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A remedy for non-believers

Kirby Freeman's ribs are sure to still be sore this morning. Kyle Wright's ankle probably looks like a balloon. And Eric Moncur might not remember much following his third quarter concussion. But be assured the Hurricanes are all collectively feeling -- and U too -- a lot better today after UM's little miracle last night.

Because that's what it was, honestly, a miraculous finish. I know I wasn't the only person on the field last night who thought Miami's chances died about 40-inches short of the goalline with 5:39 to play. I know I wasn't the only one who didn't think Freeman (1 of 8 for 7 yards and 2 INTs before the final drive) could move Miami 83-yards downfield for a game-winning touchdown. I know I wasn't the only person whose jaw-dropped a little when Colin McCarthy scooped up that fumble and scored and sent UM's sideline and about 10,000 Canes fans at Doak Campbell into a tizzy.

But that's where these Canes had us after seven games -- believing they just couldn't do what they did Saturday night. Then, in what was once-typical UM fashion, they pulled a fast one on the 'Noles AND us. The funny thing is there honestly wasn't much surprise in UM's locker room.

"I knew Kirby could do it," Derrick Morse told me. "We just needed the ball one more time."

Really? We didn't know you could do it.

"We just kept believing," a happy Calais Campbell told me. "Those games we lost, those close calls, we knew we just needed a break. We never stop fighting. We don't quit."

Unfortunately, Calais, many of your fans had quit on you. Before Kirby turned things around and found Dedrick Epps in the corner of the end zone, most Canes fans had lost hope. The bashing on this blog and on many other UM-related message boards had commenced. Canes fans had traded in their green and orange pride for more vile and fury. Even the ones in the stands in Tallahassee were being critical, sounding a lot like the guy in the OB who chastised coach Randy Shannon with the "Why don't your put the names back on the jerseys so we can see who stinks!" following last week's loss to Georgia Tech.

But then, when the comeback was realized, everyone was a Cane again. When UM ran off the field toward its locker room, even Freeman was getting some love. The players no one wanted anything to do with we're suddenly beloved heroes again. The hypocrisy was in full swing. I was happy for UM's players. It had been a while since any of them felt good. It had been a while since any of them had been cheered and not jeered. But I was disappointed with the Cane hypocrites.

I'm not going to tell you how to behave as a fan. It's not my job. Even Randy Shannon said last week fans we're entitled to rip his team when they lose. But I feel obligated to remind U that this team hasn't quit on you. 5-3 isn't the season U wanted. 5-3 isn't the season the guys wearing the U wanted. But it's what their lack of talent has allowed them to achieve. Instead of hating on what Randy Shannon and his players are not achieving, how about praising them for what they have? How about not quitting on them? How about sticking around for the climb back to prominence instead of just being there when they get back on top?

Look at yourself at the mirror today Canes fans and ask yourself if you are a REAL FAN. Then, ask yourself if this team has quit on you. I'll tell you -- they haven't. Should you?

* I wrote this earlier this morning in the Tallahassee airport. Now that I've gotten back home and read some of your comments, I realized some of what I wanted to say might have been misinterpreted. For starters, I'm not criticizing all Canes fans. There are the die-hards who show up to the OB or watch every week on TV. Everyone always has a right to complain and I'm not knocking you for wanting more for your team. But I guess what has really bugged me is the fashion in which some of you have done it. Some of the comments have been crude, unwarranted and just flat out mean. These are young guys who are trying their best. I could understand if the players had totally given up on you. If they were deliberately losing. But being up close to these guys on a weekly basis, I can tell you I don't get that sense at all. If they were quitters, they wouldn't have battled back against North Carolina. Guys like Kenny Phillips wouldn't spend 10 to 15 minutes after the Georgia Tech loss dispondent. All I'm saying is have a little more respect for your team.


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Manny, Do you or Green or anyone else know the deal with Deonte Thompson Class of 2007
High School: Glades Central HS. Is he coming over to The U, from UofF?


Great post, Navarro.

Three simple rules:
- don't boo the kids (they're just KIDS!)
- believe in Coach Shannon
- goto the games...
that's it.

