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Reviewing The Rout

It's 3:45 a.m. and I'm still working for you Canes fans. Just finished uploading all of the postgame audio from a pumped up UM lockerroom following the Canes' big 34-17 blowout of 20th-ranked Texas A&M.

Randy_shannon_runsoutI predicted a Canes victory. But not like this. UM was up 31-0 late before it became garbage time in the fourth quarter. A&M scored a cheap touchdown with five seconds left to make it look closer than it was. Coach Randy Shannon is sure to point out the mistakes -- he's a perfectionist -- when he meets with the media in a little over seven hours inside the Edgerrin James room. But there's a lot for Canes fans to be excited about today. Let's review.

- (I'm going to try and say this with confidence) The Hurricanes have an offense again. For the first time since... since... since... I can't remember... Miami's offense looked good in a big game. UM totaled 402 yards for the second straight game and scored more than 30 points for only the third time in the last 20 games.

Kylewright_throws- Kyle Wright was 21 of 26 for 275 yards and two touchdowns. He fumbled once, yes. But other than that, he looked nearly flawless and a lot like the No. 1 quarterback in the country Miami thought it was getting when he signed in 2003. Wright has officially staked his claim to the quarterback job -- until he looks like the old Kyle again. 

- As for Kirby Freeman, he can play backup the rest of this year, but he might want to start getting involved in the punting competition. Considering the struggles Miami's kickers have had, that might not be a bad idea. It is something Freeman did well in high school, averaging 43.3 yards a punt. When Jacory Harris, and Taylor Cook come in next year and Robert Marve gets healthy, odds are Freeman won't be taken seriously for the starting job when Miami can invest its time and energy into the other three. Besides, Matt Bosher may soon be out of a job. He had one punt for 26 yards. Daryl Strimple had one for 23 yards.

Vegasfranklin_hurtt_celebrate- Miami's defensive front seven is as solid as any in the country when healthy. Antonio Dixon started and showed his value in that rotation at defensive tackle, providing a solid plug alongside Teraz McCray and Dwayne Hendricks. Miami's defense may not be able to stop one of the country's top five teams, but it proved can keep its team in a game against a Top 25 team. A&M had the fifth-best rushing offense in the country coming in. Miami's D held it to 98 yards, the first time it had less than 100 in 22 games. That's saying something. Shoutout to Clint Hurtt by the way for the chest bump with Vegas Franklin. Big Hurtt's got about a 10-inch vertical!

- Here's an official shoutout to UM offensive coordinator Patrick Nix, whose wife is expected to deliver the families' fourth child at any moment. Mrs. Nix was at the game Thursday while her husband was finally looking like the coordinator Randy Shannon raved about. Nix called three direct snaps to running backs. Two ended in touchdowns. He also implemented more playaction passes -- well more because it was more successful than ever.

Dedrick_epps- Was that a tight end? Yes it was. Nix was knocked for not using his tight ends enough this season. Before Thursday, UM's tight ends had one catch all season. Dedrick Epps had 2 for 20 yards and Chris Zellner had 2 for 14 yards and a touchdown. You got to start small, I guess.

Sam_shields_big_catch - Welcome back Sam Shields. Virtually invisible through the first three games, Shields showed the type of danger he posses by not only catching a deep ball, but turning that wide receiver screen up field for a big gain. Shields said the right things in the lockerroom afterward, not complaining about having only one catch coming in.
- Darnell Jenkins is becoming the go-to man on third down. The fifth-year senior has proven to be the only UM receiver not afraid to go over the Darnelljenkins_divingcatchmiddle and take a lick. He's also turning out to be Kyle Wright's favorite target. I asked Kyle about it in the lockerroom (CHECK OUT WHAT HE SAID IN OUR AUDIO SECTION). Lance Leggett made another nice catch down field. But its apparent, he's scared of getting hit and Jenkins and Shields are the go to players when the team needs a play.

