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Should Kyle start vs. OU?

I'm just going to raise the question because I know I'm not the only one who has thought about it since Saturday: Should Kyle Wright start against Oklahoma?

Look, I'm not trying to start a quarterback controversy. That's the God honest Randyshannon_pointstruth. God knows the last thing I want to ask Randy Shannon every week is 'Who You Starting this week, Coach?' But I've  got to ask the question. Did Kirby Freeman play poorly enough in Saturday's 31-3 rout of Marshall for Shannon to give the starting job back to Kyle Wright this week? Shannon said last week that Freeman "gives his team the best opportunity to win." But after seeing Freeman on Saturday do you still agree with him? Freeman, who made his fifth career start, technically did what was asked of him. The Canes won and he made just one real mistake (one bad interception). But is this the guy who can lead Miami to a win in Norman?

As many of you in the on Eye on The U crew have pointed out, Freeman's 9 for 21 effort for 81 yards with 1 TD (a 1-yard pass) and 1 INT against Marshall wasn't exactly the kind of stuff you wanted to  Kirby_freeman_passes see against a team whose pass defense ranked 114th out of 119 last season. Granted, Freeman didn't get a lot of help from his receivers. Kayne Farquharson, Darnell Jenkins and Khalil Jones all dropped passes. But how much better would 12 for 21 for say 115 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT really be than what Freeman did accomplish? By my count, Freeman was 0-for-4 when attempting passes longer than 15 yards downfield. And of his nine completions, seven came in the first half (a few of which I'll point out were quick outlets to Lance Leggett. The kind of passes my coworker Susan Miller Degnan probably would have been able to complete too). Freeman was also just 2 for 8 in the second half with that real ugly INT.

Look, Shannon has said all along that all he wants his quarterback to do is get the ball in the hands of his playmakers and not lose games. And for most of this season, the Canes can probably get Kylewalkoffaway with its usual winning formula -- a solid front seven and some ball control behind the legs of Graig Cooper and Javarris James. But after seeing what the Top-10 ranked Sooners did on Saturday (a 79-10 thrashing of North Texas), I think we can all agree that at least this game calls for someone who can do more than just manage an offense. As good and as improved UM's offensive line is, the Canes will see a much stiffer defensive challenge from the Sooners, who have the personnel to make sure James and Cooper don't escape as easily as they did against Marshall.

Now, I know there is the thought out there that maybe Miami and new offensive coordinator Patrick Nix were holding back a little against Marshall. Maybe, they didn't want to show OU "the real passing game" Nix and Miami's coaches have said throughout camp has looked solid. But don't you think last Saturday would have been a good time to at least work on that passing game a little bit?

If we go with what's happened on Saturdays before, Wright is the better candidate. Freeman's career numbers (51.8 completion percentage, 10 TDs, 11 INTs) pale in comparison to Wright's (59.5 career passing percentage with 26 TDs and 17 INTs). Like I said, it's just a question, feel free to chime in.

LOCKER ROOM TALK: Every week I plan to give you a little nugget of something I collect in the postgame locker room in this portion of the blog. This week, it relates to Miami's offensive line, which impressed me most of any group in Saturday's game. I spoke with Reggie Youngblood, Jason Fox and John Rochford after the game, who all said they were pleased with coach Jeff Stoutland's rotation of lineman in the game. Youngblood told me he didn't mind coming in off the bench behind Chris Rutledge. Rochford told me he played most of the game before being spelled by A.J. Trump late in the second half and said his one muffed snap was just a rare case of "human error." To hear what they said, click on audio link.

GAME BALLS -- Offense: Normally, I'd give it to Graig Cooper and Javarris James, who combined for over 200 yards. But they'll get plenty as the year progresses. I'm giving it to the offensive line for picking up just one penalty and not giving up a sack. That -- playing an entire game without giving up a sack -- only happened twice last year (Houston and Virginia). Defense: Tavares Gooden. He led the team with nine tackles, returned an INT to the one-yard line and played his best game as a Cane in my mind. UM needs him to be a star this season at middle linebacker. Special teams: Kick Francesco Zampogna. Tough to give it to anybody else considering the rough day Matt Bosher had punting and the kickoff Daren Daly knocked out of bounds.

