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And the winner is...

The current Hurricane players who read your responses and take some of those messages to heart. I want thank those of you who participated in what is now our weekly question of the week: Who is a Real Hurricane?

I loved many of your responses. But I had to pick a winner to post a guest blog by Friday I'd select a top three -- AZCanesDude, A Realisst, and BG1906 -- last week's co-winner. If you guys can send me an email before the end of the day we can discuss what your going to write about. I'll post your blogs here on Friday afternoon.

Here are some of my personal favorite lines...

"The current team has less "real Hurricanes" than I have fingers on one hand. In fact, the only one I see is Randy Shannon, and he's not a player. A few could emerge (e.g. Javarris James, Graig Cooper, Orlando Franklin, Demarcus Van Dyke, etc.), but I think they have a long way to go to embody that playmaker role." Posted by: AZCanesDude | October 17, 2007 at 03:52 PM

"In looking back at our successful teams, one common characteristic was that the players seemed to take ownership of the team. They knew the responsibility to win was on them, and accepted the challenge. Those players took UM's success or failure personally... We've got a few too many employees here, and not enough owners. Maybe the reconnection with Dade County (assuming the verbals hold up) will help RS install the pride of ownership that seems to be lacking." Posted by: Mephistopheles | October 17, 2007 at 03:17 PM

"To me, four words define a Real Hurricane: LEADER, PLAYMAKER, COMPETITOR, and WINNER. All the great Canes of the past (Kelly, Irvin, Walsh, Blades, Torretta, Dorsey, Reed, Lewis, to name a few) exemplify these 4 qualities. The Hurricane tradition as we know it was built on those 4 principles. Great Hurricane teams of the past no matter the regime (Schnelly, JJ, Erickson, Davis, and Coker) all had great Leadership (Coaching and Locker room), Playmakers, Fierce Competitors, and they were all Winners! In recent years, we've struggled in all 4 phases and this is why our teams struggle now and why they fall short of the expectations the fans have." Posted by: bg1906 | October 17, 2007 at 01:42 PM

"The Miami program is the one that most closely resembles the characteristics that we Marines have. The brotherhood, selflessness, camaraderie, doing more with less, overcoming obstacles, never quit attitude. I know it when I see it. The U football team does not accept applications only selfless commitments.That is what attracted me as a fan. I am a CANE fan for life!" Posted by: IndianapolisCane | October 17, 2007 at 11:30 AM


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yeah that what's make the U unique in all phases. We do resemble Marines but just don't have guns to fight with. ( we dont need them anyways) Shannon will get that fierce spirit back. He only has about 10% of his recruits on the team right now and it is not enough to get over the hump. After about thirty or more arrive next season we'll be back like ole times. It will be new faces and green players but hey at least A NEW MINDSET WILL START TO TAKE PLACE. AND OH YEAH, HE IS GETTING PLAYERS FROM WINNING TEAMS SO THEY WILL HATE TO BE ON THE LOSING SIDE SO U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!


Thanks many...Round 2! Let's see if next week I can make it 3 in a row! LOL

What is the name of the song played at the OB...Its all about the U?

Crank Dat by Souljah Boy. Is what I think you are talking about? If its the Its All About The U song that was used on the commercial for the spring game, that isn't a public release.

They did a cover of the Souljah Boy song and changed the words, a la the Ballin Boyz remix before the 2002 Rose Bowl. So instead of the normal lyrics, the refrain does go "It's All About the U." I have no idea what the actual title of the cover song is or who made it.

Good responses guys. I sat this one out because who the heck wants to hear me blog two weeks in a row. Though you have to admit, I was freaking on point with the crappy 17-14, 13-10 type games. I'm seriously going to puke this weekend since I have little doubt the FSU game is going to be just like the past three (16-10 in freaking OT, 10-7, 13-10).

Bg, hope you actually throw down this time!

The attitude needs to change. I hear players in their interviews saying "a win is a win" (quoted after Duke game). It shows right there. A win is NEVER just a win. It is how you win. At this level you are not here for fun, you are here to win, PERIOD! You are here to dominate. You are here to show the nay-sayers up. You are here to work hard at what you love and earn a degree while you are at it. You are here not to go to the NFL, you are here to earn the right to go to the NFL. It isn't about you. It's about THE U. The rest will follow my friends! As the coaches say, "Trust me!" so trust me, the rest WILL follow.

Hard work pays off!

In Robert Marve's interview this past Tuesday, you can hear it in his voice. He will be a REAL CANE!


I threw down last time bro! I always got a good word about the Canes.

The players and Randy Shannon should be wanting to blow out opponents, regardless of popularity. Coker had that for ONE year, and then lost it and became afraid to lose. Duke should have been blown out mercilessly, same with FIU, Marshall, NC. 60 points minimum. Why not? WHen we were up 31-7 against A&M in the fourth, Randy put in the third string running back, and third string defense. WHY? WHY? WHY? We should have stuck the dagger in, then twisted it, instead of giving up charity points and last gasp big plays! The players too, have not shown much heart. They don't have the Ed Reed, Jon Vilma attitude of a couple of years ago. Even Antrel Rolle was a leader. In offense, come on, please don't get me started although honestly, Brock Berlin despite his lack of skill, showed enough tenacity to win us basically lost games against UF, FSU and West Va. Kyle Wright at his best could NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,NEVER have done that. He's not a leader. He always has excuses and "explanations". I have never heard him say. I stunk. My fault, I have to get better. If so, can anyone provide the soundbyte?

They did a cover of the Souljah Boy song and changed the words, a la the Ballin Boyz remix before the 2002 Rose Bowl. So instead of the normal lyrics, the refrain does go "It's All About the U." I have no idea what the actual title of the cover song is or who made it.

Posted by: JC | October 18, 2007 at 05:02 PM http://wedr.com/ 99 jamz

Well said IndianapolisCane!!! I'll be down in Tally to root for our Canes. Go CANES!!

Congrats AZCanesDude, A Realisst, and BG1906. I'm coming for you next subject :)

What makes you a Real Hurricane fan?
Checkin the blogs on daily basis, showing up to a Thanksgiving day game by myself, listening to non televised games on the internet on beatiful Saturday afternoons, keeping my season tickets despite living on the other side of the country, still having heartburn from losing to Arizona in a bowl more than 10 years ago, following and rooting for any NFL team with a 'Cane on it (i'm the only Giants fan who cheers for the Skins), and most importantly, still thinking the U is going to go up to Talli and beat the everliving ____ out of FSU!

Posted by: Big Moo | October 17, 2007 at 07:24 PM my favorite

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