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Marve redshirted

University of Miami fans hoping to see quarterback Robert Marve under center this season will have to wait until next year. Coach Randy Shannon said Tuesday he's redshirting Florida's Mr. Football.

But when Canes fans finally do get to see the 6-1, 195-pound freshman from Tampa, Marve said they'll see a fully healed and tireless worker who knows the playbook and is ready "to command the troops."

"I'm feeling really good right now, physically," said Marve, who met with the media for the first time since fall practice began and showed reporters the scars he suffered on his left wrist and non-throwing hand from the rollover car accident he was involved in this summer.

"Being able to go out and practice has helped me mentally. I'm just trying to keep my arm strong, throw routes to receivers. So, I throw 10 or 15 deep balls a day. I work on my footwork some days, run through the plays by myself. I feel good about everything."

Marve, who said he still experiences slight pain from nerve damage on his left hand, fully expects to be 100 percent healthy by the spring. By then, he could be in the middle of a tight race for the starting quarterback job with current backup Kirby Freeman and two current Hurricane commitments, Miami Northwestern High's Jacory Harris and Texas native Tyler Cook, who are both trying to enroll at UM by January.

Right now, though, Marve is trying to heal. He's gained 12 of the 14 pounds back he lost after the accident and said he began running Miami's scout team the week before the Texas A&M game on Sept. 20.

Marve said he accidentally re-opened his "open wound'' taking snaps a couple of weeks later and had to have stitches put in and now wears a glove during practice to protect his injured hand. And although some days Marve says he can't grip the ball, Marve said his hand is starting to feel better.

"He throws it very well," UM cornerback Chavez Grant said of Marve. "He drops back and he's looking around and scrambling and everything. He's very accurate -- I believe he's deadly accurate. He has a quick release. Once your watching film, you can see it. I think, he'll be great."

As for the playbook, Marve said he's picking it up little by little. "I've definitely been looking at the basics of the playbook, trying to know a couple basic things first before I start getting into something bigger. I feel good about where I'm at now in the playbook," he said. "There's a lot to it, the audibles, there's a lot of things that go into it. It's going to take time."

As for his relationship with his future competition, Marve said he and Freeman are ‘‘good friends," and that he and Harris, whom he knows well, are also friends. "We all want Miami to succeed," Marve said. "That's the ultimate goal -- to win."


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Good article, Manny, thanks.

Do you think that the difference between this years team and last years team is a big play receiver?

I remember Miami struggled with any deep threats, until Ryan Moore was back in the line-up. He became Freeman's go to man when we were in trouble and baled the team out at a crucial moments.

Is the QB passing ability really that bad?

Also is the defense's biggest struggle at linebacker, secondary or both.
It seems that when Miami's defense stops the running game the secondary gives up an easy pass.

Yes, sir. I watched him here in Tampa at Plant High School. It was so awesome to see him announce where he was going. The media was there and when asked, he stood up, put on the hat and put his thumbs together to show that he is going to THE U. This guy will be no bust neither will be any other QB coming in here actually. Kirby, keep that water coming. Sorry bud, but YOU my friend have been a disappointment. NEXT!

Manny, what is the deal with Frankie Hammond Jr? First reports were that he commited to UF, and now he didn't really commit. Do the Canes still have a chance?

I was really hoping to see Marve play a little bit this year. Oh wel, keep studying the playbook Marve!!

I'm really looking forward to watching Marve play next year. We need his leadership skills and attitude. Go Canes!

Hey folks, you gotta give kirby his due, he's been the goat for a long time. Now give him his credit. What we see here is the end of the Noles. Go Canes.

You gotta love it. A second string QB that nobody wants and he comes in an engineers the comeback that anybody would be proud of. Thanks, Kirby. Go Canes.

Stun hell, they flat out whopped em.

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