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Gameday Blog: UM 31, Marshall 3 (F)

Checking in live from the game where the Canes won 31-3 against Marshall. I shared some note/thoughts on the game as it progressed. For those of you now back at home, feel free to give me your thoughts on what happened.

- Miami's offensive line has looked stellar. No pressures on quarterback Kirby Freeman and the running game led by Javarris James and Graig Cooper has looked spectacular.
- Colin McCarthy has been all over the field making tackles. Eric Moncur has two sacks and the defensive line has produced five as unit -- the most in a half since last year's Virginia game. Let's not forget Calais Campbell's big interception.
- Freshman DeMarcus Van Dyke hasn't been heard from once. That means he's doing well.
- Only one penalty for the team for 10 yards. That's a nice showing.

- Tavares Gooden made a spectacular interception to lead to a score, but the middle of the field in UM's secondary has looked suspect at times. Marshall has made some big plays there on the offense.
- Miami's special teams isn't exactly kicking butt. Francesco Zampogna is 1 of 2 on field goal attempts, but both of Matt Bosher's punts were short. Daren Daly had a kickoff roll out of bounds.
- Kirby Freeman didn't look great. He finished 9 of 21 for 81 yards, but he was 2 of 8 for 16 yards after half with an interception.

- It was a struggle, but Marshall finally puts a score up on the board, a 37-yard field goal by Anthony Binswanger with 13:37 left in the game. The drive was 12 plays, 34 yards. It could have ended a play earlier, but Randy Phillips dropped an interception at the UM 2. It was still a nice play by Phillips.
- "COOOOOOOOOOOP!" the crowd kept chanting in the fourth quarter as Miami's new star freshman went over the 100-yard mark in the fourth quarter. He's no joke. Lots of broken tackles and first downs every time he's touched the ball today.
- Miami's two drives stall in this quarter as the passing game continues to struggle. The good news is, Bosher finally has a good punt -- pinning Marshall inside its 5.
- Freshman safety JoJo Nicholas makes his first big play of his UM career, making a diving interception at the Marshall 29.

- Colin McCarthy leaves the game with an apparent injury. Could be the same knee (right) he tweaked in fall practice.
- Miami is forced to punt after picking up just one first down on its first possession of the second half. Khalil Jones becomes the third Canes' receiver to drop a pass, a 15-yard slant. Kayne Farquharson and Darnell Jenkins dropped potential first downs in the first half.
- Marshall punts again, Graig Cooper shows some flash again, but his return is again nullified by a block in the back.
- Miami takes only four plays and 1 minute, 20 seconds to move 70 yards and make it 24-0. The drive is highligthed by a Cooper 56-yard run to the Marshall 18. That came after Javarris' James had a 50-yard run called back by a holding penalty on Orlando Franklin. James capped the drive with an 8-yard touchdown run, stiff-arming the cornerback on the way to the end zone.
- Spencer Adkins steps in front of pass and returns the interception 10 yards to the Marshall 36. But on the very next play, Kirby Freeman makes his first mistake of the season throwing the ball right at Marshall linebacker Maurice Kitchens, which he returned 19 yards to the Marshall 46.

Miami: 11 first downs, 153 yards total offense, 18 carries for 88 rushing yards, 7 of 13 passing for 65 yards, 2 punts for only 21 yard average.
Marshall: 7 first downs, 158 yards total offense, 16 carries for 24 rushing yards, 10 of 16 passing for 134 yards, 2 INTS.

- Rutledge starts over Reggie Youngblood at right tackle. Jason Fox starts at left tackle
- UM's first play: UM lines up in a three-receiver set and Kirby Freeman connects with Lance Leggett on a 10-yard curl pattern. Freeman goes 1 for 2 on his first drive. His other pass, a 30-yarder to Leggett in the end zone, got deflected.
- Javarris James looks good running the football, picking up 36 yards on four carries.
- Francesco Zampogna makes a 35-yard field goal, splitting the up rights to cap the drive.
- The only defensive starters still up in the air before kickoff -- cornerback and safety -- were answer with Randy Phillips at corner at Willie Cooper at safety.
- Defensive end Eric Moncur gets to the quarterback twice for sacks, only one counts (the other was nullified by a penalty).
- Tavares Gooden comes through with his first big play of the season, a 35-yard interception return to setup the game's first touchdown.
- Freeman throws his first touchdown of the season, a beautful playaction pass to tight end Dajleon Farr from 1-yard out on the next play.
- Marshall takes the ensuing possession and moves down the field, picking up on a long pass play in which Randy Phillips gets beat for a 44-yard gain by Darius Passmore. But the drive stalls on fourth and one at the UM 7 on a review.
- Javarris James exits the first quarter with six carries for 50 yards. Kirby is 4 of 6 for 38 yards and a touchdown.

