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Secret "O" in store for Sooners?

I've never been one to buy into the idea teams would withhold an entire offense for a tougher team the following week. Maybe, a few trick plays here or there. But an entire offense?

This week as Miami has prepared for Oklahoma, some of you brought up the idea that UM may have been saving something for the Sooners this week and thus that was the reason Kirby Freeman and the pass offense put up an unimpressive 81 yards against Marshall's weak pass D last Saturday. So I decided to raise the question. And to my surprise, I got a lot of smiles after practice Wednesday when I asked if offensive coordinator Patrick Nix simply didn't want to tip his hand to Oklahoma last week.

Darnell_jenkinsQ: Hey Darnell Jenkins, were you guys holding back?
A: "That's what Coach Nix wanted. And if we do everything against Marshall, they have all our film. Right now, we're just going over offense and preparing ourself."
Q: So people are going to be surprised? Real surprised?
A: "Watch the game Saturday," Jenkins said. "Stay tuned."

Jenkins got me thinking. Maybe there is something to it. But I had to ask some more. How about Lance Leggett?

Q: You caught a lot of quick little flare passes on Saturday, any chance we see you downfield some more?
A: "[Laughter]. I don't want to say anything. You'll see Saturday."
Q: But will the offense be more exciting?
A: "I don't really want to say. Just wait for Saturday. We can throw the ball. I know the fans want to see it. They just got to wait."

Jason Fox smiled when I asked him the same line of questioning. Sam Shields too. As much I want to believe there is some great pass offense in store waiting to be unleashed, I'm still very much skeptical. It's been a long time since I can remember Miami's pass offense being very effective. Why wouldn't Nix want his kids to go into Oklahoma with some confidence it could throw downfield?

For those of you wondering the last time Miami's pass offense actually had a big day, I went back and researched last season. The biggest passing day? 299 yards against Duke. The Canes, in fact, eclipsed the 200-yard passing mark only five times in 13 games last season. For the record, the last 300-yard passing game came against Wake Forest in 2005. What about the last time a Miami receiver had more than 100 yards? Lance Legget (6 catches for 131 yards vs. Duke). It was the only time a Miami receiver went over the 100-yard mark at all last season.

There's no doubt 81 passing yards probably won't be enough to beat Oklahoma Saturday. Miami's pass offense has to be more effective than that because Oklahoma's defensive line is no joke. After speaking with left tackle Jason Fox, center John Rochford and right guard Derrick Morse, all three said OU's d-line is just as good as the one they face in practice everyday, "just younger," Fox told me and "a bit lighter and faster" at defensive tackle according to Morse and Rochford.

"They'll get into your body and try to use a rip move or a club move," Rochford said when describing OU's attack. "It's something we're going to have be ready for. From what I saw on film, it looked like they only had one or two moves each time. They didn't blitz a lot on North Texas, they didn't need to. But we'll be prepared if they bring it this week. These guys are good, they're big, strong, we have to bring our A-game this week."

* I also asked Jenkins what having a guy like Sam Shields (who was suspended last week) back in the lineup would mean to Miami's offense. Apparently, he thinks it will make a huge difference.
"It takes pressure off," Jenkins said. "It takes them from play 3 [defensive backs] over 2 [receivers] or man. Now, they may back up a little because of the speed. He's a big threat. All of us have speed, it just hasn't been shown yet. Like I said, watch Saturday."

Shields is listed third on the depth chart, but Shannon later added "what does that really matter? They all play 35 to 40 plays anyway."


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"I AM saying that they wouldn't have deserved it after the whooping that 2000 UM team would have put on them had they gotten to play against Oklahoma like they deserved. That's all. And if you take that 2000 title away, the program doesn't look nearly as impressive this decade with it's handful of Big 12 titles (zzzzzzzzzzzzz), butt-kickings in title games and a bowl loss to Boise State." - ChicagoCane

Oh, so you would have totally destroyed OU, huh? Even though we had the toughest schedule that year and came out unscathed, Miami would have just rolled in and blown us out. Speculate all you want, but you're just one of many teams that can run around saying they deserved a shot. Even though there is an argument for an undefeated Rutgers or Boise St getting a shot at the title, Miami could have won all their games and left no doubt as to whether they should have been in that game. You lost a game and left it up to the BCS, whose fault is that? I'd say it's Miami's own fault they lost to Washington and their fault they were not in the game, therefore standing by my comment that they did not deserve to be there.

