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Take your finger off the panic button

Red Alert! Red Alert! The Miami Hurricanes lost a football game!
Red Alert! Red Alert! The Canes got embarrassed in Norman, 51-13!
Red Alert! Red Alert! This is unacceptable!

Do most of you realize how ridiculous that just sounded? Yet, of the 400-plus messages left on this blog and others related to University of Miami football, I'd estimate about 90-percent of them sounded just like that madness above.

Did The U get thrashed yesterday by the fifth-ranked team? Yes.
Did various parts of the team -- namely the quarterback position and secondary get exposed? Yes.
Did Randy Shannon and his assistants make the wrong move by taking Kyle Wright out of the game? Yes.
Did the game plan stink? Yes.
Is it time to collect everything green and orange in your house and burn it? Absolutely not. Listen up Canes fans, it is time to take your finger off the panic button!

University of Miami football fans are passionate about their team. I understand that. I was born and have bled in this city all my life and spent many a Saturday at the OB myself. But this quick jump off a roof mentality has got to stop. The reality is this football team lost to a superior team and the score was lopsided for a few reasons. I'll get into those later. But the reality is this team is better than last year's 7-6 squad. And this team can also end up running the table the rest of the season. It's not out of the question. The ACC, last time I looked, wasn't exactly loaded with great teams.

I know you are wounded. Randy Shannon and the talk got you all excited. Some of you believed this was 2001 all over again (I don't know how). And then, the Canes ego got blasted with a shotgun yesterday. Here's the problem, though. As Canes fans, you need to stop comparing this team right now to anything accomplished in 1983, 87, 89, 91 and 2001 -- or even those other seasons when Miami had superior talent than this team. It's just not fair. Did you honestly expect Randy Shannon to take this team from 0 to 60 -- or 7-6 to national champs -- in less than 3.1 seconds? The University of Miami is not a Ferrari or the suped-up race car today that it once was.

Yesterday proved that again. But what yesterday also proved is that Miami isn't that far away. Did we forget it was 21-13 in the third quarter? All, Oklahoma did was expose Miami's weaknesses. did get out of hand? Yeah. But it was 21-13. Miami was in the fight. Yes, they picked on the secondary, made Miami's quarterbacks look average at best. But isn't that something we already knew was a problem? Didn't we know the secondary got beat several times by Marshall last week? Haven't we known Miami's passing game has done about diddly squat in the last three years? Why did we believe all of a sudden those issues were going to vanish against arguably Miami's toughest opponent in the last three seasons?

The bottomline is this: This team isn't as bad today as the film Randy Shannon poured over last night. It just isn't good enough to beat teams like Oklahoma. Not yet. But it is good enough to thrash the Marshalls and FIUs of the world. The strength of this team -- its defensive line and running game is good enough to not only keep Miami in games, which is what it did all last year, but likely win most of them. The Canes don't have just one star in the backfield anymore. They've got two. Colin McCarthy is growing up everyday. Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips? They're still here.

Look at the rest of Miami's schedule and honestly ask yourself if there is a game the Canes simply cannot win? Ask yourself if there is another Oklahoma on the schedule?

FIU? They're 0-2. Played Maryland halfway decent yesterday and lost.
Texas A&M? Needed triple OT to pull of a win at home against Fresno State.
Duke? Basically winless in 2-plus seasons.
North Carolina? Butch Davis isn't ready yet to win a big game.
Georgia Tech? The Yellow Jackets are likely the toughest game at home this season.
Florida State? The Seminoles have their own issues and were down 17-3 yesterday to UAB.
North Carolina State? Barely treading water these days.
Virginia? They beat a beaten down Miami team 17-7 last year. They only beat Duke by 11 yesterday.
Virginia Tech? In a game vs. an opponent much like Miami's, they were trailing 24-0 to LSU yesterday at halftime. The final beatdown was 48-7. Need we forget the 17-7 season opening win over (gasp!) East Carolina.
Boston College? The last time Miami lost to them, I was 6.

Feel better yet? Have you thought about taking finger off the panic button?

Randy Shannon and his coaches have to go to work today. They need to figure out who is going to play quarterback the rest of this season. They need to find ways to get the receivers involved in something other than blocking. They need to get their secondary and pass defense to play better. But they don't need to hit the panic button. And neither do you.

