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Game day blog: UM 37, FSU 29 (F)

I'm at Doak Campbell Stadium. Let's watch the game together and share our thoughts.

With 8:43 left, the Hurricanes trailed 29-24. FSU has the ball and is trying to run out the clock. The Hurricanes have four turnovers, three in the second half, and need some one to do something -- NOW!

*I'll be heading down to the field at the 6-minute mark. Feel free to pour in your thoughts after this one is over.

FSU's 10th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 31)
- On first down, Calais Campbell sacks Xavier Lee back at the 41. FSU is also flagged for holding on the play. UM declines the penalty. On 2nd and 20, Lee takes a direct snap and run forward for about 7 yards. On 3rd and 12, Lee pitches the ball and is nearly picked off by Campbell. Smith runs for 6 yards bringing up a 4th and 6 at the UM 27.
- Gary Cismesia connects on his fifth field goal of the game, a 44-yarder. Drive: 4 plays, 4 yards, 1:08. FSU 29, UM 24.

UM's 11th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 35, 14:04)
- Freeman scrambles right and throws a bad pass to Graig Cooper, incomplete. UM is flagged for an ineligible receiver downfield. On 1st and 15 from the 30, Cooper runs for 2 yards. On second down, Cooper gets tackled for no gain. On third and long, Kirby Freeman scrambles for four yards. Miami will punt. Matt Bosher gets a good, 48-yard punt off that gets down at the FSU 16 with 11:57 left.

FSU's 11th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 16, 11:57)
- FSU gets nine yards on first down from Antone Smith and a 7-yard run and first down from their fullback on the next. On first and 10 at the FSU 32, Lee throws an incomplete pass downfield. On seocnd down, Smith gets tackled by Sharpton for a 1-yard loss. On 3rd and 11, Lee throws the ball to Preston and it is dropped. Likely would have been a first down. Miami will get the ball back with 10:03 left to play.

UM's 12th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 16, 9:49 left)
- Ryan Hill gets flagged for a block in the back, nullifying a 7-yard return by Graig Cooper.
- On first down, Javarris James runs up the middle for 6 yards. On second down, James gets one yard on a run to the right. On third and four, Freeman throws the ball behind Sam Shields and incomplete. FSU will take over at its own 30 following a 48-yard punt by Bosher.

FSU's 12th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 30 with 8:43 left)
- On first down, Lee gets hit at the line of scrimmage and his pass is hauled in at midfield by Greg Carr. It was ball that could very much could have been intercepted.
- On the next play, Randy Phillips makes his second interception of the game with 7:16 left and returns it to the FSU 11.

UM's 13th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 11, 7:16 left)
- On first down, Javarris James runs for 6 yards. On second down, James runs up the middle for 2 yards about to the 2 yard line. It brings up a third and 1 at the FSU 2. James bulls his way ahead for what looks like a first down. After the measurement, UM is short by inches.
- On fourth and 1 from the 2, Freeman sneaks forward and the Canes fall short by less than 6 inches.

FSU's 7th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 20, 15:00)
- On first down, Antone Smith takes a pitch and runs wild for a 36-yard gain to the UM 44.
- On the next play, Lee hits De'Cody Fagg for a 29-yard gain to the UM 15.
- On the next play, Preston Parker takes an end-around and gets stripped by Daryl Sharpton. But the play is under review. The play, which resulted in a Carlos Armour 60-yard fumble return, is overturned. FSU retains possession at the UM 17.
- On 2nd and 12, Lee runs out of bounds for a 2-yard gain. On third down, Lee's pass to De'Cody Fagg is thrown out of bounds. FSU will attempt another field goal. It's good. FSU 23, UM 17.

UM's 8th Drive (1st and 10 at UM 39)
- On first down, Javarris James runs for 3 yards. On second down, James runs hard up the middle for 9 yards and a first down.
- On first down at the FSU 48, James runs right for a 9-yard gain. James picks up another first down with a five-yard run. On the next play, Shawnbrey McNeal fumbles the handoff and FSU's Letroy Guion recovers at the FSU 34.