LIVE Q&A Tonight: Just a reminder for you guys to leave me some questions this afternoon. I'll be answering questions live from 8 to 9 p.m. at Canespace this week and will hopefully have Northwestern defensive tackle and UM recruit Marcus Forston available to answer some questions at some point. See you tonight.


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against no pass rush kyle does throw a better ball and looks great. add a pass rush and things change.

Manny, you know Nix showed nothing. Flairs to LL??? Don't be silly. U won't see any of the plays U saw against Marshall this weekend.

Relax. Kirby's got this, to quote Ed Reed.

Kyle is only going to get better.
The kicking game was better than I thought it would be.
If our defense can hold Oklahoma, we win. We won't be able to keep up if there is marathon scoring

We need questions for Manny for tonight's LIVE chat at Canespace!

Manny here are a few:

The question on everyone's mind is: "Did Shannon and Nix hold back on the play calling to set something up for OU game or did we actuualy see what we really have on O against Marshall?"

Which WRs will start against OU? Is SS back as a starter or will he just play some? Will LL or DJ be benched for dropped passes? Has McKenzie already been redshirted or will he try to play this year?

What is the status of McNeal and Chambers? Will either one of them play or redshirt?

What is 9 O'clock's injury status?

What do you think about Richard Gordon as a return guy on KOs? Would you prefer to see DVD, Jenkins or SS back there with Hill or Gordon to stay there?

I predict that Kirby will throw for over 250 yards against OU. Do U agree?

This game against Oklahoma is not a conference game for us. If mistakes are made or if players need to be assessed, then it is better to do it against Oklahoma than against Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech. There is no need to panic if we lose against Oklahoma so early in the season. There is absolutely no need to discuss or change the quarterback at this time unless your trying to stir up controversy. Let Kirby play the game and see how he does. If he fails to perform well in this game, then bring up the quarterback question after the game. Manny- are you a friend of the "U" or a foe to the "U ". Why are you playing "Monday morning quarterback" ? This program is in a rebuilding phase , not in a finished phase. Everyone should remember that before second quessing the coaching staff or expecting perfection from a team that is rebuilding!

Mobile QBs have given us fits???? Like Chase Daniels of Mizzou last year, perhaps?? Or McGee of A&M?

You're just flat out dead wrong. I won't even bother to look up any of the statistics, you're just flat out dead wrong. OU's defense has been more effective against mobile QBs than any other. The exception I think would be the 6 and 6 team of 2005 versus Vince Young, but even the prior 2 years we had contained him.

I don't think any playr Miami has on their sideline emulates Young. And even if they did, this year's Sooner squad is far far above that 2005 group, in all phases of the game.

I just love all the talk about Miami's 'vanilla' performance against Marshall. As if the 5-10 plays added to the playbook against Oklahoma will suddenly allow their players to catch the ball or block against a 30% bigger line, or *gasp* throw accurately for a change.

Oklahoma is ALREADY performing at a high level of execution. MUCH higher than Miami is. Block and tackle, block and tackle. Consistency.

It appears that most UM fans fail to recognize a very simple thing. Both teams are very similar to each other in many respects and styles, excluding the QB. As much as you laud and tout the Miami defense, Oklahoma's defense is just as strong, just as fast, just as hard hitting. Stronger. Faster.

It won't be Oklahoma's QB flat out on their back, looking up at the noontime sun wondering where they are. It'll be whoever UM decides to dress for the experience.

Be happy, Miami fans. You can walk away from this weekend knowing your team was on the field with one of the most elite programs this year. Take a look at it, and use it as something to aspire to be, someday.

Make no mistake however, it's a long way to go.