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: I realize my comment yesterday saying Kyle Wright was "yukking it up" has caused a bit of a stir. I  want to apologize to Kyle myself. In my quest to pound out my locker room report as quickly as possible yesterday and get the rest of my work done, I used the wrong word. I fumbled. I certainly don't want anybody to get the idea Wright was having his own personal party yesterday in the wake of the team's 51-13 loss to the Sooners. All I was trying to convey, was that Kyle was feeling better than he has most of this fall. He got to play. He moved Miami's offense. He's hopeful it made it a difference with playing time. And yes, while most of his teammates appeared down, he seemed a little happier. Not a lot. Just a little. Good enough to crack a few smiles with his family and friends after the game. It was a bad choice of words on my part. That's all. My bad Kyle. My bad Canes fans.


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What would have Kyle done differently?

Posted by: double d from dallas | September 10, 2007 at 01:50 PM comlete passes. move chains. score touchdowns.

complete (typo)

manny, thats all fine and good but Miami is not very good. Yes Miami got the game down to 21-13 but did you actually think that they had a chance to win at any point of that game after it started. I will come back with IF the snap did not go over the punters head and OU WR did fumble, Miami may not have scored. Miami will lose 4-5 more times this year. That schedule you pointed to as not too tough is just that TOUGH. Every game is tough. The problem with UM fans is they have a short memory. They forgot the team went 6-6 last year. They forgot that the team came out in the spring game and looked like crap. They forgot two scrimmages this fall that Miami scored 10 and 3 points respectively. There is no need to panic..you are right about that. You know why, because an objective cane fan will realize this team is JUST NOT VERY GOOD. They were not good against Marshall despite what the score said and are not very good after OU blew the doors off Miami's wagon. You say well Fresno State gave Texas A&M a game...Why would you be surprised by that...Pat Hill offenses have been great while he has been at Fresno State.

Understand this...Miami has a MAJOR HOLE AT QUARTERBACK. Unless Robert Marves hand improves and he can lead the team the quarterback situation will continue to hold this team back. On top of that the lack of play makers at receiver and the oline reverting back to its prior two seasons against Oklahoma those issues have not been resolved. Miami also is not very talented at DT and their linebackers are solid but not special. To think that the strength of the defense (secondary) is now looking bad how can anyone think that Miami is capable of winning most of those games. If this team gets to 9-3 Coach Shannon will be coach of the year. I think 7-5 is what Miami is looking at. Miami will also lose one of those games they should not do so...This is going to be a rough year. NO ANDS, IFS OR BUTS ABOUT IT.

as i said earlier.. kyle should start and kirby should be used in the red zone and on 3rd down and under 4 yards t go. Kirby has no accuracy over 15 yards. kyle looked good throwing the ball, but he still holds on to the ball to long...
Dont give up on the canes.. the offensive system looks so much better than last year..
..remember Miami is very young they will get better as the season goes on..

GREEN says: Canespace blog elicited 1,700+ posts; more posts in 1 day than greg cote, ethan skolnick & omar kelly elicited in the last 6 weeks : )

GREEN: Thought you'd never notice ;-)

We ballin' boyz! Now if we can get the team to cooperate and win a few in a row starting with FIU, then A&M (RESPECT) then Duke we'll be off the charts.

This blog by Manny and our blog are "LIVE" almost all the time now. This is a Canes fan's dream! LIVE chat 24/7 all Canes, all the time...GO CANES!

Nix is not the fix
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRVVVVEEEEEE PLEASE GET HEALTHY! Neither of these ass clowns are gonna do anything this year or next, KF.

Thank you notindenialcane for telling it like it is. This team has major flaws all over the field and is just not very good.

It is very simple, we were down 21-13 in the 3rd quarter, which would have been a 16-14 LEAD had James' fumble, which was near field goal range, hadn't been returned for a touchdown. That is not considering the fact that earlier an inept Freeman could not lead us to a touchdown after starting a drive with 1st and goal from the 7...this team simply doesn't know how to win, all of the starters never started for a team that had a record better than 9-3. It takes a while to build up that kind of confidence, the confidence to believe you can and will come back. These guys are very fragile mentally and need to be built up from the ground up...it is to think about the what ifs...what if Wright had started and played the whole game?...what if we had lined up I form and ran the ball and played to our strength rather than line up in shot gun and try to act like we had a passing game...what if we had converted that 1st and goal at the 7 to a touchdown instead of 3 pts...what if James didn't fumble?...the fact was, we had to play a perfect game that needed to be perfectly coached. Although we were outmatched with talent, this team is closer than saturday seemed. You can throw out those 30 unanswered points, those were just a result of the snowball effect and the mental condition of this team...I see us grinding out 8 more wins this year and losing a couple of close ACC games. A 9-3 year and a healed mental psyche will bode well, combined with the top recruiting class in the nation. Next year Miami will be ready when Oklahoma comes to the 305.

