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UM post-OU lockeroom scene

Just got out of the UM lockerroom after the Canes got thrashed by fifth-ranked Oklahoma 51-13 on national television.

Here's a quick rundown of reaction:

- Quarterback Kirby Freeman declined comment. His quote: "Oh, I'm not talking to the media."
- Quarterback Kyle Wright spoke at length, but would not say if he thinks he should be named the starter next week. "I'll let the coaches decide that." Wright was seen after upbeat and smiling with some family and friends.
- Cornerback Randy Phillips owned up to his bad day after getting beat regularly by OU's receivers. "It was the worst day of my life," he said.
- Javarris James asked not to be interviewed.
- Calais Campbell said Miami will rebound against FIU next week.
- Derrick Morse said "we're just going to have to eat this loss." He said Miami's offensive struggles were mostly due to poor communication.

I'll be back with full audio uploads later tonight. But that's the quick scoop from Norman.


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When James fumbled and OU scored I knew then that the game was over I could see it on the players face on the side line. Posted by: VisaCane | September 09, 2007 at 11:45 AM turning point = down 8, Darren Daly's returnable kickoff + T-Good's personal foul

Oklahoma is clearly the greatest team in college football this year. Miami just didnt have what it takes to beat them. However, Shannon will get Miami back to being a National Power again. It is very sad to see a team with such great tradition like Miami suck as bad as they do. It sucked when Oklahoma was mediocre in the 90's too. Oklahoma will be great next year too so don't think that Miami has a chance next year either.

psycho - yes you are what your name says! LSU LSU LSU - I think they got your #!! Let the season play out and then say your the best team. CANES WILL BE BACK but it is okay if you don't think so we love cockya$$ rednecks.

Oklahoma is clearly the greatest team in college football this year. Posted by: PsychoSoonerFan | September 09, 2007 at 12:20 PM deduced after 2 games ; )

psycho - yes you are what your name says! LSU LSU LSU - I think they got your #!! Let the season play out and then say your the best team. CANES WILL BE BACK but it is okay if you don't think so we love cockya$$ rednecks.

Thanks for the clarification Manny. I still don't know what to make of that. After suffering a humiliating demotion, then to go out and play the way he did today, I would think he would feel better, but I wouldn't want him bouncing around like they didn't get their door blown off. But I understand him feeling good about himself. Maybe he feels justified, maybe he sense that he'll get his chance to start next week. I don't know.

Either way, the season's not over. Just a speed bump in the road.

psycho - yes you are what your name says! LSU LSU LSU - I think they got your #!! Let the season play out and then say your the best team. CANES WILL BE BACK but it is okay if you don't think so we love cockya$$ rednecks.

Excuses, excuses and more excuses...get use to it Miami fans! You have a former thug for a coach and your entire team should be in jail by this time next year. No just kidding mostly but you guys are way to cocky to think your team is ever going to measure up to what you use to be. good luck in 09 when we come down with the same team with way more experience.

psychosoonerfan: college football = marathon NOT sprint

OU boy this ain't no game when we come through. OKlahoma Sooners this just in OU scores again, man MIami SUCKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sooner borne- All I have to say is PLEASE!!!
Let the season play out! Oh and cane fans was it our QB is was taking illegal money- Oh I know in REDNECK land that is just a whitecollared crime. In Miami it is a thug crime. Yea I know sooner you are so far ahead and so much more morale on the surface, just don't go digging because you may find things you don't like. You have every right to hate on us since we have kept you from so many National Titles. WA WA Go Canes.

That 51-13 beating was for all of you bragadocious fans that were standing in the median at the Lloyd Noble Center taunting all the Sooner fans as they were coming to the game. Still no class down there at the U and the probably never will be. Didn't see too many of you talking that smack after the game.


hey sooners, I think you'd agree: Miami draws. largest crowd in ou history ...

Oh yes cane fans we are classless coming from a Sooner let me see isn't a sooner a lowlife cheater.

soonerborne - yea you are right, keep up the insult we thrive on it!!! Remember one thing son KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!

Canechic.....at least we don't have a bunch of crackheads and a mouthy coach who berated our QB before the game. I bet those 5 TD passes shut his mouth, didn't they?