Who are these jerk-off Sooner fans who write all this malarkey? Jeez, their favorite team--with a goofy name that ranks right up there with "Hokie"--runs up the score against a grotesquely overmatched N. Texas squad, and these guys are stomping around thumping their chests like the FSU defense used to do . . . until they played the 'Canes.

The last time the 'Canes played the Sooners, the Sooners were favored. They were the class of college football, and everybody thought they were going to win.

But they lost, lost lost, and the U won, won, won the national championship.

Do tornadoes make people stupid?

We're under the radar.
Oklahomer has'nt seen such speed!

HAHA this sooner fan talks about speed???? UM will show U some speed on saturday!! and MANNY KILL YO SELF!! LOL J/K J/K kyle folds in pressure situations we all know that , kirby gives us the best chance to win PERIOD!!! and UM & Nix didnt show the offense on saturday , why U think they kept running the same plays over and over??



Come on Manny, you are trying to start something!!!

Here is the thing - Does it matter? What is the difference between the two? Kyle was so bad last year, Kirby should have easily beaten him out, yet it was close going into the last week of fall camp!!!

So that tells me that there is little difference between them, thus Kyle would have put up similar numbers against Marshall and you would have written a blog saying, "Should Kirby be given a shot against OU?"

The reality is, the QB and WR positions are weak points on this team. It has been that way for 2-3 years. Roscoe Parrish was the last consistent play-maker at the WR position. And the QB's are not better than Brock Berlin. So there you have it.

Miami needs to continue to find upgrade those positions. Maybe McKenzie and Hankerson are those types of players?

The Hype about Marve was sickening because, didn't the fans hype up Kyle Wright? As for now, I will reserve judgement.

Sorry fellas, you've already seen the best of Kirby.
Why are you all so against Wright? For the past two years he has had no offensive line, no receivers, no running game and most of all he had no coaching. The entire offense had no coaching for that matter.

When Kirby took over for Wright last year, he did much less with more.
A very ‘green’ Shields and Leggett were Wright’s starting wide-receiving threats his entire stint at playing last year. I shouldn’t have to explain why they weren’t considered a duo threat. James was the only threat at running the ball and he didn’t even play until the third game of the year. I don’t know, but me personally, I wouldn’t be complaining about 3 dropped passes in one game. Olsen him self dropped 3 Wright passes in one game alone. When Kirby took over for Wright he actually had a broken-in James, Olsen was turning his season around and Ryan Moore returned for the last 3 games of the season. Wright actually played better than Kirby ever did last year during 3 quarters in his last game with a broken bone in his throwing hand. I can’t believe we had to come from behind to beat Nevada in the Smurf Bowl.

Kirby is definitely not a good passer inside or outside the pocket. If I were a Sooner, I definitely wouldn’t be loosing sleep over his mobility either. The only reason Kirby should be starting over Wright is if Kirby had the most improved off-season in college football over the past 30 years. After the first game, it doesn’t seem so in this case now does it?

Anyway, whoever is on the field at QB this year for the U playing well or stinking-it-up, I will cheer for till the end. Go Canes Baby!!!!!!!

I'm conducting a study. Do tornadoes make people stupid, or do they just make people sell used cars and lose BCS games against undermatched opponents?

Curiouser and curiouser . . .

Choosing between Freeman and Wright is tough. Neither quarterback has distinguished himself. Neither has ever played as good as Clemson's Cullen Harper did against FSU, and that was Harper's first game as a starter.

Ironically, both Freeman and Wright are probably better than Harper, skill wise. But Harper had more poise. He also had support from his teammates that neither Freeman nor Wright get with any consistancy.

It doesn't matter which quarterback starts against OU. I say just pick one and stick with him, and start benching O linemen who don't block and receivers who don't catch, and if that means recruiting players off the street to play O lineman or receiver, then so be it. It's just plain old ridiculous: O linemen who can't block and receivers who can't catch. Geez, the U has good quarterbacks and running backs. If the team's receivers would catch and O linemen would block, the U would be unbeatable.

I don't think the real question is who to start at quarterback. The real question is who to start at receiver and O line.