Its been 22 years Gayturd Bait...22 years.

Posted by: The Truth | September 06, 2007 at 02:23 PM

Are you talking about how long its been since the last time you has some smooch on your bone?

Sorry brother, can't help you with that.

I believe the last time Miami played Oklahoma in Norman was Sept.1985.I remember Jerome Brown broke the OU's quarterbacks leg.That QB was none other than Troy Aikman.OU went on to win the national championship beating Penn State in the Orange Bowl.Hope UM fans are not still throwing ice and pennies like they used to at me because I was a Sooner fan.Glad I'm back in Norman after thirty-four years in South Florida.

I drank this kool-aid last year when Rich Olsen promised an aggressive attacking offense. I'm definitely skeptical.
But, how great would it be to just see some big pass plays by Miami? It's been a while!

Oklahoma is ranked high for a reason, and deservedly so. Miami is unranked and rebuilding but "Sooner" or later (pun intended), there will be a marquis signature win for Miami. Remember when we dismantled National Championship bound 2nd ranked UCLA in 1998 after only going 5-6 a year or two before? Nobody picked Miami to win that game. Remember how sweet that was!?

Nix is really the secret weapon because all us Canes fans know how he dismantled our 7th overall ranked D, and what Randy Shannon said about his adjustments during that game. Plus, we have yet to see all his "stuff". So, I’m rooting for The U even though it’s a rebuild year, and it is an away game… and everything else that says Oklahoma should win this one. I don’t count us out, and remember that this is only the 1st in a series. Whatever happens this weekend, SeeYa next time around Sooners!

Go Canes!

Make the world a better place - when Miami emerges victorious on Saturday, throw ANOTHER UM win, in a sooner's face...

No...I'd be talking about the last time your momma came by to kiss my grits as payment for losing to the dumbass gayturds...its been a looooong time. How's she doing?

And tell me, how's that gayturd winning streak against the 'Canes going? When will the class of canesville finally decide to play in Miami again?

Oh, so you would have totally destroyed OU, huh? Even though we had the toughest schedule that year and came out unscathed, Miami would have just rolled in and blown us out - KSSooner

That's exactly what I'm saying. I agree that we cost ourselves the shot at the title. We should have beaten Washington that year. But that doesn't mean we didn't deserve to be there. All apologies that our rookie QB (who wouldn't lose again for 3 years) lost his second start ever in a rainstorm against a great UW team by less than a touchdown on the other side of the country. And Miami is the team that beat #1, #2, and Florida in the Sugar Bowl that year, so save your "toughest schedule" for someone else. You had a lot of tougher mediocre teams I guess.

The Sooners should celebrate their well-deserved title that year. They should also thank God we played Washington early in the year rather than late, because, as KSSooner suggests, if we hadn't there would have been no doubt.

Truth goes straight to a momma joke, how is the second grade going for you? Is this your fifth attempt to move on to the third grade?

Focus on the present and the pathetic state of your football program. You have no receivers, a couple of scrubs at quarterback, and an overated defense. Good luck on your game Saturday.

OU - 31
uM - 3


I believe the players but if it does not happen go back to those players and call them out

I think the whole big 12 is over rated has been for a few years. The sooners beat a high school team last week, probably would have had a harder time agains Northwestern. I think the game will turn on how well the U handles the blitz , if they beat the blitz consistently the U wins, they will stack, to stop the run with a lot of blitzing, my prediction Canes kill them by 14 pts.

Simple breakdown.

Edge given to:

Offense >> Sooners
Defense >> Tie
Special Teams >> OU
Coaching >> Sooners
Home field >> Sooners
Confidence Level >> Sooners

Any arguments?

