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Tuesday's live Q&A transcript

OK, the transcript from the Oct. 30 live Q&A forum between the Eye on The U crew and yours truly is below. We covered a lot of topics. Enjoy.


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1 Love Manny! Great job and I had a great time. I'm going to shoot to become a permanent guest blogger so hurry with the next contest! LOL

Later bro!

It's All About The U...Go Canes!

Q: hey manny, whats up with this years freshmen class? how are they doing? i'm talking about the ones that we don't hear about like wiggins, hankerson, gunn, horn, adderly, etc.? Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | October 30, 2007 at 09:52 PM

A: The best guy out of the class of the guys not playing in my mind is Damien Berry. I like his attitude and toughness. I spoke to him today about sitting on the bench and what he’s learned. I’ll post the audio late tonight. Check it out tomorrow morning. Hankerson is going to be a decent possession receiver. Gunn should sprout into a starting lineman. Adderly is a project. Wiggins could be transferring. One guy I know Hurtt likes a lot is Adewale Ojomo. Says he could be just like Eric Moncur. That’s good news.

yo manny, any realistic chance of landing Julio Jones, Darrell Scott, Authur Brown and Brandon Thompson? Also is there any chance of getting Justin Thompson back?

Q: Manny, did you ever see my impersonations of you in my Xbox 360 league? I always wrote my game recaps from the standpoint as if I were you. They were fun to do and it was a subtle way to add some realism and give you props. If you didn't see them and want to see one, let me know and I'll post a link. Posted by: bg1906 | October 30, 2007 at 10:03 PM

A: I did Bryce. Was a little scary at first. But I realize you are having some fun. I showed my friends. They tripped out. Makes me look cool to have people impersonating me. Never figured I would ever get impersonated. Andre and I are much more along the lines of impersonators. But you did my voice on point. It was scary.

I like Berry too Manny, I mentioned him above. Great energy on special teams. Does what he's asked to do. I think he'll be a good one.

anyone watching this U - U - Union team on the deuce (espn2)? Jenks v Union? Whata friggin game...

Navarro - respect tonight...props...

CANES and nothin but CANES!..

Glad you liked it, we're just big 30 something year old kids that like to have fun with our favorite teams. You the man bro, keep up the good work.

Q: What are our chances with the LB Brown from Kansas. Does he know our situation with are LB's. Are the canes looking at any rb's this year in recruiting. IF so, who?? Posted by: Miamifan in Iowa | October 30, 2007 at 10:05 PM

A: Hard to say about Brown. But the fact he’s even visiting UM gives the Canes a great shot. I see him kind of like Allen Bailey. A possible late, surprising steal. He’s very aware of the deal at linebacker. FYI, the Canes don’t mind taking 8 LBs with this class. That’s how much talent they believe they need. As far as running backs are concerned, I know UM loves the kid from Jackonsville Trinity Christian. He could be the guy Miami gets in the end. I’ll have more in that recruiting blog I’ve promised you.

Q: Manny, wouldnt you agree CGNC and I are the most interesting and best looking people on Canespace? Posted by: pb | October 30, 2007 at 10:08 PM

A: PB you got to let me know who you and CGNC are in those pictures. Send me some links.


Q: Manny, if Kyle can't go on Saturday, who will be Kirby's backup? Posted by: MDCane | October 30, 2007 at 10:11 PM

A: According to the depth chart… Jake Byrne. But I believe the Canes go with a direct snap to their running backs the rest of the game. Or maybe Francesco Zampogna or Lovon Ponder, who have some pretty good QB ratings. That’s a joke.

Final question, what throwing ability and accuracy will Francesco Zampogna have in NCAA 08?

For next year, what will be the team strength and weakness?

MRA, great joke, but in frankness, you mean NCAA 09. Unfortunately, he won't be in the next game, this is his 6th year already.

MRA, great joke, but in frankness, you mean NCAA 09. Unfortunately, he won't be in the next game, this is his 6th year already.

MRA, great joke, but in frankness, you mean NCAA 09. Unfortunately, he won't be in the next game, this is his 6th year already.

Damn Typepad screwed up on me, sorry for multiple posts Manny.

Manny, One more question:

Carne con Papas


Bistec Empanizado?

lmao @ "That's a joke."

Weeeeeked good Manny!

No doubt you are the Man, we are just your loyal followers. ROCK the blog!

Go Manny, Go Canes!!!

Carlos...4 me Carne con papas!

But my favorites are Ropa Vieja and for lunch pan con bistec.

What a pair of hangers!!! I the U & Canespace. Manny you the man! Maybe you should do a townhall meeting get together with the U Fans pre game... that would be cool.

Ropa Vieja...lol. true.

Gents, you can find me by the RV parking this Saturday at the OB....I'll be the one con la Caja China in full effect.

Go Canes!

Carlos...email me details at host@canespace.com!

Apurate, hombre!

ASU is now the "U" of the Pac Ten. Obviously, Erickson can recruit and coach.
All of you homers who think we win out need to loosen the chin strap on the bong you're smoking.
We'll be lucky to sneak by NC State this weekend. Take the 12 and NC State. No way Miami covers. They rarely do...
In a stinker, UM 26 NC State 24 in a nail biter.

I agree with you Woody. This team is Jekyll and Hyde. If they can play for 4 quarters and not take some downs off, they could put up 35 on the NC State D.
As far as VT and BC on the road? Neither of those teams are FSU. A 2-2 finish would be strong and make us 7-5...that's about as good as it gets and UVA is no push over either. I say we split the next four and that's being optomistic.

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