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A remedy for non-believers

Kirby Freeman's ribs are sure to still be sore this morning. Kyle Wright's ankle probably looks like a balloon. And Eric Moncur might not remember much following his third quarter concussion. But be assured the Hurricanes are all collectively feeling -- and U too -- a lot better today after UM's little miracle last night.

Because that's what it was, honestly, a miraculous finish. I know I wasn't the only person on the field last night who thought Miami's chances died about 40-inches short of the goalline with 5:39 to play. I know I wasn't the only one who didn't think Freeman (1 of 8 for 7 yards and 2 INTs before the final drive) could move Miami 83-yards downfield for a game-winning touchdown. I know I wasn't the only person whose jaw-dropped a little when Colin McCarthy scooped up that fumble and scored and sent UM's sideline and about 10,000 Canes fans at Doak Campbell into a tizzy.

But that's where these Canes had us after seven games -- believing they just couldn't do what they did Saturday night. Then, in what was once-typical UM fashion, they pulled a fast one on the 'Noles AND us. The funny thing is there honestly wasn't much surprise in UM's locker room.

"I knew Kirby could do it," Derrick Morse told me. "We just needed the ball one more time."

Really? We didn't know you could do it.

"We just kept believing," a happy Calais Campbell told me. "Those games we lost, those close calls, we knew we just needed a break. We never stop fighting. We don't quit."

Unfortunately, Calais, many of your fans had quit on you. Before Kirby turned things around and found Dedrick Epps in the corner of the end zone, most Canes fans had lost hope. The bashing on this blog and on many other UM-related message boards had commenced. Canes fans had traded in their green and orange pride for more vile and fury. Even the ones in the stands in Tallahassee were being critical, sounding a lot like the guy in the OB who chastised coach Randy Shannon with the "Why don't your put the names back on the jerseys so we can see who stinks!" following last week's loss to Georgia Tech.

But then, when the comeback was realized, everyone was a Cane again. When UM ran off the field toward its locker room, even Freeman was getting some love. The players no one wanted anything to do with we're suddenly beloved heroes again. The hypocrisy was in full swing. I was happy for UM's players. It had been a while since any of them felt good. It had been a while since any of them had been cheered and not jeered. But I was disappointed with the Cane hypocrites.

I'm not going to tell you how to behave as a fan. It's not my job. Even Randy Shannon said last week fans we're entitled to rip his team when they lose. But I feel obligated to remind U that this team hasn't quit on you. 5-3 isn't the season U wanted. 5-3 isn't the season the guys wearing the U wanted. But it's what their lack of talent has allowed them to achieve. Instead of hating on what Randy Shannon and his players are not achieving, how about praising them for what they have? How about not quitting on them? How about sticking around for the climb back to prominence instead of just being there when they get back on top?

Look at yourself at the mirror today Canes fans and ask yourself if you are a REAL FAN. Then, ask yourself if this team has quit on you. I'll tell you -- they haven't. Should you?

* I wrote this earlier this morning in the Tallahassee airport. Now that I've gotten back home and read some of your comments, I realized some of what I wanted to say might have been misinterpreted. For starters, I'm not criticizing all Canes fans. There are the die-hards who show up to the OB or watch every week on TV. Everyone always has a right to complain and I'm not knocking you for wanting more for your team. But I guess what has really bugged me is the fashion in which some of you have done it. Some of the comments have been crude, unwarranted and just flat out mean. These are young guys who are trying their best. I could understand if the players had totally given up on you. If they were deliberately losing. But being up close to these guys on a weekly basis, I can tell you I don't get that sense at all. If they were quitters, they wouldn't have battled back against North Carolina. Guys like Kenny Phillips wouldn't spend 10 to 15 minutes after the Georgia Tech loss dispondent. All I'm saying is have a little more respect for your team.


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"No wonder why the rest of the nation feels we have the worse beat writers in all of college football."---SMD

Manny I respect your comments and your right about Saturday everybody thought we were dead after fsu goaline stand. The team didn't quit. I hope the win gives them the confidence and momentum to close the season on a good note. Thanks Manny.

Manny, Best blog post EVER!!!!

I never leave a game early, I sat thru the Oklahoma game, but with Kyle out and the refs not calling a first down at the one I left the sports bar I was in. I cursed at the refs and left, thinking there was no way we could come back.
Serves me right for leaving a game.
I criticize the team when they don't play well but I never stop being a fan, and I will never leave early again.
BTW We won't be good until we have a QB that feels the rush(wright), and can throw the ball father than 10 yards on a rope(freeman).