I posted this to Gary Parrish from sportsline. You guys need to go tell him what you think of his post on OU-Miami.

Gary come back, someone save Gary. He stuck his head so far up OU's ass his whole body is going in. You love to kick Miami while we are rebuilding. That's fine we will be back and it will be soon. OU has a great team this year and congrats to them I hope they keep going strong. Yuppies like Gary just don't know football. Their just trying to piss people off for ratings. Butt the problem is he has no tact. He could have written something intelligent, but instead showed his peverse man love for OU.

Many, your analysis on our upcoming schedule is far too optimistic.

FIU- Easy W
Texas A&M- They are a much better team and will beat us.
Duke- Should be an easy W
at UNC- Should be a W
#15 Ga Tech- They are better all around.
at Florida St- I'd say we're equal, so the the game being at FSU should result in another loss.
NC State- Should be another W
Virginia- Should be another W
#18 Va Tech- They have a better team and they're freshman quarterback will be much improved by then. Add to that playing in Lane Stadium and all signs point to another loss.
#21 BC- Matt Ryan will shred our Defense to pieces. There is no way our offense can outscore BC. Another loss.

Final Record 6-6

Guy I am reading all of these posts. They seem to all say that you have not talent on campus? I did a lil research on Scout.com.
These are the team recruiting ratings since 02.
02 2nd 4th
03 3rd 6th
04 7th 3rd
05 5th 12th
06 t7th 14th
07 NR 13th

According to this they are pretty close on recruiting except for last year. So its not your athletes atleast during recruiting. Just coaching.

Attention all Hurricane fans quit being like your Head Coach and blaming the Quarterback position. Randy is not gonna name a starter so all the attention is on the quarterback position and he doesn't get heat. DO YOU NOT REALIZE IF THE UM QUARTERBACKS THREW 7 TOUCHDOWNS THEY STILL LOSE BY 2 POINTS. Last year Coach Petrino at Louisville exposed Shannon's lack of coaching and now every team will. They lost to a Quarterback starting his second game and a OC in his second season. Watch G-Tech, VA-Tech, BC & FSU beat your Canes and just hope Virginia doesn't beat you again or that Dade County QB Lewis and his Deuke teammates. The Randy watch is on 22 more games and he is gone. He did coach well against Nevada in the Bowl Game. That's was a joke.

Randy is a joke and I am so tired of hearing his life story. I am taking violin lessons so I can play the violin when I hear it next time. He is a good DC if he has the athletes to play cover 2 or man. I learned those coverages in high school. Shannon needs to evolve like offenses have. Damn I wish they were in the Big East still so they could be the 2nd best team from Florida in the Big East.

I believe Shannon is the ass clown! Go FIU! If FIU wins Shannon is fired by midnight Saturday night. I can't wait for that. Why don't they just hire all former Canes to coach. I heard Tremaine Mack and Jammi German need work.

Or Frank Costa might work he can recruit his hometown and steal some recruits from Temple. UM is the Temple of the ACC and don't say Duke cause we all know UM recruits can't get into Duke. Wink Wink!

I love the rebuilding talk. Six years ago you probably had the best program in college football. No probation or anything like that happen. Just Coker & Shannon signing all those great recruits. Oh wait only Coker gets blamed for recruiting even though Dwayne Bowe came out of Coach Shannon's high school and he couldn't get him. And that kid grew up a Cane fan. But I can't blame him cause LSU did embarass Coach Shannon's defense a couple of years ago. That Boise bowl doesn't look bad now, at least only Cane fans can watch that pop warner brand of football. GO FIU! Do you Cane Fans realize USF has only had D-IA football 7 years and they are ranked higher than the U. And quit calling your self the U. Randy will be calling U-haul to move his office soon.

look guys before you hit the panic button we are not that far away. we just need to make a couple of changes mainly on offense. Changes to the spread can you imagine da U with all the atheletes and speed running the spread and on defense a blitzing and attacking style instead of Ron Zooks read and react style defense. We all know what happened to him but anyway was it me or did Oklahoma make us look like a slow team? All I know is when we were winning championships it was because we had more team speed than everyone else. I have not seen much team speed lately especially at running back.

