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The Hot Stove: The practice squad, Willie Williams and recruiting

Yes, that was Susan Miller Degnan who hijacked my blog yesterday and filled it with news on the scout team. Not me. Got to thank SMD for making her guest appearance. Hopefully, she'll make some more as the season progresses to provide The Eye on The U Crew with the news you can use.

As for that news, I'm out at practice now and Ryan Hill and Sam Shields are once again on the practice squad. I know one internet site, InsideTheU, posted a story yesterday that said both would be suspended for the game. But my sources tell me that's rubbish.

"Randy's just trying to light a fire under their [butts]," one source told me.

You never know what can happen. Randy Shannon could always do whatever he wants between now and Saturday. InsideTheU's Chris Stock says he stands by his sources. If you want to go back on history, Shields practiced all week with his own jersey number when he was suspended for the opener. But again, my source tells me its not true. We'll find out Saturday.

- Anyway, our boy Willie Williams, aka Killer, has been dismissed from the team at Louisville less than 24 hours after being arrested on marijuana possession. For Williams, one of the best football players I've ever seen at the high school level, its another disappointing turn of events in his career. Rumor has it Williams, who signed with UM out of high school, could be interested in returning home and playing for FIU. But the 6-3, 210-pound linebacker from Carol City High would have to sit out a year again. Not sure what this will ultimately do to his playing career. But it may be over now. Sad.

- And last but not least, I interviewed UM's newest commitment last night, Coconut Creek Monarch defensive end Andrew Smith. He's an under the radar kid who has a lot of upside according to scout I spoke with. The 6-3, 235-pound senior has seven sacks so far this season in four games as an end/outside linebacker. He's very polite, well spoken and said he had been hoping for the Canes to offer. He got his wish and said he committed to UM defensive line coach Clint Hurtt upon receiving his offer on Wednesday. If you want to hear the interview, check out our UM audio section. I'll be uploading it sometime today.

I'll have some more for you after practice. Let me know if you have any pressing questions.


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Thanks Manny!

All I can say is it's just to bad for Willie Williams. Is he related to Ricky??? Hmmmm......

Thanks Manny, I look forward to your posts daily. Keeping us in the loop. A group of us (17) transplants living in Atlanta will travel to UNC. If you hear about an "official" tailgating area, please post. We'll be behind enemy lines, may need back up.

People like Williams amaze me. He's so gifted. He could realistically look forward to being a millionaire and a big star if he just does as he's told and stays out of trouble.

What does it take to motivate some guys? I mean, for Williams, the big, golden carrot was right in front of his face.

Some guys have no hope and go astray. But Williams has more than hope. He has a promise: stay out of trouble, do as you're told, and you will be very wealthy and famous.

He can still make it in the pros. Chris Winkie was in his late 20s when he went pro. Some guy on Texas A&M was a 26-year-old military vet.

If Williams gets on at FIU, sits out for a year, does just average in school and keeps out of trouble, he'll get to play. If he plays a couple of years, he'll get to go pro.

So it's not over for him yet.

But jeepers, Willie . . .. If you were my son I'd kick your butt so hard you'd be wearing it for a hat, throwing away your wonderful gifts and screwing around with pot, when you could have it all.

Andrew Smith, Clint and RS must have seen a lot in this kid. How speedy is he? Sounds like a Calais Campbell type recruit. Will fully bloom in a couple of years like a vengeance. Just guessing and hoping.

To what schools are the top 100 recruits committing?

Of the 63 (says CFN) that have committed (so far),

8 chose Ohio State
7 chose Southern Cal
6 chose Notre Dame
6 chose Oklahoma
5 chose Texas
4 chose Miami
4 chose Michigan
3 chose Florida State
3 chose Georgia
3 chose Nebraska
2 chose Florida
2 chose UCLA
2 chose Alabama
Pittsburgh, Clemson, NC State, Stanford, Mississippi, Brigham Young, Missouri and Arizona all have one commit from the top 100.

How do Ohio State and Southern Cal get so many of the best players?

How come, over the last five years, the incoming recruiting classes at Miami, Florida State and Notre Dame are all consistently ranked in the top 10, if not the top five, and none of those three schools is fielding likewise-ranked teams?

Why do they call it the "Big" East?
Why not go all out and call it the "Humongous" East, or be honest and call it the "Infinitesimal" East or, more commonly, the "Very Small" East?

Where's my lithium?

SDM needs to post here more often Manny. I like her personality. I didn't have a clue she had so much from reading her stories. It comes through very clearly on the blog, however. More SDM please, thank you. lol

WW is a fool. Period. He'll end up playing ball in Canada or Europe. Maybe by his mid-20s he'll figure things out. If he can stay out of jail.