What a great week for a bye...


thank you manny, just what u said on you blog last night, these ppl arent canes fans. IM sure they were fans in 01 when we had the best team in the history of college football, yeaaa im sure they were fans, but im posotive all the shut talkers here werent fans last year, or before this game, i read all the comment last night manny and when we were losing, there was bashing my canes and saying they suck, but then when we made the comeback and I knew was going to happen, they all stayed quiet and left kirby alone. they were saying ooo we need kyle back, but it was jirby tgat stepped up, grew some balls, and pretty much sacraficed his body to get us in the endzone. You see i knew this was going to happen, cus this kid unlike kyle who just cane to the U to go to the nfl, wanted to became a cane, he has it tatooed in him, he has the attitude, he might not have all the talent, but he has the attitude, and when ur a TRUE canes fan, u kno that, and i knew we were gonna make one more drive and when that game. SO TO ALL YOU HYPOCRITES, PLEASE GO BECOME GATOR FANS, PLEASE LEAVE US ALL ALONE, THE LEGION DONT WANT U, U DONT DESERVE TO BE PART OF THE LEGION

It's not that as Canes fans we have become non believers, its just that our team has not been playing to its potential. They is still talent on this Miami football team and it just simply showed what can happen if those talented players just make plays.

Post of the year!

Great passion. When you cover those kids all year long - with Spring practice and recruiting, there really is no off season in college football - you learn if they are good kids, and if they are, no matter the outcome on the field, you learn to love them!

A-fking-MEN Manny. Great Post!!! I can't stand these fair-weather people that call themselves "fans." It almost sounds like these cats are hoping we lose.

I glad somthing was finally said about it....but the world is unfortunately filled with hypocrites so we can't be surprised when them show up (it just sucks that so many fill up this and other blogs)

anyone complaining after a win should have their cane card revoked.
sure at times it was ugly but a win's a win and the team (and fans) really needed it.

personally the real win here, to me at least, is that the randy era has finally kicked in.

for the first time these kids can see that not quiting, pushing thru, playing hard for the whole game gives them a chance to win.

this attitude and mindset is the building block for the rest of this year and surely for next season and beyond.

they may loose more games this year but at least they can see the results of what randy preaches

getting the kids to believe, bringing in a top recruiting class and having coaching stability will soon put the canes back on the national map!

go randy! go canes!

And by the way...I didn't have those feeling of non-belief. I've had them, but there was just something about this game that made me feel there was no way we could lose. The game was CRAZY throughout and historically we don't lose those against FSwho.

Am I the only one who wants Craig Cooper to get the bulk of the carries....the dude averages mad YPC!! He's like Wille Parker in The Burgh, lightning fast and bound to break at least one big one a game!



What the phuck is that? Aren't you the one who wrote, "who is a real cane?". You were feeding the fire, and now you turnaround to chastise the fans?

C'mon brah', why you going do us like that?

The canes have been a disappointment, not in the wins and losses, but in their play. Before last night, they had not played 60 minutes of football. That is one area of concern about this team. Personally, I wish they would just come out and play like they love the game of football and stop worrying about the score board or stats. Just play and let their talent speak for itself.

The fans that are openly negative about the canes are less than 10% of us. I will say that about 5% are overly optimistic, 20% skeptical, and 65% are in the middle.

I didn't respond to the "Who is a real Cane?" post, because I didn't feel I could answer that question intelligently.

Now you want to attack us and say we quit on the team?

We still pull for the canes and try to look at the bright side of things. While you and the rest of the beat writers are doing stories about next year's recruits, I posted a blog entry about "Staying in the present and focusing on this year's team".

Who is quiting on who?

You make another post like that, and I will have to pull your Legion card.

canefan21 you are still doing what Manny was talking about. Why do you feel the need to bash Kyle just to praise Kirby. Why not just congratulate both for helping us get a win.

I try not to bash either QB and realize they are equally bad and accept it.

Manny, how do want us to react when you like a team so much? A fan is a fan. If a FAN doesn't care then a FAN wouldn't react with so much passion. We just want our CANES to WIN! That's all....it's nothing personal. Just reactin with emotion, like any other DIE-HARD fan of their team.

some of your comments are warranted but don't take fan frustration to mean that we are not real fans and that we have given up....frustrtion is shown when fans can see the potential and the opportunity in front of us and we can't perform. that is what you are seeing in the (most of the) fans.....I think its a low blow of YOU the media to even say that (you ar soo much better)....hope you get all the UM interviews you want now by kissing some butt.

We might have won this game in the 3rd quarter if people like Campbell would give 100% evey play and contain the end of the line instead of crashing down the line every time....I am afraid he is way overhyped and he has bought into it....that is the frustration. I hope he gets drafted first round but I don't see it.

Hey Manny? Wheres my quest blog??? Let me know. I thought I was top three?

About the game: I am glad they won they showed heart and please remember every game brings us closer to not seeing interceptions (Kyle Wright) taken to the house. The canes are doing great just not at QB.

Manny, Manny. Manny...