- Graig "Super" Cooper makes his debut and picks up two yards on his first carry -- and a first down.
- Cooper picks up six yards on his second carry, although it looked for a second like he might fly past the Marshall defense. He picks up  a first down on carry No. 3, four yards.
- UM's drive ends up stalling at the Marshall 22-yard line when Cooper fumbles a handoff exchange from Freeman and Reggie Youngblood recovers the ball at the Marshall 32.
- Francesco Zampogna misses a 44-yard field goal wide left.
- Marshall takes over at its own 27, but goes three and out. Colin McCarthy picks up a sack and so does Dwayne Hendricks. UM now has three sacks.
- Cooper handles the punt and shows some nice shake and bake on a 10-yard return. UM is flagged for a block in the back and the ball is moved back.
- Miami's fourth possession ends with a 15-yard punt by Matt Bosher. Yikes! On the drive, Richard Gordon makes his first catch of the season (an 8-yard gain). Freeman's second pass attempt -- longer than 15 yards -- goes incomplete when Lance Leggett can't stretch out far enough to bring down a third down pass inside the Marshall 10. Miami is forced to punt.
- Marshall's fourth drive stalls again. Eric Moncur picks up his second sack on the drive. Can you say big season?
- By the way, got to point out, we haven't heard a peep from the guy DeMarcus Van Dyke is covering. That's good news for Canes fans.
- After another stalled UM offensive drive, the defense sets up the offense again when Calais Campbell makes a tremendous one-handed interception at the Marshall 24. Three plays later, Javarris James scores on a 5-yard run to make it 17-0 UM.


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The receiving should improve as the season progress. Sam Shields will return next week and the other freshman, McKenzie will return soon. LL and Jenkins will not give us much. The main recievers will be Shields, McKenzie and Hankerson. Kirby needs to throw short to the TE until he becomes more comfortable with seeing the field in live action. He still looks scared. Let's hope that the running game will carry us until he gets comfortable.

It may come down to exactly when Marve will be ready. If recuperated with a reasonable amount of time still left in the season, he will likely get some playing time that would increase if his performance justifies it. If not, next year there will be another qb competition bigtime. QB performace will have to improve to get back to old levels, and wr appears to already be in the process...but these guys are just starting to play(ie Hankerson) or haven't yet (McKenzie, next year's group). I hope I'm wrong, but it will take something short of amazing for the Canes to take OU next week. Hey, at least we don't have to play Appalachian State....

Although it would be nice to win against Oklahoma, the truth is we should set realistic goals for this team this year. One realistic goal would be to take our division in the ACC. That being the case, it is much more important that we beat teams that beong to the ACC (Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, etc ) than beating a team outside of the ACC (Oklahoma). I believe we should have used all of our offensive weapons in the Marshall game. We are expected to lose against Oklahoma and if we do this does not affect our chances to win the ACC division. We should play Oklahoma with reckless abandon with all of our offensive weapons taking as much chances as possible since as an unranked team against a top 10 team in their home stadium we have nothing to lose. The offense needs the work and practice to gain experience. Take a chance in Norman next week. Throw the long ball, run a trick play, don't play like were afraid to lose and let the chips fall where the may. Win, lose, or draw throw the "kitchen sink" at Oklahoma to prepare for the games in the future that really will determine our bowel eligibility!

The team U see against OU will be VERY different than the one U saw against Marshall. I'm not sure the Canes can pull it off in Norman but it was clear they were just setting something up against Marshall.

nycane26: "mr. garbage" rung up 31 points ... stink up the joint ; )

... the other freshman, McKenzie will return soon. Posted by: StormDebris | September 02, 2007 at 09:19 PM says whom?

http://www.jonesbahamas.com/?c=123&a=13998 the bahama journal adopts the Miami herald sports section.

http://www.allamericanpatriots.com/48730991_college_football_comcast_sportsnet_announces_regions_most_extensive_acc_college_football_li "Comcast SportsNet Announces (Midatlantic) Region's Most Extensive ACC College Football Lineup for 2007"

Yeah, the 'Canes dropped passes, blew coverage deep across the middle, punted terribly, and relied on Marshall miscues and turnovers to score points, all just to get set up for the big OU game. Ridiculous. A great Miami team murders Marshall 73-0. A good Miami team beats down Marshall 50-0. A mediocre Miami team defeats Marshall 31-3.

Miami can play the game of their lives next weekend and give OU a run for their money. But if the Miami team that played Marshall shows up, they need to pack alot of body bags because it will get ugly.

Miami is several years away, at best, from truly competing at the highest level.

