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Ripple effects, plus Live Q&A tonight

One of the greatest fears Canes fans have about this year's team is that if the team struggles again, it could potentially cost them a few of the top-line recruits coach Randy Shannon and his staff have managed to corral in the early going of building what could be a stellar 2008 Class -- something extremely and obviously important to Miami's future.

So far, UM's 2-1 start has been pretty unimpressive -- especially on offense, where quarterback issues and red zone issues have led Miami to put up some ugly numbers. The Canes rank 83rd in scoring offense (22.33 ppg), 99th in total offense (302.67 ypg) and 113th in passing offense (130.67 ypg) out of 119 I-A teams. For those of you worried about these type of figures being used against Miami commitments, THERE IS REASON TO BE SCARED.

Last night, I spoke to Miami Booker T. Washington receiver and current Cane commitment Davon Johnson, who visited Gainesville this past weekend with teammate Brandon Harris (a four-star cornerback on Miami's radar), Ely 5-star cornerback Patrick Johnson (another UM commitment) and several other local players Miami's interested in including Krop linebacker Etienne Sabino. From what Johnson told me, it sounds like the Gators are using Miami's offensive struggles against the Canes.

"It opened my eyes. Coach sat me down and really broke down the offensive schemes they run [at Florida]. He told me about the catches I could get compared to Miami catches. Yes, it's causing me to worry because every receiver wants the ball. If your not giving the receiver the ball, why should I go there?"

While Johnson told me he is still a Miami commitment, he admitted it is now 50-50 between UM and UF. Johnson, a four-star receiver who made Miami fans drool when he starred in Booker T.'s nationally televised beating of Summerville, S.C., last month, said though he will still make UM his last visit. He plans on visiting South Florida, South Carolina and LSU before then.

Monday, though, Johnson said he got a visit from a few fellow Cane commitments and Northwestern players when quarterback Jacory Harris, defensive tackle Marcus Forston and linebacker Sean Spence passed by his practice (the trio also stopped by UM Monday). Johnson said all three told him to follow his heart, but still pushed the Canes (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE COMPLETE AUDIO INTERVIEW AS WELL AS MY INTERVIEWS FROM MONDAY'S PRESS CONFERENCE).

Miami fans should expect some of this to go on as the year goes on, especially in light many of these recruits will stay make visits to other schools. They should also expect to hear the type of rumors coming out of Gainesville regarding receiver Deonte Thompson, a 5-star receiver out of Belle Glade Glades Central who picked Florida over Miami last year.

Shannon said during his press conference Monday he's received phone calls from freshmen at other schools who have shown interest in transferring. I've spoken to a source who told me it could happen, but cautioned the more it gets publicized the more likely it won't occur.

Anyway, I'm running late for practice. I'll be back later tonight for a live Q&A between 8 and 9 p.m. Leave me some questions here for later tonight. 

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I got back from Dallas Sunday after nine days out in the Midwest and have to say I'm happy to be back home. The trip was a lot of fun and my wife and I got to see a lot aside from UM's loss in Norman and Miami Northwestern's big win in Texas.

We visited Oklahoma City and the memorial to the bombing victims of the federal building. We took a hiking trip down to Dinosaur Park in Glen Rose, Texas (which boasts the longest dinosaur footprints in the US). We made the four and a half-hour drive down to San Antonio to see the Alamo and the famous Riverwalk. And we went into downtown Dallas to see the Sixth Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK (plus, a walk around the famous grassy knoll). For those of you who like to travel or might have made the trip yourselves, feel free to share your thoughts one some of the places we hit this past week. I'd love to hear your experiences.


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http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2007/09/ask-the-blogmas.html hey displaced Cane in chi-town, here's your chance to tell greg cote what you think of him ...

http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2007/09/ask-the-blogmas.html#comment-83318267 Yes we get monthly traffic reports encompassing all Herald blogs and also daily reports listing that day's top five. Dave Barry's blog is far and away the most popular. .... Among sports blogs, especially this time of year, Dolphins in Depth and Eye on the U also are well-visited. I'll try to remember to post the September numbers when they come out.

Posted by: Greg Cote | September 19, 2007 at 12:21 PM

Green, you need to settle down. Posted by: Displaced Cane in Chi-Town | September 19, 2007 at 01:47 PM I don't take instructions; lecture somebody else. comprende

Shandel does a good job for the SS. Posted by: Displaced Cane in Chi-Town | September 19, 2007 at 01:47 PM
no he doesn't. numbers don't lie. can't stop the bleeding. omar kelly's baby is a shun(del) of its former self ...

A lot of us go to both blogs for info, and we want to see both blogs be successful. No need to pick a fight. Posted by: Displaced Cane in Chi-Town | September 19, 2007 at 01:47 PM sunsentinel used to be all that. sunsentinel betrayed us. sunsentinel can piss in the ocean.

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2006/08/miamis_to.html omar kelly (aug 17 2006): "... I need you folks to understand anything I post here puts me at a competitive disadvantage. Every day there's a war out here to gather information ..."

First of all, everyone needs to give Randy a break. It will take more than 1 year to get things turned around, and nobody said it would be easy. Regarding the "stealing" of recruits, grow up! That is what recruiting is all about. Do you think Butch Davis didn't use similar tactics? Maybe Randy has to get more aggressive. Although he might be too nice a guy...

All things Gutter should be tasered, including "Oscar" Meyer. He's a snake.

WHOA!!! Who just scored? Is he from Northwestern too? The OB must be full of energy, huh Manny? Is that you on the field leading the cheers?

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