Gator Bait - I'd suggest you take your own advice and soak up the present while you can. When the Canes roll into G-ville next year, we're going to punch little "timmy" in the mouth and shut down your boy percy. As typical gator fans, you'll come out barking and talking s_*t even after a loss, but no matter - we'll just smack you down once again when you come to SoFla in 2013.

Michael, its not that simple. Look up The Truth's break down in yesterday's blog. Your OL is big, but can they move? (Ohio St was supposed to win the title last year, but you know what happened) If not your QB is going to be pressured/ sacked all day and your RBs are going to be caught behind the LOS.

Similarly, our OL is unproven. But, if they can block like what Boise did last year, we will be able to run. The only clear cut advantage I see with you guys, is that your receivers can catch. Hope ours can too, Saturday.

Remember, last Saturday Michigan ranked #5, had all the edges in the world, but what happened? This week you're ranked #5!

scUM's glory days are behind them, they are top 50 at best. scUM will lose by > 50 points. Take it to the bank.

the Truth, is that the old "truth"?


Listing teams on paper who is better is a waste of time, means nothing. We will see on the field. Game play is probably key to this game and the U has an edge as they not knowing the Canes plan. Special teams and a good game play , Canes win easily IF, the receivers play a good game. Look for Cooper to get a long receiving touchdown.

This goes out to all these OU fans who want to talk about the 2000 canes playing your Sooners. That year Miami was the only D1 team to rank in the top 25 both on offense and defense and where FSU threw and threw some more you would have had to deal w a back by the name of Clinton Portis and Wideouts named Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne along w a TE named Jeremy Shockey and a secondary featuring Ed Reed and linebacking core featuring Dan Morgan. You idiots and Miami's only loss came game 1. Really think about it. Of course it's in the past but please do not get carried away. Just be happy that the computers helped you that day and trust me they did.

Holding back? If anyone only used the first 3-4 pages of the playbook, it was the Sooners. They barely broke a sweat.

For the U to win, they have make Bradford turn over the ball and stop the running game. However, the Sooners two top backs didn't play last week. That's right, DeMarco Murray is third on the depth chart. He scored 5 TD's!

Good luck Saturday! May the best team win! I'm looking forward to another chapter in this storied rivalry.

ChicagoCane - check out the above link and the SOS of OU and Miami in 2000. I was a little wrong with OU at the 15th toughest, but you were at 58th? No way you deserved a shot. We all know you guys won it in 2001 and deserved it, but maybe Oregon can claim they would have beat you and were the best one-loss team, yet didn't have the SOS to back it up and another team gets the shot. Just let it go, you didn't deserve the shot

gn- no one disputes that you guys won the NC in 2001, but we were pretty good finishing 1, 4, 3, 3, 2 from 2000 to 2004, so don't just start naming all the NFL talent you guys had when it's irrelevant. We had our fair share of individual award winners and finalists in those years and couldn't care less who you had. I don't care who would've won between our teams because YOU DIDN'T DESERVE TO BE THERE. Every year you hear the whiners who feel like they should be in the national championship instead of who is there. I'm glad we have a coach and team that doesn't resort to that failed logic. I've only heard Stoops say that you don't have to worry about it if you win them all.

You sooner fans are either in denial or just plain dumb if you actually think your 2000 team would have beaten ours. Not saying you did'nt deserve to be there, because you did. Fsu did'nt and you guys barely beat them! Not to mention you guys did'nt even make it back to a bcs bowl the following season where as we went on to beat a Nebraska team that beat the crap out of you guys earlier in the season. All you have to do is turn on the NFL...sorry, I meant MFL(Miami Football League)and that will tell you who would have clearly won that game!

Wow, you don't even make an attempt at unbiased commentary. The Nebraska game came down to 2 similar plays that year. Nebraska's worked and ours didn't.

Oh, and we didn't barely beat FSU. We completely shut them down. 13-2 is not barely a win when compared to you guys beating them 27-24. Funny how we beat them by more than you did with less NFL talent. If we use our only common opponent for comparison, we would've beaten you by 8 points. Call it illogical if you wish, but no less illogical than you claiming you would've beaten us by naming who you have in the NFL now. You're leaving out so many other factors it's laughable.