FSU's 8th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 34)
- On first down, Smith runs for 1-yard. On second down, Smith runs for 8. On third and inches, Seddrick Holloway bulldozes his way for a 10-yard run, knocking over Canes defenders on his way up the middle.
- On first down at the UM 47, Xavier Lee runs the playaction but overthrows Greg Carr incomplete. On second down, Colin McCarthy is helped off the field. Looks like his right knee again. On third down, Lee tries to scramble, but is brought down for no gain by Teraz McCray. FSU gets a 37-yard punt.

UM's 9th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 13, 9:32 left)
- On first down, Graig Cooper explodes on a 42-yard run to the left, reaching the FSU 44. Guard Orlando Franklin goes out with an apparent left shoulder injury.
- Two plays later and on third and 5, Kayne Farquharson comes through with a clutch first down catch at the FSU 30.
- Miami eventually gets itself into a fouth down situation. The Canes line up for a field goal, but instead of a kick, kicker Francesco Zampogna takes an over the shoulder flip from UM's holder and throws a pass to a wide open Dajleon Farr that results into a 26-yard touchdown catch. More shock and awe for the Canes. UM 24, FSU 23.

FSU's 9th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 39)
- Michael Ray Garvin gives FSU tremendous field position with a 59-yard kickoff return.
- After a holding penalty moves the ball back a few yards, Antone Smith runs left for a 16 yards to the UM 27.
- Another holding penalty on FSU moves the ball back again to the UM 37 and brings up a 1st and 20. FSU decides to run some trickery of its own with a wide receiver Greg Carr. Chavez Grant gets a hand in late to help knock away a potential touchdown pass. On the next play, Grant makes a nice play to tackle in the open field bringing up a 3rd and 17. On the next play, Lee scrambles for a 7-yard gain. Gary Cismesia comes on and connects on a 45-yard field goal. The drive: 7 plays, 12 yards, 3:21. FSU 26, UM 24.

UM's 10th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 26)
- After two runs by Javarris James net one yard, Miami gets called for delay of game bringing up 3rd and 14. Kirby Freeman falls just short of the first down, rushing for 13 yards. Miami will punt. But on fourth down, FSU gets flagged for offsides. The Canes hustled up the line and try to snap and FSU's Geno Hayes comes and kicks the ball, drawing the flag. Smart, smart play.
- Miami gets a first down and a false start almost right away, making it 1st and 15. On the very next play, Kirby thinks he has a free play and floats the ball up in the air and it gets picked off by Anthony Houllis and returnd to the UM 31.

My first half thoughts...
- UM couldn't have asked for a better first quarter, grabbing an early 14-10 lead and taking advantage of an FSU mistake and scoring on it. But the Canes gave up 136 yards on defense in the first quarter and couldn't stop FSU's short range passing game.
- Xavier Lee looks too comfortable for UM's taste. FSU's quarterback has thrown an interception, fumbled and had an exchange problem with Antone Smith which led to a fumble, but all in all, I'm pretty sure Canes fans would take Lee's ability to work the short and medium passing game over what the Canes currently have.
- Miami has had a few big plays in the first half. But the big plays won't happen all the time. UM needs to start making the small ones.
- The Hurricanes have 8 yards rushing at the half. That's not going to beat FSU.
- Have to give UM's defense credit. They've produced three turnovers in the first half. They might need to do the same to keep the Canes in it in the second half.
- The Canes have lost two players to injuries: OL Jason Fox left in the first quarter and quarterback Kyle Wright. Chris Rutledge was dinged up on the Kirby Freeman interception return. Cornerback Glenn Sharpe and receiver Lance Leggett did not make the trip to Tallahassee.

* PREGAME: FSU won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.

