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Secret "O" in store for Sooners?

I've never been one to buy into the idea teams would withhold an entire offense for a tougher team the following week. Maybe, a few trick plays here or there. But an entire offense?

This week as Miami has prepared for Oklahoma, some of you brought up the idea that UM may have been saving something for the Sooners this week and thus that was the reason Kirby Freeman and the pass offense put up an unimpressive 81 yards against Marshall's weak pass D last Saturday. So I decided to raise the question. And to my surprise, I got a lot of smiles after practice Wednesday when I asked if offensive coordinator Patrick Nix simply didn't want to tip his hand to Oklahoma last week.

Darnell_jenkinsQ: Hey Darnell Jenkins, were you guys holding back?
A: "That's what Coach Nix wanted. And if we do everything against Marshall, they have all our film. Right now, we're just going over offense and preparing ourself."
Q: So people are going to be surprised? Real surprised?
A: "Watch the game Saturday," Jenkins said. "Stay tuned."

Jenkins got me thinking. Maybe there is something to it. But I had to ask some more. How about Lance Leggett?

Q: You caught a lot of quick little flare passes on Saturday, any chance we see you downfield some more?
A: "[Laughter]. I don't want to say anything. You'll see Saturday."
Q: But will the offense be more exciting?
A: "I don't really want to say. Just wait for Saturday. We can throw the ball. I know the fans want to see it. They just got to wait."

Jason Fox smiled when I asked him the same line of questioning. Sam Shields too. As much I want to believe there is some great pass offense in store waiting to be unleashed, I'm still very much skeptical. It's been a long time since I can remember Miami's pass offense being very effective. Why wouldn't Nix want his kids to go into Oklahoma with some confidence it could throw downfield?

For those of you wondering the last time Miami's pass offense actually had a big day, I went back and researched last season. The biggest passing day? 299 yards against Duke. The Canes, in fact, eclipsed the 200-yard passing mark only five times in 13 games last season. For the record, the last 300-yard passing game came against Wake Forest in 2005. What about the last time a Miami receiver had more than 100 yards? Lance Legget (6 catches for 131 yards vs. Duke). It was the only time a Miami receiver went over the 100-yard mark at all last season.

There's no doubt 81 passing yards probably won't be enough to beat Oklahoma Saturday. Miami's pass offense has to be more effective than that because Oklahoma's defensive line is no joke. After speaking with left tackle Jason Fox, center John Rochford and right guard Derrick Morse, all three said OU's d-line is just as good as the one they face in practice everyday, "just younger," Fox told me and "a bit lighter and faster" at defensive tackle according to Morse and Rochford.

"They'll get into your body and try to use a rip move or a club move," Rochford said when describing OU's attack. "It's something we're going to have be ready for. From what I saw on film, it looked like they only had one or two moves each time. They didn't blitz a lot on North Texas, they didn't need to. But we'll be prepared if they bring it this week. These guys are good, they're big, strong, we have to bring our A-game this week."

* I also asked Jenkins what having a guy like Sam Shields (who was suspended last week) back in the lineup would mean to Miami's offense. Apparently, he thinks it will make a huge difference.
"It takes pressure off," Jenkins said. "It takes them from play 3 [defensive backs] over 2 [receivers] or man. Now, they may back up a little because of the speed. He's a big threat. All of us have speed, it just hasn't been shown yet. Like I said, watch Saturday."

Shields is listed third on the depth chart, but Shannon later added "what does that really matter? They all play 35 to 40 plays anyway."


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On a different note, Holieway was the best option QB I have ever seen to this day.

When gayturd? When will it be a thing of the past? You see, if Floriduh would actually PLAY Miami maybe, just maybe, floriduh U could stop the skid...

But only maybe.


Miami Sucks look this is the last time you guys we ranked and ebarrased by Louisville, The tide has turned Miami is a has been

ROFL, more like louisville is a has been, with their D giving up 42 to midwestern.

Canes use to be QB U now they are Sorry Offense U

How many colleges can even claim the title QB U? like 3? we happen to be 1 of them regardless of the point in time.

Who cares about the past

What Have you done for me lately

Who cares about the past

What Have you done for me lately

Who cares about the past, but you post a video from a game from last season? ROFL.

*Pats you on the head

Its okay little fan. We know your football program is sub par and prolly has never won the big one, which is why you log onto a cane hater name to hide it.

I am am a Flodida fan possibly the best sports program ever

I admire Louisville cuz for a small school they have stirred a big ocean
the canes blew their chance now time for the liitle guys to take over

Right, more like a louisville fan claiming to like the gators. Boise state is a better underdog story than louisville ever will be. Other than 1 cinderella season last year they have not done much.

swerve4canes, you make a great point about Holieway, he excited Oklahoma through many games. However, the only championship the Sooners acquired was his freshman year after Aikman's injury. Considering ALL the talent the following teams had, would the lack of achieving more be considered a failure? And, like I was musing before, what would have happened if Aikman hadn't been hurt? I think THAT year at least Oklahoma would have won the NC anyway. But with a more advanced air attack, maybe the following years games against Miami might have been differently (not necessarily a win, but different). Considering what hurt Oklahoma the MOST in those games was their inability to cope with Miami's lateral speed versus the option. If the passing game had been given the opportunity to develop, and make that a REASONABLE threat..............