And as for the trash talking prior to the game. The U stands for Uneducated and Unemployed and Under OU as we beat your mouthy faces into submission. A buddy of mine beat the crap out of a couple of your miami punks after the game leaving him and his victims going to jail..1 man beat two thugs into mash potatoes and boy it was fun to watch. Talk sh*t here well make you back it up bia*****ch. Recap you guys are unable to play football, fight one on one or two on on. I'll take my country boy style of wrestler verses your punk dog fighting thugs any day. Me and him are both former NCAA champion wrestlers and look forward to loading up about 30 strong and driving to miami in 09


Posted by: SoonerBorne | September 09, 2007 at 12:45 PM you exaggerate our demise. 10 years ago, the haters pronounced U dead. what happened? 34 straight wins, 19 1st-rounders, 1 national championship ... EAT CROW

You go, SoonerBorne...lol. We are going to bring a much more experienced team down there to the U of M, too. I bet they can't wait to get their butts whipped again.

Canchic your a scank and a whore of a chic at that. shut your mouth and take your medicine. Your team sucks and that is a reflection of you and all your other miami hurrican'ts

soonerborne: most sooners are civil. are you authentic?

SoonerBorne...lighten up a little. Let them dwell in their misery. I have never seen a bunch of fans like them taunting the opposing team's fans on their home ground like they were before the game. Hurling their insults and telling us how bad they were going to beat us. I have never seen Sooner fans do that anywhere and I have been to a lot of road games. That's enough punishment for them. It was sure nice to see those same fans' faces as they were walking back to their little tailgate party in the corner of the parking lot. Was awful quite then. Boomer Sooner!!

Your 100% right my Sooner brother I shouldn't crawl down to the level of the u fans. Anyway, my buddy is out of jail and the charges should be reduced to disorderly conduct because of the circumstances. Maybe even self defense I'll be it he wasn't hurt at all though. Either way your a class act man and a clear credit to the Sooner Nation. Have a good day man! Boomer Sooner

Canchic your a scank and a whore of a chic at that. shut your mouth and take your medicine. Posted by: SoonerBorne | September 09, 2007 at 12:56 PM APOLOGIZE

"...It was all coaching. We have both the talent and speed to play with Oklahoma..."

Ummm, no.

Anybody (not looking through rose colored glasses)could see yesterday that Miami DOES NOT have the talent or speed to play with Oklahoma. The players line up right across from each other, it's 1 man against the other. If Miami had the talent, strength, or speed to match Oklahoma's, the results would have been different - not saying the Cane's would have won the game, but they wouldn't have been blown out.

OU's receiver's were more talented than UM's cover. OU's OL was stronger and more talented than UM's DL. OU's DL was faster, stronger, more talented than UM's OL. Miami just doesn't have the horses to run with that team - wouldn't have mattered if Bear Bryant were coaching the Cane's - OU's players are better, period.

That's what happens when you fuck with the Sooners bitches. OU rules this sport, not a bunch of thug losers that can't even spell their name. I don nee no words nigga, I got guns. Nice kids you got their.

I'm a life long Sooner fan. I was around during the Swirzer years and loved it. I was also around during the mid 90's when OU had trouble winning. Football is BIG here, but there is more to life. And we understabd that. We know that the team will get better. We also understand that there will be down years.

I think you should calm down some. Miami will do some recruting and the team will get better. Life is cyclical, so is football. By the time we play again, it will be a BIG game.

Green thanks for having my back!! Now we know why those individuals still live in OK, nobody stays there unless they have too. I should know to leave trash alone.

You Miami fans keep your head up. It wasn't so long ago that OU was having problems of our own. We had some bad years with John Blake and Howard Schnellenberger. But keep the faith. Miami will be back. Good luck with the rest of the year. We look forward to seeing you in 2009. We look forward to a great game and we hope Miami will be highly ranked. Good luck guys. Keep the faith.

I sat in the stands rooting for Okla for the three 80's games where Miami beat OU. Not fun. But I was there and the pain was less because Miami had a quality team with a quality coach and I knew it. They still do. OU looks good this season and they happen to play Miami...Too bad for Miami but that is just this year. I see a lot of negative comments in this blog...I am not a Miami rooter but I like good football no matter where it is played. I think I have more faith in Miami then the Miami "fans" do.

reality is your Canes suck and will continue to suck, the coaches stink, the talent stinks, the ACC has dominated the cane3s they have not won the ACC once, you have no doormats like the BIg East has 4 years. So your recruiting is hrting etc and it will continiue, the U is crap and is on the decline for the next decade. Screw THE U

Sooner Nation aslways has been and always will be better then convict U

one other commnet the U fans are the most fair weather fans around, cry babaies plain and simple, the only fans worse then the U fans are Dallas Cowboys fans, both groups of fans cry and lokc themselves inside and do not wear there gear when team struglles, pathetic is what it is. Bandwagon fans at the U .

