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Game day blog: Carolina 33, UM 27 (F)

l've had beer, chips and my TV set tuned into ESPN2 from my living room. I watched the Canes take on former coach Butch Davis and the Carolina Tar Heels in Chapel Hill. We shared our thoughts  and I kept track of some notes as the game went on.

- UNC finds itself back in Miami territory when UM cornerback Bruce Johnson falls down on coverage on a short pass and Brandon Tate runs past the Miami defense -- despite losing his shoe -- all the way to UM 27. UNC settles for a field goa, making 30-20 with 14:12 left to play.
- Can the Canes keep their momentum going now? The offensed has to come through again now.
- Big third down conversion on 3rd and 15. Wright finds Sam Shields over the middle for a first down. But shortly after, Wright throws his third interception of the game when he forces the ball in. UNC takes over at its 41.
- Well, UM's defense limits the damage and holds UNC to another Conner Barth field goal, his fourth of the game. With 10:55 left to play, Miami trails 33-20.
- Miami is moving the football on the ground, peppering UNC with Graig Cooper and Javarris James. Can the Hurricanes score?
- Big fourth down with 6:47 left to play deep inside UNC territory. Wright keeps it and gets the first down. Canes fans can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.
- And it lasts just a moment. Another bad decision and bad throw by Kyle Wright. Four interceptions for Wright. It looks like it just isn't meant to be for Miami. 6:15 left to play.
- It's not over yet. Graig Cooper flips the ball to Darnell Jenkins on a punt return, the Canes build a wall and Miami moves the ball to the UNC 11 with 2:59 to play. Miami eventually scores on a Javarris James' plunge with 1:17 left to play in the game. But the Canes had to blow two time outs inside the 5. Now, they need an onside kick.
- Hakeem Nicks recovers the onside kick for UNC. The Canes are going to go down in UNC again. But at least, they battled back and made a game of it. They just couldn't overcome a terrible first half.

- Wow. What was that? With 12:38 to go in the first half, a different UM team comes out of the break and marches right down the field and scores a touchdown on a 1-yard Kyle Wright sneak to make it 27-7.
- The Rock was at UM this week. Anybody smell a comeback?
- On UNC's first drive of the second half, the Canes force a fumble on the their third play. Kenny Phillips forces it. Spencer Adkins recovers. Miami has the ball at UNC 30.
- Miami capitalizes when Wright connects with Sam Shields on a 4-yard, fourth down touchdown pass. Francesco Zampogna, though, misses the extra point when he hits the upright. But so far, the Canes have shown some life. It's 27-13 now.
- It was announced on TV by the way that McCarthy and Dixon will not return from their injuries today.
- Change the quarterback! This team stinks! Where are you now pessimistic Canes fans? Kyle Wright connects with Darnell Jenkins on a 97-yard touchdown pass to make it 27-20 with 4:22 left in the third quarter. Wright tried it first with Shields, but overthrew him. The second longest play in UM history has the Canes right back in the game. Wow!
- The Canes get the ball back, but on third down, Wright gets sacked. Miami ends up punting and UNC gets the ball back. The pressure is now once again on Miami's defense.


- Canes have put themselves in a much deeper hole after having a punt blocked inside their own 20. Yates scores on a 1-yard sneak with 11:25 left to put Carolina up 20-0.
- Both Antonio Dixon and Colin McCarthy were injured in the last series. Dixon had to be helped off the field and appears to have suffered a serious knee injury.
- The nightmare continues. After Kyle Wright and the offense struggle to pick up a first down again, UNC takes over and scores again. Brandon Tate on a 55-yard reverse makes it 27-0 with 9:59 left in the first half. Is it time to fire up the buses? Already?
- What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall in the Canes locker room right now. UM has been outgained 279-113.
- Kyle Wright has thrown two interceptions and has looked like the old Kyle Wright. Everything has gone wrong.

- After the teams exchange punts, Carolina draws first blood when Anthony Elzy gashes the Miami defense on a long touchdown run with 10:33 left in the first quarter.
- With 4:33 left in the first quarter, Conner Barth connects on his 16th straight field goal, a 33-yarder, to put Carolina up 10-0. On the drive, Calais Campbell was flagged for a phantom roughing the passer penalty. Replays showed Campbell never hit quarterback T.J. Yates. Amazing!
- Miami responds by moving the ball downfield after Ryan Hill gives them a real nice return out to midfield. But the drive fizzles and Francesco Zampogna misses a 32-yard field goal with 2:15 left.
- The hits keep on coming for Carolina. After another long passing play moves the ball into Miami territory, Conner Barth -- that guy again -- connects on a season-long 51-yard field goal to put Carolina up 13-0.
- This just in: The Canes are in trouble.


