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Live Q&A tonight at Canespace 8 p.m.

Just a reminder that tonight I'll be doing my usual live Q&A at Canespace.com from 8 to 9 p.m. If you would like to leave me some questions to mull on before it begins, feel free to leave a few here for me.


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Hi Manny
How did Saturday's game affect recruiting?

What do U think the chances are that Glenn Cook becomes a graduate assistant coach?? (seen him the past few games with the head set on and helping coach the LB's)


What happened to Joseph Nicolas? Haven't seen much of him since Marshall.

Is it your opinion that Larry did a number on our guys mentally, or lack of elite talent, or both?

What kind of leash are the assistant coaches on? McGriff and Walton's group have struggled mightily so far. Does Randy have input on the defense? And if the struggles continue, how would they be corrected?

Hey Manny,
Kayne Farquharson's story is very inspiring. Like him, I did not play high school ball but really wish to play in college. Have any info on how camps work and any tips for getting noticed?

Manny do you think Miami lost at North Carolina because of bad coaching?

I thought we had the best team on paper...

Whats the progress on the possiblity of MNW and BTW playing? Are any attempts at an effort being made?
You the man Manny.


Don't you think its time for Randy to start coaching a little more in games (put the headset on)? I think that he has given Walton too much freedom and our defense is paying for it. Your thoughts?

What do you suppose is wrong with Baby J? I still think he is our best back but he just doesnt seem to be hitting his gaps or running hard...do you know if he is banged up, have defenses caught on or is he in a "sophomore slump"?


When was the last time you talked with Robert Marve? What is he up to?

When you talk with the assistant coaches who impresses you? Who doesn't

manny, why doesn't grant get any time in base defense?

Hey Manny,

1)Could you give us a quick scouting report on GT?

2)Why haven't we seen the "Wildcat" formation anymore w/Coop and JJ taking direct snaps from center? This worked so well vs A&M, yet it's been MIA. Reverses, jail-break screens, fake punts/kicks... where are they???

Thank You & GO CANES!!

Hey Manny,

Let's say, hypothetically, Calais and KP don't declare for the draft. Does that mean the Canes' streak of first rounders is over? Or do you think someone like T-Good could be another Jon Beason and elevate to first round status?

Since we are speaking of those two, do you they they both leave or stay?


Manny, everyone asked the burning UNC questions so here are my others:

1. What parallel situation would you compare Shannon and his staff walking into? Certainly not like Coker getting Butch's kids or Meyer getting Zook's. Is it like Zook getting Spurrier's boys? What model can we look to as fans to fairly judge Shannon as a coach with talent that isnt his?

2. Do you think we'll win the rest of our homes games in our last OB season? Also, will the Virginia game be at night since it's the last?

3. What's the status of UM replacing North Texas next year to open at Dolphin Stadium? Which programs are they considering?

On the Dolphins Stadium subject, what things is Mr. Huizenga (?) going to do to make it feel like home for UM?

Are any players in jeopardy of losing their scholarships after this season b/c of poor habits and/or behavior?

CAN i get a link for the live show tonight? I wanna listen. thanks

What is more concerning in your opinion:the number of turnovers we had the UNC game or the fact that our defense appears more porous than last? In my opinion the defense giving up more points is more concerning since last year it was incredibly strong . We seemed to have lost our first-rate defense. This will cause us to rely more on our offense to score more points. Jimmy Johnson use to preach, teams that pass too much increase their rate of turnover. Do you agree?

Manny - three questions for you.
1. Any word on the kids from Northwestern (Forston, Spence, and Johnson)? I know they visited Tennessee this weekend. Is that just for the free trip or are they having second thoughts about the U?
2. What is going on with Allen Bailey and Daniel Adderly? Any change either of them sees the field this year?
3. Rivals reported the Canes signing a DB today - who was it?

Keep up the good work - Go Canes!

hey manny, i c the team getting a bit better however our defense dont seem as strong whats up with coach walton? i like nix paly calling later but he still seem 2 b a bit conservative whats up with dat?

y n the world is lance legget still allowed on the feild on game days? as RS said lance is a true coach killa. where is r all world TE? the more i watch the paly now i c y 27 is not on the feild much. we also need a hell of a DT. i read n another blog if i go back and look up the 04 class i would c how much palyers was just out right BUST. if u do the same u will c 4 and 5 stars dont mean a thing. for example. when BTW played that team in SC brandon harris shut down aj green who is rated so high in rivals. go figure? u can have the talent but do u have the heart? we need kids with HEART

Where can we read the canespace post?

When will Damien Berry, and Jo Jo Nicolas play? I don't understand why Willie Cooper is seeing the amount of playing time that he is.

Does anyone have the link for last night's Q&A with Manny. I have been to canespace and cannot find it.

where do I click for the Q and A results

Go to the typad link on the main page and click on the CArolina Blues title that will bring up all the comments than you have to scroll down pretty far to the Oct 9 8:00pm comments. Thats where I found it.

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