UM's 1st Drive (1st and 10 at UM 20, 15:00 left)
- Kyle Wright opens the game with a swing pass out to Javarris James for a 5-yard gain. On second down, James runs up the middle for 4 yards. On third down, the Canes look like they blow the assignment and Wright nearly gets picked off. It was supposted to be a handoff. Instead, Miami punts the ball 46 yards and Preston Parker gains one yard.

FSU's 1st Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 26, 14:02 left)
- On first down, Antone Smith gets dropped by Colin McCarthy for no gain. On second down, Xavier Lee runs up the middle for 1 yard. On third and 9, Preston Parker takes a short pass up field for 22 yard gain and a first down.
- After an incomplete pass and four-yard run by Antone Smith, Lee completes another short pass, this time to his tight end Caz Piurowski for a 17-yard gain and another first down.
- UM's defense is not covering up well.
- After another short run on first down, Preston Park picks up 14 yards on another short pass turned up field for a big first down. FSU is at the UM 19.
- On first down, Parker gets the reverse and picks up 13 yards to the UM 6. This looks like North Carolina all over again.
- After a first and goal run goes nowhere, Greg Carr catches a ball in the back of the end zone. But his foot lands out of bounds. On third and goal, Xavier Lee looks for tailback Jamaal Edwards, but over throws him. FSU is going to kick a field goal.
- With 8:44 left, Gary Cismesia connects on a 23-yard field goal to put FSU up 3-0. The drive: 13 plays, 69 yards, 5:18. FSU 3, UM 0.

UM's 2nd Drive (1st and 10 UM 33, 8:44 left)
- On first down, Kyle Wright holds onto the ball too long and Paul Griffin sacks him back at the UM 25. And the War Chant begins. On second and long, Javarris James runs up the middle about a 4-yard gain. FSU cornerback Michael Ray Garvin is helped off the field. On 3rd and 14, Kyle Wright gets some time and finds Darnell Jenkins for a 64-yard gain down to the FSU 7. Wow. Where did that come from?
- On first and goal, Javarris James battles his way up the middle for a 5-yard gain to the FSU 2. On second down, Javarris James gets hit at the line by Derek Nicholson for no gain. On third and goal, FSU juumps off sides, moving the ball to the 1. On third and goal, Kyle Wright tries the sneak and gets stopped short.
- On fourth and goal from the FSU 1, Kyle Wright breaks the plain of the goal line according to officials for a touchdown. But the play is getting reviewed. It's ruled a touchdown. Daren Daly kicks the extra point to make it 7-3 UM with 5:08 left in the first quarter.

FSU's 2nd Drive (1st and 10 at FSU 20, 5:08)
- On first down, Antone Smith fumbles in the FSU backfield and Miami recovers at the FSU 17 by Tavares Gooden.

UM's 3rd Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 17)
- On first down, Wright attempts to connect with Graig Cooper in the end zone, but the pass falls incomplete. FSU gets flagged for defensive pass interference. On the next play, Cooper follows his blockers to the left for a touchdown with 4:48 left in the first quarter. UM 14, FSU 3.

FSU's 3rd Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 30, 4:43 left)
- On first down, UM's run defense smacks Antone Smith down for a 1-yard loss. Canes are feeling it! On second down, Preston Parker catches a quick slant and picks up 14 yards before Kenny Phillips brings him down. Parker is injured on the play.
- INJURY UPDATE: FSU cornerback Michael Ray Garvin has a mild concussion and may return later in the game.
- On first down at the FSU 44, Antone Smith picks up a yard. On second down, Lee looks like he's going to take off. But he stops and finds Parker open in the middle of the field for a 21-yard gain to the UM 34.
- On first down, Smith runs for 2 yards. On second down, Lee finds Greg Carr open for a 13-yard gain. Carr got licked by Teraz McCray on the pass. FSU is making quick short passes to make sure Miami's defense doesn't have time to get to him.
- Following a couple of runs by Antone Smith that gives FSU a first and goal at the UM 8, Wallace runs for 2 yards up the middle. On second down, Xavier Lee runs the bootleg and scores on a 6-yard run to make it 14-9 with :05 left. Cismesia makes the extra point to make it 14-10. Drive: 10 plays, 70 yards, 4:38. UM 14, FSU 10.

