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A remedy for non-believers

Kirby Freeman's ribs are sure to still be sore this morning. Kyle Wright's ankle probably looks like a balloon. And Eric Moncur might not remember much following his third quarter concussion. But be assured the Hurricanes are all collectively feeling -- and U too -- a lot better today after UM's little miracle last night.

Because that's what it was, honestly, a miraculous finish. I know I wasn't the only person on the field last night who thought Miami's chances died about 40-inches short of the goalline with 5:39 to play. I know I wasn't the only one who didn't think Freeman (1 of 8 for 7 yards and 2 INTs before the final drive) could move Miami 83-yards downfield for a game-winning touchdown. I know I wasn't the only person whose jaw-dropped a little when Colin McCarthy scooped up that fumble and scored and sent UM's sideline and about 10,000 Canes fans at Doak Campbell into a tizzy.

But that's where these Canes had us after seven games -- believing they just couldn't do what they did Saturday night. Then, in what was once-typical UM fashion, they pulled a fast one on the 'Noles AND us. The funny thing is there honestly wasn't much surprise in UM's locker room.

"I knew Kirby could do it," Derrick Morse told me. "We just needed the ball one more time."

Really? We didn't know you could do it.

"We just kept believing," a happy Calais Campbell told me. "Those games we lost, those close calls, we knew we just needed a break. We never stop fighting. We don't quit."

Unfortunately, Calais, many of your fans had quit on you. Before Kirby turned things around and found Dedrick Epps in the corner of the end zone, most Canes fans had lost hope. The bashing on this blog and on many other UM-related message boards had commenced. Canes fans had traded in their green and orange pride for more vile and fury. Even the ones in the stands in Tallahassee were being critical, sounding a lot like the guy in the OB who chastised coach Randy Shannon with the "Why don't your put the names back on the jerseys so we can see who stinks!" following last week's loss to Georgia Tech.

But then, when the comeback was realized, everyone was a Cane again. When UM ran off the field toward its locker room, even Freeman was getting some love. The players no one wanted anything to do with we're suddenly beloved heroes again. The hypocrisy was in full swing. I was happy for UM's players. It had been a while since any of them felt good. It had been a while since any of them had been cheered and not jeered. But I was disappointed with the Cane hypocrites.

I'm not going to tell you how to behave as a fan. It's not my job. Even Randy Shannon said last week fans we're entitled to rip his team when they lose. But I feel obligated to remind U that this team hasn't quit on you. 5-3 isn't the season U wanted. 5-3 isn't the season the guys wearing the U wanted. But it's what their lack of talent has allowed them to achieve. Instead of hating on what Randy Shannon and his players are not achieving, how about praising them for what they have? How about not quitting on them? How about sticking around for the climb back to prominence instead of just being there when they get back on top?

Look at yourself at the mirror today Canes fans and ask yourself if you are a REAL FAN. Then, ask yourself if this team has quit on you. I'll tell you -- they haven't. Should you?

* I wrote this earlier this morning in the Tallahassee airport. Now that I've gotten back home and read some of your comments, I realized some of what I wanted to say might have been misinterpreted. For starters, I'm not criticizing all Canes fans. There are the die-hards who show up to the OB or watch every week on TV. Everyone always has a right to complain and I'm not knocking you for wanting more for your team. But I guess what has really bugged me is the fashion in which some of you have done it. Some of the comments have been crude, unwarranted and just flat out mean. These are young guys who are trying their best. I could understand if the players had totally given up on you. If they were deliberately losing. But being up close to these guys on a weekly basis, I can tell you I don't get that sense at all. If they were quitters, they wouldn't have battled back against North Carolina. Guys like Kenny Phillips wouldn't spend 10 to 15 minutes after the Georgia Tech loss dispondent. All I'm saying is have a little more respect for your team.


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attend the games. My typing is all screwed up it must be from the post game hangover.

I am so happy The Herald does not force you to be more of a politician. I have always felt the way you feel toward the Miami fan base, both Canes and Fins. I dont know if the same water we drink down there makes some people either great or just great hypocrites. I do appreciate your writings. Don't ever stop Manny!! My love from the Canes comes from watching them persevere.It comes from seeing them being cheated at ND, playing @ Michigan as if their familiy's life was in danger and overcoming.I was a kid then. They were my heroes.I am an adult now, but watching them representing the city, the people and the community I miss and love, they are still my heroes.To sum it all up, I love them Manny, I love them!!!THEY STILL ARE MY PRIDE & JOY FOR %@ WEEKS A YEAR.