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Not sure why the Canes have lost focus Trillazz. How about just giving UNC some credit? Miami has been out-everythinged in this game.

This team isn't the Canes of old. Just is not. But how can you expect them to be after what they went through last year? It takes time to get back on your feet. Miami is learning that going on the road is not easy. They can't just show up and do what they've done at home and "survive."

I understand your frustrations, but this team is going to go through a few more losses before they start playing the Canes of old. Hopefully, today is the ugliest they'll look through that process.

This is pathetic. Shannon better start throwing some players against lockers and telling them to man the f*ck up!! What timing: they start dancing in the middle of the field, only to get their ankles broken on the reverse the very next play. Through and through, though, I remain a devoted Canes fan. Better days still yet to come, however, long it takes.

dude is just amazing how sorry we can play against an opponent as sorry as north carolina. never in million would i imagine the canes losing to a mediocre team. but last season and this season is a nightmare.. i just hope it does not take a toll on our recruiting class.. this are games that we should win. this are games that if we lose, we lose on recruiting players like patchan, sabino, luiget, players that could make an improvement in two years.. but i just dont simply understand... when did dis happen, when did we started heading the wrong direction to rock bottom.....

Same Ole Kyle...This guy just sucks.
Kirby time...

At least i din't bet on that shady -7 point spreaad.....ha!

Thanks for ruining my Saturday so early.
I like it better when we play at night.

just amazing how sorry we can play against an opponent as sorry as north carolina.

That's your biggest problem CANES Fans... Everyone else always SUCKS...

Go into your bathroom, take a huge DUMP and then check out your refection in the mirror...

Our D looks stellar!

D-Line puts NO pressure on qb.

Wow. No pass rush. Amazing the turnaround UNC has made in one game. I know the players are the one doing things on the field, but Miami has been completely outcoached.

3rd and 19 and they (Tar Heels) still made the first down.... that's just incredible.

all you butch bashing randy fans, where are you now. butch has made nc improve every week with not half the talent as um, and they get better and we are the same. write yur letters to shalala now before we have to endure this crap for 3-5 years to fit the budget. randy is the budget coach(if you want to call him coach). dance away cause um stinks. good job cheerleaders, oh that was the defense. how far did that guy run on the next play im just mad that i bought gt tickets. goodbye to winning as long as shalala is there. budget budget budget. dcane

what s up

Dcane is right.....I guess no marquee coaches want to come here??
*scratching head*

Wow. Maryland is beating Georgia Tech 21-3. Duke is winning too.

Here's the sad thing, among other: Nationally, most people considered U.M relevant for the prestige that the football program brough to the school. Now, the football team has become an afterthought. I love the canes, but damn, for among other reasons, I am glad that I graduated from U.F. law and didn't even get admitted to U.M. law. A

Is it too much to ask to blitz more than the 4 down linemen!!!!!

no-huddle offense ... we better go down fighting

First big play for the defense. Hopefully the offense can match it with a touchdown.


Kyle=Tunnel Vision

We all said the same thing about Butch when he was getting hammered by FSU!!

Is it time to start talking about the "Curse of Shalala"? Every since that midget showed up our athletic program has gone to hell.

Wow does he stink! Unreal

UM fans, this is not 1988, YOU ARE NOT THAT GOOD, deal with it. Talk only goes so far!

Oh, I love the fact that during the time out UM started to dance, right before a UNC score on a reverse.


get the hook

It's official. I am turning the channel. That's just horrible. Kyle needs to come out.

UNC > UM academically and athletically

Owned by UNC...what a great day!

Is it just me or does it look like Kenny Phillips is the only guy playing defense?


What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall in the Canes locker room right now. What in the world is Randy telling them???

i jus t wrote a long tirade that didn t go through at first.anyway - again to sum it up.there s no passion or willingness to compete.no depth.2 years away folks.randy maybe can coach.can t tell yet.he did not coach his team and have them prepared today though.he ll admit it for sure.calais cambell? where s he been.kyle wright was worst ever um qb pick in it s history.he does not like to compete.kirby has no arm.marve next year i hope will like competition.sad to see miami not represent.wow.i turned off the tv at 27 zip. i m going to go do something more fun.like water my lawn.canes can only win home games.they embarass all past cane greats who played before them.such a shame.no pride.canes quit at game 6 this year.too bad.they can t overcome adversity early.no leadership.enough.maybe i ll watch them next week for a few minutes.maybe not. till next year s improved team .... good luck in the future miami.