UM's 4th Drive (1st and 10 at UM 12, 15:00)
- Randy Phillips gets flagged for an illegal block, nullifyingf a nice return by Ryan Hill and moving the ball back to the UM 12.
- On first down, Wright tosses a screen pass to Graig Cooper that picks up 12 yards and a first down.
- On first down at the UM 24, Wright escapes the pocket and finds Cooper for a 6-yard gain. On second down, Cooper picks up three yards on a sweep. UM will have a third and one from its own 33 when play resumes with 14:03 left. On third down, Darnell Jenkins catches a short 5-yard pass for a first down to keep the drive alive.
- On first and 10 at the UM 38, Cooper gets hit in the backfield by Alex Boston for a 5-yard loss. On the next play, Kyle Wright gets everyone in South Florida to hate him again. Wright gets picked off by linebacker Toddrick Verdell and returned for a 45-yard touchdown return with 13:07 left in the second quarter. Wright was throwing the ball into triple coverage. FSU 17, UM 14.
- Wright has 26 career INTs in 27 career starts.

UM's 5th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 22, 13:01 left)
- On first down, Javarris James runs for 2 yards. On second down, Javarris James runs for 8 yards and a first down.
- On the next play, UM tries to get fancy with a reverse to Darnell Jenkins. He slips down in the backfield for a loss and UM's Jerrell Mabry gets flagged for a block in the back. FSU declines it.
- On second down and 14, Wright tries a QB keeper up the middle and loses a yard. On third and long, UM runs the screen pass to Javarris James, but Miami's blockers miss Varnell on the block and hits James for a loss. Matt Bosher gets off a 43-yard punt. FSU will take over at its 34 with 9:52 left in the half.

FSU's 4th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 34)
- On first down Antone Smith gets hit for a 1-yard loss. On second down, Lee overthrows Preston Parker on a slant pattern. On third down, Parker catches another short pass for a 12-yard gain and first down. FSU is exposing Miami's lack of pass defenders.
- On second down, Xavier Lee scrambles forward for three yards, bringing up at 3rd and 7. On the next play, Xavier Lee bobbles the snap and Tavares Gooden recovered the fumble at the FSU 41.

UM's 6th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 41)
- After back-to-back Kyle Wright incompletions Wright gets sacked at the FSU 47. Wright is hurt on the play with 6:38 left. LaTroy Guion gets flagged for a personal foul giving UM a first down.
- Kirby Freeman comes in.
- After two short runs, UM is faced with a 3rd and 6 at the FSU 28, Freeman falls forward for a 2-yard gain. UM is setting up for a field goal. Daren Daly connects on a 44-yard field goal with 4:43 left in the second quarter. The Drive: 7 plays, 14 yards, 2:14. UM 17, FSU 17.

FSU's 5th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 30)
- On first down, Xavier Lee hits his tight end for a 1-yard gain. Colin McCarthy had a nice tackle on the play. On the next play, Antone Smith runs for an 11-yard gain and a first down.
- On first down, Lee tries to go deep, but his receiver turns in instead of out. On second down, Greg Carr catches a 9-yard pass, setting up a third and one at the UM 49. On the next play, fullback Seddrick Holloway runs up the middle for a first down.
- On first down at the UM 45, FSU loses two yards on the run. UM's run defense is doing a much better job wrapping up this week. On second down, Lee throws an incomplete pass to Antone Smith. On 3rd and 12, Randy Phillips makes a nice one-handed interception and returns it to the FSU 39. The pass was intended for Preston Parker, who partially deflected it.
- Have to give UM's defense credit. They've produced three turnovers in the first half. They might need to do the same to keep the Canes in it in the second half.

