy recievers.

Complaints from Miami faithful about running up the score are, as all know, hypocrisy. Look at your own history which is loaded with episodes of attempts to humiliate opponents. Up here in Idaho, we associate the U with winning, but not class.
Moreover, the last OU score was by second teamers on a pass play that was designed, if covered well, to gain maybe 10-15 yards and a first down.

Complaints from Miami faithful about running up the score are, as all know, hypocrisy. Look at your own history which is loaded with episodes of attempts to humiliate opponents. Up here in Idaho, we associate the U with winning, but not class.
Moreover, the last OU score was by second teamers on a pass play that was designed, if covered well, to gain maybe 10-15 yards and a first down.

Please only UM stuff. No FSU,FIU,UF,FAU stuff.

David Leach would have helped us score some points. Now go crush FI who?

texassooner: to the victor goes the spoils

rrr-payback will be hell that is a promise from all Cane fans. Up there in Idaho your men tap their feet in public toilets don't they?

Shannon is stuck with Choker's players. espcially lousy Qbs and lousy recievers.

Posted by: CaneFan | September 08, 2007 at 03:52 PM bingo

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