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Game day blog: Carolina 33, UM 27 (F)

l've had beer, chips and my TV set tuned into ESPN2 from my living room. I watched the Canes take on former coach Butch Davis and the Carolina Tar Heels in Chapel Hill. We shared our thoughts  and I kept track of some notes as the game went on.

- UNC finds itself back in Miami territory when UM cornerback Bruce Johnson falls down on coverage on a short pass and Brandon Tate runs past the Miami defense -- despite losing his shoe -- all the way to UM 27. UNC settles for a field goa, making 30-20 with 14:12 left to play.
- Can the Canes keep their momentum going now? The offensed has to come through again now.
- Big third down conversion on 3rd and 15. Wright finds Sam Shields over the middle for a first down. But shortly after, Wright throws his third interception of the game when he forces the ball in. UNC takes over at its 41.
- Well, UM's defense limits the damage and holds UNC to another Conner Barth field goal, his fourth of the game. With 10:55 left to play, Miami trails 33-20.
- Miami is moving the football on the ground, peppering UNC with Graig Cooper and Javarris James. Can the Hurricanes score?
- Big fourth down with 6:47 left to play deep inside UNC territory. Wright keeps it and gets the first down. Canes fans can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.
- And it lasts just a moment. Another bad decision and bad throw by Kyle Wright. Four interceptions for Wright. It looks like it just isn't meant to be for Miami. 6:15 left to play.
- It's not over yet. Graig Cooper flips the ball to Darnell Jenkins on a punt return, the Canes build a wall and Miami moves the ball to the UNC 11 with 2:59 to play. Miami eventually scores on a Javarris James' plunge with 1:17 left to play in the game. But the Canes had to blow two time outs inside the 5. Now, they need an onside kick.
- Hakeem Nicks recovers the onside kick for UNC. The Canes are going to go down in UNC again. But at least, they battled back and made a game of it. They just couldn't overcome a terrible first half.

- Wow. What was that? With 12:38 to go in the first half, a different UM team comes out of the break and marches right down the field and scores a touchdown on a 1-yard Kyle Wright sneak to make it 27-7.
- The Rock was at UM this week. Anybody smell a comeback?
- On UNC's first drive of the second half, the Canes force a fumble on the their third play. Kenny Phillips forces it. Spencer Adkins recovers. Miami has the ball at UNC 30.
- Miami capitalizes when Wright connects with Sam Shields on a 4-yard, fourth down touchdown pass. Francesco Zampogna, though, misses the extra point when he hits the upright. But so far, the Canes have shown some life. It's 27-13 now.
- It was announced on TV by the way that McCarthy and Dixon will not return from their injuries today.
- Change the quarterback! This team stinks! Where are you now pessimistic Canes fans? Kyle Wright connects with Darnell Jenkins on a 97-yard touchdown pass to make it 27-20 with 4:22 left in the third quarter. Wright tried it first with Shields, but overthrew him. The second longest play in UM history has the Canes right back in the game. Wow!
- The Canes get the ball back, but on third down, Wright gets sacked. Miami ends up punting and UNC gets the ball back. The pressure is now once again on Miami's defense.


- Canes have put themselves in a much deeper hole after having a punt blocked inside their own 20. Yates scores on a 1-yard sneak with 11:25 left to put Carolina up 20-0.
- Both Antonio Dixon and Colin McCarthy were injured in the last series. Dixon had to be helped off the field and appears to have suffered a serious knee injury.
- The nightmare continues. After Kyle Wright and the offense struggle to pick up a first down again, UNC takes over and scores again. Brandon Tate on a 55-yard reverse makes it 27-0 with 9:59 left in the first half. Is it time to fire up the buses? Already?
- What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall in the Canes locker room right now. UM has been outgained 279-113.
- Kyle Wright has thrown two interceptions and has looked like the old Kyle Wright. Everything has gone wrong.

- After the teams exchange punts, Carolina draws first blood when Anthony Elzy gashes the Miami defense on a long touchdown run with 10:33 left in the first quarter.
- With 4:33 left in the first quarter, Conner Barth connects on his 16th straight field goal, a 33-yarder, to put Carolina up 10-0. On the drive, Calais Campbell was flagged for a phantom roughing the passer penalty. Replays showed Campbell never hit quarterback T.J. Yates. Amazing!
- Miami responds by moving the ball downfield after Ryan Hill gives them a real nice return out to midfield. But the drive fizzles and Francesco Zampogna misses a 32-yard field goal with 2:15 left.
- The hits keep on coming for Carolina. After another long passing play moves the ball into Miami territory, Conner Barth -- that guy again -- connects on a season-long 51-yard field goal to put Carolina up 13-0.
- This just in: The Canes are in trouble.