Manny I have to challenge you calling the fans out when you dedicated your entire blog earlier this week to the fan who was escorted out of the OB after the GT game after scraming insults to the team. If you really feel fans go overboard with criticism don't be a hyprocrite and give a forum to the one fan who was truly out of line and crude.

Bottom line I think is if you aren't fair weather, then Manny wasn't talking to you, if you are fair weather then he was and I agree with him.

For some reason, I always thought we were going to pull this game out, so I let my DVR run even after we got down. Unfortunately it quit on me and I didn't get the last (and most important) quarter). Fortunately, the Canes DIDN'T quit and we won. I just wish I had a recording of the whole game! (Does anyone know if it will be replayed on any channel? We have Comcast and don't get ESPN U or Direct TV.)

Those of you that are so down on this program, please take time to watch some of our younger players when they get a chance to perform. You will see flashes of what they will eventually become in future years. That's what this year was supposed to be about anyway. I'm just hoping we can pull ONE MORE GAME out and get to a bowl. These guys deserve it, even if it is in Boise. And thank God for a "bye" week.We "SORELY" need it. This was a game to build on and hopefully we will pull one out against NC State (or UVA).
We kept a few recruits and may have gotten a few more yesterday. That's the most important thing at this point.

I was at the game....and I was sitting next to some of those canes fans manny is talking about.

At times they were more annoying than the Noles and I wanted to turn around and puch a few in thee face. But I controlled myself.

For the most part, this is why I don't have many close friends who are Canes fan. Because I'm always weary when someone claims to be a Cane fan because so many of them aren't true Canes.

I agree with Manny 100% but I feel it's a lost cause.

Take everything these so-called "fans" say with a grain of salt because more than likely they aren't true Canes in the 1st place.

Keep doing your thing Manny.

Go Canes!

Hey look..it's not like wer're Raider fan or soccer fan...last time I looked, the OB wasn't in flames and I haven't seen any urine bombs... yet...
I've been to Gainesville, Knoxville, and if you want the absolute worse try Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. We're the JV compared to those lunatics...Drunk ass cajun's with voodoo dolls and needles sticking Ibis dolls in the head.. Fans are fans...

"I was at the game....and I was sitting next to some of those canes fans manny is talking about.At times they were more annoying than the Noles and I wanted to turn around and puch a few in thee face. But I controlled myself."

lol. Jesus.

for one, if you went to the game in Tally and were sitting next to "some of those Cane fans" @ the Doak, chances are those aren't fairweather Cane fans.

Most of those fans that are truly fairweather don't even give a crap enough to even post on this blog for that matter.

Word to the wise, don't be surprised if you see a Cane fan that travels to road games being critical.

IDIOTS.....all of you that keep saying "fair weather fans"....please we are more fans than you are. You lie to yourself that you are 100% positive all the time...you all must have been soo optimistic over that last few years....LISTEN it is borken and we are trying to fix it but we have a long way to go. You retards that keep saying we are not true fans have no idea...keep typing on the computer and maybe you will get a date...Britney Spears won't admit she has a problem either and you true fans are in the same boat....I hate the Helrald for article jsut like this and all you true cane fans shoud stay here and not come up to Joe Robbie next year....we will all be happier if you did.


It wasn't me who wrote that. It was Susan Miller Degnan. And she was simply reporting the facts. It's one thing to glorify that kind of behavior. And its another thing to simply report what happened. Last I checked, that was our job.

Again, my anger is directed toward the fans that get out control and get disrespectful. Everyone can scream all they want when they're disappointed. God knows I do. I'm flesh and blood too. But there is no need to say some of the things that have been said to players. Boo 'em. But don't get out of control. Thats all. That's how I feel.

"give a forum to the one fan who was truly out of line and crude."

Shandel Richardson did that on October 19th...here is the guy's take who screamed out "Randy, put the names back on the jerseys so we know who effing sucks." that Manny has pegged as a fairweather fan:

I would like to start off by telling you a little about me, not to boast about my credentials, or to feed my huge ego, but as the primary reason for "feeling the way I do." I have not missed a UM home game in 17 years. I have traveled to many away bowl/championship games, and have been making the trip to Tallahassee every two years since the first Wide Right in 1991. I have planned weddings, divorces, and child births around the yearly UM football schedule. I am not an alumni, but I'm also not a bandwagon jumper. I have four boys who learned how to say "Go Canes" before they could say "Daddy." If I had written the book "I Am Third" by Gale Sayers, it would have been "God is first, the Canes are second, and I am third." To say I bleed "Orange and Green," would be a drastic understatement.

