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Tuesday's live Q&A transcript

OK, the transcript from the Oct. 30 live Q&A forum between the Eye on The U crew and yours truly is below. We covered a lot of topics. Enjoy.


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Q: Manny, Quavon Taylor plays for MNW not Krop. The Krop junior LB is Quan Fletcher, and I agree that he's better than Sabino. Sabino's plays to upright and stiff IMO. Posted by: Zakkee | October 30, 2007 at 08:55 PM

A: Sorry. Mixed the kids up for a second. There is a kid at Krop who is Lawrence Taylor's son. Not Fletcher obviously. Fletcher is the guy who many believe will be better than Sabino.

PS- My english teacher wants me thinking outside the box more. Do you think that that qualifies?

RT6 ... you aren't only out of the box, you are out of this world. No chance! Canes will be at Dolphins Stadium next year.

Q: Manny, message boards were buzzing a little about a rumor of Doug Wiggins looking to transfer. Have you heard anything like that? Also, what do you think of a true freshman looking to transfer because of lack of playing time (even though im not definate on rather or not that's the reason Wiggins is rumored to transfer)? Posted by: YoungChris757 | October 30, 2007 at 08:06 PM

A: I’ve tried reaching Wiggins' high school coach today to find out what the deal with Doug is. I didn’t see him at practice today and I asked fellow freshman Damien Berry about it. Apparently about a week ago Wiggins stormed off the field after practice in frustration. Tim Walton had to chase him down. Not sure what the situation with Doug is going to result in, but I know he’s been frustrated by the fact he hasn’t played. He’s just hungry, wants to contribute. I’ll see if I can find something out official later tonight.

Q: Why is Lou Holtz still on TV? He's some a Notre Dame homer and can barely put a sentence together without spitting all over Marc May. Any idea as to how we can get that bumbling idiot off ESPN? Posted by: CANESFAN | October 30, 2007 at 08:08 PM

A: Lou Holtz is on TV because he’s a former college football coach with a name. There are a lot of guys on TV for that reason alone.

I hope we land TE/DE Kavarrio Middleton from Washington. The success of Oregon & Arizona State isn't helping though.

The kid's name is Brandon Taylor and he is a defensive lineman. he looks really mean.


What's good bro. Is Liuget the same type of deal as Sabino and Howard? I know we can't get them all, but it would've been nice! LOL. Also is there any word on TJ Bryant? He, PJ, and if Brandon Harris comes would be the bomb? Also any news lately on Frankie Hammond? Looking forward to the next guest blog spot. Later man!


Q: Any chance the Canes wear a special uniform for the last home game? Or maybe all orange? Or all green? Something crazy? Posted by: CANESFAN | October 30, 2007 at 08:13 PM

A: Not sure if they’ll do anything crazy. I’ll ask in the coming days. But I expect the orange on white, the traditional look for the final game.

Thanks for asking all my questions Manny

I saw Doug play nickel in the 3rd quarter of the TAMU game briefly.


you said that Kyle wasnt going to play this week he has started to practice i have read all of the interviews that kirby has done. does the rest of the team like kyle whats the deal here kirby thinks that if he starts against nc state then he is going to start the rest of the year?


Q: Manny, coming down for the UVA game. Any bars/restaurants I should hit up while I'm down in Miami? Posted by: SuperCooper | October 30, 2007 at 08:15 PM

A: I’ve got to let The Legion and Eye On The U Crew handle this one. There are so many in Miami. My favorite bar to watch games is Daisy Duke’s in Pines. I live out in Miami Lakes – that’s out west. There are so many great places. Bernie Kosar has a restaurant in South Miami that isn’t bad if your looking for some Canes flavor. Guys help SuperCooper out.

Tell coach to go with '87 unis.
Man those were my favorites.

Q: Manny...Susan has an article on Kyle and his status for Saturday. Is he going to play or not?
Also we had some polls over at Canespace for 2007 (so far) and here are the results:
- Offensive MVP: Jenkins over Cooper by a slim margin (2%).
- Defensive MVP: Gooden by a large margin.
- Coaching MVP: Stoudtland (OL)
- Biggest Surpise in 2007: The Entire OL. -- Biggest disappointment for 2007: Leggett. Would you have voted the same or differently? Posted by: SOUP | October 30, 2007 at 08:15 PM
A: Good stuff Soup. Offensive MVP is a tough one considering nobody is a clear-cut standout. I’d likely take Cooper though over Jenkins. There have been games where Darnell was invisible. Cooper has played a role in all of the games. But only by a slight margin. Agree with defensive MVP, coaching MVP, biggest surprise and biggest disappointment.