I understand where you're coming from, but maybe you're missing the point. The 10k that showed up to FSU and the many of us who where sitting around blogging instead of sitting at a bar with friends are the ones that have NOT GIVEN UP ON THIS TEAM NO MATTER HOW POORLY THEY HAVE PLAYED!!

A lot of things are said in the heat of our frustration, like with any meaningful relationship, and it should be obvious to you by now the Canes mean a hell of a lot to the legion. Judge not by their words, in the heat of what to many seemed to be another disappointment, judge by their actions.

I'm with you Manny! Exactly what I talked about in my guest blog. I feel the exact same way. Its Ryde or Die in the words of DMX and the Ruff Ryders. If you really are about THE U, then its all or none, no fair weather fan here, I love UM...WIN OR LOSE!

Best post ever Manny,
other writers don't have the nads to tell their fans their attitudes suck.
Go Canes

We all love the "U" through thick and thin. Just because you talk about them doesn't mean you don't love em. If the fans can't talk about their team who can? You scold your kids...doesn't mean you don't love em, you spat with your spouse...doesn't mean you don't love em. It's ok for fans to talk about their team (good or bad), but no one else.

It's like a family, we can fight among each other, but no outside better not touch one of our family member...GO CANES.

So true. Cane fans are probably the worst I have seen (been around Nebraska, UF, FSU, USF, Washington, Oregon, Air Force & Colorado) beside any number of visitors at the Orange Bowl. Hands down the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have seen in college football. That being said, GREAT WIN nd that is why you keep believing. This just in fairweather fans, they play SIXTY MINUTES OF FOOTBALL NOT FIFTY SEVEN! And I am talking about all of those bloggers trashing the Canes during the game. Real classy.

So true. Cane fans are probably the worst I have seen (been around Nebraska, UF, FSU, USF, Washington, Oregon, Air Force & Colorado) beside any number of visitors at the Orange Bowl. Hands down the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have seen in college football. That being said, GREAT WIN nd that is why you keep believing. This just in fairweather fans, they play SIXTY MINUTES OF FOOTBALL NOT FIFTY SEVEN! And I am talking about all of those bloggers trashing the Canes during the game. Real classy.

So true. Cane fans are probably the worst I have seen (been around Nebraska, UF, FSU, USF, Washington, Oregon, Air Force & Colorado) beside any number of visitors at the Orange Bowl. Hands down the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have seen in college football. That being said, GREAT WIN nd that is why you keep believing. This just in fairweather fans, they play SIXTY MINUTES OF FOOTBALL NOT FIFTY SEVEN! And I am talking about all of those bloggers trashing the Canes during the game. Real classy.

Manny when your ass starts paying for tickets you can criticize the fans. Many of you sports writers are full of shit to always criticize the paying public when you never spend a dime to attend a sporting event. Give us your opinion on the game and the players, the paying public doesn't give a damn what you think about us.

If the shoe fits, wear it. We have a lot of
complainers as fans. I just want to say I'm happy we won, and if we play the way we play
against FSU for the rest of the year, we can end up in a good bowl game.

Manny, great post. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Manny, here are some stats for the morons that call out players without having any facts or figures.........

The fans that were screaming at Bosher last week, saying that he s-cked. If they were informed (not ignorant) they would have seen that Bosher's average was better then the GT punter.

This is what ticks me off sometimes. I guess they want the punter to kick it from the 15 yard line all the way to the other goal post, if not he s-cks (according to them)

D. Brooks 4 36.8 47 0 3 0
M. Bosher 6 39.7 49 0 2 0

Did any one see the home cooking that was on display in Tally. First take a look at the first down mark on first and second downs on the drive where Baby J and Kirby was stopped on third and fourth down. I admitt i may have had one to many but on my TV it looked liked the yellow first down mark moved back a half yard, end result turnover on downs. Second, Kirby`s second interception where ther should have been 2 flags. One for off sides the other pass interference. He was clearly being face guarded and mugged. How did they miss those calls? We in the south call it HOMECOOKING.

Nice post Vince. And, exactly on it.
I've was sitting in the OB before these kids were born. I've spend tons of cash on tickets, hotel rooms, food, jersey's etc and expect the same effort from these players that I give. I've earned the right to bitch and have paid the fare to do so.
I have friends who are Gator fans. I have friends that are Noles fans, Bulldog fans, you name it and they're all the same. They bitch and complain just like we do. Go ask Husker fan or Notre Dame fan how they feel right about now. It's human nature.
All I'm saying is play up to your potential and act like you give a shit.
It's embarassing when we line up after a week of practice and our defense is running around wondering what their asssignments are.
A great win but why can't we get that effort against the likes of North Carolina and GT?

I am a huge Canes fan. I go to all the games. I agree that there are many hypocritical Canes fans.