Speaking of understatement, it would be a huge understatement to say that I'm disappointed in this year's team. I'm pissed off, aggravated, annoyed, furious, and despondent over this year's squad. As Howard Beale once said, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore." The peak of my frustration was on full display at the Georgia Tech game this past Saturday when I was escorted out of the Orange Bowl by Miami Police. For what you ask? For speaking out (actually, it was more like yelling out) on how I feel about this team. One of my comments made the lead story about the game. Shandel in his article about the game wrote "One fan even was detained by security after his comments" Well, that one fan, make that, Number One fan, would be me.

There's no way I can cover all the problems that I see in this team in this one blog entry, yet there are some problems that are painfully obvious. First, let me talk about the positives. Larry Coker is gone, Paul Dee is leaving soon, and Randy Shannon is our head coach. OK, I think that about covers the positives.

The problems, let's start with Kyle Wright. If anyone can tell me one play, one situation, in the last three years where Kyle Wright displayed something, anything that showed he could lead this team back to national prominence, I want to know what it was. I haven't seen it and I don't expect to see it before he leaves this year. Forget the inexcusable interceptions, the fumbles, the inability to find wide open receivers, and the support he doesn't even get from his own teammates. You don't have to look much further than the 3rd-down play in last week's game, where Kyle slid about one-yard short of a first down, to know this guy doesn't have what it takes. Kyle Wright reminds me a lot of Vinny Testaverde without the physical skills, of Ken Dorsey without the smarts, and even a little bit of Frank Costa without the guts. The bottom line, Wright is the Wrong guy for this team. By the way, one of the comments I yelled out Saturday was, "Kyle Wright, do your team a favor and quit."

Let's move on to what again, I see as a major problem. Our offense under Patrick Nix. I was talking to a Georgia Tech alumni before the season and to quote him exactly he said, "thank you for taking Patrick Nix from us, he sucks." Little did I know then what I know now. Again, I challenge anybody out there to tell me one game that Patrick Nix has called a better offensive game plan than you, or I, or the opposing defensive team could have called? And please don't bring up Texas Tech 'cause I think we all know now that they were seriously overrated. Oh, and please don't bring up what he was able to accomplish at Georgia Tech where I believe he called the plays in only his last year as offensive coach. Let's see, Georgia Tech has the ball, 1st-and-10, 2nd-and-10, 3nd-and-10, Reggie Ball completes a pass to Calvin Johnson. First down. Two things stand out in that scenario. One, it's not rocket science calling plays to the strength of your players. Two, we don't have a Calvin Johnson like receiver playing at UM.

Another great example of poor play calling is the debacle in North Carolina. With enough time in the game to run the ball, and a backfield comprised of Graig Cooper, Shawnbrey McNeal, and Javarris James (and yes, in that order), Nix puts the game in the hands of a quarterback who has already thrown three interceptions. We all know what happened next. Give me a break. Patrick Nix is not offensive coordinator material. As much as I hate to say it, we haven't had a decent offensive coordinator since Coker called the plays, and let's not forget who was really running the offense at the time, none other than Ken Dorsey. I also yelled out last Saturday, "Nix needs to go!"

The kicking game is another weak link on this team and has become increasingly more difficult to watch week after week. We get Daren Daly as a punter and he's handling kickoffs, not to mention that he's struggling to kick the ball to the opponents 10-yardline. One touchback in 28 kickoffs. Pathetic. We recruit Matt Bosher as a placekicker, and he's handling punts, with an average of 36.5 yards per punt. Someone needs to tell Matt that you're suppose to punt the ball with your foot, not your knee. And then we have a six-year walk-on senior and less than spectacular Francesco Zampogna handling field goals. Duh! Is it just me or does anyone else see a problem here. I mean, come on, how hard is is to evaluate the skills needed to be a good kicker/punter? If it were up to me, I would line up the whole team and let "everybody" compete for the punter and kickoff position. The person who kicks the ball the furthest, gets the job. In fact, why hasn't Kirby Freeman, who in high school averaged 43.7 yards per punt, been given a chance to see what he can do.