One more thing, if you examine the SOS of the other one-loss teams in 2000, we should have played Washington for the title, not Miami or FSU.

Good luck on Saturday. OU 38 Miami 10

To all the cOck sUcker fans, thats right, cant spell cock sucker with out OU, I dont know why you invade and talk smack. Your defense BLOWS!

Returning the nationally ranked 16th defense who boise state hung a +30 and a loss on , your only hope is 79 points a game. With no preseason all americans, and a DB who stole gas you are saying that you are gonna shut us down? ROFL, more like we shut ourself down.

We have a national ranking of 29 and you are logging on talking all this smack, cause you could not beat us when we were ranked in the top 10. ROFL, you guys are a joke. You wont beat texas, again, and lose another bowl game, again.

Since you dont have that qb who had like 65 surgeries on his knees and was like 28 years old coming back, your actually having to start a freshman who threw 10 yard routes all game and calling it an automatic win?!?! ROFL. Lets not talk about why you have to start a freshman, again. Discipline issues? nuff said.

Kinda sad when your season is about beating UNRANKED Miami, cause you sure wont beat Texas, and the inevitable bowl game loss will still loom.

Dont you guys wonder why all the polls, say,
"who will win the national title?" and all the options are teams ranked above and below, well pretty much all the top 10 BUT OU? Its cause they know you suck.

btw, SOS in 2k favored conferences that have an extra game, like the big 12 championship, sec, ect...big east did not have one.

First of all, yes this is the "old" Truth...crusty as ever. Good to see some of you over here after Omar went on to bigger and, uh (I guess?) better things.

Turd bait, come on man...you can do better than that. Respond to the 'dis. Focus on the the comment of being a loser to Miami for TWENTY TWO YEARS. It IS the present because presently the gayturds have a TWENTY TWO YEAR losing streak to Miami. Presently, your illustrious AD won't schedule Miami year in and year out unless the 'turd "away" game is in Orlando...what's up with that? And yes, that is fact.

Anywho, Sooner fans, you are going to get an a** whipping come Saturday. Will you still win? Maybe. But, these aren't Coker's 'Canes anymore and Hallafrickinlouya to that! Its going to be a great one and its going to suck to be a sooner if 'yall come on here taking trash only to lose...be careful!!!

I'll be here after the game so I hope you boomers will be too...Go Canes!!

Oh and KSsooner, please friend, put down the crack pipe! The team that lost to u-dub game two in 2000 was not the same team that thrashed the might gayturds (whatup 'bait) in the sugar bowl. Miami wipes the field with OU, FSU, UW...whoever they play in the bowl. It should have been Miami and OU and Stoops would still be looking for that title today...that said, it was a great performance by OU and 'yall most definitly deserved the title in 2000.

The key difference is that OU players aren't STUPID enough to let the media know that their playbook was underutilized in last week's game.

Coach Stoops and the disciplined OU Athletic Department has trained them well...

and, in my opinion, that will make the difference.

Boise State. Enuff Said.

So if the QB was 9-21 in the hold back, flare pass offense - please explain how he is going to complete anything down the field? I guess 5-30 will be ok as long as all 5 are for TDs.

If UM has any chance to win, they should stick with what they do well on O - run, run, run. If they can do that against OU's 7 man fronts and run blitzes, then they have a good chance. If they try to throw downfield all day against Oklahoma's excellent secondary with a sub 50% QB, it'll be an interception-fest.

This will be fun. Let's see, we both ran super-vanilla offenses our first games, against bad opponents, and held back a bunch of stuff. What's the secret? Are your receivers actually going to catch some passes?

And Swerve4canes, do you not watch tv or listen to the radio? I heard 3 out of 4 guys on the ESPN football preview pick OU for the title game. The one who didn't pick us said we could either flop due to freshman QB mistakes (a la Colt McCoy at TX) or win it all. Keep sipping that Kool-Aid and you guys might reach 10 wins for the first time in 5 years.

swerve4canes: you paint a broad brush. most sooners are civil NOT obnoxious. generalizing reflects negatively on U.