Sports are entertainment. That's all. Nobody has any moral obligation to go to a game more than he or she has any moral obligation to go to a theatre or an opera house. So many of you act as if college football is extremely important. Let me remind you that it's not. It's a lot of fun, and does have some other good aspects, such as school spirit. But it's still just entertainment, so I tell all you hypocritical Canes fans: just have fun. If you have fun by not going to games and complaining when the Canes lose, then keep doing that.

So please, Manny, if nobody wants to go see a football game, don't whine about it. It's every bit their right.

(But if you are going to complain, remember that these are people out there who are trying hard. Don't make it personal/insulting.)

To some of us fans, it's more than entertainment. It's a passion. It's tradition. If you want to be entertained, go to a comedy club.
Last time I checked nobody was ragging me on my cell phone or at the office Monday morning because of a shitty opera performance.
Fans...short for FANATIC...Idiot.

Well said Manny, great job on the blog giving us the inside business. I'm sure I wasn't alone when I saw the guys go down and thought "when was the last time this team finished?" We've seen so many last second plays and quick-turnarounds, it's nice to see us get one for a change.

dear canes fan,
I just want to say a couple of things that are on my mind. 1) WHAT A F'ING WIN BY OUR BELOVED CANES, SO MUCH PRIDE AND HEART AND DETERMINED TO WIN!!! 2)To the fair weather fans out their who want to jump back on the bandwagon ACCESS DENIED TILL NEXT SEASON!!!

dear canes fan,
I just want to say a couple of things that are on my mind. 1) WHAT A F'ING WIN BY OUR BELOVED CANES, SO MUCH PRIDE AND HEART AND DETERMINED TO WIN!!! 2)To the fair weather fans out their who want to jump back on the bandwagon ACCESS DENIED TILL NEXT SEASON!!!

dear canes fan,
I just want to say a couple of things that are on my mind. 1) WHAT A F'ING WIN BY OUR BELOVED CANES, SO MUCH PRIDE AND HEART AND DETERMINED TO WIN!!! 2)To the fair weather fans out their who want to jump back on the bandwagon ACCESS DENIED TILL NEXT SEASON!!!

dear canes fan,
I just want to say a couple of things that are on my mind. 1) WHAT A F'ING WIN BY OUR BELOVED CANES, SO MUCH PRIDE AND HEART AND DETERMINED TO WIN!!! 2)To the fair weather fans out their who want to jump back on the bandwagon ACCESS DENIED TILL NEXT SEASON!!!

Good Post!
I don't remember so many bashers back in the 80's and even through the probation years. I don't understand how a college fan can call their players names, especially since these players are not professionals, they are kids!
It has to be kids doing it because mature Canes have the years behind them and are undying in our love for our team.
Criticism is fine, but don't call names and cry when you aren't on the field making tackles or catching balls.

Great Blog Manny, I am from Ft Lauderdale, Fla and a c/o 88 Graduate of Boyd Anderson HS. I left Florida to attend college here in MN, but I have always been a Hurricane fan and I make sure I never miss a game and live and die with every play on Saturday when they are on TV and stop everything I am doing to watch the game... We do have some bandwagon jumpers when are on TOP they are the first to say they are fans, but we also have a lot of loyal fans who are supporters becasue we love the game and U. Every program has its up and down periods, USC, UF, Oklanhoma, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State and down the line, the difference is their fans continue to support the program 110%. Its easy to arm chair coach when you are watching on TV, but I would never think that I know more about whats going on inside a program than Randy Shannon, his Coaches or the players. They are the ones who are there at the crack of dawn every day working to get the program where it will eventually be and thats back with the other ELITE programs in the country. If I think I am living and dying with every play, I can only imagine what Coach Shannon is going through as he tries to keep his in control sideline focus. Its like another blogger said, these are just KIDS, playing for themselves and pride, and they are in a transitional period learning new schemes, coaches, attitudes and most importantly THEY are learning about themselves as they play this season. I SUPPORT them 110% and I hope they REAL CANES fans do too.

GO Canes and THANK YOU for making my Saturday afternoon... Keep Your Heads Up AND KEEP PLAYING...

Very well said Manny. Congrats for the way you put it.

I firmly believe we have lots of people who are fans of winning, not fans of the Canes.


I have been a Cane fan as long I can remember and I think you telling fans to not criticize their team is straight bullshit. We have seen what it takes to be a champion before. This is the "U"; Mediocrity is not acceptable. Losing is not acceptable like Shannon said in practice. Get off your soapbox and recognize that playing at Miami, it comes with the territory.