The last problem I'll touch on in my rant about this team is in some of the assistant coaching positions. As much as like what Randy Shannon is doing in a lot of areas, I think his "loyalty" to some of his coaching selections might come back to bite him. Tim Walton has proven himself as an outstanding defensive backs coach, but I don't think he's quite ready for the defensive coordinator position. I was truly hoping that when Randy made this choice, that it was because he knew he would still play a strong role in calling a defensive game plan. It appears that Randy has given Tim free reigns to run the defense, and he's run it right into the ground. I realize that we've had some injuries, especially at linebacker, but I have yet to see an aggressive defensive scheme that puts us in a position to completely allow our defense to take over a game. Randy wasn't much of blitz guy in his days as defensive coordinator, but I don't think Tim even know what the word means. The linebackers coach, Michael Barrow, is another coaching decision that I think may have been a tad premature. Michael Barrow was a great linebacker at UM and had success in the pros, but putting him in charge of our linebackers after only one year as an assistant high school coach, I think is expecting a bit too much from him.

It's time to wrap it up for today 'cause I've got to get ready for my trip to Tallahassee for this year's "Battle for the Worst Team in Florida." By the way, the Miami Dolphins should consider jumping in and make it a three-team playoff. The comment I yelled out last week that was cleaned up in the newspaper was "Randy, put the names back on the jerseys so we know who effing sucks." My cousin made a suggestion to me afterword that makes a lot more sense. He said that it would actually be a lot easier to put the names back on the jerseys of the handful of players who have been playing up to their potential, because the truth is, most of this team is not playing very well right now. Going into each and every season, I, like many other "U" diehards, have high hopes for our mighty Hurricanes. I knew and expected there would be some pain along the way, I just never thought it would hurt this much.

As Dennis Miller would say, "that's my opinion, I could be wrong."

Pete ... "The Storm"


Great article Manny. Keep stressing those points. There may not be many of us but there are die-hard Canes fans out there who live and die with our team and stick with them, win or lose. U gotta give Randy and the boys time; it's not going to happen overnight as much as we want it to happen. Like JJ once said, "Press On!"

Now FSU go out and beat them gayturds so at least we can be state champs.. damn i forgot USF is pretty good too. maybe we can play them in a bowl..

One more thing Manny, After the Ga Tech game the kids got a standing O by those left in the crowd. I've never been one to jeer my own teams (Canes, Yanks, and Knicks, 3 tough crowds!), but through my years of being a fan I do know that the only reason one boos is because they want to cheer!

Oh and Pete the storm is a douche!!


so many Canes fans have the passion but that uncontrolled passion overwhelms the common sense and creates great impatience. it is what it is.

Want to understand the wrath of the South Florida sports fan? Ask Seminole alum, former Dolphin Sammie Smith.

Thank U.

Man some people are so lost as what this whole fan concept is about. Is it really how many games you attend? No. Is it, knowing every single player’s name and stats that have come through here? No again. One of the biggest comments I hate I get from friends and fans of other schools, “Well your one of the few real fans given that you actually went school there.” Folks these criteria are so far from the truth. And we all know it.

I certainly don’t think that ridiculing and lambasting players should be criteria either for that matter. While its not my style and I think it speaks loads about peoples character, they still can be fans.

Being a fan is about truly feeling the ups and downs of your team. It’s about getting excited about talking about your team, whether they’re winning championships or losing to North Carolina. Some fans take it out on the players. Some take it out on the coaches. Hell some take it out on the other fans. That’s just dealing with your emotions. Honestly, some of us need to get a better handle on that. There’s no reason to throw in a cheap shot at someone when you’ve already made your point.

Myself, I enjoy talking with others about the Canes and I’ll consider them a fan if they want to be considered one. They want to cheer with me they can cheer with me. They want to bitch with me they can do that as well. But please leave all the criteria and insecurities about who’s a bigger fan at the door.

I just got back from Tally 2 hrs ago. Man what a game, I can hardly speak my voice is so raspy. Those guys played their hearts out and it was great seeing FSU walk out of their stadium with their heads down. Every Canes fans screaming "It's great to be a Miami Hurricane"!! Priceless!! Great job guys you made the trip priceless and I salute you. Go CANES!!!

Well said UMLAM!!