If you're going to the game, you can get the best cheesesteak either before or after the game at Casola's. It's on 17th ave just north of US1...and you can eat free pizza samples while you wait for the sub...10 min drive max from the OB (which is off of 17th ave and nw 7 st.

I know most hated them but I loved the green and gold throwback unis. I love the helmets most, the hurricane warning flags are fly.

Q: Manny, first of all that was a great article you did on Sunday about Hurtt. You hinted at some possible commits on the horizon in your article, can you elaborate? Posted by: Mike | October 30, 2007 at 08:17 PM

A: Thanks Mike. As I said earlier, I’ll have a more in depth recruiting blog in the coming days. I’ve got to spend some time talking to my sources to come out with a good list.

Manny, what would you say is the most noticeable area of improvement you've seen -- behind the scenes -- from the Canes this year?

The OL from jacksonville(Jones) what do the coaches like the most about him? Is he a true diamond in the rough?

know most hated them but I loved the green and gold throwback unis. I love the helmets most, the hurricane warning flags are fly.

HECK NO< those make the CANES look like Notre DAMES.

Hey Manny,

What's your assessment on Kirby's season? He went from savior to bum to kinda savior. In my humble opinion, his overall performance this year (when he's seen the field) is much worse than last year. What gives? Is it just a confidence thing?

Great point Lizard. I love Casolas. Me and the Herald High School Sports writing crew made it a tradition to have pizza at midnight every Friday after games. Pizza is off the chain.

That's probably why we all look like offensive lineman.

What, no love for the BIG CHEESE? They've got great pizza and subs and the best caesar salad on the planet!

Q: Manny why the press conference of today was so short? Do you think Coach Shannon is doing a good job with the media and for Miami's new image across the country? Posted by: Montreal-cane | October 30, 2007 at 08:22 PM

A: No reason to read too much into the length of the press conference. Randy has actually been really pleasant to deal with. He hasn’t blown up yet at us and I have to say he’s been more than cool to answer questions after practice and talk to us one on one. Today’s press conference was short because there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about. We got his answers to the Kyle Wright questions and picked his brain on a few other topics. But it’s the 9th week of the season. It all kind of gets to be the same after a while. Randy is doing a good job though with the media.

Big Cheese is great too. How could I forget about those guys. Like I said... too many. Your talking to a fat guy here.


you said that Kyle wasnt going to play this week he has started to practice whats your take did you interview him?

i have read all of the interviews that kirby has done. does the rest of the team like kyle whats the deal here kirby thinks that if he starts against nc state then he is going to start the rest of the year?

Q: The coaches are assigned a certain geographic area, right? What coach(es) are assigned to Dade County? Or is that Shannon territory?? Posted by: CANESFAN | October 30, 2007 at 08:25 PM

A: Shannon cannot go out and recruit as often as his assistants. Head coaches are forbidden during certain periods of the recruiting process. Coach Hurtt told me four coaches are assigned in Dade. Three in Broward and Three in Palm Beach. That’s covering South Florida if you ask me.

Manny, no question, just wanted to say thanks for all the good info....keep it up....


Haven't heard much about Chris Perry, Harland Gunn, or Ian Symmonette as of late. What's the deal with those guys and will they be ready to contribute next year?

Rockin' the blog Manny, rockin' the blog!

Last question: How much healthier is the team now than before the bye week? Which specific guys have gotten healthy that will make a difference?

Q: you said that Kyle wasnt going to play this week he has started to practice whats your take did you interview him? i have read all of the interviews that kirby has done. does the rest of the team like kyle whats the deal here kirby thinks that if he starts against nc state then he is going to start the rest of the year? Posted by: canesfan99 | October 30, 2007 at 09:26 PM

A: Lot of stuff to discuss here. One, I asked Kyle Wright point blank today how much he actually practiced. Basically it was very little (P.S., I'll have the audio up later tonight). He didn't take any live snaps. At UM, the basic rule is if you don't complete a full practice by Wednesday, your basically not going to play. Kyle is out there because he needs to rehab and get back in game shape for the Virginia game. Nobody at UM though is going to say it.

As for Kirby, he's a guy who wants to be on the field at all times. He believes if he starts, he's going to keep the job. It's what he has to say and believe for himself. I think we all know now that Kyle is better than Kirby. Shannon himself said last week that if Kyle is healthy, he's the man.

Yo Manny!!!

Check out the question back at 8:54pm.