TexasSooner..I have to admit you do make well thought out comments and show some intelligence rather than just bashing another team out of ignorance. So here's a challenge, should you choose to accpet it:

At another web site and blog (www.canespace.com) we are inviting an opposing teams' fan to come on and debate with us why your team should win.

We have a writer (Esteban) at Canespace who writes the "Break It Down" page who would LOVE to go toe to toe with you in an intelligent debate with facts, stats, etc. about which team (UM/OU) should win and why. Are you up to it?

Someone made a good point about a 10 point spread for such a great OU team AT HOME against the 39th ranked team in the nation. The bookies are smarter than all of us combined, and they know how close these two teams really are.

Kirby did nothing v Marshall that should lead to a demotion. He had 12 incompletions, 4 of which were well thrown balls that could/should have been caught. He was not asked to stretch the field. His job was to avoid negative plays, and for the most part he did.

I've said it before, but until we have some guys who can catch the damn ball, no QB will have the confidence or swagger we're looking for.

Manny, question for Forston for tonight: his thoughts on the UM - Marshall game. Thanks

"The bookies are smarter than all of us combined, and they know ..." Posted by: Mephistopheles | September 04, 2007 at 01:45 PM ... nothing ; ) that's why they play the game ...

It really does not matter who starts at QB. Miami is going to get spanked this weekend. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!

Bad form Manny. I have loved your blogs so far but I expect more from a writer from the Herald than to join the circus omplaining about Kirby. Did you take into account that we started drives deep in their territory and ran it in.

Bottom line, Kirby deserves more time. How anyone can think Kyle would do better is beyond me. Kirby leads the team, Kyle doesn't.

I'm not saying Kirby was perfect, but I thought he did well all things considered.

I think people are just looking at the stat line and jumping to conclusions. Watch the game closely and take all factors into account and you'll see Kirby did fine.

I believe we'll see a totally different gameplan against OU. How Kirby will do, I don't know. Lets at least give him a season. Kyle had 3 to prove himself and he proved nothing. Kirby deserves more than one game. And I don't even count the games last year he started because he was thrown to the wolves on a crappy team going nowhere fast.

I think a writer form the Herald should be above talk like this myslef.

Just some food for thought. While our offense hardly scares anyone, OU's pass defense was ranked 41 in the nation last year. That doesn't sound like impenetrable. That means hard to pass against for the OU grads out there.

Also, their D yielded (that means gave up OU grad) a full yard per carry more than UM did last season on the ground.

I still thinks its a stretch to expect UM to win this game, but is it really that unlikely?



uM IS BACK yeAH: NEW Coach. NEW season. NEW U. hope springs eternal ...

"Be happy, Miami fans. You can walk away from this weekend knowing your team was on the field with one of the most elite programs this year. Take a look at it, and use it as something to aspire to be, someday."

Elite program? Granted I will conceed that your a good program, but far from insinuating that your out of our league. Your program is so elite it has not beaten texas the last 2 years. Yeah yeah, you have this and you have that, but you had this and had that and still lost to teams a la boise whom you never ever would have thought could have hung over 30 on that "awesome D" and then managed to beat you. Yeah, this is last years squad. Now cause we have new coaches, we are a nobody team with 2 all americans, and a 39 national ranking. If you really look at it, you should hands down just whip our ass. I mean, we are 39. We dont have any speed, which is why we are 39. Our recievers cant catch, maybe we should drop to 50 for that. Our 2 good tailbacks dont compare to your "5 td 3rd stringer". Blah, blah, blah. Keep posting and blasting. The last time we got 0 respect was Va Tech last year. Ask them what happened, after all, it was a 7-6 squad.

Give it a REST! The Kyle/Kirby situation has been decided by Coaches Shannon and Nix, not some guys on a blog! Support the U, support the Canes, support our QB Kirby!!!