UM's 7th Drive (1st and 10 at the FSU 39, 1:39 left)
- Kirby Freeman's designed screen to Graig Cooper is short and falls incomplete. On second down, Freeman overthrows Cooper. FSU calls time out.
- On third and 10, UM gets flagged for an illegal substitution, moving ball back to the FSU 44. On 3rd and 15, Freeman telegrafs a pass that is intercepted by Patrick Robinson -- formerly of Gulliver Prep and who wanted to go to the U -- and he returns it ot the UM 33 with 1:21 left.

FSU's 6th Drive (1st and 10 at the UM 33, 1:21 left)
- After an incompletion, Greg Carr gets open at the UM 19 for a first down and 14-yard gain. On first down, Kenny Phillips blitzes from the safety spot and forces an incompletion. On second down, Lee goes for the end zone, but throws an incomplete pass. On third down, UM brings the blitz again and there is a flag on the play. UM's Vegas Franklin was offsides.
- On third and five, Lee scrambles for two yards. With :33 left, FSU will attempt a field goal. Cismesia makes it to make it 20-17 with :15 left. FSU 20, UM 17.


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Bad kick


Here we go

Calais Campbell is outta shape. He's got nothing in the tank and he's not that good start with.

Can't expect the kid not to score...

Man this game is over yes we finnaly won a close won. say whjat u want about the teams of the past but thats just what they are

good point flint, but frankly, I don't want the ball in our offense's hands

Yippie, Poulan Weedeater Bowl here we come!!!!!

teams of the past

its offical good nite people time to gop party

it's GREAT to be a Miami Hurricane! 37-29 F


Pleasantly, delirously Stunned

To all of you Canes "Non Fans" who claim, in name only, to be fans. You should be asahamed of the way you have trashed these players today. They are probably half your age... showing heart, not giving up. They play their hearts out for you.... the non-appreciative, supposed "fans" every week.

sorry, typo...that's ASHAMED!!!!

I don't care if we win another game we beat FS who? YES YES YES YES YES



ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canesalumni, perhaps you're a little to sensitive. Clearly, not all the hurrican football players have been playing their heart out game in and game out. Even some of the players say that some of their teammates don't. Fans have the right to critize. I will agree, however, that real fans support the team win lose or draw. Most of these fans on this blog, although, they may talk poorly of the team when the team plays poorly, at least these fans care to watch, listen, and comment on the game.

Lessons learned from this game:
1. The trick field - goal play was really clever, and really needed. The "U" is going to have to continue finding "inventive" ways to score until we stop throwing so many interceptions.
2. Kirby Freeman plays best when he throws straight rather than looping the ball too high to his receiver, Kyle Wright needs to throw to isolated regions rather than in traffic. Patrick Nix should call plays which stay away from both players weaknesses.
3. The dfense needs to blitz more.
4. Special teams needs to be coached not have blocking behind the back of the opponents on the return punts. This led to two costly penalties.

Agree with canealumni, lets keep the blogs clean. These players are not our employees, we are not their employers . Hate the bad plays, but not the players. Trust that Randy Shannon will field the best players and keep the others off the field. At times, there have been no other alternatives available so you field what you have

Bye bye boo-birds. This team is what it is. Don't crown their ass, don't talk crap either. Next year isn't gonna come any sooner, so if you want to watch with a degree of skepticism, fine. I did all game, I wasn't pumped up til the end. Still, I'll take a win over FSU whether by missed kick, sloppy play, or selling a soul to Satan.

So stop talking crap, just watch the games. If you aren't happy with the players or Randy, handle it with grace. Kirby did, taking that monster hit on his TD pass. Do you think Randy reads this? You aren't impacting anything.


It's official...That game made our year.
Great win for thyese kids and RS...Party time...


GREAT WIN.... statement was made... GO CANES...