Hey Cane fans...much as I loves to hate me some caners (I was at the '88 OB and got spit on by cane fans), I don't like to see you guys so down on your team. We Sooners had to deal with a few years of exile and it sucked...but we came through beautifully, thanks be to Stoops. You guys hang in there and life'll get good for you too, hopefully in the not too distant future. I'd love to see a 2009 rematch between two highly ranked teams.

I said it many times KW is our starter...
Shannon is not that smart of a coach and Nix
wow a real joke!

I said it many times KW is our starter...
Shannon is not that smart of a coach and Nix
wow a real joke!

Why is it that all the idiot posters have to type in all caps?

Miami players probably can't wait to get back home, so they can buttfuck northerncanefan and vent their frustrations. I'm sure their little bitch, probably made a special trip back to Miami, to be their cum bucket.

Rumor is, he likes it up the ass.

Sooners, be gracious in the win. Miami is down, we gave them a good pounding, but they're going to better. Next year I still think the sooners win, but only by 3. As far as the UM fans, thanks for coming to Norman, hope yall enjoyed your stay outside of the outcome of the game.

the book is out on Randys defense. He runs three basic defensive packages. Thing is when he has the athletes the team looks good. He no longer has the talent. When guys like Teraz McCray and Lavon Ponder are starting and Willie Cooper gets extensive playing time the talent is no longer good. Randy has a lot to learn and he needs to hurry up or he will be out of a job. Once Cokers contract is up they will get rid of him in a hurry if the canes are not winning.

For the person that said well the game was close at one point....that game was over from the start. When Stoops got bored and his team slowed down the canes closed the gap...When JJ fumbled thats all she wrote. No way UM was coming back from that. Just face the facts our team is not very good. 6-6 last year and it looks like the same outcome this year. Maybe Randy needs to put the names back on the jerseys to know who is screwing up.

For the person that said well the game was close at one point....that game was over from the start. Posted by: notindenialcane | September 10, 2007 at 09:44 AM 13-21 (Q3) = winnable

Canes looked confused and slow, they need to send Nix packing (POS Auburn QB). Need more strength and conditioning. (maybe some of the steroids that they give the kids in OK and at LSU). Calais and company, please get to the quarterback!!

Yes it sucks to see the Canes play this way. By the way they still have winning record over both Florida and Florida State. (the Canes are the only team with a winning record over Bowdens Noles) By the way, The University of Miami is smaller than Duke, yet this is the NFL's farm club, guys go there to learn how to play in THE LEAGUE.

You guys are kidding, right?

Hey Canes fans just remember we are a QB away from being decent we all knew this coming in to this season...the d had a bad day and an offense that can't move the ball only makes it worse on them. You can not go 3 and out 10 times in a game and expect your defense to play well. Receivers are open but no one to throw the ball to them. Our d will be fine we just need to let Marve play. When he gets healthy start him he is the future. The Texas AM game is now a must win and the players and coaches know it so let's see how they deal with the pressure. I bet we will be pleasantly surprised next Thursday. Go Canes!

side note how good would OU be if they had Kirby running the show.LOL!

Yes the Canes will rise again, with the talent in the state of Florida, it is just a matter of time. To all the haters, you better get your kicks in now, just like you did in the probation years when everyone was saying that UM would never be a championship team again.

What moost of you MU fans are missing is the fact that in one way, this team is the best you have fielded in a long time. These are good kids, not the getto trash you had for years. I would rather lose with this team then win with that crap you use to have. Larry coker got players you can be proud of, and if givin enough time, could have won with them. But you Miami fans only care about winning. As a OU fan, i was pleased with all of the players on that field as people. Your guys were not the thugs you have had in the past, and with that, you are winners.

hey gene, how often do you dry-clean your lily-white sheets?

I watching the game again on a rebroardcast on ESPN U. I can not believe the lack of adjustment . I can not believe we did not take advantage of what was given by the OU D. Like the 10 yard cushion given by the CB`s of OU. I said the same thing while watching on Saturday as I do now. Coach Nix had to be seeing the same things as we saw during the game. Please make the adjustment. Coach Nix,Can we get back to coaching 101, QB to WR; quick outs, slants, curls...Coach Nix lets open up the play book .Our offense is to predictable. What ever happened to utilizing our skill players speed in such plays like reverses and end arounds. Miami is not a QB run option pitch team.
We are better than a 38 point lost to OU.

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