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Emptying the notebook

I'm out here at practice, which has been slowed by lightning delays. Just wanted to share some notes with you from earlier this week. I've been slowed myself by having to go out to Dolphins camp yesterday and working on that Northwestern story so I appologize for leaving you without much to mull on since Tuesday night's live Q&A.

* MORE KAYNE: For those of you who missed Susan Miller Degnan’s story on Kayne Farquharson earlier this week, check it out in our archive. Farquharson, who made 6 catches for 43 yards and scored his first career touchdown in his first start, is a great kid. I profiled him back in December before he signed with Miami. Not only is he a talent on the field, off it, he’s a barrel of laughs. His teammates call him the biggest jokester on the team. He’s also a heck of a quote.

When asked earlier this week to talk about Javarris James and Graig Cooper sharing Miami’s backfield, this is what Kayne had to say: ”It seems like everybody in Division I-A and NFL going to the two-back thing. Baby J is like a Bentley. Cooper is like a Ferrari. It’s like which one you want to drive? You ain’t going to look bad in either one. It’s a good look for us. I say give them the ball 15 times each. I could block all day.

He was then asked, what are you then? “I’m Kayne. I’m your regular, Joe Schmo, blue-collar hardworking guy. Like a pick-up truck.”

Kayne said he celebrated his big day by heading out to the Golden Corral near his home in Homestead for some all you can eat dinner last Saturday after his big day. He said family and friends kept telling him “it’s about dang time.”

* THE SEARCH FOR A KICKER: Miami’s future kicking issues after Francesco Zampogna uses his final year of eligibility this year might be resolved with a scholarship player. Rivals.com is reporting the Canes are in the running for Jake Wielcaw, a senior from New Lenox Lincoln Way Central in Illinois who is the state’s career leader in field goals made. The 6-2, 180-pound Wieclaw recently connected on his 45th career field goal and also starts at wide receiver. Wieclaw told Rivals he’s been hearing from both UM and Illinois and will try to visit UM on an unofficial visit in the coming weeks. Purdue, Northern Illinois and Iowa are other schools who like Wieclaw.

* MORE ON WILLIE: Former Hurricane and Louisville linebacker Willie Williams pleaded not guilty to charges of marijuana possession this week after he was pulled over by cops and found with weed in his mouth last Friday. Williams, who was kicked off the team at Louisville, lost patience when he was here with Miami and was frustrated by a lack of playing time. Tuesday, Canes safety Randy Phillips was asked the what if question…

“If he would have had patience, he probably would have been a starter because he would have come in with the starters,” Phillips said. “We had a lot of guys hurt and a lot of young guys playing now. He would have learned the system. He would have been here 3 or 4 years and he would have been ready to go, but he made the decision of what he thought would be best for him and his family and he got to live with it. Willie was really cool. I don’t affiliate myself with too many guys other than football because you never know what guys are involved in. Hopefully, he can get himself together and have a turn around. He’s a great guy as far as I know. Hopefully, he can get his mind right.”

* Phillips also offered his two cents as to why the secondary has struggled this season and given up 10 touchdown passes in five games. Last year Miami gave up 9 passing TDs all year.

“It always has been one person. Everyone is doing right but then one person will slip up for a play and it will happen,” Phillips said. “FIU game, the linebackers slipped up, they caught us. One person will take a play off and a big play will happen. With Bruce [Johnson], Bruce is jamming the whole game, pushing him out of bounds the whole game. Perfect coverage. But then, it gets boring out there. But you got to stay in tune. I’ve been there at corner. Nobody is throwing the ball your way, you relax and as soon as you relax, you have a guy good enough to get by you. Bruce had a great game and other than that one play, Bruce had a great game.”


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Manny, thank you. Kayne does seem like a unique person.

I'd like to know what's up with Sam Shields. He's starting to look like another Willie or, going back 12 years, another Jaimie Germann: extremely talented but too unstable to play ball.

I hope not.

It doesn't surprise me that Farquharson is emerging as a top talent. The 'Canes are a highly talented team, but I think the edge had been taken off their football talent and ability; they haven't been playing up to their talent level for a few years now.

They've been "underachieving."

Gooden made an interesting comment. He said he's been playing with a chip on his shoulder.

Boise State plays with a chip on its shoulder. You can see it. Those guys are looking for a fight, and they intend to beat up on anybody and everybody. They did it to OU on January 1st, and OU supposedly had 10 times the talent that BSU had.

It's aggression: what gives a little Mockingbird the moxie to chase down a big crow and thrash it: the desire to destroy; the killer instinct.

Most teams play the 'Canes with a chip on their shoulder. That's where mediocre squads like UNC, Clemson (yeah, they're definitely low rent) Georgia Tech and Louisville get the extra "oomph" they need to beat a superior team like the 'Canes . . . although it helps if the superior team has lost its competitive edge, as the 'Canes had before this season.