My belief is that we have accustomed to see so many great players come out of this great program that we expect these kids to play the way the 86-92 teams they way the 00-92 teams played, those guys that left it all in the playing field and that kept coming back to help the yourger kids out. Not too long ago you asked what makes a real HURRICANE, I will tell what team to me was full of real Hurricanes, and it the team that got blown out by Syracuse nad came back the following week and beat UCLA, those kids never gave up, kids like Santana Moss, Edgerrin James, Reed, those kids kept fighting and gave it their all all the time. If there is one difference between this team and last year's team is that this team has never given up, they did not give up at NC they did not give up against GT and they did not give up agaist FSU, the only difference in those games is that they won the FSU game, that is all, this is still the same team that is very much still trying to find itself. We do tend to forget that these are young kids that hopefully play the game for the love of it and come to UM for the love of the tradition and wanting to be a part of the greatest program in the nation. It is not their fault for not being as talented as previous teams that we have grown accustomed to see play at the U, teams that most of us love and have followed since an early age. My first memory of watching a football game when i came to this coutry was watching the 83' national championship between UM and Nebraska, and have been enamored with UM ever since. I lived in Coral Gables and played for Gables and I would have given anything to play for the U, but I saw a couple of my teammates for the U and some of my high school coaches later coached at the U, and I griefed when one of my team mates died in car accident while at the U. So forgive me for always wanting to see UM on top of the college football world, but as a true FAN I will always expect the best from UM even if they go 0-12, my family and I will always cheer for UM just as we did yesterday when we got screwed with the spot of the football but when there is a will there is a way and I truly beleive this team is a lot better that their 5-3 record so I ask you again to excuse me for being the type of FAN that expects these group of young athletes to perform better.

P.S. For the last game at THE OB as a fan I would love to see the Hurricanes play with some throwback unis like the ones they wore 20 years ago. Just a thought Mr. Shannon.

I forget where I read it, but on one of these blogs or on the Canestime forum, someone referenced the type of fans Manny is speaking of as "t-shirt fans". Most of the people making all the "noise" aren't alumni or long-time fans, they're "t-shirt fans". They are the one's who give UM alumni and long-time fans a bad name.

No matter what the record, a win against FSU is always ever soooo sweeeet!

THE signature win for Randy Shannon and the rest of Cane Nation. And a Milestone win for us die hard Canes!

The end of the fall is upon us and The U is on the rise!

Keep the faith!

if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen -- harry truman

as nasty as we wanna be -- Luther Campbell

Yo Manny or green, i would also like to know the status of Deonte Thompson. Does he really want to come over and will Shannon let him or any other kid wanting to transfer? Is he turning these kids away because they did'nt choose the U the first time? Just wanna know...peace.

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2007/10/guest-blogger.html shun(del): "Pete aka The Storm, a huge UM fan who was escorted by security from the Orange Bowl for voicing his disappointment to the players after the loss to Georgia Tech." free speech? HEAVY-HANDED

hey manny navarro, are you a REAL journalist?

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/media/photo/2007-10/33357316.jpg manny navarro (oct 21): "... about 10,000 Canes fans at Doak Campbell ..." who says U don't travel well?

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2007/10/tuesdays-live-q.html#comment-86682622 Miami fans are fickle and not enough of them are real fans. The U in my opinion has about 20,000 real fans, the diehards who surf the message boards and show up every Saturday. The rest all jump on when the team is good. The rest bash them.

Posted by: Manny | October 16, 2007 at 08:09 PM did you pull that # out of thin air or did you survey the 52,416 that attended the obsolete Orange Bowl last saturday? you understate our rabid fan base. grassy's membership alone exceeds 20,000 ... making it one of the most active football boards on the world wide web. a fan by any other name is still a fan ...

Posted by: green | October 17, 2007 at 08:45 AM

hey DaUson, post the link ...

http://canespace.typepad.com/canespace/2007/10/vini-vidi-vici.html "Veni, Vidi, Vici"
where'd you get those uncommon words mr. popadak aka 86Cane?

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2007/08/keys-to-the-gam.html#comment-81265467 gator bait!: U traveled to Canesville in '02. veni, vidi, vici ... U came, U saw, U conquered : )

Posted by: green | August 31, 2007 at 02:48 PM

http://csssports.com/schedules/Oct%2022-28.pdf Does anyone know if it will be replayed on any channel? We have Comcast and don't get ESPN U or Direct TV

Posted by: bettyn | October 21, 2007 at 05:07 PM you're in luck ... Comcast Sports Southeast will replay U v. f$u 1p & 7p tuesday

Yo Manny or green, i would also like to know the status of Deonte Thompson. Does he really want to come over and will Shannon let him or any other kid wanting to transfer? Is he turning these kids away because they did'nt choose the U the first time? Just wanna know...peace.