Manny - thanks for the sanity... Canes Fans - A little prozac... it's not going to look like 2001... give it time

no one should be complaining about what kyle did saturday. this was his first game of the year(no warm up game like kirby), and against probably the best d in the country.

i didn't see him hold on to the ball too long, someone let me know what play he did? he did rush one pass when he could have waited a little longer to try to wait for someone else to get open. jenkins dropped a pass on him, shields ran the wrong route on him, he had to throw i think two of them away. so really he had only two bad throws. and i think the offense only stalled two series with kyle in the game, someone let me know if there were more?

the offense moved with kyle, if he would have started off the game thats all we needed was just a little movement

the worst thing that happened to the canes was halftime...OU was running a 4 flat into that lockeroom, they knew that the mo had swung big time, and seriously...whoever is thinking "here we go again" as far as the same things happening last year all over again, aren't true canes followers. i knew after that loss that ppl were gonna be comin out with dumb comments about how not a thing has changed. i love my canes and i love miami, but theres no wonder why ppl talk about miami fans man! the majority of canes "fans" make fools of themselves. heres the just shutup award and follow the damn game !

Sooner C: you seem like a good guy but you know what you can do with those worthless rankings ...

This happens every time any of the miami teams loses a game, and being a fan of the canes and dolphins for 25 years now I still have yet to grasp why. Did the defense get lit up in the 2nd half yes they did mainly because i don't know if you noticed this or not but they were on the field the entire second half, you can't keep throwing bullets on a fire and expect them not to explode at some point. This team is at least 2 years away from being the unquestionable no.1 team in the country and repeating the recent glory years of 2000,2002. However like it was pointed out the rest of our schedule is very winnable. Keep the faith fellow caneites and stop being such a fair weather love em when they win hate 'em when they lose fans

Look- Before all of you count UM's talent out, look at these facts:

Including all of the recent national champion schools going back to 1997
CURRENT number of NFL players:

1-UM 48
2-Oh State 45
FSU 43
Michigan 38

In case you're wondering... UF-34, Oklahoma, 21, and...USC=28

Look at that number. It's no mistake. The U was, is, and always be NFL-U. the talent has always been there. Unfortunately, the coaching has NOT always been there.

THAT is the selling point that all coaches should use to prospective recruits.

Let's be realistic, be patient until Shannon's third recruiting class can play. Right now focus on beating the Marshalls, FIUs, Duke, NCState, NC; can anyone get us a contest with the University of Michigan during the bye week?

NO WAY WE BEAT TEXAS AM/GT/VT. Thats an 8-4 season and trip to Micron PC. We have 12 months to get ready for next years first real opportunity.

for all of the posters on here saying the loss was a "talent" issue .. answer me this please. how does app st. beat mich, usf beat auburn, uab give florida st. all they wanted, and middle tenn st. nearly beat louisville. none of these "lesser" teams have anywhere near the talent of these larger schools. they competed as a result of coaching ... schemes, personell, and adjustments. i like shannon, but i cant give him a free pass on this. not that i expect to win every game, but i do expect to compete... we have enough talent to beat anybody.

I am a Dade County native but currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona and it was horrible to watch the OU games last Saturday.

The biggest miscue I noticed was in NIX's offense. It is a good system but these players don't understand it just yet.

For now we should just line up in the I or single back set and run Baby James & Coop to death beacause that is out power right now.

As for the QB situation! Kirby showed he could not handle being #1.

1. He could not get the team lined up fast and effectively

2. He is scared

3. he did not use his legs and much as he should have.

I hate to say this but Kyle looked awesome in limited playing time.

1. he came in and moved us down the field

2. this is the perfect system for him and his skills

3. he just looked like a player ready to make his last push towards the last pick in the NFL Draft or possibly higher.

As for the defense, Randy Phillips does not need to be benched. He needed help over the top.

Even though Kenny made alot of plays he was out of position all day and did not help the conner's in their time of need.

I gotta say this. When the score was 10-21 and the we recovered a fumble why did'nt we just get out of the shot gun and run behind fox and then throw on 3rd. This is not West Virginia or App State this offense does not fit the characteristics of southern style football. The Power I, Single back spread is how the U will get its swagger back. We need to give the players a chance to gain confidence and then throw or hand off out of the shotgun.

Nix if you dont fix this ASAP you will the first to go. i think the Shannon needs to contact Don Solindger and get him back on the staff to teach the runningbacks how to hit a holes.

Last week we found out who our QB is and it is not Kirby. He might as well transfer because Jacory & Marve will be itching for a scratch.

Manny where is ALLEN BAILEY?
They need his big ass on defense some where. He is too big and gifted to not be playing. Don't you think so!!!!

