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Shannon: Starters will play special teams

Randy Shannon met with the media this morning for his weekly press conference. Here are some of the highlights:

- Starters will play special teams. Shannon said Miami's kickoff coverage has been horrible and he will now sprinkle starters into the lineup to improve it.
- Shannon said Graig Cooper called him at 1:30 a.m. following Thursday's game to appologize for his two fumbles and to promise he wouldn't fumble again. Shannon said he often gets a lot of late phone calls from players. Shannon then joked: "As long as police men aren't calling me at that time, it's fine."
- As for the turnovers, he said nobody is safe from losing their starting jobs when they turn the ball over and cited quarterback Kyle Wright's fumbles as a problem.
- Matt Bosher is still the punter. Shannon said David Strimple's late game punt against A&M was simply a matter of field position. He said Strimple will be used more for pinning teams deep while Bosher will continue to handle "hang time" issues.
- In evaluating Duke, Shannon said the Blue Devils love to blitz and will show it plenty on Saturday in the Orange Bowl. He also pointed to quarterback Thaddeus Lewis and his knack for hitting Eron Riley on the big play.
- As far as using the direct snap, Shannon said UM doesn't plan to overuse it. The Canes were obviously pretty successful against A&M with it. He said don't expect to see a lot of it.
- Linebacker Romeo Davis, once thought to be lost for the season, has been practicing with the scout team for the last two weeks and should see some real practice time this week. "He's just healed fast," Shannon said.
- Shannon said safety Lovon Ponder will work with trainers today and hopefully return to practice on Wednesday.
- Shannon said linebacker Glenn Cook has had his soft cast removed from his foot, but that he is at least two weeks away from returning to running and participating in drills.

Check back later today for the audio from that press conference as well as interviews with left tackle Jason Fox, linebacker Colin McCarthy and defensive backs Randy Phillips and Chavez Grant.


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FIRST..go canes

I see Romeo Davis is coming back. Is it me or does this guy not add up for the canes. He lacks speed and instincts. Play don't play this guy. Maybe only on special teams. Miami needs playmakers. No disrespect to Romeo but I speak the truth.

Eliseo, how many other canes have improved their play this year after not doing too good in previous seasons? Romeo might be someone to add to that list. We'll see. Hopefully they use him as an OLB instead of MLB though. He played his best his freshman year when they had him at WLB.


whats the deal with D.Sharpton , Josh Holmes , & Glenn Sharpe???

Also any updates on recruiting? (whats with all of our commits taking trips)

Are Sam Shields & Ryan Hill suspended for the Duke game...True or False???

Recruits take trips. If you could get free dinners and trips all over the country and be told you were freaking awesome, you'd want to do it too. They also want to make informed decisions. Kids do it all the time when it comes to choosing a college, whether they play sports or not. I think people are way too worried about the natural changes that happen in recruiting. We're gonna lose some kids we think are coming, and some kids are gonna come to the U who you haven't even heard of yet. Thats normal. Things are going well.

Agree with Coach that Lewis presents a deep threat better than you'd expect from a Duke QB. Hope the secondary doesn't get burned like they have in the past this season. And Shannon seems on point about the teams most glaring weaknesses, so I'm glad there's awareness and hopefully correction taking place. Remember, 20-15 last year and we probably should have lost. Let's build a woodshed this year and take them behind it like the old days! Go Canes!

"Let's build a woodshed this year and take them behind it like the old days!"

Now that i Classic! 100 points for J!

What was Romeo's injury? Was it an ACL?

hey whats yo with the jc wr ferguson. is he hurt or what. sounding like he was tearing things up in the summer.

I've never been a big fan of starters playing on special teams, but I wouldn't mind throwing some of the receivers out there to make them toughen up.

about the whole recruiting thing im not too worried about it... because it happens..... have any of you guys not seen the movie "He got game"??? you think that doesnt really happen...your kidding yourself....

I'm not a fan of using starters on special teams either. It shouldn't really be necessary at a school like Miami. At this point, however, I would run the cheerleaders out there to cover kicks if I thought it would do any good. With our defense, it is an absolute sin to have teams starting drives around the 40 instead of the 20.

Commitments are never really commitments until they sign in February. Of course they'll take their trips. They should. It's a heck of a decision they have to make, potentially a million dollar one. I'm not worried either. Randy will get the kids he needs.

The old canes would come out against Duke and put 30+ on them in the first quarter. Let's see if we're really coming back, or if we'll lose our focus with a weak opponent in front of us.

Go Canes!

http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?page=contact/espntv hey guys, tell ESPN you want to see U v. duke! it just may work ... ESPN: "due to the large number of responses. we will review your e-mail shortly."

what channel is the game gonna be on??? u guys think ESPNU???

dadecane84: no TV

Link to LIVE chat tonight with Manny Navarro at Canespace:


man that sucks.... i wrote espn... hopefully they play it on ESPNU... at least

If you live in other states then nevermind, but guys rather than complaining to ESPN maybe you should go to the game. I know TV exposure is good for the program, but generally high profile recruits don't care about games vs. Duke unless they are basketball recruits. Just show your love in the OB. Granted if you are posting here I don't doubt you'll be there!

Thanks for the live chat tonight on Canespace Manny! You are always right up there with the best of the best when it comes to the U.

Manny thanks for dropping by Canespace.

That was a serious effort tonight on canespace, Navarro, many thanks...

Im hoping you will f/u on the questions you honestly couldnt answer tonight, but since apparently your current schedule has you eating and sleeping in your car on the way to your next interview...I'll cut some slack if it doesnt happen...respect.

Now, if only your communidad-pandering editors don't screw it up and keep lettin you do like you do --- Life as a CANE fan will be Eye-ray

ALL 'bout dem CANES!

Manny just got to read the Q&A over at Canespace thanks for answering my question even though you had already answered it last week, as well as everyone else's.
The fact that you do these blogs on your own time shows how commited you are to your work and the fans.
Keep doing what you do Bro.


Go Canes!!!!!

guys rather than complaining to ESPN maybe you should go to the game. I know TV exposure is good for the program but

Posted by: J | September 25, 2007 at 06:58 PM whether the game is in town ... U always want to be on TV to recruit more fans.

memo to Joe Rose: jettison jason jackson; he cuts into your airtime. SUPERFLUOUS

http://www.miamiherald.com/614/story/250334.html herald's barry jackson: "Pennsylvania-based swingman Quincy Roberts, an '08 oral Canes hoops commitment, will enroll elsewhere." barry's back : )

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/26/education/26education.html?ref=education columbia professor samuel g. freedman: "Then, in 1991, Rutgers joined the Big East Conference, making it a peer of ethically challenged football factories like Miami." DEFAMATORY

That direct snap is great - throws defenses off balance.. as long as we use it only on certain occasions that's gonna be great

Real happy about Romeo Davis - big help

Can't wait for the Duke game:



Hey, where's the additional interviews?

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