MIAMI (AP) - The eight Democratic candidates will participate in a live forum Sunday at the University of Miami sponsored by the Spanish-language Univision Network. The televised forum, with the candidates' answers translated simultaneously from English to Spanish ...

KSSooner stop trip'n man. You're in denial. U know just as well as the rest of the country that we got robbed in 2000&2002. We blew a 20 point lead against Fsu in 2000 where as OU never had a 20 point lead. You go on to say Nebraska barely beat OU in 2001. We destroyed Big Red in the first half in the Rose Bowl. And don't U remember how we avenged our lost to Washington by 56 points in 2001? I remember Gary Danielson of ABC was so upset all he kept saying was "what goes around comes around". By the way, where were you guys in 01? You returned the same team from 2000. We lost several 1st rounders. Explain how you got to play for the title in 03' when you lost in the big 12 title game by 28 points? Don't even get me started on what USC did to you guys the following year. Now you see, thats why you were allowed to play FSU in 2000! I know all of this is in the past but you guys don't know what its like to be robbed cause you're a good 'ol boy school where as the world hates us cause they can't be us. Take Ou 4 example. Every year your guys win all the individual hardware for being the nation's best, but when they get to the pro's they dissappear. The whole world hates it when we start talking MFL (Miami Football League) but thats our only defense after we've been robbed of 2 titles this decade. Now everyone wants to talk about USC like the U never caused damage this decade. That's the only problem I have with you Sooners fans. Nearly all the U fans on this blog gave Ou props but you have yet to acknowledge our team as being the first dynasty of this decade. I mean, even Stevie Wonder can see that the 2001 team was the best ever!

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/palmbeach/faublog/entries/2007/09/06/back_to_the_future.html pbpost's marcus nelson: "It’s quite clear that the games at Dolphin Stadium don’t work for FAU. Some officials are hoping with University of Miami moving there, the stadium will let FAU out of its contract to play FIU there in 2008, 2010 and 2012."

http://newsok.com/article/3119884/1189141464 ticket scalper bennie daniel on U v. ou: "This is the biggest game at OU in a long time." BIG

Hey Sooner fans, check out this web site page. We had one of your own write up an article to go head-to-head in an open honest forum with one of our fans about why each team should win.


Some of us want to try to keep the debate between fans reasonable and respectful without the trash talking if possible.


Cane-ster Nip, you guys stopped being a dynasty because you stopped being a great team 4 years ago. You guys started getting 9 win seasons consistently and dipped down to 7 wins last year.

Also, you guys need to stop using other years as proof that you would have beaten us in 2000. Just like you say the team that lost to Washington that first game was different than the one at the end of the season, I can use the same argument to say your 2001 team was different as well. Most of you say we deserved the 2000 NC, so I'm asking that you just leave it at that and quit saying "but we would have beaten you". You're speaking out of both sides of your mouth and there's no way to prove any of it, so just show us the proper respect we show you. You guys earned the 2001 NC and we earned the 2000 NC, why does anything else need to be said about the past?

O man am i pumped up for this game!!! Saturday marks the day, When miami makes a U turn towards another championship!!!

Go canes

Final score 28-10

I give you and your fellow bloggers props KSSooner for keeping it clean and fun, unlike the UF losers that wish their program was half as good as OU and UM used to be. UF won their 1st title while the U was on probation. The second came after they took UM off the schedule cause they could'nt compete with us. And when it comes to comparing UF to UM the only thing gayturd fans can say is that they have better attendance than UM. That's because all you have in Gaysville is football where as MIAMI is a tourist city as well as a pro town.

Remember, Oklahoma's quarterback has only seen N.Texas! He's going to have to perform under extreme pressure. The team with the best defensive backs and safety's WIN!

I was at that game in Norman, the last time Miami came in. This was the second game of the year, and Aikman had started out pretty rustily, but by the second quarter, I think he'd finally started to get some rhythm, I know he had over 100 yards passing at the point that he broke his leg.