Oh well... Something for Sooner fans like me to ponder about. The teams still had problems (gang rape, et al) and was a bit out of control, and probably would have imploded eventually anyway.

Hey all, I need some help here, I was on a web page that some guy wrote a piece where he ranked(on a point scale) the colleges by where the players where taken in the draft, if they started, if they where on the roster, if they where All-pro, super bowels won, etc. It was a great piece, but like a retard I didn't save it and now after 3 hours of looking on the net I cant find it anywhere. If anyone know of this story could you please post the link. I would be forever greatful. Oh and bby the way Miami won it hands down.
Go Canes.

Hey all, I need some help here, I was on a web page that some guy wrote a piece where he ranked(on a point scale) the colleges by where the players where taken in the draft, if they started, if they where on the roster, if they where All-pro, super bowels won, etc. It was a great piece, but like a retard I didn't save it and now after 3 hours of looking on the net I cant find it anywhere. If anyone know of this story could you please post the link. I would be forever greatful. Oh and bby the way Miami won it hands down.
Go Canes.

Pro footall is boring, it lacks exactly what games like this have. Heat. Passion. And what it DOES have, football doesn't need- Spoiled overpriced athletes. Give me a college game over almost any pro game, ever day.

I second that texas sooner. even the pro rivalries are not nearly as intense as the college ones.

I have to agree with Texsooner and Swerve about college being more exciting and genuine in my mind when it comes to the desire and intentions of the players. They are doing it to win and have fun, not like the pros.
Dont get me wrong though, I still catch all of the Cowboy games. JJ helped that out also

Look I have been reading all these posts anbd I have yet to hear a Cane fan mention how our dicipline on offense and Defense has already proven to be %100 better than last year. We had what 2 penalties againts Marshall, that to me shows Randy has gotten to these players in a positive way. Also if you know anything about football you could see Nix had about a total of 10 plays we ran over and over again againts Marshall, which again is impressive considering the points we put up.
The haters are out in full force like always againts the "U", Let them hate because after we win the ACC this year we will be feared again but this time we have a coach that is not going to leave the "U" because he is the Happiest man in College Football to coach and be in the same area where all his success has came from. So I hope all U sooner FANS are Ready because a storm is brewing and we ARE READY to BOOM you Sooner, GOOOO CANES!!! Say it with me Cane Fans... C--A--N--E--S--!!!!!!!

Jasonsyd2: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/2007/08/17/ramblings/all-college-football-except-sdajunkie/5318/

Actually, I've never known any other university to claim 'the world is against them' more than UM fans. Could it be that the REAL haters are those clad in orange?

Of course, usually the rabid raucity are the least open-minded, regardless what group of fans.

Some of you guys must have really been hurt deeply in the past by the U. Why else would you spend so much time on a Canes's blog? If we're the team of yesterday, why are you so worried about us today? Not U KSSooner, cause your team has history and tradition, therefore u have a right to talk. Just like the U, OU has more than 2 nc's, unlike other wanna-be-Miami schools we know. Also both the U and OU know what its like to have multiple undefeated seasons unlike certain schools in Fla and Kentucky. I know it cuts like a knife Gayturd fans, but if you stop talkin sh**t we would'nt have to remind you everyday that not only are you not one of the elite programs in NCAAF history, you're not even the elite in Florida history! Don't even get me started on Looserville. Just win one title, much less five!

Hey Sooner, There is so much u know nothing about the "U". First try being a non state funded school!, And still be as good as we have been the past 20 years, we have never fallen off in the college ranks unlike the Sooners how many crappy season did u have to endure before your Cheating Coach who learned to cheat from the King of cheaters.. If I have to spell it out for your corn fed but I will, Spurrier..Stoops, Before Stoops came in to town you all SUCKED and was a laughing stock of the Big 12. We fell off for 2 years thats it.. But we are back Boomer "SOONER"... So before you start running your mouth about the "U" look at your program, When was the last time you could claim a NC? Don't you dare say 2000 because we should have been in that NC game and got ripped off, If we were in tbhat game instead of the NOLES we would have made Sooner nation CRY just like we did the Year After to Nebraska!!

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/palmbeach/umblog pbpost's jorge milian: "... watch ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday between 10 a.m. and noon. Joe Schad, my old colleague at the Palm Beach Post, will do a feature on Shannon and his difficult life’s journey to become UM’s coach."