Miami is several years away, at best, from truly competing at the highest level.

Posted by: DaCounselor | September 03, 2007 at 04:01 PM hey hater, predict the close of tomorrow's dow jones industrial average ...

Something fundamental must be wrong with the passing game. The consistency with which it does not work indicates a basic flaw.

It can't be a lack of physical skill. Those guys have thrown and caught thousands of passes.

I'd say it's a focus problem. During the split second that the ball is in contact with their hands, the receivers' minds seem to be on other things besides making the catch.

But on the face of it, a Miami Hurricanes football team that can't complete passes is . . . obscene. So, in my humble opinion, Coach Shannon needs to let fly at these receivers: drop a pass, sit the bench, I don't care if he has to go out and recruit guys off the streets.

A true athlete is poised, focused and physically dialed in: coordinated, agile, balanced, accurate, quick, aware.

The Hurricanes passing game has an overall look of hesitancy, of not being sure of itself, of overthinking, of distraction.

Lake Worth Cane: blame Larry Coker for neglecting to recruit WRs. MALPRACTICE

Yo DumCounselor, OU played North Texas, not Texas,T Tech, or TCU. Was it just me or did the rest of my fellow canesters notice that the major sports networks dissed coach Shannon and the U by refusing to show their highlights and recognize the Shannon era? But every 5 minutes they would talk about snake Saban and the Crimson Turd's mauling of big bad Western Carolina. I know the game was on espnu but some of us don't have that channel. Just thought it was tasteless of the networks. Yo Green, u know what time the tuesday replay gonna be? Gotta work and don't want 2 miss it.

http://www.csssports.com/pressrelease/2007%20Miami%20New%20Encore%20Schedule.pdf CSS replays our games 1p & 7p tuesdays. NEW DAY

Manny, you must be extremely busy. See your name on a lot of articles. But... another post regarding team demeanor?

Marshall is not bottom feeder type team. We will see some comparison when they play #3 WV.

But I really thought we were trying to work out the jitters for the freshmen group. I like the killer instinct come out -- scoring three times after intercepts. They simply could not cotain Campbell and I think same thing will happen in Norman. Their rookie QB will be manhandled and we will see what he is made of after that.

Kirby is a bit more experienced QB will adjust better and this will be a big advantage...

In IMHO, we will be like Georgia Tech and OU will be like ND in that game when GT humbled ND.

The receivers need to elevate their game to have offensive success against OU. K.Jones & D.Jenkins have been here to long to be dropping sure passes thrown to them.

Canes score 28 or more they should win the game @ OU. Question is, can they?

Yes, 86, they can. Believe it.

hahaha for florida state...already 0-1

Props to JCane for a sensible, well stated, clearly communicated analysis and support for their team. Additional kudos for speaking intelligently, and not in monosyllabic letter/words.

Anything can happen in a ball game, that's why they play. and if you play without abandon as JCane suggests, anything COULD happen.

Could. Could, but unlikely.

For those proclaiming that Miami 'held back' or didn't show anything. Okay fine if you think that. Then, assume that the Sooners didn't either.

For those that think that Miami's suspended WR will be able to make a significant impact- Fine, assume that OU's first string RB that was held out to heal a sprained ankle up to 100% will ALSO have a 'significant' impact.

Don't count on 'Thunder and Lightning' being effective; a Sooner storm will blow them into meek incompetence.

Perhaps Miami will offer more of a challenge next year when they can host the battle. But this one is far from the comfortable confines of their drunken illiterate bandwagon. For those daring to make the trek into the Sooner Nation, and for those watching from their cantinas and other shacks, it's going to be a long painful day.

That game I watched looked like a Ga Tech replay without an outstanding receiver. Don't tell me that this is what to expect the rest of the year? Oh my!!!



pay no attention to this hubris spewing texassooner. while true that this will be a hard fought game, and that 'holding back' can be practiced by both teams, this is your typical wankchoade ou fan who hates anything and everything that takes away from ou's limelight. Maybe 20 years of the U's aftertaste has made his leather a little thin. trust me i know, we live in OK (edmond) and have all our lives, everyone here of age remembers and hates miami because of those years of dominance by the canes without admitting the ineptitude of the sooners.

there is no worse case of the kettle calling the pot black than a sooner fan referring to
cane fans as 'drunken illiterate'. the same is here but with fewer teeth in most cases.
Ok is truly the rectum of the nation and the canes will be flying into the most turbulent asshol* OK has to offer: Gaylord stadium.

if there are any miscues on special teams, miami will lose.....allows ou to rush for 100 yards or better, miami will lose....3 dropped passes, miami will lose.....not rushing for 150 yards or better, miami will lose.....they have to play with very few mistakes all the way just for the chance to win....problem is ou is very good at causing all the above.

so keep your hope up canefans and remember this: in 85' 86' & 87' ou was favored in all three games.