Previous championship 'Canes also played with a chip on their shoulder, and they have the wins, the trophies and the reputation to prove it. Other teams genuinely feared them. It wasn't a question of losing. It was just scary going out and playing against them. They were not nice people, on the field.

On any given day, a mediocre team can get an attitude and whip the best team. It's not about talent as much as it's about attitude: spoiling for a fight and taking it to the other team with every intention of beating them down and dominating them completely.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight . . ..

So if/when Coach Shannon puts the edge back on this football team, they'll win out their scheudle, take the ACC go to a BCS game and finish in the top five.

And two yeas from now, OU comes to Miami . . ..

"Farewell and adieu to ye fair Spanish ladies . . .."

Please send Lake Worth Cane's post to the team.

LWC... thank you fo pointing out the obvious...your completely correct in your statement...and i think RS should hire you for inspirational speeches...whenever they are having those lackluster outputs.....

GO C-A-N-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another lake worth cane hear i go to lake worth high school. I beleive the canes should go after star jackson he is one of my freinds. I know he is commited to alambama, but i beleive he still is open.

Manny, We should get Kayne on here for a Q&A. If you do, I'm guaranting you breaking the Herald record for blog hits.

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2007/10/mccain-hunter-s.html UM/univision republican debate rescheduled for dec 9. snubbed again?

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/content/opinion/epaper/2007/10/01/a12a_leadedit_faufield_1001.html pbpost's harsh words for fledgling florida atlantic football: TILTING AT WINDMILLS

http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/crossfade/2007/10/uncle_luke_loves_his_youth_foo.php Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell

LWC man im about to hire you to give inspirational speeches at my job. lol that was good man.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Luring new readers means connecting with them on the Internet through blogs ... industry leaders told newspapers editors Thursday.

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_college_hurricanes/2007/06/dear_um.html omar kelly (jun 5): "My company has done a study to figure out what makes my blog so successful in their efforts to replicate it and they determined it's because we're a community." NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM : )

CJ: are you a UM fan?

another lake worth cane hear i go to lake worth high school. I beleive the canes should go after star jackson he is one of my freinds. I know he is commited to alambama, but i beleive he still is open.

True friends dont let friends go to Alabama. Im not a dolphin fan but i would never let family or friends play for that lying scumbag. If he is good enough to go to alabama. he's good enough to go somewhere else. show your friend some love...

yes green i am a um fan but i am also an FIU fan as well. cant turn away from what i was born and raise to love but also cant deny what i am. y you ask?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Luring new readers means connecting with them on the Internet through blogs ... industry leaders told newspapers editors Thursday.

Posted by: green | October 05, 2007 at 09:49 AM

GREEN...I need the link to the entire article PLEASE!

Hey 86, I think this may be the link he was looking at. It's the only one I could find.


Hick town politics... Meyer: "My player won't play unless the charges are dropped"

Gainesville Police: "The charges have been dropped, please beat LSU"

Somehow, this is the Canes' fault, just like Willie Williams. Thanks for all the info Manny, though I'd rather the media keep Williams as a Louisville player, since thats what he is, rather than an ex-Cane just because that supposedly fits the convict image better.

Encouraging that Randy's out hunting for quality kickers. It is definitely worth a scholarship. Ohio State's Mike Nugent is the mold in my mind for that. No way Buckeyes even play the Canes in '02 without him.

Go Kayne and Go Canes this weekend!

Canester...yes that was it! Thanks.

did the grimy gaturd nudge the state attorney's office to expedite justice for captain tony joiner? win at all costs ...

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2007/10/university-of-m.html herald's gary fineout: "One of the big projects that House Speaker Marco Rubio help land in this year's budget - $80 million for the University of Miami human genomics institute - came under fire from Democrats in both the House and Senate, who wondered why the brand new program was off-limits from any budget cuts." BRINGING HOME THE BACON

http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking_dade/story/261446.html Rep. susan bucher: "There is $80 million going to a private university when we are starving our public universities." BOO HOO

http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/ny-spjets065404274oct06,0,6408900.story newsday's erik boland: "(Jonathan Vilma) played all 1,093 defensive snaps last season and in every one leading up to last Sunday, when he sat out four plays in the second quarter." WOW


http://www.fayobserver.com/article?id=274215 fayetteville observer: "About 180 (basketball) ACC games are set to be televised this season ..." ORGY

http://wqam.com/ "it's all about the U saturday" stretches from 8a-7:30p! 11 1/2 hours! INSATIABLE

how does randy phillips have the nerve to answer the question, "why has the pass defense been struggling this year?" and not mention himself. ever since this kid was a freshman EVERY team in their right mind has been targeting him! c'mon and man up and take the blame on yourself! i mean, how many touchdowns did he give up against oklahoma? 4 or 5? that's 1/2 of all the pass td's this year! how about that louisville game last year? at least it only took shannon 2 games to realize phillips just isn't that good. but man, how did he not put any blame on himself?

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