Great win for the U. Even though neither teams were not in the top 25. A signature win for coach Shannon. (by the way where was the gatorade shower). Never the least. Any time that you can beat FSU in there place with a back up quaterback is a great victory. Kudos to coach Shannon he out coached Bobby Bowden. Kodos to our defensive cordinator coach Walton. He out coached the number offensive cordinator in college football Jimbo Fisher (ALLEGEDLY). Way to dial up the Blitz the guys really respond to it. Game ball also goes to the offensive line and running backs. It`s great to be a Miami Hurricane.

Congrats boys! Way to show some heart and bring the win back to Miami. Go Canes!

What happened to all those morons who were on this blog at the beginning of the season calling for Kirby Freeman. He is one of the worst qb's in um history. He almost threw a pick his first throw of the last drive. I am happy he finally made a couple decent throws but any qb playing in college should be able to make a couple throws every now and then. He looks like a chicken with it's head cut off out there.

Kyle is a pro style qb who has more talent in his his pinkie than Freeman has in his whole body. He is on his 6th coordinator in 4 years and he is trying to make plays. Sometimes he is forcing balls because he is trying to overcome this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE offense. This sandlot offensive scheme is gonna destroy UM football. We have 3 of the most talented running backs in the country and they can't run because they have no full back blocking for them. Other teams have figured out that all they have to do is blitz and this offense crumbles because the qb doesn't have enough players to pick up the blitzers and the receivers don't have enough time to get open.

We will lose 3 to 4 games per year until they fire Nix or Shannon or both. Shannon has shown that he is totally out of his element. His decision making is questionable at best. He hired Nix to run a sandlot offense because he "had a tough time stopping him while he was at Georgia Tech". The Georgia bulldogs were pissed when we hired Nix because they loved having him as the coordinator of their arch rival because of how horrible he was. The reason Shannon had trouble with Nix is because he doesn't adjust well and doesn't blitz. The blitz kills this offense. Also, the Yellow Jackets had probably the best college reciever since Randy Moss and many of plays that kept them from being blown out were plays where Reggie Ball just threw the ball p for grabs and Johnson came up with it.

We have to get rid of Nix!!! If we don't we will lose 3 to 4 games per year. With the talent we have, if we ran a pro style offense we would be top 5 every year. It's that simple. In this horrible offense we will stop getting good running backs because the good ones will want to run behind a lead blocker. Also, we will continue to get these "athlete" qb's who always lose 2 or 3 games for you with their bad decision making. The top qb's will go to the programs running pro style offenses because they want to get to the next level and pro teams want drop back pro style qbs.

I can't believe Randy Shannon screwed us like this.

Great day for us Canes living in the middle of SemiHole country. I misssed having bragging rights the last two years, but now I got 'em. Go Canes!

but I am glad we pulled out the win. I forgot to put that in at the beginning


Go back to your real team. You are not a UM fan PUNK!!!!!!!!!!

Imperium, we do run a pro-set offense, it's similar to what the Colts, Patriots, UK, ASU and a few other teams run. We just don't have the QB talent to run it right. Nix is not the problem and Shannon definitely isn't the problem. I don't know what you're smoking to think either of those thoughts.

But I agree with your point about using the FB or some sort of lead blocker. But Nix did just this against GT and it allowed McNeal to break that TD run.

But Nix has shown a great deal of flexibility given the dearth of talent, development, execution and heart from these offensive players.

I think Nix is beginning to realize he doesn't have the skilled OL or QB-WR play that is required for this 1-RB offense to work. The Colts and Patriots run it well but we ain't either of them, to coin a phrase. lol. This is a pro-set offense.

But UK runs this offense as well, so does UF, in fact today their RB only had one carry, and that came late in the 4th quarter. (I think Meyer is running out of offensive ideas, personally.)

However, today SHANNON made the half-time adjustments to put the ball in the RBs hands more because it was putting too much pressure on the QBs, on our QBs it should be said. If Nix had Woodson or Henne, we'd really know what he can do. Instead, he's had Reggie Ball, Kyle and Kirby.