- Graig Cooper looked super, including his 30-yard run and 12-yard touchdown pass in which he bowled over an A&M defender on his way to paydirt. But Coop needs to hold onto the ball. He fumbled twice Thursday. I would be surprised to see him walking around campus with a football tucked under his arm. (By the way, does the fact Shawnbrey McNeal took seven carries mean Derron Thomas has officially been passed up on the depth chart?)

- How about Willie Cooper? The Canes were supposed to get hampered when it lost Lovon Ponder two weeks ago. But Cooper, known more for getting shot in the butt and one late-game INT against Duke, finished second on the team in tackles with five. He also had a tackle for loss and two forced fumbles, one which led to Graig Cooper's 12-yard touchdown catch which basically put the game away. Randy Phillips didn't have a bad game either at safety. He finished with 5 tackles too.

- After the game, I bumped into four players from the No. 1-ranked high school team in the country, Northwestern's Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Marcus Forston and Tommy Streeter. Streeter, the only non-UM commitment, got an earful from the crowd near the West End Zone, who were hooting and hollering for him to commit to the Canes. His buddies left him alone to soak it all in, including questions from TV cameras. Streeter, a 6-5, 200-pound receiver who had three touchdowns in Northwestern's big win against Southlake Carroll, told me he's not ready to commit yet. Can't blame him. As Forston, Spence and Harris told me (check out their audio) it doesn't hurt to be the last man standing when you make your commitment. You get lots of attention. Streeter got it first hand as fans were chanting Tommy! Tommy! in unison as the Canes were walking off the field. He also got a love pat from receivers coach Marquis Mosely who posed the question: "You ready yet?" Streeter isn't. But it might be only a matter of time. 

Those are my initial thoughts, notes. What did I miss? What did you see? How do Kylewright_celebratesyou feel after arguably the biggest win in the OB since... since... since... (you fill in the blank). What else does Miami have to do to improve? Did the Canes build enough excitement in you to make you a believer again? Should the Canes be ranked after this win? Can they run the table and win the ACC? How much heavier is the UM bandwagon going to be this morning? Are you willing to accept those bandwagoners?

I'm out. Holler back with your thoughts.

PS - Came back to add this YouTube Highlight Reel from the game in case you missed it.


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MVP: OL Coach Jeff Stoutland

Wow green - putting in some work this morning, huh? Get after it! I agree with U - Thursday night looked LARGE, sounded LOUD and most importantly, FELT AWESOME. It's been a while, but I think coach and they boys will use this as a springboard and will be showing Us this is a trend rather than an aberration.

My favorite play of the game: Coop's 12 yard blast into the E end zone where he went 0-100 in about 2 yards and barrelled over some flat footed aTm DB. wow - I just got the chills again just thinking about it - STRONG!

Go Canes

http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070922/BREAKINGNEWS/709220303 they're gunning for U. florida's 11 public universities covet our appropriation. UM Miller School of Medicine, florida's 1st med school (1952), immeasurably benefits society. encourage these pioneers. god bless Governor Charlie Crist & Speaker Marco Rubio ...

MVP: OL Coach Jeff Stoutland
Posted by: green | September 22, 2007 at 08:55 AM

Green...totally asgree with U here. Biggest improvement of any group has clearly been the OL.

For all of those who doubted, there is still a chance for redemption.

Convert from Kirbyism to Kyleism today!

http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070922/BREAKINGNEWS/709220303 they're
Unbelievable article, Green. This is an ed column showing truly myopic and narrow minded thinking. Miami is establishing an institute focused on studying the human genome - this could have tremendous and far reaching impacts positively impacting mankind. I'm no expert, but I know that the better we understand the human genome, the more we can do to combat Cancer, AIDS, birth defects, communicable disease, as well as injury. Down the road, this research may allow us to assist our soldiers critically injured in war.
While I don't agree with funding to ANY university being reduced/cut, I'm amazed that anyone would be so pathetic to write an article filled with such obvious jealousy, when discussing an issue such as financial support for such a positive program. It's sad.

Anyway - Go Canes.