Edmond, my prior home.

I can understand why you decided to move away from FL to a safer place.

I LOVE the Orange Bowl. Many of Oklahoma's championships were won there. With that said, you can't possibly compare that degraded rust bucket that's falling apart, to the 84000 seat stadium at Owen Field. There were more no-shows at the Orange Bowl last weekend than come to watch practices in Oklahoma. Talk about fair weathered fans. Oklahoma fans are there thick or thin.

born and raised in OKC (south community hospital) and have never lived in FL. the comparisons were never about stadiums but rather the fans themselves, you made the remarks not I. there are 10 sooner fans to every 1 UM fan pumping meth over coke this second *think state fair*. toothless creekers from tuttle,south OKC,el reno,guthrie,moore..yeah!, real upstanding citizens in those places.
when ANY other fans come to this pan-shaped cesspool, they immediately reject the theory of evolution.

everyone here, yourself included, has miami players synonymous with criminals,thugs,etc.
i hear it weekly. if you think the players here are any different you are lying to yourself and you know it..in fact there worse. when some crime happens in the UM camp its invariably "those criminal canes".
some recent ou headlines include: recruit shot dead over the weekend(thug), suicidal ou fan sets off bomb at Gaylord stadium(terrorist), have of sampsons team tokin' up for b-ball games(pushers), players working at jobs but not really working at said jobs, but still receiving checks(thieves), ou football player caught last friday morning stealing gas(more thieves) and on and on...

as for the stadium, UM has never owned the orange bowl and has tried and tried again to make it work. i for one am glad to see it go. even though the underdog canes slapped ou there for a title years ago.

just for the record ou does have a constant fanbase over UM which means......?

"I" made a reference to Miami players being criminals?

Perhaps back in the 80s and 90s that reputation was well earned, but I don't think the players at either university are atypical. There are bad apples at every school. However, I challenge you to identify a case that you feel Stoops did not take immediate and reasonable disciplinary action, usually to mean removal from the team.

Meth is an incredibly destructive poison spreading out from the center of our country and moving out, and you are 100% correct to identify it as a problem in Oklahoma as well as other midwestern states. Created and spread because it's so cheap to make, it's a social problem that is causing as much of a problem as more 'serious' drugs. But does that truth reduce the cocaine problem in FL?? Different areas, different problems.

Are there backwater country people in OK? Of course. Do they represent anything more than a SMALL percentage of the population? Not at all. I have relatives from the country. In years past, they weren't the most educated groups of people, not at all. But they were hard working, salt of the earth people. Nothing like you'd meet on either coast.

I'm uncertain why you're so disgruntled at an entire state. Perhaps you're job is interacting with juvenile delinquents to have soured you so?

I could stoop low and make my own comparison of local UM fans, for I HAVE been to FL on various occasions. But surely you'd agree that for all teams there will be groups that aren't the cream of the crop.

Actually, the midwest (OK included) is a growing population, with more people moving in every day. With the lower crime rate, and affordable real estate many people are finding it a better place to work than many coastal states.

I'm concerned, since you yourself was born in OK, and still live there, that means you yourself are one of the toothless, meth-taking, cesspool bathing residents. Since you paint the entire state with your brush-strokes of ignorance.

Enough of the characterizations of the fans. It does little to provide any discussion to the analysis and prediction of the PLAYERS, the COACHES, and the GAME. Both schools wear names on them, but these kids play for themselves.

This is why KF did a good job. NOT ONE SINGLE DELAY GAME. No wasted timeouts to stop a delay of game. didnt try to force balls (his one interception he was baited into by a zone under and man deep coverage). He didnt loose the game for us. He provided a perfectly managed game and looked professional. That gives the freshman the confidence they need to perform.

If MIAMI fixes the coverage breakdowns (They Will) OK will not be able to move the ball.

MIAMI 13 Oklahoma 10

sumbody give "NUKE" da damn ball!!!!!!!! how is my boi supposed 2 get n da league, give back 2 his family/friends/and alma maters(miami central/univ. of miami) if he aint gettin no touches?

Here's a thought- He could concentrate on using his free education to pick and immerse himself into a degree that would enable him to be a positive part of society, like the other 99% of his fellow students.

Or....... not.

Final Numbers on Freeman 3/9 for 15 yards, I think these would be QB stats from like 1930 and Lance Legget didn't catch a single ball.

When do I get to see Marve and Hankerson? As soon as Marve is cleared to play they should get him in there and prepare for next season. What is even the point of having Freeman take snaps next season?

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