One more thing KSSooner, U know the world IS against us, just turn on your tv or radio. Do U think all the name-calling, stereo-typing and profiling is justifiable? What excactly has Miami players ever done that other players at other programs have'nt done? What has Miami players done period to deserve this false reputation? Only thing I can think of is going from state to state beating good 'ol boy schools like OU, Neb, Ala, N.D, the list goes on. As for the Looserville fan that's talkin sh**t, check the overall series record between UL and UM then holla back!

Stoops was and IS a resuscitation of the Oklahoma program, that had floundered ever since the hire of that drunk Schnellenberger. Gibbs wasn't getting the job done, but wasn't that bad. A full 6 down years during the mid-late 90s, absolutely, 10 if you include Gibbs' years.

Stoops has a LOT of influence, including Hayden Fry, Spurrier, and Bill Snyder. He's now been at Oklahoma as long as all other stints combined. One of the best things he did was embrace the Sooner tradition and history. It paid immediate dividends.

I think Butch Davis would have a few words to complain about as far as cheating goes, I don't think you really have any innocence in that area. Switzer's greatest fault was his greatest strength. He was a player's coach, meaning he always to let men be men and HOPE that they had self-discipline. Many men can do that, but not all can

Perhaps UM might have given Oklahoma a better bowl game in 2000 when the Sooners went undefeated and won their last of 7 National Championships. Sadly, we'll never know because Miami didn't finish their season undefeated like Oklahoma did. Yes, UM beat FSU, but then again, they lost to a 'weaker' Washington team.

I'm not going to argue that FSU 'deserved' to be in the game, that wasn't up to me. Nor do I think that UM was 'unworthy'. But I think it a very hollow argument to adamantly state Maimi would have won in such a matchup, when they didn't win all their games before that.

Additionally, if you want to compare the matchups (how UM played FSU compared to how Oklahoma played a SEASONED FSU) lets explore game numbers-

Total yards vs UM- 555
Total yards vs Oklahoma- 301

Sacks vs UM- 0
Sacks vs Oklahoma- 1

Time of Poss vs UM- 27:18
Time of Poss vs Oklahoma- 23:27

Fumbles vs UM- 1
Fumbles vs Oklahoma- 3

And so on... Oh, and the final score, 13-2, the safety coming at the very end of the game as the Oklahoma punter took a bad snap out the back of the endzone. Otherwise, it's a shut-out. And given that Miami allowed 24 points compared to 2, that's just the icing on the cake as to the comparison.

BTW, Miami got HOSED by OSU in 2002. No way was that interference.

TexasSooner, I enjoyed the break it down you did v. Esteban at Canespace. LOL you can blog over there too ya know, we don't bite..:-D


CanesgirlNC, that was nice of you, thanks!!

Just my thoughts, who knows if I'm right. I guess we'll see tomorrow, eh?

Well, I'll probably show up there after tomorrow, win or lose. I've promised to take my lumps if it's the latter.

Miami is good for one thing and one thing only. Uneducated people which is why they call it the U instead of the University of Miami. OU is full of anger, talent, and a simple do it on the field attitude this season that Miami didn't see in their big win over who Marshall..okay wimps we shall see very soon about your over anxious thugs in what you call the U.Try not to steal any old ladies garments while you worthless pieces of #@$# are here okay.

Talk trash all night losers of the east coast. You've never been in the middle of what your boys are going to be in the middle of come Sat.11am! The world thinks Oklahoma is taking the little u lightly. No way in hell are we taking the best car jacking, drug selling, women beating thugs in the country lightly. Okay der der der well see in Norman, OK bia***ches. We will See Go Sooners

hey texas sooner... you're brilliant. if we throw the ball down the field it's either a hit or miss?? your breakdown of football is amazing. you should be a college football analyst.

btw looser borne, next time you decide to talk trash about a program you know nothing about other than a nice little history of losing too, read up and gain some insight on it. The U football team has a higher graduating class over 90% of D 1 schools including your beloved. why are you all up in our cut anyway...you scared? we love that U hate us...we know its cause you're not Us.

Go 'Canes.

I for one won't throw stones in a glass house and call Miami a bunch of thugs. We've both had our bad press, especially recently (the U's brawl last year and our Bomar issue). We both have had the thug label, but I think Stoops has helped clean it all up. We self-report everything and do things the right way now. Maybe Shannon will do the same to clean up the U and not let what happened last year occur again. It will take time, though, for that label to go away.

Oh, and we do know what it's like to be the media's whipping boy. We get destroyed by a semi-pro USC in 2004 and people start saying we got blown out for two NCs in a row (people just forget we lost by 7 to LSU and were throwing into the end zone at the end from 20 yards out - hardly a blowout). Add all the Boise St jokes and it gets old fast.

Anyways, I hope you guys win all your games, except for tomorrow.

Thanks so much Green your awesome.

Well, I was a little off with my prediction of OU 38 Miami 10, but a blowout nonetheless. Boomer Sooner!

By the way, your backup QB is way better than Kirby. Good luck on the rest of your games.

jasonsyd2: you're welcome

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