Even with all the new bandwagoners there were only 45K in OB however it was loud Hopefully we can get more than 30K for Duke next Saturday unless there's another hispanic festival of the week at Tamiami Park

Can anyone explain why Rivals has Jacory Harris listed as a "dual purpose" QB.He's 6' 4", 170 soaking wet and has no real speed or moves. This is not a knock on him, he can throw, command the field and make his teammates better. Is this a complextion issue?
Just wondering?

when is ken dorsey going into the ring of fame.his name needs to be up there!!!!

There are certain games that wake up the sleeping UM giant: UCLA coming in as a heavy favorite #2 and coming out with a black eye, for example.

The Texas A&M game is going to be another one of those games.

With every play, I saw confidence and belief in their abilities; I saw the "we are good and can compete with anyone" attitude rise; Thus, an offense was awoken and a giant reborn. Now, the ACC title is ours for the taking: GO CANES!!!!!

Just got back to Detroit, from Miami and 'the game'. First trip to OB since I moved away in '97. I certainly picked a great time to revisit. It was MUCH louder than 44k attendance. Awesome performance by the 'Canes'. Very little negative to say about play but here some of the obvious ones. 1. Special teams/punter, enough said. (Positive is the kickoffs are longer and covered much better).. 2. Backside containment was a glaring wound (I know it was 4th qtr and mostly reserves, gotta contain).. 3. Wide open deep receivers - at least 6-8 opportunities not seen/short dump passes or scrambled instead ( Kyle did an awesome job however, potential for 2-3 long td's/game are always there).. 4. Underthrowing deep receivers/not hitting deep ones in stride, see # 4.).. If the Canes improve by only 50% on those items and keep up the present intensity, they are a top 10 team. This is a huge step in their 'baby steps' back to normalcy.. " Go Canes"! P.S. I also noted alot of successful bootleg plays (great job Nix), and after the first 2, a throw-back to the backside rb was open EVERY time. Maybe next week, it could be used or saved for a critical moment in next 'big' game?

Great game for the Canes. On offense Kyle played well but I think the credit has got to go to the receivers. Far fewer dropped balls then recent games and how about Darnell Jenkins making some plays!

On defense keep an eye on Eric Moncur, this kid is a stud. With teams focusing on Cambell it should set up Eric Moncur for an unbelievable season!

With that said Cane fans need to keep their expectations about our offense down. Texas A&M has given up 403, 399, 348 yards to Montana St, Fresno St, and Louisiana-Monroe respectively. They are not a good team to measure our offense against. We should know much more about this team on October 13th against Georgia Techs defense.

Why I love Randy Shannon: He's never satisfied. Excerpts from his post-game interview:

Q: How good was it to see the offense take control of the game?

Shannon: It was great. It really, really was, to see the offense consistently making plays.... Now we have to finish the game as a unit, not just halfway or three-quarters finish it.

Q: Did Leonard Hankerson play yesterday?

Shannon: No, he didn't play. You have to make sure you do well in practice.

Q: Shawnbrey McNeal is ahead of Derron Thomas on the depth chart?

Shannon: No. It was just an opportunity for Shawnbrey to go in.... Cooper fumbled the ball; you fumble, next guy. So we went with Shawnbrey....

Q: Is Daren Daly still the kickoff guy?

Shannon: For now....

Q: Do you get a day off?

Shannon: No. No days off. It's football. Coaches are out recruiting today. I'm working today. Players get days off. They get tomorrow off. They have class today. Some come in for rehab and treatment. Guys not injured get the day off.