To all OU fans here today and the rest of the week: Please, PLEASE be here Saturday/Sunday morning. Remember, and as OU fans you should know this very well because of some very superior defensive efforts in your football past. Defense will be what wins this game and Miami's is the best in the country...its going to be a very tight game and the team that run's it best (Miami) and turn it over the least (Miami) will win. I'll be here to defend that after the game, so I welcome all the Sooner's talking trash to join along.

I thihk Kyle would have a great game against
OU...He is a better passer and we cannot rely only on our backs to win this game...We will have to use the speed of Sam Shields and hopefully the experience and skills of Jenkins and Leggett...With this year offensive line kyle would be much better...much better protection...Shannon will need some secret weapons and trick plays to win this Game...

I thihk Kyle would have a great game against
OU...He is a better passer and we cannot rely only on our backs to win this game...We will have to use the speed of Sam Shields and hopefully the experience and skills of Jenkins and Leggett...With this year offensive line kyle would be much better...much better protection...Shannon will need some secret weapons and trick plays to win this Game...

SOUP is correctomundo. I just wish the coaches could connect a machine to Kyle's brain to get him to read the field...by far the more talented and gifted of the 2 QB's, but really, they are the same as far as what you get with regards to production. So, the question really is, does it matter if its #3 or #7? Probably not. Don't forget that a lot of that also has to with the kids responsible for actually catching and running with it...the wr's are not getting it done. How many of Dorsey's and even Berlin's 8-10 yard passes got taken to the house by a kid that could catch it and do something with it. Not these wr's...

To SOUP, perhaps I'll try to get over to your site. I have time for posts, but not often for interactive chats.

To swerve: First of all, your <> you're.

Secondly, I said that Oklahoma was an elite program THIS year. LSU, USC, and Oklahoma are in a niche above all the others.

Actually, I give Miami a LOT of credit, and it's obvious they are on the way back up from the small down slip that they made. Miami's 'fall from grace' is NOTHING compared to the near-decade disappearance that Oklahoma did in the 90s, starting with the hiring of that drunk Schnellenberger. But I digress. The fact that Miami has new coaches is actually a benefit for them, as I think it will revitalize them back closer to their normal strength and prowess. CLOSER, but not all the way, not this year anyway.

As for 'whipping them', I've never thought nor said that at all. This will be a GREAT game, and NO easy victory. MY point has been, and still is, that the majority of the posters here have discounted any/all talent and capabilities of Oklahoma. Your own reference to the last two prior years' losses to Texas are a perfect example. What bearing does that have on THIS team?? A 6-6 freshman team in 2005 lost to Vince Young. Last year's game vs TU was closer, but most of our players were still young an inexperienced, and the greatest factor was POOR performance. Not playing up to capability. That's what is SO distinguishing in comparison.

And frankly, if you want to compare THIS year's Miami team to last year's Texas team, then Miami still has a ways to come up to be close in comparison.

As for rankings, I've never downtrodden UM, never said the things you did, "They are only 39th". Rankings at this stage are without any merit. However, if I were to rank Miami based upon POTENTIAL, I'd put them around 23rd-26th. They're the 3rd best team in the ACC, at THIS moment, and they have potential to get better. Not sure if they can beat GT, but I think they have a 50-50 shot at beating VT (who I think is over-rated, but still pretty good).

My last point- I've seen both teams play, a number of times. Miami didn't play THAT badly against Marshall. I'm sure the home crowd is used to superior performances and that's why a ho-hum display is probably frustrating. I fully expect Miami to be prepared, and pumped, and ready to give their all, and maybe even expecting to win.

But I really and truly do not think you have any appreciation for the Sooner's talent, performance, and coaching. Miami won't be the only team on the field with exceptional speed and quickness. The 'WOWS' that echo from the SE as OU covers the receivers, blocks the running lanes, catches the ball, takes the hits, delivers their own will obviously shock and dismay most of the posters and fans of this board.

texassooner: boise state beat oklahoma. who would have thunk it ...

green, you help reiterate my point. you ignore TALENT and PERFORMANCE. BSU last year had both of those, and beat a good (NOT great) OU team, that in the first drive lost Malcolm Kelly. Even still, it was a nail biter game down to the end, that took exceptional performances by both teams down the end.