Posted by: Canester-Nip | October 22, 2007 at 08:40 AM all quiet on the gaturd front ... if they do know ... they ain't talking ... otherwise, accusations of tampering would follow ...

I don't think that Manny is saying you can't criticize your team, I think that he's saying remember who you are criticizing and remember this is a public forum. Often we think that atheletes are hardened soldiers without feelings. But plain and simple they are just boys. 18-20yrs old is nothing. They do hurt and so do their families when they read personal attacks against them.

Someone made the comment that this is just about entertainment. Thats crap! Maybe it is for some, but atheletes rely on their fans support in tough times and good times. we are an essential part part of the equation. That is why selfish bandwagon jumpers are useless to anyone but themselves.

Legion lets continue to encourage our guys.

I don't think that Manny is saying you can't criticize your team, I think that he's saying remember who you are criticizing and remember this is a public forum. Often we think that atheletes are hardened soldiers without feelings. But plain and simple they are just boys. 18-20yrs old is nothing. They do hurt and so do their families when they read personal attacks against them.

Posted by: MiamiMarc | October 22, 2007 at 09:31 AM TOO BAD

justified criticism = invaluable feedback

http://elm.washcoll.edu/past/079/06/fall.php washington college's marissa babnew: "While most people were packing their cars and heading home for a nice, relaxing fall break, I was hopping in a plane to Miami to visit one of my best friends from home. She is a student at the University of Miami, where upon arrival, I realized being at school for her is more like being on vacation. Accompanying my friend to class meant walking through a tropical landscape complete with palm trees and past the giant outdoor pool (it's always warm, of course) where people were lounging in the sun. The atmosphere was more like resort than a college. I spent my day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Dinner at the dining hall is unthinkable in Miami because of the amazing array of restaurants so close to campus. Because I was a special visitor, my friend and I were invited to dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne. ... Since my friend didn't have class on Friday, we spent the whole day at South Beach people watching and working on our tans. ... After very few hours of sleep, it was time to go out once again on Saturday, this time to the Orange Bowl for the Miami vs. Georgia Tech game. Despite Miami's loss, it was a lot of fun to witness the immense amount of excitement and school spirit. ... Miami is an amazing city that certainly never sleeps and University of Miami rivals any popular vacation spot in its beauty." TROPICAL PARADISE

Great post! I am usually on ESPN's forums and I see Canes fans bashing Shannon and the players, blah blah blah. We get enough bashing from all other fans around the NCAA so why our own? We should always back our coaches and players. Let the negativity come from some other fan that is just jealous. We need to stay positive and be behind our Canes 100% win or lose. I am very pleased with this team. They are not quitters like we saw in the Peach Bowl against LSU. Look at this game and look at the UNC game. These guys don't quit. They may not be the most talented, but they are giving their all. This is all we can ask, and this IS what we are getting. GO CANES!

Manny this was a great post. i dont think you had to justify anything. your statement seemed loud and clear. great game and great post.

Carlos - we do not need you as a fan. Who are you? Like you could do better so SHUT UP! For one reason it was Texas A&M not Tech. A REAL CANE would at least know who we've played. Secondly, you sound like a bandwagon fan. Just because you've been around for 17 years doesn't mean crap. Let's see, 17 years ago and working on our 3rd NC. Hmmm, sounds like you did the jump. For myself, my bro played for them and I would have too, BUT they were on probation at the time so no scholarship for me. This upsetted me the most and probably why I lost the love to play football. But boy 'o boy, I love to watch. And I will be a Cane fan, back the Canes, and support the Canes win or lose. Cheer for what you've got NOT what you could have! Have faith and the rest will follow. Be a classless Gafor fan cause that's all you sound like.

Deonte Thompson is not coming according to his sister I had her here at my dealership tropical auto sales a week ago and asked her about his situiation and she told me that was not true that he staying with the gators anyways i am worried about us only Go U and take manny seriously stay true to the U!!!!!!

Manny, you were the one who did'nt believe in Kirby Freeman.
There's nothing wrong with fans criticizing...Your the hypocrite!

we can still win our division..go canes!

Does anyone know why Bailey is'nt playing? Is he redshirting??

Hey Benjamin,

You're an idiot. that was a repost of the fan who was screaming out at the Orange Bowl. Nice tantrum without even reading the whole article. lol. dumbass.

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