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Guest Blogger: What's missing? Miami attitude

So, I am sitting here in my apartment in Tucson, AZ watching ESPN’s College Gameday, and for the first time that I can remember, nobody is talking about the upcoming Miami-Florida State game. Every year, this game is something that I think both school’s players and fans look forward to because there is usually a lot of hard hitting and bit time plays by both teams on both sides of the ball. This, however, has not been the case for the past several games in which Miami fans have been left wondering, “what happened?” The topic of this week’s blog – What is a “real Hurricane”? – may lead to the answer of the aforementioned question. Where are the big time playmakers that used to come up with the game changing or game saving plays that made this rivalry so exciting to watch? This current team (and the teams of the last several years for that matter) has not had a single one of these playmakers.

I pointed to Randy Shannon being the only true Hurricane on this team, but I’m not sure that he can even count because he is the coach. In order to determine why this team does not have a single true Hurricane (for now), I had to go back and think of all the successful teams in the past 25 years and what made those players “real Hurricanes”. The result of my digging found that the most successful teams had players that seemed to play for one end result: the NFL. They may have displayed leadership qualities, a winning attitude, and teamwork skills, but the bottom line is that those were bi-products associated with teams loaded with talent that played hard to get to the end result. Winning was the best way to get there. And knowing they were going to win every game was the Miami attitude.

The Hurricanes now do not have that “knowing” attitude, and there has not been a single player on this team that has become the go-to guy or big time playmaker. I believe that Randy Shannon will bring in those players, and Miami will return to the powerhouse that it once was, but it will not succeed in doing so until players step up and become “real Hurricanes”. That’s not to say that the team right now does not have the potential. Many of the people who responded to the blog pointed to Javarris James, Graig Cooper, Calais Campbell, Orlando Franklin, Eric Moncur, Kenny Philips, etc. I say to these guys as a fan speaking for the fans: PROVE IT!

Since I have a couple of extra words, I wanted to send a shout out to Kevin Everett and say that our hearts are certainly with him and I hope he continues to make progress with his rehab.

-Dave (aka AZCanesDude)
A little background on me is that I grew up in NJ and fell in love with Hurricanes (literally). When I was about 7 years old, I decided that my dream was to go to the University of Miami and graduate with a degree in meteorology. I've successfully completed that (I think that literally makes me a true analyst of "true hurricanes"), and now I'm a graduate student at the University of Arizona in Atmospheric Science. I was accepted to UM just before we won the National Championship, and so I started at UM the year that we lost to OSU in Tempe. It's been kind of down hill since UM won that National Championship, and I was unfortunate to miss out on Butch Davis.