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SO why are you expecting more from him.
He was HORRIBLE at GT. Everybody knows that
Then why are we wishing that suddenly he will become M. Martz
We are a POOR school that can't hire real coaches. Shame on us...

do you guys think all those recruits that are committed are still gonna sign in feb.? no way! those guys are gonna pull the hat trick on you guys and then you guys will blame shannon on how he cant recruit and he cant coach. youll also say that if you guys had a real coach then youre team wouldnt turn the ball over or drop passes or commit penalties.......canes fans are the dumbest in the country, you guys need to realize it goes in cycles, usc, florida, lsu were all down a few years ago......this is your time to be down, if you guys just stop bitching about everything, maybe something positive cant start to take place, just look for progression week to week......this week it showed that your team didnt quit....be proud of that......and be proud the fact that you have a team you support.......support every coach and player......you guys are not close to where you once were........face the reality, wake up and smell the coffee, support shannon bc he is the only coach that was willing to coach your God forsaken school!

FLASH: stanford leads usc with :49

stanford snaps usc's home winning streak at 35!

Stanford just upset USC.

Everyone should just shut the hell up!

runtgers undressed ... again!

runtgers undressed ... again!

the grimy gaturd excluded from title talk : ) REDEEMING

Why is anyone surprised by this loss....Was it the 40+ point wins against FIU and Duke...Oh wait that never happened. Was it the impressive 50 point win over Marshall...oh wait that did not happen. Was it the close game against OU...Oh wait that did not happen....Thats right it was the win against an Aggie team that may have been worst coached then UM....Miami is not very good right now...They have played Duke, FIU, Marshall, OU, A&M and NC....UNC (1 win coming into todays game), Duke (one win coming into todays game), FIU (no wins coming into todays game), Marshall (no wins coming into todays game)...Take away OU and their schedule has stunk up the joint. Miami struggled to score against FIU and Duke....You realize that pretty much every team that FIU has score 30-40 points on them every week. Marshall lost to New Hampshire...

Note to UM fans...This is not a good Miami team. Miami fans seem to have amnesia....they quickly forget that Miami should have lost to Duke, Nevada and Houston last year...Instead they thought they were a couple of games away from going unbeaten....I guess Randy better get ready to get sick...He said if UM lost four games the stomach would get upset....How will he feel with a 6-6 season. Sad thing is people bought into this crap.

"canes fans are the dumbest in the country, you guys need to realize it goes in cycles, usc, florida, lsu were all down a few years ago......this is your time to be down, if you guys just stop bitching about everything, maybe something positive cant start to take place, just look for progression week to week......this week it showed that your team didnt quit....be proud of that......and be proud the fact that you have a team you support.......support every coach and player."
I can bitch if I want too. You are bitching because we are bitching, so shut up....

http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e222/gocanes182/grandma2-1.jpg after further review ... the grimy gaturd still SUCKS!

http://images30.fotki.com/v42/photos/1/169156/5467914/FIUvsTroy039-vi.jpg despite a ticket dump, an announced crowd of 5,723 witnessed florida international's 18th consecutive loss ...

http://www.local10.com/sports/14280732/detail.html filthy florida international? COLONOSCOPY

Hey Manny, are u still hugging Kyle's nuts after this performance or lack thereof? Common man, I know the D was horrendous but the this dude, Kyle that is, is just not a good starting QB. And don't the bring me the bulls*&t specifics that he has a strong arm and stuff because that alone will not win you games and proven by Kyle himself throughout his UM career.

before you diminish our texas a & m stomp, the 4-1 aggies edged oklahoma state ...

Maybe choo gringos should try soccer...Futball is an American game. At least we latinos can keek
dee ball. Dat slow fat white kid you hab for a keeker SUCKS mang...

NCAA >>>>>>> NFL

is Coach Shannon too punitive? SCARED

few coaches overcome a blocked punt, missed field goal/extra point, 4 ints on the road ... FORGIVING

Kyle Wright = coach killer

a budget head coach affords expensive assistants ...