So until Nix gets some real players, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

This offense works with the right players. Erickson and Olson are proving that right now at undefeated ASU.

In the coming years we'll see what Nix can really do.

Great Win!

Unbelievably clutch performance by Freeman. I must admit that I thought we were doomed when he took over, but he made two incredible throws. Hanging in the pocket for that TD throw was truly clutch.

This is a huge win for the program! I predict Shannon will bring us another NC in three years.

Go Canes!

And to whomever it was who said these are Shannon's players, brother, wake the f up.

These are all Medioker's players. Shannon, like all the other assistants, recruited a specific territory. He got the kids to look at the U and the rest was in Medioker's hands.

Why do you think Shannon recruited Thaddeus Lewis unsuccessfully??? Because Medioker never offered him a scholarship. The kid wanted to be a Cane but the Idiot never offered him.

How many times do you think this happened???

I would say dozens, to look at our current and past rosters.

Quick thoughts:

Graig Cooper was impressive. Not only did he run north and south, but he took great care of the ball -- I never saw him take a hit without BOTH hands on the ball.

Our left tackle spot was like a sieve -- FSU's DE on that side got through A LOT. It's clear we were missing Fox out there.

The announcers were AWFUL. They completely missed the fact that Kirby's second INT was an offside free play that wasn't called. I still don't understand how there wasn't a flag for either offsides or pass interference on that play.

Kirby wasn't as bad as his numbers, but don't re-annoint him just yet. He showed guts (especially standing in the pocket for the go-ahead TD) and more than a couple of his incompletions were dropped, but he's just not ready for primetime. Does anyone sincerely feel comfortable with him leading this team?

Nice win. I'm glad I paid the $22 to Comcast to watch the game at home with my buddies. (I still can't believe it wasn't televised nationally.)

u guys arent fans! talking shit all while we were losing and then when freeman had a GREAT final drive u guys shut up, just stfu already u fake ass fans and dont even bother being a cane fan, u dont deserve it, u guys r the ppl talking shit now in our bad days, and then in 2 years when were on top ur gonna be the #1 canes fans, f all of u

I don't believe what I just saw -- jack buck

would U have rallied on the road under Larry Coker?

(Kirby Freeman) is one of the worst qb's in um history. He almost threw a pick his first throw of the last drive. I am happy he finally made a couple decent throws but any qb playing in college should be able to make a couple throws every now and then. He looks like a chicken with it's head cut off out there.

Posted by: imperium7 | October 20, 2007 at 09:10 PM DON'T PEE ON OUR PARADE

changing clothes in a tallahassee phone booth, our clark kent transformed into Superman : )

give it up for our bend-but-don't-break defense! 5 Fgs, 1 offensive TD

anyone complaining after a win should have their cane card revoked.
sure at times it was ugly but a win's a win and the team (and fans) really needed it.

personally the real win here, to me at least, is that the randy era has finally kicked in.

for the first time these kids can see that not quiting, pushing thru, playing hard for the whole game gives them a chance to win.

this attitude and mindset is the building block for the rest of this year and surely for next season and beyond.

they may loose more games this year but at least they can see the results of what randy preaches

getting the kids to believe, bringing in a top recruiting class and having coaching stability will soon put the canes back on the national map!

go randy! go canes!

PLAYMAKERS: JJ, COOP, Kirby, Kyle, Darnell, Epps, Farr, DEMO, Bain, Rochford, Teraz, Colin, T-GOOD, Chavez, R Phillips, Daly, Bosher, Zampogna ...

why isn't Chavez Grant starting? BALLER

Randy Phillips redeemed ...

beautiful, beautiful bye

Coach Shannon removed his hat before shaking booby's hand ... GENTLEMAN

manny navarro (oct 21): "... about 10,000 Canes fans at Doak Campbell ..." who says U don't travel well ...

http://www.sun-sentinel.com/media/photo/2007-10/33357316.jpg ... an oasis of Orange & Green

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