I don't know what he is telling them, but I do know what he needs to tell them. He needs to tell them to check in between their legs to see if they have a pair of balls or a hole.

I'm 34 yrs old and have been following the Canes since I was 8. That means 26 yrs as a Canes fan. I can truly say I've never been embarrased to be a Canes fan, yet as of right now that's how I feel. They are soooooooooo FLAT an UNEMOTIONAL! UNC looks like we did vs Texas A&M. They are flying around like they have something to prove and we are just going through the motions. I'm speechless.

Edition to the Miami Herald to read about the discipline being instilled at UM by Shannon......... $.25

Ticket to the UM-UNC game..... $50

Watching UM dance and try to get their swagger back, only to get scored on the very next play.....priceless

I feel the frustration that many are sharing here today. But let's put a majority of the blame where it belongs...on Larry Coker. He couldn't bring in a great deal of true talent and never developed the blue-chippers that we did land. It's going to take at least two years to flush the pipes and refill the pantry.

Is qb that hard of a position KW??
Because boy do you make it look like me trying to build a space rocket!!!


Can you comment on the fact that during play stopage I see Randy pacing the sideline and Butch is actively coaching players. Moreover, Why is KW sitting on the bench down 27? I would be yelling at my O-Line and WR's pumping them up! Are these guys truly that dejected, and incapable of believing in themselves? If so, is that bad coaching, or bad Coker habits that take a long time to fix? Thanks for your post.

Shannon needs to hire Soldinger yesterday. The special teams have really sucked since his firing.

If I was recruit, as much as I love the Canes, I would seriously consider any of the other major college football programs. This problem goes far beyond the players, and maybe the coaches. This problem goes straight to the top with Donna Shalala. She aspires to make U.M. an elite academic school. Listen, U.M. is alright academically, but I don't care what they do, they will never be elite in the true sense: Harvade, Yale, Standford, etc. Instead, they have lot the only area that they were truly elite at: football. If I was ranking this team, I would rank them probably around 75.


Our punter punts like he has a prothetic leg......not that there's anything wrong with that.


F Lou Holtz and his g_y pep talks!!!!!!!!

27-0 at halftime! It would take a come back almost as big as Maryland did against the Canes in 1984 for UM to win this game.
For all you UM apologists out there, UNC is fielding a very young team. They were almost dead last in offensive production in the ACC. Stop giving excuses for the Canes players on the field. All of these guys were more highly touted recruits than the UNC players, yet they are crapping all over themselves. You lose by one point in a dog fight that's tough but I can deal with it. You get your balls handed to you by an inferior team that is pathetic. Show me effort, grit and courage and I will root for you even if you are 1-10 for the year!

Also, it is pretty clear that neither KW nor KF has it. This is KW's 5th year and neither he nor Legget saw the corner blitz. As I stated during the Oklahoma game this coaching staff is wasting its time playing the SRs and Jrs on this team. If they had performed then Coker would still be the headcoach.

I like that Davis is playing the young players. Better to take your lumps early with players you can trust. It will make you that much better next year.

I am officially announcing that i am going pro immediately ..because of the risk of injury i will not be playing in the 2nd half or the rest of season....

P.S. Im rich bitch...


Two different coaching styles. Randy is the type of guy who lays into his plays behind closed doors, not in public. Not sure why KW is sitting down. From what I have heard the team is simply dejected at this point. If Miami can't come out and do something on its first possession, this game is over. Miami is fueled on emotion.

As for the Coker deal, this team -- rather this offense -- was used to a different approach in years past. This is the sixth game under Shannon. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Question to Manny:

Can you please ask the coach/players what's up with the dancing? It seems like they brought dancing shoes instead of playing shoes. Some of these kids ready for "Dancing with the Stars".

As for Shannon, stick with Wright. We also saw what Freeman can do..obviously not much better.

Canes fans...Stop living in the past!!!

The Kenny Phillips post made my day!!!

I'm out on that note....classic!!

Sorry, Manny but Shannon pacing up and down the sidelines without a headset doesn't do it for me. At least give the illusion that you know what you are doing. Sorry, you show passion and you might just get some back. That quiet man stuff only works for made for TV movies.

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