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Busy Tuesday at The U

Florida State week is now in session. I've got lots to share from Tuesday's press conference including interviews with quarterback Robert Marve, defensive tackle Joe Joseph, good stuff from Derrick Morse and a long talk with cornerback Chavez Grant.

But it's going to take me some time to piece it together. Check back around 4 p.m. and I'll have a nice notebook chalk full of info here for you.

For now, feed me some questions for tonight's live Q&A at 8 p.m. Plus, anything you might want me to ask a player or coach after practice. Practice usually ends by 5 p.m.


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Manny: seems like we are lacking consitency this year. Do you think the shuffleing in of new players almost every play make sit more difficult for the players to stay in a rythum and play to the level we know they can?

Whats your take on so many people jumping on and off the bandwagon with this season's results? I myself will be a Canes fan no matter what. It's just disapointing to see people praise and then slam the coaches and players for their season.
Second, where do you stand on "removing Coker's Boys" to give the new guys a shot in an effort to prepare for next year? People have said that the University of South Florida can take average athletes and DEVELOPE them into great players. Well, those people also say Coker recruited great athletes, but never fully developed them. Then the attention shifts to Shannon's freshmen who are already developing and making progress. Just take a look at the number of NFL draft picks Butch Davis worked with compared to Coker. It points to the notion that Coker inheirited talented players, but wasn't able to develope his own like Jim Leavitt at South Florida is doing.
That leads me to my next question. Recruiting. With the record we have thus far, what can Miami do to assure talented recuits stick with Miami as their college of choice? I personally believe so long as we hang onto the Northwestern boys, we'll be set for next year. Do you think USF has a good shot at coming in and recruiting any Miami-Dade area players who might have looked into the U but changed their minds due to their results this season? Any other news on the recruiting front we need to know about?

Manny: What are your thoughts on Patrick Nix's playcalling? I think he's completely lost. Using the TE is something great Canes teams of the past ALWAYS did. Instead, we have Jerrell Mabry out of the flat when the guy can't run or catch up to a pass worth a lick rather then use a TE in that role. Chris Zellner??? Hello?

We never ran a gimmick offense like this before. He should take a page from Rob Chudzinski and learn what football at the "U" is all about.

manny will marve see any playing time this year. also how big do you think the recruiting class wil be.

Going to Tally this Sat. Throw out the records, It's FSU baby. Hopefully Miami will represent and beat a mediocre Seminole Squad with as many or more problems as Miami.
Can the 'Canes get it done? Will they play with emotion? It's about pride. It's all about the "U"

Dante, Shannon announced that Marve is out for the year along with a handful of other players he listed.

Manny, can you despell for everyone the notion that on-field performance directly affects recruiting?

(Last I checked, Notre Dame continues to have the "#1" recruiting class and they are 1-6 now, soon to be 1-7. And their offense makes the Canes look like the Patriots.)

Also, is something wrong with James? It seems he gets to the line and flops after a 2 yard gain every time. Cooper and McNeal seem to be our tandem for the future suddenly.

Finally, is Shannon recruiting raw talent for any position or finding strength to fill the current weaknesses? What parts of this team will carry over to next year and compliment fresh talent?

I suppose I'd also ask Shannon if he feels any sort of responsibility in the teams performance since he never seems to express that. All he talks about are high demands and failure to live up to standards, trust and belief. I'd ask him if he feels there is a coaching scheme to maximize depleted talent, sort of like Wake Forest seems to do?

http://www.miamiherald.com/606/story/273355.html Paul Dee: "(University of Miami's Orange Bowl swan song v. Virginia) is going to be a very special evening ..." FITTING

Manny, can you despell for everyone the notion that on-field performance directly affects recruiting?

Posted by: JC | October 16, 2007 at 02:04 PM failure begets failure ... success begets success

Last I checked, Notre Dame continues to have the "#1" recruiting class

Posted by: JC | October 16, 2007 at 02:04 PM says whom?

Manny, 1) is JJ hurt? 2) Why no Kayne after having a good game against Duke? 3) Who is the 4th OT and when is he going to take Youngblood's spot in the rotation?

People have said that the University of South Florida can take average athletes and DEVELOP them into great players.

Posted by: BrandonB84 | October 16, 2007 at 01:30 PM who are these great players?

is this nonconference schedule title worthy: elon, auburn, north carolina, florida atlantic & central florida?

Manny, Paul Dee said the Virginia game will be a "special evening." Have they officially announced a time for that game yet? I'm sure we're all hoping for a night game to send the OB out in style. Keep up the good work, and try to stay out of trouble interviewing recruits on the field. :P

USF has beat West Virginia (their only loss) and Auburn (who beat florida at the swamp). Players such as Matt Grothe (who was never even given a look by the other big schools in the state), George Selvie (leads nation in sacks), Trae Williams, Ben Moffitt, and the tall recieving group. Check out their ratings on scout and their stats on espn or si.com.

What time is the UVA game?

BrandonB84: those are "great players"?! you cheapen great ...

why is 7-0 hawaii only ranked #17 in the latest AP poll?

Is then USF non con schedule worthy? YEP. No doubt. Two BCS conference schools, one of which ( auburn) can beat anyone on a given day. Basically they have a "standard" non con schedule. Very few schools get more then one challange outside the conference. If they (USF) runs the table they will be in the big game, and no one has any real complaints. Could UM beat USF this year? I thought so before NC and GT. Now it would be a blow out I'm afraid. That's just the truth. And if you want to blame larry, have a good time

Two BCS conference schools, one of which ( auburn) can beat anyone on a given day. Basically they have a "standard" non con schedule.

Posted by: double d from Dallas | October 16, 2007 at 03:39 PM usf must exceed the "standard" to compensate for a creampuff conference schedule ...

Manny, what is the defensive injury situation looking like for UM this week? As far as I can tell, the DT's are a mess and the LB's are nicked up.

Manny, Just for the record and for BrandonB84, All fans are still fans. Getting upset/sickened buy what's happening is not jumping on and off of a bandwagon. I'm not a fan of any other team when we lose, but I'm still not happy about losing and hate to see pathetic play.

Question for Shannon, Why not play Byrne or Fernandez? What could happen? They could throw int's, bad passes, take a sack, fumble, lose a game?????????

Hi Manny!
Does this squad understand the importance of FSU week?

If some of the commits graduate early and enroll in Janaury do there scholarships count towards last years recruitng class?? How many scholarships from last years class are still open??

After a bad game against GT, is Willie Cooper still goin to be a starter? If so, what's going on with Ponder and the freshman (Berry,JoJo,Jared)?

Who else is being put on red shirt?

Heard a rumor that Lamar Miller made a commitment to Miami this past weekend. Any truth on "The Truth"?

Whats Up Manny, Can U Tell ME Whats Going On With Doug Wiggins?????? I Kno He Enrolled in the Spring And Seemed To Be Promising, Has He Regressed Some??? Also, Can U Name Who All the Redshirt Canes Are... Thanks 4 da info..

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