I really don't see what all the crying is about. We own you thugs. Let's see, Basketball? No arguement there. Baseball, ditto. Football, 2-3 and counting. Welcome to the ACC losers. Your Hurricanes never played anybody in the Big Least. Now, that you're in a real conference...nuff said, go check your win/loss record since coming into the ACC. It's not pretty.
We OWN you. GT will beat you guys in the empty OB next weekend too. Go Tarheels! You are offically our football bithes now that Butch is here. Get used to it.

why Tim Walton?

why Joe Pannunzio?

ACC title still within reach ... EYE ON THE PRIZE

That sucking sound coming out of Miami is your season circling the bowl and headed into the sewer. 4 wins against teams that absolutey suck. Don't look now, but the 4 games you won are as good as it's going to get. 4-7 under Shannon this year.
Anytime you guys play anybody half decent, you get rolled. Wait until BC, VT and FSU get you guys at home...All you guys do well is talk smack, even when you're on your back.

would U have come back under Larry Coker ... UNLIKELY

U persevered until the bitter end ... PROUD

how would you like to be married to some of you ...

I don't know what to say. This team hasn't been very good since 2002. Five years and counting. There are so many glaring problems on this team. No O line, No QB, no kicking game. A rookie head coach. We were lucky to win 7 games last year. Duke, Houston and Nevada almost got us.
I'm afraid I have to agree with the guy posing as Beeno Cook. We may not get another win this year. Discusting, embarrassing...Tough to support a program that isn't committed to winning.

I guess all of the pollsters were right. Miami should not have been ranked in the top 25.

through thick and thin

Listen up U fans. We are not that far away. I know we have issues at quaterback but there are some things we can do to mask those deficencies. lets please get more aggresive on both offense and defense. especially defense. I know U fans ya`ll are tired of me harping on this, but it seems like on third downs we don`t play aggresive. example on 3rd and short line up in goaline or put more in the box besides 4. then on 3rd and long 7 yards or more, can we get a blitz call please. There were several times we had them 3rd and 10 yards or longer we gave them too much time to convert, do to lack of pressure. we all know the saying pressure burst pipes, so let apply pressure to generate more turnovers. we need more defensive scores and special teams scores. On offense Kyle needs to check down to the running backs when play breaks down. I saw players wide open in the flat on alot of those interceptions. We need to throw to get the lead and run to win the game.

This Miami team is farrrrrrrrrrrrr away from being good. The reality is that the talent level stinks....Blame the coaches, thats what Miami fans do...They wanted to blame Sol, they wanted to blame kehoe, the still blame Coker....Blame those coaches for bringing in average talent...Dont blame them for being bad coaches...They did not forget how to coach all of sudden...What happened is Miami started recruiting kids that look good in shorts...Lance Leggett (looked good at a camp), Lavon Ponder, Johnson kid from Pace, Demetri Stewart, Eric Houston....Miami has close to 20 players that have no bussiness on the roster. Then you have kids like KP and CC that are already checked out...Miami needs to start recruiting football players...Guys from winning programs...They should have recruited Jeff Owens, Emanuel Cook, Elijah Hodge, Atkins from Saint Thomas...Instead they recruited the other kids I mentioned above.

Miami will be worse next year....Why because of those back to back to back recruiting classes where they did not land a quarterback...You cant win NC with a freshman qb...It does not matter how good Marve is, he wont win a NC next year....Miami has a long ways back..Next year they add UF to the schedule...Please, Randy is looking at back to back 6-6 seasons.

One more loss and it's time to bring in the freshmen. I say get Marve and the WRs in for playing time. We can build experience for the future and scrap this year. I'm not downing the coaching staff, just coker's players are that bad. You can only do so much with lance leggett, kirby freeman, kyle wright &.... (the list goes on).

Have patience guys, we expected to have some downfall and Randy's trying to fix it. We have palyers that are simply not playing up to expectations. We will get it corrected with new players next year. I'm still 100% committed to us getting better. This year is not over. It's not like we expected to win every game from the bad taem we had. We still have QB problems which can't get any worse. Kyle has got to grow up and not throw 4 picks in a game.

2 and 7 on the road...
Miami is one of thee worse teams on the road. VT, FSU (3 in a row) and BC (omg)are going to kick our ass.
This team will fold like a tent. The only real winable game is FAU.
This team has been exposed. 4-2 against very poor competetion.
No O line, No QB, No special teams...
Another long, humbling year folks.
5, 6 wins tops. No bowl in Randy's first year. Dude needs to wipe the scowl off his face and start coaching.