Yo double d, Jacory Harris is 190+lbs and runs a 4.67 forty, not to mention he's the starting QB for the #1 high school in the country as well as the defending 6-A champs of FLORIDA! So stop hate'n and start particpate'n and congradulate'n!

so do you guys think that the canes might be ranked now....since a couple top 25 went down today??? just wondering.... but i wouldnt be shocked if were not voted in... oh well keep doubtin the U ... ive gotten used to it...we just won by 17 and people still wanna find the bad in that...man we were some spoiled fans...thinking we would always win by 80...gentleman all we need is one more point than the other team...yes its frustrating at times....but try and keep it positive you pessimists.... glass half empty on lookers... i think some of you guys are disguised gator fans... than come on here to make THE U look bad....would surprise me if you were on suburban meyer's staff....how low can they go???? RS keep it positive....keep these kids focused....btw good move putting R. Phillips at safety.... im out

GO C-A-N-E-S.....

Congrats to FIWho for keeping the streak alive! Congrats to the gayturds for escaping from the mighty Ole Miss rebels. U guys sure U want it with us?

Unbelievable article, Green. This is an ed column showing truly myopic and narrow minded thinking. Miami is establishing an institute focused on studying the human genome - this could have tremendous and far reaching impacts positively impacting mankind. Posted by: DelrayCane | September 22, 2007 at 10:00 AM consider the source ... did the tallahassee democrat oppose taxpayer funds for an unnecessary & expensive florida state med school or stadium renovation? NOT A PEEP

http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-he-spine24sep24,1,1731687.story?track=crosspromo&coll=la-headlines-health&ctrack=1&cset=true ask Kevin Everett if the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, florida's oldest, make a difference in his life?

don't take a slice of my pie -- pink floyd

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/college/fau/sfl-editjrfaupnsep22,0,248834.story sunsentinel opposes florida atlantic's on-campus eyesore ... NIMBY

http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2007/09/ask-the-blogmas.html Barry (Jackson) does a great job ferreting out nuggets of info. He is on vacation, thus no column today or this Sunday, but he'll be back Buzzing a week from today.

Posted by: Greg Cote | September 19, 2007 at 01:59 PM WITHDRAWAL

manny navarro's once-limp blog has elicited 3,200+ posts since july 23 9 weeks ago : ) doubling the combined output of ALL his preceding blogs from august 15 - july 20 : ) 11 months : ) PRODUCTION IS UP

Can anyone explain why Rivals has Jacory Harris listed as a "dual purpose" QB.He's 6' 4", 170 soaking wet and has no real speed or moves. This is not a knock on him, he can throw, command the field and make his teammates better. Is this a complextion issue?

Posted by: double d from dallas | September 22, 2007 at 01:08 PM rhetorical question?

does god root against notre lame?

Congrats to FIWho for keeping the streak alive!

Posted by: Canester-Nip | September 23, 2007 at 07:06 AM 16 losses in a row. not ready for prime time ...

is usf the new louisville? good luck sustaining excellence with tier-2 recruits ... NOT IN OUR LEAGUE

http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2007/09/poll-pick-the-g.html greg cote asks: who's the all-time Cane? Ken Dorsey!

ok, great game on thursday. go canes. texas a and m had a terrible game and terrible short week game plan, but make no mistake...they have enough players and athletes to be an 8-9 game win team at the end of this year...it was the first road game for them and they were clearly not ready to play until the 4th quarter...that not withstanding...

exciting win. have not seen that type of moving offense consistently and defensive dominance together in the same game since the rose bowl slaughter against nebraska...yes, that long ago since those two were together in the same game. still a long season, but road games at fsu, va tech, and boston college will define the difference between 8-4 and better...remember canes havent won an important road game in a while. look forward to a blowout and COMPLETE GAME effort against duke.

1. unlike last year, looks like this team is improving every week on offense, kudos to pat nix and randy shannon and especially to offensive line coach stoutland, who should be the assistant coach of the year in college football for making that line what it is...most improved thing on the team is the offensive line,great job there.

2. that is the kyle wright we all saw when he started at fsu in the opener 3 or 4 years ago minus the sacks. he is improving game to game for the first time in his career...give him time, he should improve vs duke and better improve at north carolina. the guy has had 3 offensive coordinators and finally seems comfortable in an offense. good job kyle.

3. texas a and m came in to stop the run, and focused on stopping the run. they may have had the worst secondary that UM will see this year. every secondary UM plays from here out will be much better...so practice is needed on accurate long balls between kyle and receivers.