It was a shattering blow (no pun intended) to the team. Regardless of how Holieway came in and performed for the rest of the year, he AND the team were sort of stunned, and obviously taken out of their gameplan. To my dying breath I am convinced that without the broken ankle, Oklahoma would have won that game. And who knows what 2 more years with Aikman what Oklahoma would have looked like by then?

Nobody is taking into consideration that Kirby is our THIRD back. Hard to defend.

The reason why Michigan performed SO badly against Ap State is that Mich refuses to learn how to defend against the spread offense. An offense which Oklahoma has repeatedly been uniquely successful against, above most other teams. Just ask Texas Tech.

So using that as an example really doesn't correlate.

Also, ask 100,000 football fans, and they will ALLLLL agree that Michigan players and coaches probably looked at this game like a gnat. PROBABLY didn't even prepare for them, but prepared for Oregon instead. That's not the case this week, at all. TWO big games this year for Oklahoma: Miami, and Texas. And without a doubt THESE coaches and players aren't overlooking the game.

Boise State. What can I say, we lost. Lots of things differently I wished we had done. Most non-Oklahoma fans don't even know that Malcolm Kelly tore his knee in the first quarter, which took away a large part of the prepared air game. The remaining receivers SHOULD have done the job, but didn't, which left BSU the ability to focus primarily on AP. I won't lament over trick plays. It's ALL part of the game and on that day, they sure got the best of Oklahoma.

But, poke at Oklahoma all you want, they were still conference champions and PLAYING in the Fiesta Bowl. Both things that Miami could only DREAM about last year, while playing up in the frigid cold of Boise.


With all that said, last year, was last year. This isn't the same Oklahoma team, and it's not the same Miami team. Both are more experienced, with improvements at nearly every position. One HELL of a game. I project it'll be an 'instant classic' on ESPN classic.

Oklahoma's QB hasn't seen JUST UNT.... He's seen HIS OWN defense every day in practice. And rest assured, the Sooner's defensive SCRUBS are better than UNT's. 1's vs 1's most of the time. So, he's used to seeing speed, both downfield, and on the line.

I've read many 'cane fans say two things: 1, that all Kirby has to do is play a Dilfer-esque game and that 2) Miami's defense will rattle Bradford.

I would contend that the onus is MORE upon Kirby, rather than Bradford, to actually 'make' plays. I think it is Bradford that will only have to 'steer the ship' and let all the other parts of the boat do their job. I think the bigger challenge awaits Kirby.

If this year's game were being played in Miami, and not Norman, I'd pick a score around the OU 20, UM 17, range. And right at THIS moment without anything new happening I'd predict UM will be favored next year at home.

But, this is now. THIS year's game. Norman. Oklahoma. Crimson and Cream baby. Boomer Freakin' Sooner. Stoops has only lost twice at home, and although anything can happen and this will be a worthy opponent, a loss just doesn't hang in the air to me.

OU 31
UM 10

Ton of false bravado from DA u now; 24 hours from now with OU up by 24, the excuses will flow.

So now I bring you the top 5 excuses the canes fans will use for losing the game against OU:

5) Kiby has more leadership skills, maybe we should have stuck with the Qb with throwing skills.

4) Randy Shannon has not had enough time to make the team forget about Coker.

3) We need Robert Marve.

2) The receivers are good, they just can't catch.

1) Larry Coker was watching the game on T.V.

He doesn't get hit by his own defense. Miami's DL will swarm him and he will get rattled. The same could be said about Miami's QB.

Can OU effectively run the ball? Because really, for both teams, that's what this comes down to. Who can run and get turnover's and score on special teams. Both defenses are up to the task, so the begs for a tight game with the team that stays poised being the victor.

History goes a long way and always repeats itself, so I'm going to say Miami will be able to stay true to history (Pre-Coker LOL) and pull out a tough road win against a quality opponent.

18-16 Canes.

History always reapeats its self against the gayturds and that's why its been 22 years!

So, you should create the top 5 reasons why the gayturds have failed to beat Miami since 1985...

Truth sounds like a drunk annoying parrot.
22 years, 22 years, 22 beers...

They don't play every year so stop acting like they have won 22 in a row or something like that.

22 years will be a thing of the past soon enough.

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