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Guest Blogger: Married to The U, Man U Got to Understand

On my daily commute to work in heavy Washington, DC traffic, I was listening to my collection of old school hip hop hits, when two songs came on back to back that got me to thinking. The first song was Foxy Brown’s Letter to the Firm (Holy Matrimony).

“I mean damn, me and U forever hand in hand, I’m married to the Firm Boo U got to understand. I’ll die for ‘em, give me the chair man I’ll fry for ‘em, and if I got to take the stand, I’ll lie for ‘em.” – Foxy Brown, Letter to the Firm (Holy Matrimony)

As the smooth sample from Isaac Hayes’ “Ike’s Mood Part 1” kicks in and the chorus above begins, I began thinking, WOW; she’s so committed to her crew. So much so that she would go all out for them no matter what. Now that’s a COMMITMENT. I mean, she couldn’t have put it better, isn’t that what we all want from our commitments, or from those that we say that we LOVE? That UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, where we know that our loved ones are supportive of us at all times, through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs?

Ironically, however, the next song that came on, MC Lyte’s, 10% Dis, has a message that is essentially the absolute opposite.

“Beat biters, dope style takers, I’ll tell ya to ya face you ain’t nothing but a faker.” – MC Lyte, 10% Dis

The two songs couldn’t be more different, but for Hurricane fans, each song describes in part the components of the fickle Hurricane fan base known as the LEGION. I have wanted to address the topic of Miami’s fickle fan base for a while now, as it has been a sore spot with me for quite some time, and I am fortunate that Manny has given me a forum to do so. While I know what I have to say won’t be popular in some circles, I do believe that it is something that needs to be said.

In the dictionary, a fan is described as an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, team, pastime, celebrity, etc; an enthusiast, fanatic. Does that define a Hurricane Fan? In some cases yes, but in most cases NO, because in reality, the majority of our fan-base is fair-weather, they are as MC Lyte said, Beat Biters, Dope Style Takers. I’ve always found it funny how that when the Canes are winning there are so many so called Canes fans. You know them! The ones on the fan sites and message boards that say, “I LOVE THE ‘CANES! I BLEED ORANGE ‘N GREEN!” But when you dig a little deeper, you find out they know diddley squat about the Canes, nor the tradition the program was built upon. It really becomes apparent when things for the Canes aren’t going well, and those fakers so called love affair with UM then turns into, “F the Canes, they SUCK, this person STINKS, or that person STINKS.” To those so called fans I ask, “Where is that unconditional, undying support? That true commitment that Foxy mentions in her song? Where is your commitment to The U?”

If you are only going to be there when things are good, then please, do us all a favor and cancel your Caneship. We don’t need that kind of fickle support amongst the ranks of the LEGION. What we do need are fans, REAL FANS that bleed ORANGE, GREEN, and WHITE. Fans that know and respect Cane tradition, and love UM Football no matter if we are 12-0 and National Champions, or 0-12 at the bottom of Division I-A. Now don’t get it twisted. Being a REAL FAN does not take away from your right to be critical of the team, the players, or the coaches. But when those criticisms turn into personal attacks of the team, its players, and the coaches, then that is when things have gone too far. Things like the heckling that happened to Kyle Wright and his father last year after a loss are despicable and deplorable. No wonder why the rest of the nation feels we have the worse fan base in all of college football. While I can understand the frustrations that mount due to our struggles at QB, lack of playmakers, and losing, I cannot condone those types of actions. Remember, no matter what, Kyle still chose to come to Miami, and he still wears the U on his helmet. Turning our backs on him or any other player, the coaches, or the team for that matter won’t make things better. These guys need us as fans to support them through thick and thin. You can’t appreciate and enjoy good times, without knowing the pain and hardship of bad times. It pains me to hear reporters on ESPN say that Hurricane fans are the worse fans in the nation, or to hear even Manny say, “Miami fans are fickle and not enough of them are real fans. The U in my opinion has about 20,000 real fans, the diehards who surf the message boards and show up every Saturday. The rest all jump on when the team is good. The rest bash them.” I hate sights like the ones we’ll see this weekend of Doak Campbell full to capacity, with rabid Seminole fans, despite the opponent, while at the OB Miami can only get a “near” capacity crowd, if FSU, UF, or other big name school comes to town.

Do I ever think this will change? Unfortunately I don’t. It’s been this way since I can remember, but as a TRUE CANE FAN, I will admit that it makes me sick when the bandwagoners and fakers destroy the reputation of the entire LEGION. Its my hope that one day these so called fans will realize that there won’t be smooth sailing all the time, but that being a part of the LEGION is like Foxy said, “…being Married to the Firm”…For better or for worse.

-bg1906 C.C.M.J.T.K.O.


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BG, I agree with you 100%. I'm from Orlando and my wife and I get season tickets every year and go to all the games except 1 usually. I'm critical sometime, but I would never disrespect a player or their family like what people did to Kyle's father last year. It's ridiculous. There definitely needs to be more fans at the games, maybe with the move to the new stadium that will happen. It will remain to be seen. Miami really has no home field advantage. 30,000 fans = NO ADVANTAGE. People need to start getting to the games and supporting the team! LET'S GO!!!!!!!