I know it's not a softball question, yeah I know I'm a killjoy, but I want to hear your two cents.

What up 1906? Hows the video gaming going? You play Manny yet in NCAA 2007? I bet he takes you...

Q: Talent wise do you think NCST is better than NC and GT? Posted by: Montreal-cane | October 30, 2007 at 08:27 PM

A: No way. North Carolina has much better freshman and Georgia Tech has much better veterans than NCST. Miami should win Saturday. And that might be the last time I say that this year. The rest of UM’s games should be very close calls if not losses.

Carlos...I agree, your question was by far the best of the night! Well Manny?

Give me a sec Carlos. I'll get it to it soon. I'm trying to go in order.

What up 86. It's great, I beat a couple of guys last night, one guy used FSU the other UF, I love beating Gators and Noles! HAHAHA! 31-14 vs FSU and I forgot the score vs the other, I'll forward you the stats, I put it down on the X360 man! I think many runs on PS2, he's welcome to step and take the beat down like all others, and I do it with cheesing! HAHAHAHA!

I meant I think Manny runs on the PS2 and not X360, but if he plays X360 we can run anytime, gamertag is also bg1906 on Xbox Live, look me up!

Q: Great article on Hurtt by the way. I love it when he chest-bumped Vegas during the A&M game ... love it!!! Posted by: CANESFAN | October 30, 2007 at 08:27 PM

A: Coach Hurtt is a great guy and a lot of fun to joke around with. Very up front and honest. He’s a true Cane.

thanks, 86. btw, great job on Canespace.com and props to Manny, too.

here's LeBatard's reply:


I do run on PS2. I'll tell you this... I own Andre Fernandez our high school writer. Have won 6 straight against him. We should try and get together some time for a tournament. Would be fun.

thank you for answering my question manny

another one for you

How is kyle liked by the team i know you have inside info about the team does coach shannon like him?

do Kirby and Kyle get along? i always tend to notice a vibe

Q: Do you think the Canes are really focusing on NCSt? Or do you think they've already chalked that game and UVA up as wins and looking ahead to VTech? (I hope not.) BTW, I know everyone on here is going to disagree, but IMHO, I think the Canes should always wear green and never orange. Posted by: BamaCane | October 30, 2007 at 08:29 PM

A: Canes are definitely focused on N.C. State. During his press conference today Shannon said he asked his players why they are 5-3 and not 7-1. Their response: “We overlooked two opponents.” Canes should not fall into that trap this week.

THat would be cool Manny, but I've graduated man! You guys have to step up to next gen! Xbox 360 is the BOMB!

Q: Do you think that leggett will play? I really hope not I think he is full of negative vibes that this young team does not need? They need to believe and it just do not think leggett brings anything positive when he is in the game. Just my opinion! Posted by: canechic | October 30, 2007 at 08:34 PM

A: Leggett isn’t a bad kid and I’ll always root for him. He’s just not really UM material. He’s always been scared to make the tough catch, get dirty, physical. Not his fault. He just probably should have gone somewhere else. Leggett will play this week. He said his foot is 100 percent healthy. Hopefully, for his sake, he does something positive in his final four weeks at The U.

Hey Navarro, get your fat on at some of these joints ;-) some solid Restaurants near the U:

pastis -- great french food, locals joint - SMIA
captain's tavern -- Fish -- down in Pinecrest
New Chinatown -- shouldnt need explanation SMIA -- best egg roll east of Tropical Chinese...
RedFish -- on old cutler -- the old hotdog stand in the park - pricey but solid view of the Key
Towne --- good friend who's the owner - huge menu -- SMIA

Shrivers -- homestead - best ribs in the state

Laggerhead in the grove --- Ted's specials and sheetloads of beer -- you aint there just for the food

Scotty's Landing -- best bay watching on the southside -- a poor man's Chart house, manhattan clam and a dolphin sandwich - Grove

Bezzie's Pizza is Mercier's place, the ex Cane just west of campus -- he's AWESOME

Titanic --- great soup, specials and beer @ mark light

what else? anyone


Q: Do you see any Canes going in the 1st round or will the streak end this year? Phillips? Campbell? Posted by: CANESFAN | October 30, 2007 at 08:35 PM

A: If there are any Canes in the first round it would be Calais or Kenny or maybe Tavares Gooden. Those are the only three guys with first round talent.

Hey Manny,

great blog. Which bowl game do you think Miami will go to this year (Perhaps premature on my part)? I still think we can make it to the BCS game and perhaps have a rematch against OU.

Thanks darCANEgel... great list.

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