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Let's see more offense

What ails JC about the Canes? He tells us it's Miami's offense. Read what one of our guest bloggers has to say about it.

About JC: His name is Justin Carlson and he flew into Miami this afternoon to attend Saturday's Georgia Tech game. But before he left, he left us his take. Here it is...

Canes fans, like the U itself, are a strange bunch compared to the mainstream of college football. Some fans are a fickle group that shows up for big games during winning seasons. Then there is the hardcore group I am proud to be a part of. But no matter our level of dedication, we’ve all been privileged to an astounding run of five national titles in 25 years and six other bowl games where a national title was a possibility. The home winning streak and the NFL talent and everything is well documented. We’ve only suffered through two breaks in the dominance: from 1995-1998 and the present day.

As fans without the excuse of scholarship restrictions, we’ve struggled to rationalize how the U arrived at this point and what can be done. Recently on this blog we confronted that issue and almost unanimously the belief is recruiting. The problem was the lapse under Coker and the solution is Shannon being awesome at it. Emphasis has been placed on reclaiming what Howard Schnellenberger proclaimed “the State of Miami” when he drew a recruiting line behind which the U would always dominate.

We’re all excited with what Randy has done thus far, but are we getting ahead of ourselves? What do we expect? Obviously the goal is a national title, and none of us expect to have to wait 10 years between them. But I’ve seen lots of people saying national title in two years. That would be 2009, a schedule featuring Oklahoma, Clemson, @USF, @FSU, @Va Tech.

Granted, national titles are won in years you least expect it. No one at all saw the ’83 title coming, ’87 was a rebuilding year, ’89 was the first year of a coach transition. However, I’d be curious to know not only what ails the Canes, but what ails the fans? And what do you “reasonably” expect/demand from Shannon’s recruits?

Personally, this is what ails me:

2003 vs. Tennessee, L 10-6; vs. Syracuse W 17-10
2004 vs. Clemson L 24-17 in OT, vs. VaTech L 16-10
2005 vs. FSU L 10-7, vs. Georgia Tech L 14-10, vs LSU L 40-3
Point Average: 9 per game

This is not the occasional no-show game, it’s a trend. Most of these low-scoring games are not only losses, they are painful to watch. Last season was filled with nothing but horrible wins and losses. The 14-13 win against Houston. The Labor Day game against FSU which was the single most boring and horribly played game I’ve ever seen in my life. Losing sucks, but I don’t mind losing to elite teams in entertaining fashion as much. I hate watching the Canes struggle to win or lose and put up points against average to poor defenses. The Duke and FIU games this year were atrocious.

I don't care about undefeated right away. What I want from Shannon’s recruits within two years is at least an average of 25 points per game. Miami has won over 150 consecutive games when scoring 31 or more points. I want two to three 40 plus point games and at least one blowout per year. I want to see everything the current Canes lack: a fire on the field, a magnet for the end zone, a will to win while there is time on the clock no matter what the score or situation, a determination to represent the U and be proud no matter who turns against them or what people say. I want it to be a Canes thing again, and I don’t want anyone else to understand. No excuses, just execution.

More than anything, I want to enjoy watching football. Canes football. I can’t help but believe that if the Canes make football fun again, the worst they can ever do is 9-3 and somewhere in there the national title will take care of itself.