OU lost. No ifs, ands, or buts.

But, consider this- Miami didn't play well enough last year to be in that game. Last year's Miami team would have easily lost to BSU. And THIS year's Miami team right now hasn't shown me that they could beat that BSU team, either.

texassooner: what do you think of our defense & running game?

TexasSooner...it is simple really. Write up:

1. Three reasons why OU will win;
2. Three reasons OU needs to be careful (Miami strengths);
3. Three players from OU to watch during the game;
4. What the outcome will be (score prediction and general 50-100 word summary).

Email this to host@canespace.com and we will post it on our site and email you back when it is up. Ball is in your court...

I think the Miami defense may the be best we face this year. Texas is an uncertainty to me at this point in time since they're defensive coordinator went off to Iowa State (bad decision), and A&M has historically given Oklahoma fits, including last year. But we get them at home and that should be significant against for the A&M game.

I think those three teams (Texas, A&M, and Miami) will have the most effective defense against Oklahoma. Primarily because of SPEED.

The game against Miami's D will be a BATTLE, make no mistake. Oklahoma isn't.

The UM running game I'm not going to laud as much. That's not to bash the runners' talents as much as it will be skepticism at how the offensive line will do against Oklahoma's 'regular' defense.

The reason I think the running game will be only moderately effective (I'm predicting 120-140 yards rushing Miami will get in total not counting QB sacks) is that Oklahoma's defense should be able to play pass defense straight up. They can commit safeties and linebackers to greater run support. And of course, if the Sooners have an effective lead, the running game will have to be abandoned.

SOUP, fair enough!

I think the Miami defense may the be best we face this year. Posted by: TexasSooner | September 04, 2007 at 04:00 PM how do you square that statement with "THIS year's Miami team right now hasn't shown me that they could beat that BSU team"?

Absolutely. Once again, you're applying an evaluation on BSU based on their name, not on their performance.

Perhaps it would make a difference to you if they were in drab uniforms and labeled 'Team X'.

Talent? Miami has much more talent this year, than last year's BSU team. But doesn't have near the heart or dedication.

Doesn't mean they couldn't win, but they haven't shown me that they would. If the current Miami team and the BSU team Oklahoma faced in the Fiesta bowl could be magically put together for a game, with both teams having weeks to prepare.... NO way I'd put any money on Miami

Also, the best defense we play this year doesn't mean it will keep us from succeeding.

An afterthought, UM's defense may be the best we face in the regular season. I'd put LSU's as the best in the country, at the moment.

If the TCU's and Tulsa's of the college football world can go into Norman and keep it close, even pull off an upset sometimes, then I feel real good about our team's chances. This is the fastest, most athletic team the Sooners will face all season. It'll be a challenge for both squads.

But don't come here talking all your smack after OU beat a high school team with a high school coach. OU looks fast, looks like a solid team. But they're not GOD. They can be beaten and have been by less talented teams, in Norman. Go punk it on your homer boards.

Miami has much more talent this year, than last year's BSU team. Posted by: TexasSooner | September 04, 2007 at 04:14 PM gotta run. see yOU saturday ...

Manny, I think I'm the only one that has asked a question so far( I thought Kyle should have started but I am shannonized so be it) Is Brandon Harris any closer to a UM commit? What about anything else on the recruiting front? Does Marcus know anything about possible recruits such as Streeter?
Thanks Again Manny

didn't kyle throw 5 td's two years ago against wake forest? and he still stunk against good teams that year. just a reminder. this isn't about beating sorry teams. its about beating teams that bring the pressure. cause no matter how good the OL is, if the defense brings more guys than there are to block them they will have someone get pressure on the QB. its the QB's job to make them pay for bringing so many guys.

Texas...save it for your article. Get off the blog and get to work!

