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UM post-OU lockeroom scene

Just got out of the UM lockerroom after the Canes got thrashed by fifth-ranked Oklahoma 51-13 on national television.

Here's a quick rundown of reaction:

- Quarterback Kirby Freeman declined comment. His quote: "Oh, I'm not talking to the media."
- Quarterback Kyle Wright spoke at length, but would not say if he thinks he should be named the starter next week. "I'll let the coaches decide that." Wright was seen after upbeat and smiling with some family and friends.
- Cornerback Randy Phillips owned up to his bad day after getting beat regularly by OU's receivers. "It was the worst day of my life," he said.
- Javarris James asked not to be interviewed.
- Calais Campbell said Miami will rebound against FIU next week.
- Derrick Morse said "we're just going to have to eat this loss." He said Miami's offensive struggles were mostly due to poor communication.

I'll be back with full audio uploads later tonight. But that's the quick scoop from Norman.


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Who the heck is this Gene loser person. What is that crap he posted. Save that crap for you cub scout.In miami we care about winning, you Seminole.

The MU fans really do not know what a true champion is and would not if it bit them in the ass.

When fans from a school with class come here, before and after the game we ALL get together and have a good time. Even at the Texas game.

The MU fans are said and always have been, remember the whole team spitting on Penn State? O would have traded all of our REAL championships for Penn State to have won, but think god I did not have to.

And they think I'm a loser? what a bunch of crap fans....

I just have to say, we are just not ready to beat a top 5 team(yet). Shoot, it hurts to type that, but it's the TRUTH! I agree with the fella above who said, forget about a National Championship & let's start with a ACC Championship. Kyle Wright is the better of the 2 QB'S. The line is a little better this year and the QB'S are getting more time. So, if you paid attetion last year you would realize that we had NO offensive line. If A QB has no time to throw he's screwed. Kyle Wright looked as if he owned that offense. Kirby was scared and you could see it in his eyes. The U is making great strides but lets just hope Randy Shannon does not have any personal issues with Wright because if he don't start, Miami will loose at least 3 more games. He wants players to compete? Well, I think Kyle deseves antother shot or it could be another long year. As for Nix? You have to great running backs so why the hell would you be thowing (with Kirby) on first down. They should have just kept smashing them in the mouth on first down. Kirby could not beat to many, if any top 25 teams with his arm. We have a great backfield but for whatever reason, we were throwing on first down at the beginning of the game. I'm not sold on Nix yet. GT had a great offense last year but it does help with a guy like Calvin Johnson playing for you..........

Kyle's from California. Not sure if his Family moved to the Miami area, but it's ridiculous to give him crap for being happy to see his loved-ones who are normally 3,000 miles away. You're an idiot!

You fickle canes fans should realize that 5 championships since 1926 make your success more an aberration than the norm.

Kyle's from California. Not sure if his Family moved to the Miami area, but it's ridiculous to give him crap for being happy to see his loved-ones who are normally 3,000 miles away. You're an idiot!

You fickle canes fans should realize that 5 championships since 1926 make your success more an aberration than the norm.

I think Miami has a chance to be good...I watched the game in person, I am a BIG sooner fan, but I respect the "U's" program..lots of speed and athleticism and I think 09 down there might be a rough game. Give Shannon time. He's a good dude. He knows what he is doing, but just hadn't had time for the team to mold around him. Canes fan will be happy soon..

You bunch of temporamental armchair quarterback fans you need to shut and be loyal or you root for someone else. You try to live out your sports dreams vicariously through your team and not be authentic fans. I understand the hurt of being beat by that many points but if you will shut up and give the coaching staff time the U will emerge to NC status. This coaching staff is competent and they have fielded a team that is many strides better than teams in previous years. If you will remember we didnt play as good against Louisville last year as they did agianst OU.Oh and what about Virginia, Maryland, FSU, and etc. Hardly OU type teams. We at least competed for momentum in the game. And if we fans would be honest thats something we have not seen in a while at Miami. I challenge you to go back and watch the game. OU did nothing so dominating. They only had two sacks, no ints, and just that one fumble recovery, that in my opinion broke the game open. Miami shot themselves in the foot more than anything. There is a quarterback issue but I think its settled now. Oh and hopefully everyone in south florida will now realize something that I (a fan in texas)have been screaming for 2 years now that RANDY PHILLIPS IS NOT A CORNERBACK!!!!!! Someone pleeeeeeeeease move him to safety pleeeeeease. He will get no better at corner I promise. Not because he is not an athlete just cast in the wrong position. He doesn't have the hips and break to be a corner thats why he gets burned and if you notice OU wasnt the first time LSU,Louiville,Marshall,etc. Pleeeeease if anybody on the staff reads this move him for his own good and future NFL possibilities your hurting the kid. Now with that said just give it time guys this program is headed in the proper direction and all of you bandwagon fans get ready for nice ride in 09.

Excellent comment Soonermajic!!! I am a little disappointed in many of our Canes so called faithful out there. The new regime is in place, but the players that Coker recruited are still there. It will take Shannon a couple of years to get his recruits in and experienced / mature enough to return to the national stage. How could anyone think that with the last minute decision to rid the program of Coker, interview other candidates, then finally decide on Shannon, only give him a few months to get his coaching staff together, would improve the program. Please Canes fans, have some logic, rational and reason in your thinking. Support the Canes and coach Shannon before putting him and the team out to pasture.

Ufan | September 10, 2007 at 10:03 AM

Yes it sucks to see the Canes play this way. By the way they still have winning record over both Florida and Florida State. (the Canes are the only team with a winning record over Bowdens Noles

UFAN: "Only team with a winning record against Bowden".....ummmm.

No offense but...no. Look to Norman for another. In fact, I don't think OU has ever lost to FSU.

I have been a canes fan for more then 30yrs,and it's always the same after we lose a game.Some so called fans want to rip the team,players,coaches and other cane fans. If you can't stick with the canes when times are bad,go be a gator fan.True cane fans don't want your kind of support.

242 Cane, you are another clueless cane fan.....Just like the many others that think Randy will ever get it done. He is not even respected among other college coaches. The guy was a bad hire. What were his qualifications to being hired at UM. I get so tired of hearing what a great hire he was....The guy was one of the main reason why Coker was fired...WHY...BECAUSE HE RECRUITED KHALIL JONES, ROMEO DAVIS, GLENN COOK....GAVE THE OK ON DEMETRI STEWART.....You want me to name some more of Randys great finds...George Robinson, Doug Wiggins who is no longer with the team....How about Eric Houston. He would not recruit Elijah Hodge who wanted to go to UM and who was qualified....On top of that the guy was a stud in HS. How about Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins. Those two both wanted to go to UM and Randy did not OK it...Keep blaming Coker. Thats exactly what Shannon does, thats what the fans do and thats what his staff does.

When it comes to recruiting dumbo....Hurtt should land those guys. Anyone could land Forston, Lewis and Regis. These kids are in their back yard. Lets see Buchanon and McCray stick to those commitments. By the way your stud recruiters at Miami....landed Joe Wylie and Andrew Smith. These two belong in the MAC Conference not UM.

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