Origional T, you are an ass. As per your post about seeing potential but it not coming to fruition, possibly you only see what you want to see and are blinded to the fact that The U is in need of rebuilding and that is happening now and has been this entire season. How many college football analysts picked Miami to win even the ACC? NONE, but you know something that no one else does don't you. So with that said, Shove your Potential strait up your ass!

Thank you, Manny, for writing what needed to be written. As a former student and lifelong fan, I am upset about how far Miami football has fallen. But, that does not justify the comments and actions from some fans. From Pete in the Orange Bowl (after the GT loss) to the internet posters, there is no room for this lack of class. Either support the program or get out of the way. Honestly, we don't need fans like that.

http://www.theacc.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/102207aaa.html ESPNU to televise U v. nc state at noon. don't know 'bout U ... but I'm sick of noon starts. late afternoon/night or don't televise our games ... ULTIMATUM

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/college/hurricanes/sfl-flspumhoops22nboct22,0,7718796.story we're #12 ... we're #12 ...

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2007/10/outlook-changes.html#comment-87271276 It's not that Shandel is inadequate, but it's clear that The Sunsentinel doesn't give much resources or support to the Canes blog...

If you read Manny's Cane's section at Miami Herald, it puts this site to shame.... like comparing a highschool paper to a pro paper...

I don't believe it's Shandel's fault, he's doing his best being spread thin.

The Sunsentinel editors need to take at look at the MH Canes coverage and ask themselves whether they are seriously interested in competing to be the better paper when it comes to sports coverage

Posted by: Sunsentinel Canes Coverage Sucks... | October 22, 2007 at 02:32 PM

Life long Canes fan, devoted through thick and thin, good times and the bad, not a frequent poster but here's my take. The true fans have a right to bitch and moan, we've earned that right. But there is a line between constructive criticism and cruel comments. Attacking players personally for no cause is uncalled for. Calling players out for lack of effort, heart etc. is fine. We wouldn't be fans if we didn't. That's it. Great win against FSWho, let's keep it rolling legion.

Great job Manny...The people who are taking your post personally and are offended are the ones who you are in fact talking about. I agree with your post 100% Manny and thank you for using this as a forum to calling a SPADE a SPADE!

After reading all the above comments, I firmly believe these kids want to win as much as the Nat'l chanpionship group. Give them a break and support them all the way. Go Canes!!!

Hey Manny, nice post. Guess you opened Pandoras box. Any fan of any team would take issue with comments like that.
Like I said, fans are fans. Yankee fan, Red Socks fan, Philly fan, Raider fan...Shall I go on?
You take the good with the bad. Sad as it though, we've all been spoiled...
I now reside in Jacksonville...Gator and Seminole country. Seminole fan is calling for Booby's head today. Does that make them unloyal or unworthy? No. It's just makes them.... fans.

Manny - you are right on with your post. I've been saying that since the early days of Omar's blog. There are a lot of very fickle fans behind this team.

Adams Cane, you couldn't be more wrong. I've stuck with and had faith in every Cane's team since I started watching college football and took great offense to what he said. Yeah, we have a lot of a-hole fans, and yes I think that the jerkoff who wrote the blog on SS is a douchebag, but that doesn't mean they dont have faith in or don't respect our team. As Dave said above, fans are going to be fans, just because some don't react as classy as perhaps you do adams, doesn't make them any less of a fan. I completely understand Manny's frustration, and have actually posted comments in the past blasting persons whom are critical of the team. However Manny is one of the go to voices of Canes athletics and in the end knows, not only how much we support our Canes, but also how much we support him and his Eye on the U team. Regardless of what some of us may say or post, that includes the douchebag on SS, we're all still here supporting the U. It may not be in the way that Manny or even myself may find appropriate, but that certainly doesn't make them any less of a fan.

Go CANES!!!!

the "douchebag" speaks.

Hey everybody, it’s Pete “The Storm”, or as many of you have been referring to me lately, the “idiot.” First of all, I want to personally say “thanks” to Shandel for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings last Friday via the guest blog. More importantly, I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere apologies to the players, coaches, and Hurricane fans everywhere for my comments following the GT game.

My intent today is not make excuses for the things I said or wrote about in the blog, we can verbally joust those issues another day, but rather to go on the record that I am truly sorry for offending so many people. Believe me, it was never my intent to hurt anyone’s feelings, I simply got caught up in the moment and lost it. The last few years of Hurricane football have not been easy on any of us, and apparently I don’t handle frustration and disappointment as well as some of you. That doesn’t make me a bad person or an idiot, it just makes me different.

