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Now Hear This

One of the most frustrating things for a reporter to do is cut his or her story or sound bite or video clip for time and space. It is an unfortunate part of the business. But here on the internet, whe space is unlimited for the most part (video can take up a lot of space), we can do so much more. As one of the few sports writers in the country who also does multimedia audio recordings, I feel I have the advantage of bringing you closer than most other journalists do -- right to the scene of the interview.

Every time I go out to UM or other assignments, I collect audio clips from my interviews and post them online. And for the past year, I've shared all of what I've gathered during my interviews when my audio recorder was on (the off the record stuff has to stay off the record). Unfortunately, I think most of you haven't been aware of the extra work I've been doing. Why? There's only a tiny little logo on our Hurricanes home page that says "AUDIO." I know a lot of you have missed it. My wife has. She had no clue it existed. Neither did my mother. So, in order to direct you to what I've been doing for over a year now, I'll provide you with the link here. But, please bookmark it and check it out if you are in to listening to interviews yourself. I know it can be time consuming. But it may answer some of your questions. After all, that's the goal here.

OK. Among the highlights from this Tuesday's interviews, which includes Randy Shannon's Tuesday weekly press conference (I post it every week)...

- Left tackle Jason Fox talks about how Chris Rutledge has become a key contributor to UM's offensive line as well as how some of the young guys are doing. He also talks on another audio take about how the Canes have gained confidence now that they control their destiny again in the ACC.

- Quarterback Kyle Wright talks about the way his injured ankle and knee are being treated, how his practice went Tuesday and how it compared to his normal practices.

- Freshman Damien Berry talks about his frustrations sitting on the bench, what he's learned in his first season and how other freshman -- including defensive back Doug Wiggins (who was not at practice Tuesday) -- has dealt with that frustration of having to sit on the bench.

- Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon, who was once believed to be lost for the season, talks about his knee injury and when he plans to return (likely the Virginia game).

- Receiver Lance Leggett talks about his return from his foot injury that kept him out of the FSU game and what he would like to accomplish in his final four regular season games as a Hurricane.

- Guard Derrick Morse talks about the differences at quarterback when Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman are under center, defensive tackle Teraz McCray and how the bye week came in handy for the Canes.

- Safety Lovon Ponder talks about the way there's a different feeling at UM than there was last year, how renewed hope has energized the team and his thoughts on fellow safety Randy Phillips and quarterback Kirby Freeman.

- Safety Randy Phillips talks about the matchup with N.C. State and how the Hurricanes need to start experiencing "some joy" and get to a big bowl game this year.

Other football interviews include: Safety Kenny Phillips, cornerback Glenn Sharpe and linebacker Colin McCarthy. I've also got a lot of interviews from the UM men's and women's basketball media day last week. Stuff I haven't even been able to blog about yet. It's all there though for you to listen to.


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1st! I've always knew it existed and its great stuff. Keep us informed bro! THanks!

Manny, I was looking for the Damien Berry piece but didn't see it. Is it coming soon?

Is Damien Berry going to play anytime soon? What is the status on Jacory's early enrollment? Will there be other early enrollees?

hey TheProblem2, post the link ...

"ACC schools have 55 NBA players on the opening-day rosters ..."

why is shun(del) unsm(h)iling?

Is there anyway you can not be such a stiff when writing?

Posted by: Dave | October 30, 2007 at 11:36 AM

Seriously, I have to agree. When there is Q & A the answer is "It could be, but I really don't know." Responses like that and this "Wright is day-to-day" is something an 8th grader can do. Use more than 2 neurons to write this.

Posted by: ponce | October 30, 2007 at 11:44 AM

Last but not least, Shandel the shake and bake bibby stopper has nothing new for us today. But check back in later for more of nothing new...


Posted by: claim2fame | October 30, 2007 at 12:45 PM

As for all the people complaining about Shandel; if you don't like this blog, go find your Cane info elsewhere.

Posted by: Sekou Tejan-Jalloh | October 30, 2007 at 09:13 PM

I'm not complaining about this blog at all but I checked out the Q&A with Manny Navarro and he gives alot of information on a bunch of stuff that I've never heard before. For example: Apparently the Canes have the inside track on a junior LB/DL from Krop. He just happens to be Lawrence Taylor's son! And the Canes are going to be telling a few guys that they won't see the field next year and are going to help them transfer to new schools. Also, Doug Wiggins is unhappy and may be looking to transfer. I'm telling you, I was very, very impressed with Manny Navarro.

Posted by: Robert | October 30, 2007 at 11:17 PM

Seriously if you want up to date "inside" information go to the Miami Herald and look for the Eye on the U. Manny Navarro is an excellent writer and keeps me informed on all the latest happenings. Not just one paragraph of crap that I already know from another source. I want the insiders edge and I feel that I get that from my man Manny.

Posted by: Elliott | October 30, 2007 at 11:51 AM

http://790theticket.com/contestsdetails.php?id=83 Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell substitutes for sedano 10a-1p today!

listen to Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell 10a-1p! more evidence of new kid 790 kicking OLD guard 560's ass ...

What is the deal with Doug Wiggins? I keep hearing rumors that he wants to transfer... well, and other things. Do you have any REAL information on the status of this kid? These rumors have me concerned about his future as a Cane!

A: I’ve tried reaching Wiggins' high school coach today to find out what the deal with Doug is. I didn’t see him at practice today and I asked fellow freshman Damien Berry about it. Apparently about a week ago Wiggins stormed off the field after practice in frustration. Tim Walton had to chase him down. Not sure what the situation with Doug is going to result in, but I know he’s been frustrated by the fact he hasn’t played. He’s just hungry, wants to contribute. I’ll see if I can find something out official later tonight.

Posted by: Manny | October 30, 2007 at 09:04 PM

I agree that Manny Navaro does it right. He has over 30 minutes of audio interviews with RS and the Players from Tuesday's practice on his site....

Now that is what i call digging for information...

Posted by: Pacific Cane | October 31, 2007 at 08:41 AM

view Coach Shannon's nc state presser ...

per Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN insiders push for gameday at our Orange Bowl swan song.

all alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
life was beautiful then
I remember
the time I knew what happiness was
let the memory live again -- cats

nytimes' joe nocera: "... the University of Miami has agreed to abandon the Orange Bowl for Dolphin Stadium, where it will take in millions more per year, in no small part because Dolphin Stadium has luxury boxes and the Orange Bowl doesn’t."

Manny you're the best on providing info on the Canes. That other blog site (Sun Sen) doesn't even compete. Keep up the great job!!

You know, I never get on a kids ass, but Kirby Freeman should NOT be playing as long as there's anyone with an arm on teh field.

1/14, 3 picks.

He has no right to be on that field and hurts our chances. The walkons likely are better. Embarassing. The kid tries to do too much and shouldn't be out there.

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