4. defense surprised me winning the line of scrimmage...great job coaching them up and pumping them up...that was a quality offensive line and probably one of the best offenseive lines a and m had on the UM schedule...ga tech has a good one and so did oklahoma.

5. 2 penalties was awesome. finally the flags flew to the other sideline. shannon and all coaches, thanks for the attention to detail...we need to consistently see fewer penalties like this.

6. UM secondary...still up in the air, i like van dyke, johnson, armour, grant rotating at corner...cant wait to have glenn sharpe healthy and back either. safties...good job kenny phillips and willie cooper, excellent game. for the bad, safety depth is not there right now. I HAVE BEEN HARD ON RANDY PHILLIPS, BUT I TELL YOU, HE HAS BLOWN SO MANY COVERAGES AND HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY OUT OF POSITION...WHEN HE IS ON THE BENCH, THE DEFENSIVE UNIT IS BETTER...HE BLEW THE TOUCHDOWN PASS COVERAGE AND ALSO LET ANOTHER OPTION RUN GO LONG...RANDY SHANNON, KEEP HIM ON THE BENCH.

7. best game i have seen UM linebackers play in years...they have to keep being consistent and play assignment and gap control football...this was an elementary offensive scheme on thursday night. Um is gonna see a lot of the spread offense from here on out, and is gonna see alot of teams throwing the ball a lot without being able to run (we will be challeneged with pass first offenses w/ duke and north carolina)...linebackers have to keep improving and playing w position integrity...

8. this was a good win, but lets not get too excited...long season and have to keep getting better every game...but if they play like that in every game from here on out, boston college is the only team that will have a shot to beat the U..GO CANES


Although only 45k showed, what was your impression of the crowd on Thursday night. Its always been my opinion that 45k in the OB is louder than 110k in The Big House, but I'd like to here from someone who was there.

It was the first good game since the 'Canes put that hurting on VA Tech and exposed Marcus Vick as the mutt that he is.

Was that last year?

Overall, I'd say the 'Canes looked like a very talented football team that was coached to win. I'd say if this isn't a fluke--if the 'Canes really do play up to their talent level from here on out--they'll win the ACC and the subsequent BCS game and end the season in the top five.

And these poser schools--Rutgers, WV, Louisville, Southern Cal, Texas,to name a few--won't be winning national championships so easily anymore.

Wow you'd call Southern Cal a poser school? 11 national championships, 7 heisman trophy winners (that I can remember), a team that finished 11th, 3rd, 1st, 1st, and 2nd from 2002-2007. You're an idiot without any credibility. Texas is clearly not a 'poser' school either, they've been an established football power for quite some time.

I'm the biggest canes fan but even if they win out the top 5 is probably unreachable. I'd be interested to see if a team has ever come from being unranked in late September to finish in the top 5.

Big Moo,

I've never been to a Michigan game, but I've roadtripped to Happy Valley, Knoxville, the Cotton Bowl (1/1/91 - basically a home game for the Longhorns), and Norman 2 weeks ago. I can tell you this: a packed OB is just as loud (if not louder) than any of those places, but an OB with 35k Canes fans doesn't compare.

One more thing -- Doak Campbell is freaking loud, too. I hate the Noles, but I've got to say that's a tough stadium to play in.

Makes our 5 national championships all the more impressive to think that we played F$U in the Doak all 5 times.

Lake Worth Cane,

SoCal and Texas are poser schools?