The Canes need to go back to the I-formation that we had so much success with under a good O-cooridnator, Chud during our championship year 2001. We needed to establish the run early on against OU and you're not going to do that with draws and shotgun sweeps. Using the I gives another blocker for James and another threat in the passing game (ala Najeh Davenport). The shotgun and single back sets that Coker went to during the terrible Berlin days is because Berlin wasn't good or smart enough to run a complex offense like Dorsey did. We need to bench Freeman because he is a Brock Berlin clone and we all know how that turned out. And my God! Did we throw the ball downfield any after the first play of the game? If our receivers are supposed to be track stars with blazing speed then let them run downfield once in a while. Nix called a horrible game and may be the wrong man for the job. The offense he ran while QB at auburn wasn't all that dynamic nor was the offense he ran at GTech last year. We have enough talent to be competitive. Maybe not a NC contender yet but enough to be competitive. And no one can say we were competitive on Saturday.

NOW DOES ANYONE HEAR ME??? I said back in the spring hiring Patrick Nix is "like giving the keys to a Ferrari to a 16 year old kid that just got his license". :You don't use a "speed back" (Cooper) at the one yard line... you use James. Thats "offense 101"!!! What happened to using the tight ends? (Shockey, Winslow, Everitt....) and stop picking on the QB's... either you have it or you don't and ours DON'T Kyle is a senior Kirby is a junior and both were out played by a freshman. I like Randy Shannon and i support him but hiring Nix was a bad move, hopefully like Wright he'll be gone soon...

I agree with BV, who has the second or third reply: it's not that the 'Canes lost. It's how they lost. They gave up. They didn't fight back. The folded and let Oklahoma walk all over them. Sure, OU has a lot of talent and the better team. But they're not that much better. The way these 'Canes folded made the OU team look a lot better than it is.

If the 'Canes had more fight in them, they could easily have beaten OU: the old "not the size of the dog in the fight" adage, which is true. If the 'Canes had gone into that game prepared to outplay their opponent, they would've won, or at least been in the game until the last play.

If the team wants my loyalty, then I want the team's loyalty. They go out and, by golly, they play, and they play like rabid dogs. I find it very difficult to support a team that lies down and dies like these guys do.

I'll bet the former players who come back to see them tell them the same thing.

Am I the only one in the country who thinks that Oklahoma is just THAT good? Not for nothing but the Canes didn't play horrible football. They didn't play badly enough to get beat 51-13. If they played that same game against West Virginia or Texas or even Florida, they might have lost 38-20, if that. Sam Bradford is an absolute STUD. Probably the best freshman in college football right now. DeMarco Murray is another stud. Their defense is ridiculous. Their wide receivers can run with anyone. Their O-Line is one of the best in the country. They are a superior team and a complete team in every way. I'm picking them to win the national title this year.

As far as Miami goes, this season reminds me a lot of 1998. We went 8-4 and began to turn things around under Butch Davis. And even though Syracuse obliterated us 66-13 in the dome, we came back the next week and upset #2 UCLA in the OB. Two years later we were in the Sugar Bowl (should have been in the OB playing for the national title). The year after that was 2001, nuff said.

There's no reason why this team couldn't win the ACC THIS YEAR. They'll definitely win it next year. Come 2010 or 2011 we'll win a national title. In Randy We Trust.

I understand what you're saying about fans going off the deep end. On the flip side, being ranked 118th out of 119 teams in passing offense isn't cause for panic? Kudos to the offensive line for their performance so far.

My concern (not panic) is that being ranked that low with the talent we have points to poor coaching. I have full faith in Coach Shannon, my concern lies with Nix and the other offensive coaches. Good coaches know how to win without the top talent. Time will tell I guess.

Start panicing UM Fans! You just had 51 points put on you by a redshirt freshman QB. And last season you won 7 games and played 2 winless teams. And we all know you barley beat Duke. I would panic if Duke even was in the game at halftime.

Wake Up, Shannon left those corners in man coverage after Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown (you get the point) and you ran the option on the goalline with Kyle Wright. Randy was on the staff last season but I guess the DC has no control over discipline (his 2 safetys were the biggest problem in the FIU fight) and of course he wasn't asked to recruit cause Coker gets all the heat for that.

And now this week he named Wright the starter so I guess he is admitting he made a mistake in naming Freeman the starter. But he needed someone to take the attention away from him this week. So create something with the QB position.

On Sunday Randy realized he will need Kyle's experience to get them in a bowl at least this season then that may buy him one more season. And after the season he will blame Coker's recruiting for this season.

Panic or become the Dolphins of college.

I agree with Manny. Good post! We are clearly not in the same league as OU. I wouldn't surprise me one bit to see that team in the NC this year against USC.

Let's give Shannon some time before we panic. Shannon was hired in the nick of time - just before Coker's destruction of the program was complete, and we sunk to same depths as the probation years. It took Butch several years to rebuild, and look where we ended up. Shannon will get it done . He can recruit with the best, and he understands what it takes to win at the U.

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