I think Shannon's definitely lighting a fire under them not just for Duke but for the rest of the year, and for the rest of the team and recruits.

Manny, what's the deal with the BTW-MNW game???

That MUST happen. It would be the biggest high school in history.

hey Robert in ATL, a few of us Canespacer's are going up to the UNC game also. check out canespace.com for more info.

I saw that kid play when he was at a reform school and have yet to see an athlete as gifted as him. There comes a time when a person doesn't need another chance to make the same decision. Some people you pray for only to find that God gave them more gifts that they could ever handle.

Good luck Willie

MIAMI (nbc6.net) -- Miami city officials have scrapped the idea of a baseball stadium in downtown Miami, but the city's mayor said a stadium would be built elsewhere. On Thursday morning, city commissioners approved a $37 million combination high school and police academy for land next to the police station, which had been targeted as a new home for the Florida Marlins. The city manager declared downtown dead as a stadium site, while the mayor said a stadium at the Orange Bowl site is a lock.

http://wqam.com/ catch QAM's Hurricane Hotline 7:30p-9p from the raucous rathskeller ...

Awesome Green, that officially kills baseball in SoFla. Can you imagine rush hour traffic on the 836 compounded by 7PM first pitches? The OB is a site for football, not baseball. What a sin. I'm gonna cry after the Virginia game.

Manny, really enjoyed SMD posting here, hopefully you guys can split time here so you don't have to always eat in the car and sleep 4-6 hrs.

Sucks for WW, but somehow I feel like this is going to come back to how Miami recruited him, etc. People love to hate on the program for anyone remotely associated with it getting into trouble.

Finally, I've really enjoyed watching USF but with all the press they're getting and arrogance of their players, I'm done with their schtick. Miami isn't in the Big 3 in Florida according to them. The whole country thinks they'd be sure favorites on the road vs Miami or FSU. I'm so glad we play them annually starting in 2009, and will be glad to see WVU torch them tomorrow.

J, come on start cheering for USF. If they continue to progress and UM/FSU get back on track that would speak volumes for the football talent in Florida. Not to mention the emergence of a USF program has the potential to hurt UF/FSU recruiting far more than it does to hurt UM recruiting. On that note start cheering for UCF, they have consistently been getting better under Oleary and basically gave away their home opener to Texas (by 3 points or a similar close margin).

If those two programs can emerge we'd clearly have bragging rights over Texas and California. But I'm sure some folks on this board already think we do.

Robert in ATL,

I am another transplant in Atlanta...won't be making the trip to NC, but will be making the trip to Tally! Need to find more Canes fans in the ATL!

How come, over the last five years, the incoming recruiting classes at Miami, Florida State and Notre Dame are all consistently ranked in the top 10, if not the top five, and none of those three schools is fielding likewise-ranked teams?

Posted by: Lake Worth Cane | September 27, 2007 at 05:41 PM recruiting is in the eye of the beholder ...

Awesome Green, that officially kills baseball in SoFla. Can you imagine rush hour traffic on the 836 compounded by 7PM first pitches? The OB is a site for football, not baseball.

Posted by: J | September 27, 2007 at 07:56 PM beggers can't be choosers ...

http://media.www.thehurricaneonline.com/media/storage/paper479/news/2007/09/27/News/School.Of.Law.May.Move.Campus.Downtown-2995229.shtml UM Law moving dwntwn?

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/other/sfl-flspmelllede28nbsep28,0,1580180.column randy mell's University of Miami Gene Pool Poll

http://www.miamiherald.com/614/story/253312.html herald's barry jackson: "... WIOD hired 790's Jeremy Marks-Peltz (UM alum) as its Heat pregame and postgame host."

http://cbs.sportsline.com/collegefootball/story/10375547 former central florida AD steve orsini: "Look at Miami. Coach Schnellenberger was able to get over the hump. His strategy was to build a fence around South Florida. I don't know when that well will get tapped out." NATURAL RESOURCES

http://www.courant.com/sports/college/football/hc-desmond-0927,0,530321.story ACC Commissioner John Swofford: "Both years (since expansion) we've had eight teams go to bowl games, which is the most we've ever had as a league, and we've broken all of our attendance records. Our TV ratings have gone up. We've done extremely well in terms of the NFL draft. The revenue streams have gone up and were beyond what we had projected, actually." ACC! ACC! ACC!