Can we please stop with the "we dont have the talent" excuses? listen, i couldnt stand coker...at all. and while i agree that our recruiting suffered majorly under his watch, that is not why we are losing. stanford doesnt have the horses that USC has, app st doesnt have the horses to compete with mich... there are plenty more examples out there this season. yet these teams are pulling off upsets every week. Why? because they are prepared to play and the players are put in situations to excel. we have been unprepared in every game this yr. except for a&m. that falls sqaurely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.

another thing. calling out piss poor coaching doesnt make me less of a fan, it makes me a realist. i see posts on here saying we can still win the acc. are you kidding me? sure, mathmatically its possible. but does anyone on here really think that this team is capable of playing at that level, for 60 mins, for 6 six more games. take off the green and orange glasses and call a spade a spade. im pulling for shannon to get this ship righted and pull this team together -- but i just think hes in over his head. heck of a man, great recruiter, not head coach material, IMO.

and speaking of shannon, humor me please, and put on a headset. pretend like you have a clue about whats going on during the game, instead of just watching and managing the sidelines.

James Bryant, Ryan Moore, Lance Leggett, Kyle Wright all players who came to Miami with the hype. None produced. Ryan Moore had 44 catches his freshman year and only 49 the rest of his career. Kyle Wright was rated higher then Reggie Bush coming out of high school, Reggie Bush!!!! None of them progressed. How can a player get worst as there career goes on? Coaching, and that falls back on Coker.

you can blame coaching all you want...At the end of the day its not just about coaching. ITS ABOUT TALENT....Something some of you just dont get...Guys that should not have been recruited by Miami,,,Darron Thomas, Chris Rutledge, Luqman Abdallah (recruited over Jeff Owens), Demetri Stewart, Lavon Ponder, Johnson (Pace DB)....kid never made a play in HS...Eric Houston, Joe Joseph, Courtney Harris, John Rochford (year he starts but the kid stinks), Chris Zellner...Should I keep going on and on....These kids had no bussiness getting UM offers. They were bad in high school and are still bad. Lavon Ponder quit in a high school game...What makes you think it will change now. Bruce Johnson...UM struck gold once with Kelly Jennings...Live Oak is not known for a ton of talent...Now you have a kid like Doug Wiggins that will never see the field. Miami has taken way too many kids that should not be wearing the uniform...The talent level at Miami is not good....

when the Mike Bakas of the world have an impact on recruiting rankings then thats all yo need to know....Miami used to recruit players based on performance...now they recruit kids based on what they did in shorts at their camp. Miami just took a kid from Monarch Andrew Smith....Why...because he did well at their summer camp...Maybe they should watch the kid play. He is a MAC type prospect.


its not a talent issue, quit fooling yourself. do we have the talent we are used to... not even close. however, every saturday i see teams with waaaayyyy less talent coming out on top...because their coaches are getting players in pos. to make plays. the team is prepared and plays with heart, something the canes dont know much about right now. heart overcomes a lack of talent.

No bowl in Randy's first year. Dude needs to wipe the scowl off his face and start coaching.
Posted by: cheesedick | October 07, 2007 at 05:18 PM

I agree, was saying the same thing all game. Dude looks like he has turd under his nose and just got a wif.

It's coaching and talent and some sort of bad voodoo santeria crap that they must have picked up in Little Havana and got all over this team.

Lemme just burn this sports page. Miami's sports teams are embarrassing.
It's like reading the frickin Obit's.
Dolphins...SUCK, UM, SUCKS, Marlins...SUCK.
Heat...SUCK. FAU, FIU, Panthers...SUCK.
Why even have a freaking Sports section?
Wayne Hyenna needs to sell these teams and get an owner in here who is committed to winning and is willing to pony up the cash to do it. Only thing this fish wrap is good for is lining my dog cage. Makes me sick to be from Miami.

(AP) The owner of the towing company involved in Florida safety Tony Joiner's burglary case said Saturday he received more than 200 threatening phone calls. More than a dozen of the calls were death threats and others were bomb threats ...

http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/sports/comments/listen-to-calls-to-police-from-joiner-incident/ gaturd justice

http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports/college/fau/blog/2007/10/when_a_loss_is_a_win.html sunsentinel's ted hutton: "Props to USF fans, who, by The Voice’s reckoning (Howard Schnellenberger), were about 48 percent of the fans, compared with 52 percent for FAU." FOOL'S GOLD

http://www.miamiherald.com/616/story/263332.html herald's barry jackson: "UM has sold more than 52,000 tickets, leaving about 20,000 available to its final game at the Orange Bowl on Nov. 10 against Virginia." SWAN SONG

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