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Good moves, now to the playcalling

Greetings from Dallas. I'm still here out west, covering the big high school game this week when Miami Northwestern travels to Southlake Carroll to play in that No. 1 vs. No. 2 prep matchup.

I'm sorry I didn't give some of you a heads up about not having a live Q&A this week. But I've been a bit busy here in Southlake since I drove back in Sunday. But enough about that, let's talk Canes.

I've got to say I was happy to see coach Randy Shannon deliver on his promise he'd do what was best for the team at all times and make some major changes. He did that Tuesday, making moves to improve his starting lineup.

Here's a quick recap:
- Kyle Wright moves back to the starting role at quarterback.
- Randy Phillips, still sporting OU receiver treadmarks, gets moved from corner to backup safety, the spot he really was meant to play.
- Sam Shields, the team's best receiver, moves back into a starting role.
- The experiment of having a 6-4, 260-pound tight end return kickoffs ends. Richard Gordon goes back to his main duties, blocking. DeMarcus Van Dyke or Shawnbrey McNeal are expected to replace him.
- And Daren Daly, who was attrocius on kickoffs, gets replaced by Francesco Zampogna.

Everything should be perfect now right? Hmm. Not quite. To me, personnel adjustments are just phase one. Look, I'm not an offensive or defensive coordinator. I only play one when I got my PlayStation 2 controller in my hand and John Madden Football or NCAA Football on. Kind of just like most of you. But I don't think it took a rocket scientist to figure out Miami's playcalling this season needs some work.

Did former starter Kirby Freeman ever throw the ball down the middle of the field -- even once while he was in there? No to my memory.
Any of you have an idea why in God's name was Miami's pass defense still playing man-to-man in your face defense -- even after falling behind 14-3 and proving it couldn't handle OU's speedy receivers?
Why was Graig Cooper running sweeps inside the OU 5 and Javarris James not in for the goalline smashmouth situations?
Why was Miami running a no-huddle shotgun offense when it obviously couldn't do anything in it?

To me, the Canes need to go back to basics. When Kyle Wright was in there Saturday and having success, his receivers were doing simple little routes. Darnell Jenkins? Go downfield 10 yards and turn around. Completion! First down! Ryan Hill? Ditto. What a concept! When Miami was running the football successfully, it was Javarris James up the middle, and Graig Cooper following his brigade of blockers on sweeps.

Look, offensive coordinator Patrick Nix and defensive coordinator Tim Walton are young, talented guys. Coach Randy Shannon wouldn't have hired and promoted them if he didn't see something he liked. UM's personnel was obviously were outmatched against OU. They couldn't provide miracles. But they could have made adjustments. There were flaws in Miami's gameplan before the 51-13 loss. 81 passing yards against Marshall? A wide open middle of the field against the Thundering Herd? Surely, Kyle Wright can ought to find ways to get 10-yard completions against FIU this week, right? Surely, Miami's safeties don't have to play in the box nearly every down against FIU, do they?

Just some of my thoughts people. I know many of you have shared the same. Since this is all fun anyway, what did you see as far as playcalling that you'd like to see removed from the playbook? What about what would you like to see Miami do more of? Is there still more personnel moves Miami needs to make? Have some fun. Play coordinator.