On a more positive note, “how bout them Canes?’ I was fortunate to be one of the few thousands of Canes fans (actually, it felt like 80,000 Canes fans) at the game, and it was awesome. I was there with my 18 year old son and just to let you know, he thinks his dad is a pretty good guy. Anyway, I don’t think I need to sugar coat it, this was a battle between two not very good teams. I’m sure I’ll get some criticism for saying this, but once again, the play of our quarterbacks was horrendous. Luckily for us, FSU was worse. I was joking after the game that I thought we finally found “our” quarterback in Xavier Lee (kind of like having the fortune of having Chris Rix around for 4 years), only to find out today that Drew Weatherford is coming back. Darn.

The last couple of minutes of the game made the long trip home allot easier. Let’s enjoy this win and hope that it created enough of a spark to carry us the rest of the year.

Again, my apologies.

Go Canes!!!

Pete “The Storm”

yeah, he's just full of douchebaggery.

It's time to move on with this, IMO. Let's pack in the old girl, the Orange Bowl, for the last two games, EVER, and back this team 100%

Carlos, if that was pete the "Storm" I think it took a lot of courage to come out and write to everyone bashing him with an apology. Nicely done.

The Hurricanes is a team I've supported since 1980 and will continue to support through thick and thin and who ever the head coach may be. Under the new direct ion of Coach Shannon, these young men have been giving their All! Complain if you must that's your opinion, but a real fan "Will Believe"! I text my cuz #94 quite often to let him know that we{the real fans} believe in this team and support them 110%. So to all you real fans trust and believe in this team and the coaching staff that our day is coming! C-A-N-E-S! Go Canes!!!!!

Thank you, Manny, for calling out those haters! True CANES fans don't act like some of these bozos do - A true CANE fan may get disgusted, upset, disheartened at times, but we never stop cheering or loving our CANES. It's amazing to read back thru all the vile comments when we were losing to FSU, only to see the same haters giving all the love after we came back and won. And, yeah, I was there baby, loving (almost) every minute of it!

i was in tallahassee and was at the game and didnt see too many cane fans leaving that huge UM section (that was more full of UM fans than when UM won in tallahassee in 2001, i was there also). I agree that many UM fans had lost hope, but no one left the stadium early.

A couple of observations from the game:

1. UM should not give up on the running game, and should focus on running the football from here on out any way they can. Running opens up the play action pass and I think Nix is gonna be a great coordinator and he is a great play caller...i just think he gets pass happy at times...FSU doesnt stay close in the first half if UM continues to pound and run the football like they did in the second half.

2. Cooper is a great running back...need more completed screens and wheel routes to him. Need more of him and James in the game at the same time with Cooper in the slot.

3. Love the offensive line play...this is the best a UM offensive line has looked since 2001-2002.

4. i have been so negative towards randy phillips for always being out of position and for never making plays...he proved me wrong and just played a great game.


6. found a kicker in daly and punter in bosher...stick with them, liked what i saw from them, they played a big part in the win

Manny, you wrote "But I feel obligated to remind U that this team hasn't quit on you." The TEAM hasn't quit, but many players have taken plays off. This isn't a new phenomenon. Randy Moss has admitted to taking plays off himself. Does this mean that Moss isn't talented? Hell no. But it does mean that he doesn't give 100% on every play. And this is the problem with too many players at Miami. You can fault Miami for their lack of talent, and I agree with you there. But I believe that Miami can be much more competitive than they have been, and part of the blame lies in the quitting on plays by some players. I saw it in the Oklahoma game, and in the North Carolina game. You like to talk about how Miami did not quit and came back in the second half. Do you think that might have anything to do with Shannon ripping them a new one at halftime? I'm sure he wasn't happy with that performance and did not want to go through an Oklahoma type loss again.

"Instead of hating on what Randy Shannon and his players are not achieving, how about praising them for what they have?
How about not quitting on them?" My criticizing of them proves that I have not quit on them, for to truly quit on them means I couldn't care less about what happens with UM. You want to talk about what they are achieving, and I want to talk about what they can acheive...just by trying. It's one thing to have another team just beat you...I have no problem with that. But when you lose because players didn't give their all, well that is just unacceptable. The ESPN announcers, during the Georgia Tech game, commented on how Shannon had said that he wished his players would play with the same intensity on every play. Now why would he make a statement like that, unless he himself has seen how some of the Canes are taking plays off? He also made a comment of how this isn't like the NFL; you can't cut players or trade them. Why would he say that? Because if he could, he would do just that with some of his players. Quitting isn't something that just happens with Miami, it happens with teams all over the nation. Check out this recent article on quitting: http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/story/10429556

I think UM will be just fine and a great future awaits. Shannon will recruit players who want to play and are eager to give their all on every play. Unfortunately, UM will still have some of these players (quitters) on the roster for a few years until they finally move on.

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