There are alot of cane fans in the A.T.L.
The only gathering place is the Touchdown club that meets once a month. Other than that???????????

Manny...we all like the news you bring us. Adding Susan to the mix will definitely improve this blog's substance and enhance its image.

As indicated above we have several bloggers from Canespace attending the UNC game. One of our primary contributors (CGNC) lives in Charlotte and will be attending along with another of our Fane Reporters (Solarcane).

I will try to coordinate with Manny so we van post on both blogs where we can get everyone hooked up on Friday night at a sports bar in the area before the game and a Saturday tailgate spot also.

More to follow...

CCC...I checked the UM Alumni web site and there is NOT a alumni club in Atlanta, only Savannah. Here is the contact:

Savannah Area Alumni Contact
Joe Romanowski, B.B.A. '79

Alumni Relations Liaison
Stacy Mosely
Associate Director of Alumni Programs

I heard that TJ Braynt dropped LSU and FSU and Added Miami as it's favorite

I am working with a few UNC people (I work with 20 of them) on finding a spot. There are not many places to park outside of the "Rams Club". Franklin Street and then walk, it is less than a mile. The Dean Smith parking lot will fill up quick and I will have my food cooking by 9AM!!! Let me know how many people are coming up if possible guys.

I will have the Big F150 Crew Cab (Silver) obviously with my Canes Flag flying.

The Atlanta UM Alumni Club watches the games at Jocks And Jills on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Norcross. Go to atlantacanes.com for more info.

http://blogs.trb.com/sports/custom/business/blog/2007/09/mlb_breaks_attendance_record_m.html marlins last in attendance ... again

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/college/hurricanes/sfl-flspfsu28nbsep28,0,2403443.story former chairman of the NCAA committee on infractions david swank: "(academic fraud) is a very serious violation, and it will cause a more in-depth investigation." criminoles in glass houses ...

What a sad story with Willie. He's like vick without money. I doubt Cristobal will let him suit up for FIU. Why would they want the negative press. Willie needs military in his life. YES sir!, No sir!.

http://img1.college-football-sports.com/img/showpics/f8/19/l34221cd60001_1_10287.jpg Jacory does da U

Willie Williams is pathetic. Maurice Clarett is pathetic, Michael Vick...pathetic. They all have one thing in common "wasted talent." It is so true. there is nothing sadder in life than wasted talent, especially if that talent can elevate you to another level and make a better life for yourself and your family. How selfish are these guys????????

Tarus Johnson is a dumb*ss. I live in Tampa, and I hope USF gets nutted on tonight. He says he thought USF was already a part of the BIG 3, since MIAMI no longer was? So his Dumb*ss chooses FSU's garbage *ss, over MIAMIS'? How about you beat MIAMI before you talk sh*t? How about you take care of ELON? Seriously, you struggled with ELON? You beat an AUBURN team that gets beat by MSU. MSU? Then you cream a North Carolina team that is at the bottom of the ACC barrell, and now you're ranked? Tarus Johnson should think twice before publicly looking like a hardcore B*TCH. Hopefully I'll see him around campus and I can tell him myself. F*ck the Bulls. GO MOUNTAINEERS.

wait... anybody know what the hell happened with Futch ???? heard he was kicked off the team. :o

get us a scoop anybody

Jordan Futch is a LB recruit for the 08 class for those that dont know... but Im sure most of you all knew that already. any info?

My god!!! Ben Moffits wife got crushed by an ugly stick.

Does anybody have the 411 on 5-star DT Justin Thompson? Any updates on WW younger brother Greg Shaw since Louisville gave big bro the boot? Manny, or Susan, could U please give us an update on U recruiting far as commits and decommits?

usf = beast of the big least. celebrating mediocrity ...

http://cbs.sportsline.com/collegefootball/story/10375547 sportline's dennis dodd: "... why are there no 2007 national top 100 players on the rosters of South Florida, Central Florida, Florida Atlantic and Florida International? Those schools essentially have never beaten the Big Three for a player that the powerhouses really wanted. They've taken cast-offs, transfers and second-tier guys that might have gotten a courtesy call, but have never won a head-to-head battle for a five-star guy." ERSATZ

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2007/09/regis-shines-fu.html pahokee DT Micanor Regis: "I'm going to take five visits. Five visits to Miami." : )

http://wqam.com/ QAM's "it's all about the U saturday" stretches from 8a-7p!

What still amazes me about W Williams is how the U could have offered him a scholarship without checking his background - hopefully the new regime is a tab smarter along those lines -- Good game today

UM@SA: I could be wrong ... the courts seal juvenile records.

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