C'mon. You sound ridiculous. Let me guess: every team whose mascot isn't an ibis is a poser school.

i know its easy to hate USC cause they seem just as dominant as we did in our prime....but they get the billions of compliments that they're the greatest school ever...and yes the PAC-10 is probably the easiest conference in the entire nation...but they 11 national titles...and we have 5... they went thru tough times just like we've been thru more than a few times....but our reign is coming soon... and we will see one day who is at the top of the mountain...although i think they're extremely overrated on offense... and i hope they lose to oregon or someone and that OU wins the title so if we win out ...the only team that was good enough to beat us the nat'l champ...cuz that will put us in the top 5....and in perfect position for a title run next year.....i bleed green and orange...no matter what i will always be a canes fan... and i will try to be more patient with the team....and stop believing that i know more football than our head coaches....some of U fans should do the same...and stop playin sunday morning head coach....

http://media.www.thehurricaneonline.com/media/storage/paper479/news/2007/09/24/News/spirit.Of.The.U.Commemorative.Cereal.Launched-2986225.shtml University of Miami frosted flakes at publix ... they're grrrrreat

http://www.lockportjournal.com/local/local_story_262130222.html Kevin Everett T's to benefit the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/092307aaa.html no TV for U v. duke. why noon?

http://www.aggiesports.com/stories/092007/football_20070920011.php aggiesports' richard croome: "It's not that the Hurricanes are that bad, it's just that they used to be so good. In the 23 years up until last year, the Hurricanes had 46 All-Americans. They've also had the most players (47) selected in the first round of the NFL Draft since 1984. That's 15 more than The Ohio State University, which is second."

http://www.sportsline.com/spin/story/10358958?spincheerpoll091807 U voted cutest cheerleader of the week


Where is Shandel? Biggest win in two years and the guy disappears?

Posted by: jorge | September 22, 2007 at 11:36 PM

Here we are in the middle of the football season, and once again our beat writer has absolutely nothing to say for days...


Posted by: dissapointed canes fan | September 23, 2007 at 04:41 AM

i came here to post this

"Here we are in the middle of the football season, and once again our beat writer has absolutely nothing to say for days...


i guess i'm not alone, "the biggest win in years" where the f is the post game warp up. PS half time updates are lame im not logging on to check in with your dumb ass in the middle of a game

Posted by: dmc | September 23, 2007 at 11:24 AM

Where's is Shandel?! You would think he would get an interview from Shannon or something.

Posted by: Sekou Tejan-Jalloh | September 23, 2007 at 03:00 PM

Three days later and no blog!!!! What the hell is wrong with the Sun-Sentinel?? Thank God for Canespace or we wouldn't know anything about the Canes. What a waste of a newspaper.

Posted by: MaryLouAlumni | September 23, 2007 at 03:17 PM

WTF? I keep coming back to see a post about the BIG win and nothing! Even the crappy ass FAU blog is updated.


Posted by: CaneFantastic | September 23, 2007 at 04:08 PM

Hey Shandel, we are hungry and we need to eat!!!! Post something for God's sake... We just got our biggest win since VA Tech in 2005, and you didn't even post a game recap... That doesn't bode well for our confidence in you... Bring back Omar!!!

Posted by: Joel | September 23, 2007 at 05:08 PM

http://www.sun-sentinel2.com/blogs/images/mugs-g3/richardson.jpg why is shun(del) unsmiling?

will U recreate our invaluable atmosphere at the soon-to-be-renamed dolphin stadium?

Canes Field at dolphin stadium?

why is rutgers ranked in the AP top 10 after beating buffalo, navy & norfolk state? CHARMIN

http://www.kansan.com/stories/2007/sep/24/two_games_price_one/?news kansan's thor nystrom: "Before taking the athletics director job at FIU, (Pete) Garcia served one year as the senior associate athletic director at the University of Miami. One of his jobs was constructing the Hurricanes’ non-conference football schedule. And one of his last acts in that capacity was calling FIU with a proposal of playing two games in the Orange Bowl." whose bread was Pete Garcia buttering? never again

http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070924/SPORTS/709240317/1002/SPORTS neutral-site games involving U?

http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking_dade/story/248123.html UM Medical dreams big

http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/092407aaa.html ESPN2 to televise U v. unc noon 10/6

http://www.boston.com/ae/tv/articles/2007/09/23/cuban_americans_have_a_special_interest_in_new_cbs_series_cane/ CANE

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