2 VINCE and the rest of the faux pas Hurricane cheerleaders. Perhaps the TRUTH hurts, regarding Manny's sagacious take on the state of Hurricane fandom. Because, from all the Hurricane blogs Yo has perused, there's just too much negativity and not enough reality concerning Coach Shannon's squad.

Any commonsensical U loyal fandom, prior to the 2007 season, should've have realized that Hurricane football probably won't get back to it's Top Ten status until circa 2009, at least in a best case scenario.

Fans are fans where ever you go...A true fan is not apathetic.
A fan follows the team year in and year out.
Players come and go. But real fans live and die with their team.
A fan is more than just someone who follows a team because it's fashionable. A fan is about where you live. Where you grew up. It's about roots. Territory...and bragging rights. With that comes the right to bitch if you want to...

It seems to me that there is a misunderstanding going on. Everyone is using the word hypocrite but I think pessimism is being misdiagnosed. Lets be realistic, as Canes fans, we are all spoiled. From 1983 – 1995 & 1999 – 2004 this program has been the envy of all of college football, national titles, BCS bowls, 1st round draft picks, and pro bowlers. As a result the bar for performance stands higher in Miami then any other program in the country. Then in a matter of 3 years, without the presence of NCAA sanctions, the jewel of college football has transformed into just an average program. The performance of the team has been nowhere near the previously established standards. Watching this decline over the last three years has given so called “hypocrite” Canes fans plenty of reasons to not be excited or be a little weary before they allow themselves to express their excitement. A perfect example is this season, Miami gets blown out by Oklahoma, then they smack A&M, then they blow one against the Jackets, and yesterday they beat the Noles. A lot of ups and downs can cause the best of us to be a little pessimistic before we BELIEVE that we are back where we belong. I’m not saying everyone fits this description but I think a majority of fans are going through something along these lines. I watch every game and I get excited every week, I will be a Canes fan til the day I die but I think as fans we should be critical of our team. We being critical gets rid of inept coaches who go to bowl games in Boise, it keeps coaches in Jersey from accepting the position as coach, and it preserves the SWAGGER. Hey! We are Miami, we should win every game, we should win titles, we should have pro bowlers, and we as fans should not accept mediocrity and inconsistencies.

I do not agree that is so much a lot of talent as qtback talent that has led to most of the losses, why keep saying it is a lack of talent in general, that is a put down on the rest of the guys to me, Manny.

Excellent post, Tdiddy9212.

I am alright with 5-3. I am better with the effort on the road in hostile environment, doing what the coaches say. I think I see that OC doesnt trust his QB so calls all the safe plays until the end when you have to put it on the table. I think this win makes the season/ creates 'mo' and cements our recruiting class, possible to the best in the nation. All things I didnt see happenng sat morning. I HAVE NOT QUIT ON THIS TEAM, the only time they have quit was second half OU, everything else was learning to be a hurricane. GO CANES AND EVERYBODY WHO HASNT QUIT SHOULD BE AT THE GAMES left.

Ted Hendricks, Otis Anderson, Jim Otto...George Mira...Fran Curci, George Foreman...a true Miami fan knows who these guys were. I remember when the helmets were gold with hurricane warning flags on the side.
Anybody can go back to Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Eddie Brown, Michael Irvin...yada, yada, yada...
Try living in Miami and being a fan when we were everybodies bitches.
1966. I have the right to vent...If I see some slackers. I call it the way I see it.

when Miami fans, or any fans for the matter, become indifferent to a team's success or failure... then you know you've got a problem. Should Miami fans be more patient? Yes. But remember without the fans you really have nothing. All of this would not exist. So like the business saying goes: "The customer is always right."

Some of these comments are ridiculous. To say that criticism is not warranted is completely stupid. If there is no criticism, there will be no change. This team has quit numerous times this year and to say that I didn't believe they were doing it again yesterday would be stupid. I'm glad they won against fsu because I hate the seminoles with a passion. I've been a canes fan since birth. These canes deserve criticism. But yes, I do see the climate changing with the new coaching staff.

Look I'm not saying fans don't have a right to complain. I'm just saying don't be so crude about it. These kids are playing hard every week. Have a little more respect, that's all. The kind of ripping I've been hearing the past couple of weeks has been out of control.

Be classier about it.

Macjones you don't even live in the area so what the hell are you talking about? When was the last time you flew in for a game? Dude if you don't go to games in person you are the FIRST ONE who needs to shut up! Hurricanes are no different than fans at other schools!

Whoops that should read Hurricane fans. Manny not all fans who complain are crude. Even though the players are kids college football is big business and the U and many other teams would not be able to field teams if it wern't for those of us who purchase season tickets and actually the games.

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