Good blog, BG. I agree about the fickleness of Canes fans and I wish it weren't like that, but the fact is that ALL Miami fans are like that. Remember when the Marlins won the World Series and couldn't fill the stadium? Remember the following year that by mid-season, they would've been lucky to have 10,000 fans show up for a Braves/Marlins game? That's just how Miami is and Canes fans are definitely no different than fans for all the other sports in Miami. Another thing is that I think a lot of Canes fans treat the team like it's a professional team. The bottom line (even though maybe my assessment of a "real Hurricane" was a bit rash) is that these guys are still amateurs and they still try to to bust their asses to win games. I definitely bleed some of that Green and Orange, although this year I think some of the extra White has turned to that ugly Black that they have on the jerseys sometimes now. Yuck!

cancel your Caneship.........!!
ahhh bg you kill me.
nice post again big bro

Word to mother.....Go Canes!

Outstanding post... I agree with you completely man...keep up the great work... CANES fan since i was 5...18 years later... still O,G&W never gonna change..they lose i hurt... but my love doesn't change.

A lot of other programs have the same type of fans, they are typically just young college idiots going to school not caring much about the actual program but going to games because it is the "cool thing to do." Then they think it is cool to rip on someone when they are down. It's no suprise coaches like "Gundy" have their outbursts because a lot of the fans and media would make me snap too.

I wish I could hit up some live games, especially the final OB game, but right now I just can't afford the vacation time and plane ticket. :(

Great blog BG. I've been a fan and season ticket holder since 1967, and I've suffered through the bad times and reveled in the good ones. I moved to North Carolina two years ago but i still renew my tickets every year to support the team and get down to Miami for 2 or 3 games a year. When I can't get south, i always catch em on the tube. Bandwaggoners are the norm in south Florida. You see the same crap with the Dolphins, the Heat, the Marlins, and the Panthers. everyone's a fan util the losses start to mount, then the boneheads start jumping ship. they're not fans in the true sense of the word.

The Northwestern Kids\UM Recruits showed their love for the Canes by throwing up the "U" sign while on the field. Thanks Harris, Washington, Forston, Johnson and Spence for committing to the "U" and reppin them on and off the field. Take recruiting trips and convert these other non-believers into Canes too!!

1906...Beautiful is all I have to say. The guest blogger over at the SS needs to get some tips on how the LEGION breaks it down.

Go Canes!!!!!

Thank you so much for that. Finally someone agrees with me. CANES 4 EVER


bg1906, U are the man. You said it "for better or for worse we are married to the crew." GO CANES!!!!!! Let's brake the losing streak on the road, and beat FSU.

When we beat FSU, no matter what else happened...All will be good in Caneworld!

I totally agree with the post and the only thing I can add is the following. I was a Canes season ticket holder before moving to the DC area as well. I was always a true fan by attending the FAMU, Duke games etc. BUT, last year I really became a true fan. It would have been too easy to abandon ship last year with all of the problems along with losing. I really felt that my support of the Canes during the dark times would enhance my enjoyment of the U winning in the future. It could be worse as some teams haven't won any national championships AND continue to lose. We take you to task- Fans of the U should look in the mirror and if you were in the OB cheering and screaming when Miami pulled out incredible victories such aainst Florida, West Virginia, FSU etc. and are currently NOT going to games and supporting the U now, you should become an annoying Gator or VT fan. I have flown in from DC for the A&M game and will fly in for the Virginia game so lets let the OB go out with pride and dignity by filling the stadium while setting the tone for the fan base of CANES 08.

it's all about the U!


Truer words couldn't be said. Sadly, you can substitute 'Canes with any other Miami team and it would still be true.

Sorry man, it's not that black and white...another thing that America says about Miami is that we're another country...and in such a Hispanic dominated society in Miami, sorry Charlie, that's the sad reality, throw in the HOT weather and we're staying home to watch the game...another reality is that unfortunately, as historic and nostalgic the OB is to many, it is a HORRID place to watch a game...throw in the awful parking and sorry...again, ain't happening...it's not lack of love for the Canes...we still yell, we still scream, we still go nuts...we do it in the AC...that my friend is reality...hopefully in Pro Player things will change.

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2007/10/tuesdays-live-q.html#comment-86682622 Miami fans are fickle and not enough of them are real fans. The U in my opinion has about 20,000 real fans, the diehards who surf the message boards and show up every Saturday. The rest all jump on when the team is good. The rest bash them.

Posted by: Manny | October 16, 2007 at 08:09 PM did you pull that # out of thin air or did you survey the 52,416 that attended the obsolete Orange Bowl last saturday? you understate our rabid fan base. grassy's membership alone exceeds 20,000 ... making it one of the most active football boards on the world wide web. a fan by any other name is still a fan ...

Posted by: green | October 17, 2007 at 08:45 AM

Nice work 1906! GO CANES!!!

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