Manny...this thing is ALMOST LIVE now! Nice work. About 25 posts in 2 hours or one every 4.8 minutes! Remember when you had 25 posts in three days? Go Manny, Go Herald, Go Canes!!!

RT6...I already told U that I have it from a reliable source (not Manny) that there is a 90% probability that Brandon Harris will be a Cane. Manny please confirm tonight if you can?

miamimike, wow you really now how to analyze a team.

Your reference is completely illogical.

Does the fact that Miami lost 6 games last year have any relevance upon how they'll do this year???? I could just as easily say that because Miami lost to Maryland last year that 'anyone' could come in and beat Miami. Or how about last year's performance against Duke??????

The Oklahoma losses you mention are from two years ago and 9 years ago, that's even less relevant to the discussion.

Of course Miami can win. DUH. It wouldn't even be a stretch if they did like the Appalachian State-Michigan game was. The point about talking about it is to make analysis and predictions. To root for our favored team.

I don't blame anyone on this board for predicting or hoping their team will win. Even 'expecting' them to win isn't unbelievable. What I do take contention with is the utter dismissal of an opponent's abilities.

I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY that UNT was a high school team. I've said the same thing myself elsewhere. What is significant about Oklahoma's performance in the game isn't the score. It isn't the records. It's the performance. You can drop passes against AIR. Or even against Marshall. 21-23 is impressive no matter WHO the opponent is, particularly for a newly starting QB.

The reason for the optimism isn't that Oklahoma defeated a great team. It's that the TEAM is showing the ability to play to their capabilities. Like an engine running on all cylinders. As many opportunities as Oklahoma has had in the last several years, they haven't DONE that, haven't played that well, since 2000. For those that watch and know the program, these differences are like light and day. I'm sure within your own program you recognize when your team is performing as they are capable of.

TSooner, you sound like an informed fan, so I'll back off. OU, like I said, looked fast and solid. I don't like OU, but respecting them is different. I can respect them.

Comparing teams from different years is irrelevant. We don't play BSU this year, so saying we could or couldn't beat them is silly.

Like I said, OU looks solid and fast. UM looks fast and solid on D, OL, & RB. It's gonna be cose, IMO. Either way.

Best of luck to your team, see ya in Norman. Sec 40, row 58, seat 22

BTW, Sooner, most of your Sooner buddies are hard to talk to b/c the ones I've talked to are completely ridiculous and don't know much, unlike yourself.

I can always enjoy a conversation with a fan from another team if they know something, not the bandwagon jumpers that every school gets b/c they're winning.

Well, every school has their share of drunken idiots, including Oklahoma and Miami.

I'm a fan and want my team to win, just like any other. I may see some things through crimson colored glasses at times, but that's just part of being an energetic and enthusiastic fan.

I wish I could wish you a pleasant time in Norman. Hopefully the weather will be nice for you, though I don't expect the fans to be so. Aside from Texas, there is doubtfully any other school that evokes such emotions from our fans, including the ones with a tooth count that matches their IQ. Although I doubt anything would get physical, I don't think the UM fans will be received very warmly.

Sup Manny?
Hows the car?
Question for Canespace chat do U feel as I do that shannon held his cards so as to not give OU game film?
Do U think we will have a much more wide open attack?
Texas Sooner come to Canespace and lets debate out come of the game!
I truly hope the OU players and staff underestimate the Canes as much as U do!!!

agreed, TSooner. I told my roommate to be prepared for some unpleasantness. I'll have to be sure to be in a crowd of UM fans if I want to spark any kind of debate or conversation.

Manny, is the team doing anything different to prepare for the game this week? Are they treating it any differently?

I was at the miami game and UM didnt run that many plays...just WR screens and tosses pretty much...they let their defense handle everything... OC Nix was just getting them comfortable... they gonna open it up against OU.... if we hit them in the mouth OU will buckle i guarantee it!!!!!!! UM 31- OU 10.... we are a hungry team....oh and ur ranked #5 how did that work out for michigan last week..... AFTER SATURDAY ANALYSTS AND HATERS BEWARE THE U IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

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